Saturday 11 July 2015

The New Microsoft Edge Browser Logo

Microsoft’s New Edge Browser – Break from Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s new Edge browser was likely to mark a break from Internet Explorer and recently the company unveiled Edge’s new logo and it seems incredibly similar to the earlier IE logo but a little sharper. Microsoft Edge, the new name for web browser will be included in Windows 10 and has a familiar look for users of Microsoft’s current browser – Internet Explorer. Since 1996, the popular blue `e’ with the orbital rings round it symbolized Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser and IE 3 seemed to be the first version to sport the logo.

 However in recentyears, the `e’ seemed to become identical with bugs, out-dated technology and security problems. When Joe Belfiore, Microsoft operating systems chief, unveiled Edge in April, he noted that Edge would have an `e’ icon though he said that it `now has a completely different and better meaning than it has for a while’. Edge is an improvement over IE and much trimmer than IE without the various menu choices and bells and whistles. It has a clean, modern look just like Google’s GOOGL.Tech30, Chrome browser. One can mark-up websites by using Edge which integrates some of the powers of Microsoft’s’ digital assistant – Cortana.

Integrating on Improved Features 

Retaining the Edge logo is consistent with the Microsoft in considering Windows 10 and with the updated operating system set to be unveiled on July 29; Microsoft is making attempts in creating the software, familiar to users who have been using Windows for a long time and are alarmed by the radical design change of Windows 8. However the company is also integrating on improved features which would make Windows 10 much more than just an `everything old is new again’, operating system.

The new Edge loge seems to be an improvement over the temporary logo that Microsoft had given its new browser prior to making a decision on its official name. When Edge had been known as `Project Spartan’, its logo looked like something the World Bank’s logo crossed with Toyota’s symbol. Microsoft Edge is the only browser which enables the user to take notes, doodle, write and directly highlight on webpages, The web is the palette where one can add a few secret ingredients to a recipe right on the screen while sharing with friends, collaborate on a new project with co-workers, etc.

Default Browser on PC/Mobile Device Editions of Windows 10

Microsoft Edge would be serving as the default browser on the PC as well as the mobile device editions of windows 10, replacing Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer Mobile. It would be utilising a new layout engine known as EdgeHTML which has branched from Trident, designed for inter-operability with the current web.

The updated `Edge’ engine would be used across Windows 10 by default and would support the legacy MSHTML engine for backwards compatibility though late,r backed down revealing that because of strong feedback, Edge would be hosting the new engine entirely while Internet Explorer would be hosting the legacy engine completely. Edge does not intend to support legacy technologies like ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects, but instead will utilise an extension system.

 Availability of Internet Explorer 11 would be possible together with Edge on Windows 10 for the purpose of compatibility and will remain almost identical to the Windows 8.1 version and will not use the Edge engine as announced earlier.

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