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Thursday 1 December 2022

Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker

Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker

TPV Technology recently introduced the Philips TAS2505 Portable Bluetooth speaker. It comes with an IPX7 rating. Besides, it is equipped with the 800mAh battery that can provide ten hours of playtime. The 6W max output power of this device makes it unique.

This model is equipped with mono loudspeakers and a passive radiator for a punchy base. Besides, it comes with a multi-color LED strip. The strap can flash in sync with the music. In addition, the speaker is very lightweight and comes in a compact design. As it has a carry-on strap, you can carry the speaker easily while trekking and hiking.

You can enjoy hands-free calling with the default microphone. According to the company, the play time of the model is more than ten hours on a full charge. The company says users, the speaker gets fully charged within just 2.5 hours through a USB-C port.

Features of Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker:

Robust and IPX7 waterproof:

The model is IPX7-rated, indicating that it can withstand entire immersion in water up to 1m deep for up to half an hour. It is the perfect model if you want to party in the shower, by the pool, or in the pool. 20 m is the wireless range of the model.

10 hours of playtime and 2.5 hours of charging time:

What makes the model unique is that it can offer clear sound even when you are playing the music at a loud base. There is a passive radiator for boosting the bass. With a playtime of ten hours, the model takes 2.5 hours to get fully charged. It comes with a built-in mic. The music will pause automatically when a call comes.

Multi-color LED lights:

The speaker grille comes with LEDs that can flash several colors when music is played. The LEDS will get dimmed once you turn down the volume. With the help of the carry strap, you can tote the speaker easily. Besides, you can hang this from your bike's handlebars.

Pick your favorite color:

The device comes in different color options. So, you can pick your favorite color to show your style. In addition, the model features automatic pairing and a digital volume control system.

The lanyard of the product allows the users to carry the speaker easily. With the help of a 1.75-inch broadband driver, the product can deliver a clear sound and strong bass.


The model comes with a default microphone, LED lights, type-C USB charging cable, warranty card, worldwide warranty card, fast start guide, and so on.

Dimensions and weight: 

If it comes to measure the dimension of this model, then you should know that the depth is 9.1cm, whereas 4.1cm is its height and 9.15 cm is the width. Weight of this model is 0.19kg.

Specifications of Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Speaker drivers: 1.75″ full range 
  • 6W maximum output power 
  • Mono sound system 
  • Power LED indicator: RGB 
  • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP and AVRCP 
  • Bluetooth range: Line of sight, 20m


  • 2.5 hr charging time and 10 hours playtime 
  • Built-in microphone 
  • Type-C USB charging cable 
  • IPX7 water resistance 
  • 5.0 Bluetooth version 
  • 800mAh battery capacity


  • Unable to connect to android devices sometimes.


Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker can provide a wireless range of up to 20 m. According to the company, this model can run up to 10 hours on a single charge. Besides, it comes with a built-in mic for calls. Moreover, it is IPX7 rated.

Friday 1 March 2019

LG Xboom PK5 – Water Proof Portable Speaker

LG  Xboom PK5 – Water Proof Portable Speaker
LG has recently announced its latest product, Xboom PK5 speaker. It is said to be water proof portable speaker in partnership with Meridian with a built in 5,200 Ah battery.XboomPK5 is considered to be an ideal speaker which can stream the tunes over high fidelity Bluetooth connection.

This speaker can provide a synchronised multi-colour light show and is an ideal speaker with its awesome audio effect. The LG Xboom PK5 comes at a cost of Rs.14,990. However the retailing comes at Rs 5,000 at Amazon India. With regards to design and portability, an LG Xboom PK5 speaker has been envisioned considering the portability. In size the portable Bluetooth measures around 220 x 129 x 119 mm.

A mesh grille features the front area of the speak providing a glimpse of the dual tweeters and woofer. This comprises of the LED lights surrounding the dual tweeters that tend to bink according to the rhythm of the music. The frequency, colors of the LED lights can be either designated, can be switched off totally or kept at random. One will find 8 controls inclusive of `Clear Vocal’, Enhanced Bass, towards the top of Xboom PK5. You will also find a trigger for voice assistant/LED control besides the standard power, volume high and low/pause buttons.

Good Music – Voice Command 

Total package is accommodated in 1.2 kg weight comprising of a built-in lithium-ion battery of 5,200 Ah. It provides 18 hours of music playback on an individual charge. The speaker can be utilised on any Type-C cable and a normal smartphone charging adapter of battery recharging. The LG Xboom PK5 has built-in microphone functionality enabling you to link to phone calls from the speaker. Moreover one can also perform voice search through these speakers without the use of the smartphone.

However with support of Google Assistant, the search can be activated from the smartphone. A voice search button is available on these speakers. You can activate the button on the speaker to trigger the smart assistant features on your phone. It tends to play good music utilising voice command.

The Xboom PK5 also provides good bass performance with the help of the double passive radiators. You can request a song, control music playback or even get involved with other voice interaction functions which is possible only on Android or iOS device. This is enabled with voice activation technology and music streaming service subscription.

The Xboom PK5 Default Settings – Balanced 

The speakers’ default settings of the mids, lows and highs seem to have a balance to the extent that all three can be identified with ease. This is seen when the volume seems to be at its maximum. LG states that the APT-X HD which in built-in, sustains the original quality of the sound on the Xboom PK5 speaker.

You can pair the smart device with the Xboom PK5 through Bluetooth to gain continuous streaming, wirelessly. With the built-in Multi Colour Lighting, you can relish a pulsating colourful display which automatically beats with the rhythm of the music. With the help of several customizable lighting modes, one has all the tools to enhance the party atmosphere for any given occasion

Tuesday 23 May 2017

The Invoke Smart Speaker Brings Microsoft’s Cortana AI to Your Living Room

Invoke Smart Speaker 

Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant has already integrated seamlessly in Windows 10 and functions on iOS and Android. It is said that it will soon be showing up in cars too. In spite of it being good at work, good for play as well as has a good name, it tends to be left out of the voice assistant clique due to a smart speaker such as the Google Home or Amazon Echo.

These in-home devices have been the first area where most people tend to be using these assistant and Microsoft have been lagging behind till now. The latest Invoke speaker created by Harman Kardon seems to be similar like the Amazon Echo which is a tall cylindrical speaker having a blue light towards the top which tends to glow when the speaker listens to you.

It has the potential of controlling some of the smart-home devices such as name the members of One Direction – RIP, set reminders besides many other things Echo or Home could do. The Invoke, so far seems to have precisely the distinctive features like it can make as well as receive calls with Skype. Harman has made the Invoke’s sound quality – three tweeters, 360 degree sound with a Dalek-like design since it’s the best way of convincing users to purchase this device instead of an Echo.

Strategy of Microsoft 

For Microsoft, an in-home speaker seems to be particularly important since it had lost the race of smartphone and had not made any progress in the handsets for users other than the Cortana app which some would download and still less would use. However on the desktops, Windows seemed to have huge market share which millions of users by default utilised Cortana.

 In fact as per the latest numbers of Microsoft it had reached around 145 million. To make a lasting impression in the latest market, Microsoft required its virtual assistant to be all over inclusive on the devices which have not just been obtained from their IT department. Microsoft had reportedly intended to open up its Cortana Skills Kit with the Build conference enabling developers to build for its assistant. The entire strategy of Microsoft was to cover the earth with its software and users can look forward for more speakers in the near future.

Smart Speaker Market New

The market of the smart speaker tends to be new and the voice assistant powering them does not seem to be impeccable still. However Microsoft could be a bit late in this game. In a latest study Alexa has been projected as having 70.6% of the market for voice-assistant devices, putting up Microsoft in the small `other’ category.

 It is said that the Invoke would not be coming till this fall which could be some time where the users would have to wait with adequate time for Google, Amazon and others to make tremendous progress in this area. If Microsoft does not make haste and is unable to make Cortana worth the wait, then speakers such as the Invoke would be covering up the coveted area in your living room and filling up the space.

Friday 23 October 2015

Composite Cement used to Frame Vonschloo Home Speakers


Loudspeakers of Composite Cement for Vonschloo

Estragon, Zurich based studio, had developed loudspeaker made of composite cement for vonschloo. The choice of using composite cement was initiated due to the material being one of the best available for acoustic cabinets. The team spend a lot of their time in exploring the possibility of this material before embarking on the precise design for the material involved.

The company had been influenced by the `folle’ an archaic sound object that has been utilised in the Swiss Alps for centuries to call the `alpsegen’. When compared to the several electronic products, the team desired a 360 degree design to be appealing from all side thus permitting these speakers to be placed in a variety of surroundings. With the combination of composite cement, wood, metal and fabric it created a sophisticated and minimal look.

Due to the warm, rough and irregular material of the casing when compared to the smooth and delicate stand provides the product with a unique visual character. There are two different configurations for the loudspeaker where the only difference between the two configurations seems to be the stands. These can be altered at any period of time. Floor standing loudspeaker along with its stand is motivated by the designs of the 50’s and 60’s and is precise for free placement in a living area.

Eternit – Amazing Acoustic Properties

The material Eternit, cement composite was decided for artistic reasons. Besides having amazing acoustic properties, it tends to combine form and operates in a harmonic way. Since Eternit does not seem to be the most common material, it was only on working on that it had enabled the team to actually design the speaker casing which was due to the support and patient of Eternit – Schweiz, AG. On successful development of the speaker, the team were offered the opportunity of designing the complete identity of Vonschloo.

 The look and feel of the brand should imitate the characteristic of the product. Moreover, the logo as well as the website estragon also directed the photography. The second version is a shelf loudspeaker which has a compact stand. Its simple design tends to adapt to its surrounding.

The L242 Loudspeaker for vonschloo enables a clear visual statement with its reduced and focused utilisation of material together with the finish. It comes with a price of 2880 CHF, around $2,995 USD.

Idyllic Speaker – High Quality Sound/Fashionable Design

The L242is the idyllic speaker for users with high quality of sound and fashionable design. The characteristic of the design of the loudspeakers is simple having all the essentials, the inspiration being the Folle, a traditional wooden funnel utilised for ages for the Alpsegen.

Its clear and unique design language gives the loudspeakers an iconic appearance and due to its 360° design, the speakers tend to speak to the viewers from all angles. Owing to this, it has the possibility of being placed as an object in a free living atmosphere.

With regards to the case, this high-quality component and the experienced technicians tend to guarantee a sound which is exclusive, together with its exterior appearance. Its point source enables a tranquil sound with high detailed sound image. The housing on the other hand are cut and fashioned manually in the Eternit Switzerland AG.

Friday 3 July 2015

Devialet Wants You to Experience an Emotional Sound Implosion

 Phantom speaker system has finally been made available in the markets around United States last week. This speaker system is capable of giving out sound levels which are claimed to be at the edge of the infrasound spectrum.

The company is based in France and will start meeting the reorders requested in the United States for their hi-fi speakers starting this September. Speaking about the business strategy that allowed Beats to earn their spot in the team of Apple, the company is aiming to provide a new step for the audio and music enthusiasts who are looking for enjoying higher sound levels.

Reports suggest that the marker will be having two versions of the speaker system. The phantom which will have 740 watts and 99db base model will be sold out for US$1,990. The other version which comes with 3,000 watt and 105 dB in silver will be sold out for $2,390.

One awesome machine

The creator of the systems is calling it the best piece of sound making it sound implosive coming out of the world's best equipment. It has been created with two pieces of proprietary technology. The company states that this hi-fi speaker system is the results of their hard work and research for more than 10 years. The system will be drawing nearly 3,000 watts in its Silver model and there is no noise released by any of its components like saturation, distortion as well souffle.

A SAM unit has been used for processing the music and the ADH processing technology has been used for merging the analog and digital amplification. The system can be considered revolutionary starting from the design of the Phantom. This design enables the system to deliver implosive and emotional sounds. The vacuum-sealed BHI unit is used for delivering an output with acoustical density. The consumers will be able to create a stereo set up due to the integration of a Dialog Hub and Phantom.

Devialet's Dream 

If a person is able to experience the speaker in person, they will definitely end up buying one. But making someone curious and getting to buy them is two different things, especially when we look at the pricing of the product. People will start weighing the price of the product before they can buy the product. If a consumer wants a stereo sound, the will need to spend atleast $2000 per speaker making it two. The additional Dialog hub of each unit will cost around $325.

Another roadblock of getting these speakers sold out will be the fact that the market is flooded with seven speaker systems with subwoofers to get theatre experience and Phantom is only combination of two speaker system.

Considering the highly competitive market, it will easy for Devialet to anticipate struggle. When it comes to consumer hi-hi as well as high priced products often becomes a centre of poor attraction. It is not easy to perfectly adjust with these systems. It might not be able to make it to the mass market since consumers are relying on live streaming audios.

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Clearview Clio, Hardly Noticeable

Clearview Clio
Clearview Clio is a one of the best novel gadget in the living room; a device which is hardly noticeable Space filling staff panoramic sound to Clio deliver according to the manufacturer Clearview . Here, the speaker may looks unimpressive but it is almost invisible in your living room.

Visually, it blends with the environment and adapts to any background. For most of its surface is made of plexiglass. The one millimeter thick slice is used as a membrane which oscillates on both sides and so will be able to fill a space with a stereo sound.

 The piezo - electric driver that will enable those acrylic membrane vibrations are hidden in not noticeable stand, which is produced in the colors of silver, bronze and anthracite. Despite its small size of only 23.5 x 32.1 x 9.5 centimeters Clio is a clear, more powerful amazing sound producer with lot of bass.

For the low notes a downward bass speaker makes a diameter of 5.1 centimeters. An audio source can be connected via a 3.5-millimeter jack on the Clio, or via Bluetooth version 2.1. Up to eight audio sources can be connected via Bluetooth with the Clearview Clio speakers, including Smartphones, tablets and computers.

Sunday 11 September 2011

Wireless Speakers

Approaching, we find that the speakers are placed on the station. You just have to take responsibility for where we want to win. And this freedom is just as much sense as the full wireless dock. It is thus possible to deport the sound where you want regardless of the source, just as one can also play with the two speakers to widen or narrow the stereo image.

The range is about fifteen feet, less if there are obstacles like thick walls. Outdoors, we move on to a block away, a practice for the terrace or garden if you're lucky enough to have one or. The standard transmission is a kind of WiFi owner on the 2.4 GHz band.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Sinus Blue tooth headphones and speakers

Why choose between headphones and portable speakers when you can see both at once? This is what the German designer Tino Klaehn with its concept called SinusSinus is a dual-function concept as often seen in recent times. Posing as a headset design, it can turn into speakers at any time. The aesthetic is at the forefront with this ultra-modern helmet declined in several versions for different reasons.

Friday 27 May 2011

Sound of LightSpeakers

The lightspeakers, these bulbs carrying a famous speaker are increasingly appreciated. Their evolution in both quantity and quality seems inevitable. Among the most recent include Sound of Light.