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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Clearview Clio, Hardly Noticeable

Clearview Clio
Clearview Clio is a one of the best novel gadget in the living room; a device which is hardly noticeable Space filling staff panoramic sound to Clio deliver according to the manufacturer Clearview . Here, the speaker may looks unimpressive but it is almost invisible in your living room.

Visually, it blends with the environment and adapts to any background. For most of its surface is made of plexiglass. The one millimeter thick slice is used as a membrane which oscillates on both sides and so will be able to fill a space with a stereo sound.

 The piezo - electric driver that will enable those acrylic membrane vibrations are hidden in not noticeable stand, which is produced in the colors of silver, bronze and anthracite. Despite its small size of only 23.5 x 32.1 x 9.5 centimeters Clio is a clear, more powerful amazing sound producer with lot of bass.

For the low notes a downward bass speaker makes a diameter of 5.1 centimeters. An audio source can be connected via a 3.5-millimeter jack on the Clio, or via Bluetooth version 2.1. Up to eight audio sources can be connected via Bluetooth with the Clearview Clio speakers, including Smartphones, tablets and computers.