Monday 6 July 2015

Brain-to-Text Tech Lets Computers Read Your Thoughts

Technology is continuously evolving and revolutionary in nature. A new revolutionary technology has found fame with its ability to construct thoughts into text in the most accurate manner. This technology showed that a person thought can be easily transcribed on the computer screen with ease and grace. This will be great news for the patients who lack an easier to communicate and express their thoughts in the past.

This is for the first time scientist has made a breakthrough in envision and developing a technology which can transcribe brainwaves into text successfully. This means that the people who are terminally ill or are unable to speak can use the system to ‘talk’ with the help of a computer.

People behind This Revolutionary Technology

This technology is a result of collective research done by a group of talented informatics, neuroscientists and medical researchers at Albany Medical Centre. This team has been able to identify the brainwaves which specifically relates to the speech by using electrocorticographic (ECoG) Technology. This technology was utilized to monitor the frontal and temporal lobes of distinct seven participants who were epileptic. During the research needles were used to record signals directly from the participant’s neurons through an invasive and safe procedure of making incision in the skull.

How The Research Was Conducted? 

In the research the participants were asked to read aloud from the given sample texts. In the same time a machine learning algorithms worked out towards finding the most likely word sequence from the signals produced by the participants and as recorded by the ECoG. With the help of existing speech-to-text tools then worked toward transcribing the continuously spoken speech signals from the brain activity of the participants.

The Findings of This Remarkable Research

The error rates during this research were extremely low at just 25 percent which is a positive sign as it shows the potential for this technology is vast. This finding proves to be a boon for the locked-in and mute patients who don’t have any valuable communication method before. The brain to text tech utilizes the decoding approach which offers an ideal option for developing real-time online application on the desktop computers which can easily read the signals and transcribe the thoughts without the need of a keyboard. Apart from this it can also be valuable for the humans in order to communicate directly with the computer in future without need of any intermediary equipment.

Future Prospects of This Technology

At the moment it seems unlikely that the bran-to-text tech can make it in the computer product segment as there is no viable method. Currently it can be done only by the researchers through cutting into brain and accessing the brain waves. But with further improve and research new ways can be found to bring it in the mainstay for public usage and greater good of humanity. It can be easily ascertained that the future prospects of this remarkable technology is endless.

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