Friday 3 July 2015

Devialet Wants You to Experience an Emotional Sound Implosion

 Phantom speaker system has finally been made available in the markets around United States last week. This speaker system is capable of giving out sound levels which are claimed to be at the edge of the infrasound spectrum.

The company is based in France and will start meeting the reorders requested in the United States for their hi-fi speakers starting this September. Speaking about the business strategy that allowed Beats to earn their spot in the team of Apple, the company is aiming to provide a new step for the audio and music enthusiasts who are looking for enjoying higher sound levels.

Reports suggest that the marker will be having two versions of the speaker system. The phantom which will have 740 watts and 99db base model will be sold out for US$1,990. The other version which comes with 3,000 watt and 105 dB in silver will be sold out for $2,390.

One awesome machine

The creator of the systems is calling it the best piece of sound making it sound implosive coming out of the world's best equipment. It has been created with two pieces of proprietary technology. The company states that this hi-fi speaker system is the results of their hard work and research for more than 10 years. The system will be drawing nearly 3,000 watts in its Silver model and there is no noise released by any of its components like saturation, distortion as well souffle.

A SAM unit has been used for processing the music and the ADH processing technology has been used for merging the analog and digital amplification. The system can be considered revolutionary starting from the design of the Phantom. This design enables the system to deliver implosive and emotional sounds. The vacuum-sealed BHI unit is used for delivering an output with acoustical density. The consumers will be able to create a stereo set up due to the integration of a Dialog Hub and Phantom.

Devialet's Dream 

If a person is able to experience the speaker in person, they will definitely end up buying one. But making someone curious and getting to buy them is two different things, especially when we look at the pricing of the product. People will start weighing the price of the product before they can buy the product. If a consumer wants a stereo sound, the will need to spend atleast $2000 per speaker making it two. The additional Dialog hub of each unit will cost around $325.

Another roadblock of getting these speakers sold out will be the fact that the market is flooded with seven speaker systems with subwoofers to get theatre experience and Phantom is only combination of two speaker system.

Considering the highly competitive market, it will easy for Devialet to anticipate struggle. When it comes to consumer hi-hi as well as high priced products often becomes a centre of poor attraction. It is not easy to perfectly adjust with these systems. It might not be able to make it to the mass market since consumers are relying on live streaming audios.

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