Thursday 2 July 2015

How a Holographic Halo 'Briefing' Bridged the Present and Future at E3

Halo got their first clue when they realized that this is not at all about any video game briefing like other companies. Things were pretty much clear when a man having a white coat having a mysterious white device similar to that of a binoculars (which has been sealed) over the face.

This man suddenly shined a light directed towards the retinas of the audience which looks very specific as well as mysterious since it is about the vision. The second clue came when the people were directed into the room having a model similar to that of sci-fi attack craft and they were given a pair of Hololens augmented-reality glasses made by Microsoft over the faces of the people.

The white coated man asked the people from if they are able to seen the configuration screen. All of them were able to see the screen which was floating on top of a bolt-gun grey wall, which initially was looking to be blank yet suspiciously framed space. They got the direction to walk towards the screen. They were instructed to take a left turn and then walk forward.

All of them knew that they are being directed towards the luminous and sprite-like structure which has been floating in the mid air. This all seemed like we were live inside a video game apart from the fact that all this was really happening. Looking not only real but indicated that there is no need to rely on the headset. All this looked like equipment which is a glorified GPS navigator.

Once all of them reached a window slammed open on the right side of all these people. It was not a real window but looks real, it integrated real scenery in itself and was revealing a 3D spacecraft hanger which is living. The window has light as well as depth. All the people were able to peep outside the window and see around the space in the similar manner as we do in a real window. Even though Hololens was doing the job as expected, it turned out to be nearly convincing. When it comes to the world of E3, this can be easily considered as something which is quite astonishing.

All of these people had to gather around the metal hexagonal table, and they saw a UNSC Infinity rose up from the surface. This looked to be physical as well as realistic 3D scale model standing in the middle of the room. Hololens might not become the future of the video games but certainly it will become the future of something as atleast. This conference is all about promoting new products and services. Once all the people finished going through the realistic experience of Halo, they were asked to enter another room and asked to play Halo. It turned out to be completely new experiences of playing Halo. It was just like playing Halo but without anything floating into air.

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