Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Facebook Avatar: How to create it on Android and iOS ?

Facebook Avatar
By now you must have heard of a Facebook avatar- a cartoony version of yourself. If not what are you waiting for? Facebook has recently added a feature where you can make an animated version of yourself. In making this avatar you can create it with a variety of hairstyles, outfits and faces. Once made, these avatars can be used on Facebook messenger, Facebook comments, stories and even your profile picture. Taking cue form Apple’s Memoji and Bitmoji avatars, Facebook has made it’s own- Facebook avatars, or well you have to rather.

Besides all this you can even use your avatar as stickers in apps such as Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. So by now if you’re hooked on getting your own Facebook avatar, we’ll show you how…

Making your own Facebook Avatar: 

To make your own Facebook avatar follow the given steps: 

  • First of all open your Facebook app on your phone. From there click on the hamburger menu depicted with three lines. This will be found at the bottom right of the screen in iOS or the top right in case of Android. 
  • Once opened scroll down till you see the “See More” option, click on it. 
  • Choose Avatars form there. 
  • Tap next to get started 
  • Choose your skin tone- there are 27 shades by the way. Once this is done click next 
  • You’ll then be routed to choose your hairstyle. There are long, medium and short hairstyles. Tap on your selection and go to the next page 
  • From here you will go to your Avatar’s face. In this section you can choose your complexion, lines and face shape. 
  • After you’re done customizing your face you then get to choose your eye shape, color as well as lash length. At this stage you can also add glasses too. 
  • After this it’s onto nose and mouth shape. When choosing your mouth you can also add a lip color and facial hair as well. Just not together maybe? 
  • From here you get to choose your body shape and also pick an outfit. At this stage you can also add a hat, scarf or two or even cat ears to complete your Facebook avatar. 
  • Once this is done click on next to complete making your very own Facebook Avatar in your own image and likeness.
Whenever you feel the need to use your Facebook avatar, simply click on the smiley face icon in “write a comment section” in Facebook. That’s all there is to it, you now have an avatar that you can share with your friends and use wherever you want to as well.

When it comes to these Facebook avatars there are a million of customization options available. So you can play around with various configurations till you get one that is just you, only in cartoon form. Plus the best thing about it is that it takes only 10 minutes to do. So what are you waiting for?

Truck Gadgets: Cameras for Fleet Vehicle Security

Running a fleet of trucks is a daunting task especially if they travel several days on different routes picking up and delivering cargo. The fleet management center should have a consistent flow of data related to all trucks so that fact-based reports can be made at any time. Surveillance plays a crucial role in the management of such a company.

Fortunately, the advancement of technology now gives fleet companies an opportunity to use high-tech cameras to watch every move of the trucks. If you are new to truck fleet management, this article will be invaluable to you.

Choosing the Best Cameras for Your Trucks

Fleet surveillance cameras come in different technologies and, hence, capabilities. When choosing one for your trucks, start by visiting to see the solutions they have and then make the following considerations.

  • Resolution – When monitoring truck activities, you definitely want to see every detail clearly. Therefore, choosing a 1080p camera is the best idea. The latest technology offers high resolution while saving space at the same time. On the same note, also consider fleet cameras that record clear footage at night.
  • Tracking technology – Truck tracking is essential in any company. The latest technology in cameras integrates them with GPS capability so that fleet managers can see the locations of their trucks. GPS-enabled cameras might be costly, but they can eliminate the need for a separate GPS system.
  • Real-time data transmission – Internet-enabled truck cameras fitted on dashboards transmit recorded footage in real time to a remote location. As such, managers and the owners of the fleet can monitor the movement of trucks whenever they need to.
  • Other features – There are so many other features you might want to look for in a truck surveillance camera. Event-triggered sensors are a great feature because the cameras only record when needed. Choose a camera with interactive and user-friendly features that make it valuable.


Types of Fleet Truck Cameras

  • Dashboard cameras – These are the most basic and common cameras that are used in truck fleet vehicles. As the main camera, it should have all the features that we have mentioned above. The aim is to record the front side of the truck to detect and observe locations, traffic, accidents, or any other events.
  • Cabin cameras – Although there are controversies on the use of cabin cameras with the claim that they breach privacy, these cameras help in monitoring driver behavior and theft cases from the cabin. Today, they have become very essential.
  • Reverse cameras – Trucks are tricky to drive, and drivers need every assistance possible. Reverse cameras are part of the parking assistance package that also consists of object sensors and automatic braking systems.
  • Blind spot cameras – In the past, truck drivers have caused numerous accidents through blind spots. But today, this issue has been solved by the use of blind spot cameras located on the sides of trucks.



It is highly beneficial to take advantage of cameras in your trucking business. Cameras have numerous benefits, which include better decision making, accident prevention, improvement of driving behavior, and more sales among others. For these reasons, you should use cameras for your trucks.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Apple silicon: Apple Announces Mac Transition

Apple silicon
At WWDC 2020 Apple announced that it would transition to silicon. What this means is that within the next two years Apple will move its Mac product line from their current processor architecture to a new one. The new one being the one from Apple. More on Apple silicon in a minute...

So what is Apple Silicon by the way? 

No Apple does not plan on making it’s latest gadget out of silicon. Not yet anyways. Apple Silicon is the name given to a processor architecture that will now sit in Macs. This shift will take place within the next two years. Apple is bringing manufacture of the new processor architecture home. Basically the new Apple Silicon happens to be the old Ax chips that sit inside of many of our iPhones and iPads already.

The Ax chips have been designed by ARM but have since been adapted to sit inside an iPhone or iPad as the case maybe. The same chip going by different name now, Apple silicon, will now be placed in the mac. This will be done with improvements and other specifications to ensure that the Mac based on Apple silicon will not lag behind that of Macs with Intel chips inside them.

To illustrate the speediness of the mac based silicon, Apple ran Final Cut Pro and Adobe Lightroom on the computer without any hick ups. In fact the Mac based silicon worked impressively well. However in the midst of all the furor Apple did not release any benchmark standard for performance.

Will Switching to Apple Silicon be Good? With Apple silicon introduced, Apple will now have all hardware pertaining to all of its gadgets within their own control. This means that all production of all hardware is brought indoors. Apple will now have control over not only their hardware but can also ensure that any hardware they use is tailor made to the product that it sits inside.

So what happens to Intel’s Thunderbolt 3? That for now my friends is unclear. It’s not likely that Apple will license Thunderbolt 3 from Intel. They may in fact use USB 3 or come up with their own tech to replace it.

Will all Apps Work with Apple Silicon? 

The operating system as well as all Apple programs will run on Apple Silicon from day 1 onwards. There is also talk that Adobe is already working on converting its creative cloud and Microsoft Office’s shift to silicon is also in the works. With all this happening, it shows that Apple is dead serious about moving to silicon and Apple silicon is not just a new product for WWDC 2020.

What about Developers then? 

Developers will have to recompile existing programs based on a source code. What this means is that they will have to rewrite programs based on the new architecture. Once this is done the new version of the apps will have to be placed back in the app store. According to Apple this should make apps portable within a few days.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Android 11 Beta Update- Mono-Live

Android 11 Beta Update
Google recently released the 11th edition to its Android software for Pixel users. The OS may not add any new features to the existing OS 10. But the Android 11 Beta update does polish a few things off leaving you with a better user experience. But more on all this later.

What does Android 11 update hold in store for users? 

As mentioned earlier the new OS does not add anything new. But rather makes the already existing features just a little better. Some of the areas in which Android 11 has focused on are conversations, priority conversations, notifications and bubbles. The other areas that it focuses on are do not disturb, media controls, besides others.

Which Phones will get the Android 11 Beta update? 

At present only Pixel 2 users and above have got the update. Other phones will get the update in the coming days.

But a word of caution- you might want to wait till you get the final version of an update rather than install the beta version which may have a lot of bugs in it.

How to get the Android 11 Beta update? 

If you still want to go ahead with the 11th edition of Android, then all you have to do is visit the Android Beta site. Once there you’ll have to enter all your Google credentials and then enroll your device. This you can do so from the list of eligible devices.

A people Centric Android 11? 

According to a report from Google, the tech giant plans on making Android 11 more people oriented. To aid in this agenda, they are focusing on conversations and prioritizing the people in your life. So in tune with this new motto here are some of the features to look out for:

  • Conversations- this will appear in a designated section in the notification bar. Besides this we will also see conversations appear in a bubble formats, have the opportunity to set reminders for not – so – important- convos and even have the ability to set shortcuts for conversations on the home screen.
  • Bubbles- this will help you in multitasking. While browsing the latest on your apps you will also be able to stay in touch with people without missing a beat.
  • Voice Access- this feature is meant for people who use the Google Assistant. With this feature on board your phone will now be able to understand screen content, generate labels and access points for better accessibility.
  • Device Control- this feature is all about improving your control over connected devices. It makes it much more easier to control and use connected devices. By long pressing the power button you will be able to get to this feature.
  • Media Control- with this in tow you will be able to seamlessly change your media outputs.
Besides all this Android 11 Beta update also brings in new Privacy Features:

They are One time permissions and Permissions auto set.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Best Handheld Game console- Mono-Live

Best Handheld Game console
Most of us use our phones be it Android or iOS to play games. Well good enough right? Wrong, why stick with good enough when you could go well and these handheld game consoles do just that- they take you a step further. Just think about this- a handheld game console has actual buttons for starters and a ton of games to keep you busy for hours. So what say you put down your phone for a minute to look at some of the best handheld game consoles out there (that is if you’re not reading this post on your phone by the way).

Nintendo Switch a Handheld game console you need to check out: 

This one is a hybrid sort of gaming console- in that you can use it as a handheld game console as well as put it in a dock and play it on the big screen. By that I mean a TV. With the switch in your hands you can kill the time by its endless array of games. Plus there’s always it’s versatility that you get with it- play it on the TV or carry it around with you.

The console is not just a gaming console also; you can watch Hulu on it as well. With the console you also get a number of accessories to go along with it and it comes in a variety of color configurations too. Besides all this it is a great travel companion as well.

Things to look out for: 

  • Number of gaming options 
  • Can be played on the TV by inserting into a dock 
  • Number of color options 
  • A variety of gaming accessories to go along with it 
  • Can also watch Hulu on it Nintendo 

Switch Lite a Lighter Option: 

The lightweight design coupled with the 5.5 inch screen all makes this a better travel buddy than the one above. Plus if you don’t won’t to spend that much on a Nintendo switch then this one being the lite model comes in at just $200. Besides all this, the switch lite comes in three colors- Turquoise, gray and yellow. Some color choice if you’ve ever seen one right?

The Joy-Cons cannot detach with the lite. But this is a good thing as it makes the lite even more sturdier and robust to play with. The only downside with the switch is that it cannot be played on the big screen. So if you’re more of an outdoors person then this one is for you.


Things to look out for: 

  • Thinner design with a smaller screen 
  • Cannot be played on the big screen 
  • Joy cons do not detach 

GPD XD Plus a Great Handheld game console to use: 

An emulator is basically a hardware or software that makes one device behave like the other. Well enough with the tech lesson. Getting more to the point this handheld game console does just that. It allows you to play old games, the ones usually found on SNES or Game Boy or PS1. However it’s not as simple as downloading and installing a simple app.

If your tech savvy and know how to use a computer then this handheld game console is just the one for you. This gaming emulator is one of the best on the market. Besides this, it is also powerful and more to our need that is it’s portable.

But if you’re one of those people who can’t get around following tutorials to get your games playing on it, then you might want to give this gaming console a skip.

Things to check out: 

  • It’s an emulator 
  • Can play old games on it 
  • Takes time getting old games playing on it 

Nintendo 2DS Handheld Game console: 

The 2DS is the same as the 3DS but with the exception of the hinges. It’s in a hedge shape rather than a clamshell shape. But all in all it’s still comfortable to hold and get to gaming. This handheld game console comes with two backlit screens which are bright enough and all, don’t get me wrong, but they are exposed. This makes them prone to breaks and cracks.

You get the full array of Nintendo’s games of the DS and 3DS variety. The downside with this gaming console is that it does not play stereo quality sound. If you want the shebang then earphones are your best option. The color options on this thing make it more a kids playing device rather than a serious gamesters one.

Things to check out: 

  • No hinges, in a hedge shape design 
  • Full array of Nintendo DS as well as 3DS games 
  • Looks more like a kid’s gaming console 

New Nintendo 2DS XL Mario Kart 7 Bundle: 

A lot of Nintendo’s on this list huh?

With this handheld game console in tow you get two screens to play on, a comfortable clamshell design and a built in NFC reader. If you’re wondering why the NFC, it is used for amiibo which is Nintendo’s action figures that add a little something extra to your game.

The console also comes in a fun array of colors such as orange and white, black and turquoise as well as purple and silver. You may not get 3D games on it or games like 3DS XL. But you can still play 3DS games on it at a much cheaper price. You even get a free pre- installed game of Mario Kart 7.

Things to check out: 

  • Two screens  
  • Comes with NFC 
  • Cannot play 3D games or 3DS XL games 
  • Comes with Mario Kart 7 pre- installed 

These are some of the best handheld game consoles to get. I know that there are a lot of Nintendo gaming consoles on this list but what can I say? They’re the best when it comes to handheld game console. Other than that there is also an emulator on this list, if you just happen to love old games and miss them. But all in all with these handheld game consoles you’re sure to never use your phone again for gaming, which is unless those games aren’t compatible with your console.