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How to Block Text Messages on Phones

How to Block Text Messages on Phones

Smartphones are a great invention of all time. With Smartphones, everyone can connect with their loved ones in a matter of a few clicks. But misconduct through text messages is also a prominent slice of Smartphones. These messages are quite annoying and some of them can even steal your personal information from your devices. They can also be distracting if you are at work or doing some important tasks. Here let us show you how to block text messages on Phone.

But thanks to the technological advancements, there is now a solution to almost every problem. You can either block texts manually through your phone’s settings or block those messages with the help of different apps. There are many text message blocking apps that can help you out in this regard. These apps can save your personal data from any data breach and also stay away from those spam messages. Here is the list of some of the best text message blocking apps with the help of which you can block messages from any contact you want.

Block Text Message on Phone Manually

There is a built-in feature in many Smartphones to block specific phone numbers and put them on the blacklist. If your phone storage is not enough to download any app, or if you do not trust these apps, you can also block a particular contact manually on your phone so that they will not be able to call or message you.

How to manually block a number on Android

In case you want to know how to block a number on Android, a built-in default system is already present in many phones to block a specific contact. Here are the steps you need to follow to block a block and avoid all the frustration:

Step 1. Open the messaging app on your phone.

Step 2. Tap and hold on the number you want to block.

Step 3. Click a right-sided option of More, and select block/ Blocklist/ Spam/ Report.

That’s it, now that number is blocked, and you will get no message and call from it. There is a diversity of options for blocking in different operating systems in various mobile portals. Therefore, you have to select accordingly.

Open the default message app on your phone and click the three doted option on the right side. An option of blacklist or blocked contact is there. If you click on that, it shows you the numbers or contacts that you have blocked.

How to manually block a number on iPhone

iPhone also has built-in block user options, likewise Android. Here are the steps to block a number if you are an iPhone user.

Step 1. Open the phone/contacts app.

Step 2. Click on the ‘’I’’ button of the number you want to block.

Step 3. A page of that contact appears on your phone.

Step 4. At the bottom of the screen, click the button saying, “Block this contact.”

That specific number or contact is blocked now, and you can check the blocked number in Settings> Phone> Call blocking. A list of the blocked contacts appears. Click on a number, and an option pops up to unblock the contact if you want to do so.

Message Blocking Apps to Block Text Messages on Phones:

Using apps may prove to be a better option, as they provide you with the identity of the person messaging you and keep your data secure. Sometimes, hackers just send you a link, and when you click on that link, your data is automatically sent to them. To avoid such incidents, it is essential to have such apps.

Calls Blacklist-Call Blocker:

If you are tired of the robotic and spam calls and messages, Calls Blacklist is the app you need to install. Apart from blocking messages and calls, Blacklist provides a separate SMS folder to keep up with a separate message list. The best part is, the app is compact in size and free of cost. The features are easy to operate. Blacklist gains a wide range of audiences in less time. Just add the required number and leave everything to Blacklist. This app blocks the number silently and seamlessly, so your privacy and security are also maintained.

Size: 4.3MB but generally varies.

Software Compatibility: Android 4.4 or greater & iOS 7 or later.

True Caller:

One of the leading apps in the market is the True Caller. TrueCaller provides a separate message folder along with group chats and video calls. This app can block spam calls and messages with ease. TrueCaller has a smart dialer and clever integration options, making it the need of the present era.

The only problem with this app is that True Caller requires a good internet connection to work. The file size is bulky, and some of the premium features are not for free. The app costs from $2 to $250 to unlock different premium features.

Size: almost 200MB

Software Compatibility: iOS 11 or greater & Android.

SMS Shield:

SMS Shield provides diverse language features that are free. This app will shield you from getting messages from different operators from different countries. This lets you enjoy your travel with only access to the required number of people around you. This is the best app for you if you are fond of traveling. You can easily choose the language and operator by turning on the “Traveler mode.” You have an option to share your traveling location and keep in touch with your friends and family. Providing a high efficacy with no spam, SMS Shield is one of the best apps for any iPhone user.

Size: 13.7 MB

Software Compatibility: iOS

Hiya Call Blocker and Fraud Detection:

Hiya Call Blocker is primarily designed to block unknown and spam robotic calls. Hiya has an inbuilt feature of blocking text messages as well, without any hustle. Just open the app after downloading, and add the spam contact, and leave all the worries to this app. Hiya Call Blocker does everything silently. Thi app also has a feature of identifying the spam caller’s identity that can help you identify the person who’s sending you the spam messages and calls. Providing high security, it keeps your data secure. Hiya Call blocker costs around $15 to unlock some premium features, but the free features have almost everything one could demand.

Size: 86 MB

Software Compatibility: Android and iOS 11 or later.

Anti nuisance – Call blocker and SMS blocker:

AntiNuisance is a new app that has a lot of features such as blocking incoming calls and unknown messages. AntiNuisance provides a separate white list for non-blocker contact and is free of cost use. The app has a unique DND (Do not disturb) mode for you to work peacefully at your office or school. Giving advanced aspects like sending a message with a picture is also a plus for an app like this. If you want to block the calls or messages from a specific area or with a prefix or suffix, this app is all you need to stall. It keeps your location and private data safe and does not let your identity be disclosed. You can block as many contacts with multi-SIM support.

Size: Varies according to the device.

Software Compatibility: Android.

Call control- SMS/Call blocker:

Call Control is a free compatible app with no worries or scam. Having a diversity of features such as free download, an extensive space to block, whitelist contacts as a separate folder, smart dialer, Caller ID, and report anyone from calling you, Call Control is a pocket full of coins. The app also has an excellent option of auto-identifying the spam and telemarketing calls, allowing you to work in ease and a peaceful environment.

Size: Varies

Software Compatibility: iOS & Android.

Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block:

As the name itself indicates, Mr. Number Lookup looks up through your provided blacklist number and keeps you away from disturbance. Mr. Number Lookup is called as one of the best calls and messaging apps for iPhone users. The app provides free networking while giving an option of identifying the spam caller’s ID. This app has a unique feature of call blocking based on location without revealing your identity or location. Spam call blocking before picking it up is also a plus point for Mr. Number Lookup, making this app better than most of its alternatives.

Size: 54.5MB

Software Compatibility: iOS 11 or later.

VeroSMS: VeroSMS is a spam filtering app that helps in maintaining the privacy of users. VeroSMS blocks spam calls and messages and lets you know the caller’s info. Free features include unlimited blacklist numbers, a whitelist folder, and an autoblock feature if any spam is detected. In contrast, the premium features of this app include iCloud scannability, location-based spam blocking, and machine learning-based filtration.

Size: 15.9 MB

Software Compatibility: iOS 11 or greater.

Call Bliss:

Call Bliss is a powerful yet unique app, which allows you to enable a silent mode for unwanted callers. Call Bliss provides “do not disturb” mode and a separate list of contacts for your office and home. If you are at home and do not want to get any calls or messages from the office and vice versa, this app can do that quite effectively. Call Bliss has excluded list option that allows you to put the blacklist numbers there and never get disturbed by fraud calls or messages. If you are a student and doing your assignment, Call Bliss has a feature of suppressing all callers so that you can work with full attention, and if anyone wants to contact you, they can leave a voicemail to you, which you can check out later on. This app costs €9 for a lifetime subscription.

Size: 5.5 MB

Software Compatibility: iOS 6 or later.

Caller ID and Call Blocker Free:

If you want to find an unknown caller’s ID or block spam messages, you can simply download the Caller ID and Call Blocker app. The free and lightweight features with more than 10M users make Caller ID one of the best Android calls and message-blocking apps. The app enables users to identify and block spoofed numbers with ease. With a feature of hiding your identity and GPS tracking, Caller ID provides you safety and keeps your data secure. The whitelist option allows you to stay in touch with your required connections only.

Size: Varies

Software Compatibility: Android

Key Messages:

Key Messages is also an effective Android app for blocking messages without any hassle. You can keep your data and privacy safe from malware by simply installing this app. With this app, you cannot only block spam text messages but also send pictures and voicemails to your current contacts. The app has a user-friendly interface and automatically detects duplicated messages and works wonders by itself. If you are looking for a way to get relief from all those spammy text messages, this app is for you.

Size: 19MB

Software Compatibility: Android

SMS blocker:

SMS Blocker is an app made specifically to block SMS messages from your phone. Even though SMS Blocker has an option of customization and personalization, that will not put any adverse effect on your phone’s speed. The app filters all the spam messages and calls and provides you with a comfortable sleep and domain to work in. Delivering a backup for messages and tracking the wrong and spam contacts are some impressive features of this app. Also, the easy to use and clean interface make SMS Blocker more reliable and applicable for daily use. SMS Blocker provides you with a distinct feature of a separate “safe” folder for your office and friends.

Software Compatibility: Android.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Review- Full Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a mobile phone that inspires blended feelings. From one viewpoint, there's the sheer miracle and fervor of holding a fold-able telephone — and seeing it change from a 4.6-inch handset to a 7.3-inch tablet and back once more. That fervor proceeds when you see an application that is running on the front screen in a split second spring upon the more significant presentation, and when you begin running three applications without a moment's delay on the grander canvas.

The other feeling is anxiety. Even though Samsung has made a few improvements to make the Galaxy Fold more substantial since it postponed its dispatch, the company emphasizes that you utilize a light touch while using the device. At that point, there's a stunning fact when you understand that this phone costs about $2,000.

As I utilized the Samsung Galaxy Fold, I swayed between these feelings – and continued returning to a solitary inquiry: Who is the Galaxy Fold made for? The appropriate response is: Very fearless and very wealthy early adopters who are eager to live with an item that feels like a refined model.

Samsung has durability enhancements to the Galaxy Fold, including broadening the top showcase, adding tops to the hinges, and putting a metal layer underneath the screen.

The 7.3-inch show is exceptionally vivid and lets you run three applications on the screen immediately. However, the front 4.6-inch screen is relatively small.

When collapsed, the Galaxy Fold is impressively thicker than different telephones, which implies it's best put away in a coat pocket or handbag.

The Galaxy Fold kept going 10 hours on the Tom's Guide web-riding battery test, which isn't extraordinary, yet you can spare force by utilizing the front screen for checking warnings.

AT&T is the primary transporter that is selling the Galaxy Fold straightforwardly. However, you can likewise get it opened. Also, that is not a poorly conceived notion; the AT&T adaptation accompanies loads of bloatware.

A Galaxy Fold case comes in the crate to additionally ensure the gadget, alongside a couple of remote Galaxy Buds.

Galaxy Fold Specs

Starting Price: $1,980

OS: Android 9.9 with One UI

CPU: Snapdragon 855


Storage: 512GB

External display (closed): 4.6 inches (HD+)

Main display: 7.3 inches (QXGA+)

Rear cameras: 12-MP wide-angle (f/1.5 to f/2.4); 12-MP telephoto (f/2.4); 16-MP ultra-wide (f/2.2)

Front camera (closed): 10-MP selfie (f/2.2)

Front camera (open): 10-MP selfie (f/2.2); 8-MP RGB depth (f/1.9)

Fingerprint sensor: Bixby button

Colors: Space Silver, Cosmos Black

Battery: 4,380 mAh

Battery Life: 10:01

Size: 6.3 x 2.5 x 0.66 inches (62.9 x 160.9 x 17mm)

Weight: 9.48 ounces


Samsung rolled out a few improvements to the Galaxy Fold's structure to address strength worries before it propelled for people in general.

  • Top display extended: Some reviewers accidentally removed this protective layer, so now it goes all the way to the edge; users are much less likely to damage the device accidentally.
  • Hinges now have caps on them: This prevents debris from getting caught behind the screen.
  • Samsung narrowed the gap between the two sides: There's still a small space for stuff to get inside the Fold when closed, but it's improved.
  • Metal layer added underneath the display: This increases rigidity and makes touch interactions feel more substantial.

These changes signify a fold-able that feels a lot more like a $2,000 telephone. Shutting the phone despite everything has a consoling applaud, similar to a book, and the pivot framework feels relatively smooth. Be that as it may, Samsung still treats this as an alternate class of phone regarding how it wants you to handle it. The company alerts that you “utilize a light touch" when contacting the 7.3-inch show and to keep the Fold "liberated from water and residue."

Samsung Galaxy Fold Design

 Although this is my second go-around with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, there's as yet a genuine Wow factor to this gadget. Thanks to an advanced, 20-section, double pivot, you can open this clamshell simply like a book, transforming the Fold from telephone to tablet mode.

The movement is genuinely smooth and regular; I'll concede I felt somewhat like a spy as I utilized the Galaxy Fold out in the open, surfing the web or viewing a video and then shutting the entire thing down before I left. However, I additionally felt apprehensive that somebody might attempt to take the gadget from me.

Significantly, the principle show is plastic, not Gorilla Glass, similar to the external spread presentation. However, Samsung has strengthened the bigger panel by putting a metal layer underneath the screen.

At the point when shut, the Galaxy Fold feels like a legacy telephone and a thick one at that. It's very tall and tight, and 0.66 inches thick. That is about twofold the thickness of the Galaxy S10 and iPhone 11 Pro Max. This size was not ideal for my pants’ front pocket; it's a superior fit for an overcoat pocket or a tote.

The Galaxy Fold gauges a heavy 9.5 ounces, contrasted with 7.97 ounces for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and 6.9 ounces for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. And I felt this weight strain my hands and lower arms a piece when messing around for over 10 minutes one after another; however, in case you're viewing a film or TV show, you can lean the Fold on your lap.

I'm not a fan of the Galaxy Fold's catch design: Samsung chose to isolate the force catch and unique mark peruser on the Galaxy Fold’s right edge. It would have appeared well and good to join them, empowering clients to control and open in one smooth movement. Instead, the unique mark sensor serves as the Bixby button, which you can program to open different applications. Despite the fact that it's less secure, I ended up utilizing facial acknowledgment to open the Fold since it's just quicker.

The phone comes in two shading alternatives: Space Silver and Cosmos Black. That is a bummer, in light of the fact that Samsung would offer crazier hues like Astro Blue and Martian Green through its site before it upgraded the phone.

The other important thing to note is that the Fold doesn't have an earphone jack; however, this is certainly not a tremendous arrangement because Samsung incorporates tiny Galaxy Buds in the case.


It's ideal to think about the front presentation on the Samsung Galaxy Fold as an at-a-glance screen for fast connections. That is because it's merely 4.6 inches, which is Lilliputian contrasted with even the best little telephones (commonly 5.5 inches and up). Since the screen is thin, it's likewise hard to type on.

During my testing: the inside 7.3-inch show is the place the genuine activity is — an oversized Super Active Matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) canvas that is sharp and brilliant, however with several compromises. It truly felt like I was utilizing a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Software

To make the most of its fold-able design, Samsung worked with Google to devise a couple of innovative software features. The first is App Continuity, which enables you to open an app on the cover display and then have the app immediately fill the larger screen when you unfold the phone.

The other handy feature is Multi-Active Window, which allows you to run up to three apps at once on the Galaxy Fold’s large display. You swipe in from the right side of the screen to open additional apps and easily resize the apps and move them around with your finger.

Many third-party apps already support this multitasking mode, such as Spotify and Slack, but I noticed that Skype does not. It will take time for more developers to update their software for fold-able phones like this.

By default, the big-screen keyboard offers a split layout to speedup thumb-typing on such a large canvas, but I found myself switching to a standard format because it felt like less work. No matter which mode you choose, swipe typing is supported.

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How to Use Google Docs | Tips, Tricks, and Complete guide

How to Use Google Docs

What is Google Docs: 

Google Docs is a web writing and editing software. This is under the domain of Google Drive by Google Inc. Google Drive is a single platform with numerous useful features. With Google Docs, you can write anything such as articles, press releases, blog posts, worksheets, presentations, etc. It offers you unique templates for making a resume, brochure, letter, and project proposal. It is connected with your Gmail account, and thus you can get access to it anywhere just by connecting to your account. Google Docs is available on almost all devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, etc. A paid version of Google Docs is also available that gives you some extra template features and storage. But the unpaid version is the best to meet all your writing requirements. It allows you to store the data up to 15GB in Google Drive. Here is some unknown tips to "How to Use Google Docs"

How Google Docs is better than other alternatives:

There are many writing tools in the market for writing and publications. Google Docs is the best of all because of many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it allows you to work anywhere at any time. But for other alternatives such as Microsoft Word and Excel do not allow you to switch to work with collaborations or share your thoughts and ideas with others unless you download the whole document and send it to people separately. Google Docs even gives you suggestions and recommendations for your writing errors. There is no need to connect to a separate account while using Google Docs, but you need to have a different export system for Microsoft. It even allows an auto-save that no other engine serves. Other than that, with Google Docs, you can also comment on the documents that people have shared with you and give suggestions. This is a handy feature for teamwork and writers as their editors can give them writing suggestions within the document. Thus, Google Docs is the best of all.

How to use Google Docs:

If you are thinking of working on Google Docs but do not know how to use it, don’t worry. You can do all your work on Google Docs efficiently by following these simple and easy-to-follow steps:

Make a Gmail account:

Step 1.

Go to

Step 2.

Click “create your account.”

Step 3.

A sign-up page opens up. Fill the required information there.

Step 4.

Enter “Next” and Verify account by adding your number.


Then enter the verification code. A Privacy and Terms agreement pops up; click ‘agree.’

Your account is active now. You can use it anywhere, anytime, and at any device. Next time, whenever you open Gmail, just enter your email ID and password, and your account will show up.

Create a document:

To write on Google Docs, follow these steps:

Step 1.

Open the Google Docs webpage (for PC) or app (for mobile phone) at your device.

Step 2.

A new document option is there at the top left corner. Click New .

Step 3.

A list of formats like Letter, Resume, Blank, etc. appears. You can open any format you want to use.

Step 4.

Start writing.

You can work on these documents anytime you want.

Edit and Format your Documents:

Follow these simple steps to edit your current or previous documentation.

Step 1.

Open Google Docs at your device.

Step 2.

Select the word or line you want to edit by double-click or by using your cursor.

Step 3.

Edit it. You can change the size, styling, colors, formatting, and even insert pictures in it.

Step 4.

If something went wrong, don’t worry. Just click Undo or Redo . By editing, you can make any sort of changes you like. You can add headers, footers, and different tools in it also.

Share it with your friends:

At the top right corner, an option of share allows you to share your document with your friends and family. Just click it and add the email of the required people. Or you can also get a sharable link and send it to whomever you want to send!

Features of Google Docs:

You can use Google Docs anywhere, anytime with just a click. You can make and even edit as much as you want under one roof. You don’t even need to have some extra storage required to use it. Google Docs not only gives you the feature of writing but also sharing it with the public and friends, so everyone gets to know about your writings and publications. If you are a student and want to make your assignments with unique fonts and features, Google Docs is your assistant then. It even provides you with data related to the topic you are working on the desktop version’s right side. This way, you can work efficiently without any hassle. Likewise, if your boss just told you to make a project and want the project to be perfect, just use Google Docs. It has in-built features and templates to make presentations and projects. You can even edit the format afterward with just a click without any hustle.

Here are some top tips and tricks you can use to work on Google Docs and make your work impressive.

Voice Input:

This software provides you to be easy on your hands and fingers. You can use the in-built voice input or voice typing option, and it types whatever you say. Google Docs has multiple language options as well, so you can select the language and accent accordingly. To use this option, click at the Tools at the top bar of Google Docs. A Voice typing option is there; click it. A new window pops up with voice input option over there. You can turn your voice input on and off. This feature is not only for writing, but you can also instruct Google Docs to edit and make changes in your documents.

Voice Input For Mobile Devices: If you’re using Google Docs on an Android device, you can easily use the voice input feature. For that, you only have to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, click anywhere on the screen so that your keyboard appears. You’ll get a notification on your phone to change the keyboard with a few options. Click on the “Google Voice Typing” option, and that’s it. Now you can utilize the voice input feature of Google Docs.

Flexibility to use:

Have you ever seen such software, and it is free to use on all devices? You can use Google Docs at any available device you have. For example, if you are traveling and your boss just ordered you to make some changes in your work, you can edit the document on your phone by simply opening your Google Drive.

AutoSave option:

It happens most of the time that if you are working on some project, your laptop or PC just turns off. Also, sometimes the electricity just gives you a break from everything. What to do then? All your work would be lost in that case. Leave this problem to Google Docs also. It has an option of automatic save. Whatever you write, and whenever you write, Google Docs saves all your work at your account. So whenever you open your account, you will see the saved folder over there, and whenever your browser shuts down, don’t worry about your important projects getting deleted. They all are saved.

Offline mode of use:

You might be thinking about what to do if you have a poor or no internet connection. Don’t panic, as you can use Google Docs even when you’re offline. On the right side, click on the menu featuring three horizontal lines. You will see the settings option there. Click it, an offline feature appears. By selecting that, you can work on it without having an internet connection. Google Docs is thus the best writing software one can even think of. It provides you so many features at no cost at all. You can even edit and change the format of your document while in offline mode.

Discussions and chats:

You can discuss the line or fragment of your publications with anyone. This feature allows you to connect to the writing and publication world and get you to interact with the diversity of thoughts on your work. You can even share the project with your colleagues and discuss the upcoming project here. By the collaboration, you can even excel in your publications and introduce them to many people.

Google Docs for students:

Most students want to get rid of all the paper load, and for that, Google Docs will help you. You can place all your notes, assignments, presentations, and slides under one roof. You can also edit your documents and projects here without using any other app. If your tutor assigned you a group project, you can make it on Google Docs by collaborations and then even share the same completed file with your school mates. Also, there are advanced options like research where you can work more thoroughly and make your work exhibiting.

Research option:

As mentioned, you can research your work even if there is a word you can get to know its meaning. Just write the word in Google Docs, and right-click on it. There is an option of “explore” that appears. Click on it. All the knowledge regarding this word appears on the right side of the desktop. Likewise, you can find the meaning of the word by right-clicking and then selecting Define. The meaning, definition, and synonyms of that specific word will appear. Thus you don’t even need to install a separate dictionary app. All your work is up to Google Docs.

Google Docs for freelancers:

As the world is advancing, more and more jobs appear in the market to meet people’s needs. Freelancing is a remote-based job, which anyone can do if someone has a skill. Writing an article and blog is one of the popular niches. For that, a writing tool is essential. Google Docs is the best and most used writing tool until now. It provides you to write your thoughts out and share it with the world so that everyone gets to know about your skills. It shows you the words related and even gets you out of writers’ block sometimes by its simple yet unique features.

Save the file in any format:

You have written all the points at Google Docs. Now you want to save it to your device apart from Google drive. By using Google Docs, you can download your piece of writing in any format. Click File at the top bar. Then select Download. A list of format options is available like Microsoft word, PDF, Open Rich Document, etc. You can choose the format from here. Thus, by using Google Docs, you don’t need to download any other format converting app.

Advance Tool feature:

A tool option is at the top bar. It contains multiple options like checking the spelling and grammar, dictionary, explore preferences and many advanced options. You don’t need to have a check on your spelling and grammar when you are working on Google Docs. The unique explore feature helps you insert related citations, images, and videos to your work, making it more credible. It provides you with all the features at no cost. It is the best free web writing software one can use to compose compelling write-ups.

All these features depict that Google Docs is an ideal writing tool for all of us. From writing to researching, editing, it provides you with all the tools and applications one can easily access and use. Everyone can access this software on any device. Google Docs is like a diary where you can keep your work with no load at you.

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Apple Music Radio: Apple Launches New Radio Stations

Apple Music Radio

Apple Music fans just want to hear great music, and the Apple Music radio is all about. Apple announced two live global radio offerings on Apple Music Radio. Now it is available to music fans in 165 countries across the world. Now the global radio station Beats one is rechristened as Apple Music one. Apple Music Hits delivers your favorite from the 80s, to till date. The Apple Music Country spotlights all the country music.

Apple Music Country provides exclusive shows from famous artists like Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, and Jimmie Allen. The listeners can easily access all the stations, where ever they listened to Apple Music previously. Your voice assistant Siri can help you to access the Apple Music radio automatically with the following commands "Apple Music 1," "Apple Music Hits," or "Apple Music Country,"

Apple Music Radio 1

Apple Music 1 will function as a center for pop culture conversation, and artists let programming. It works as a global radio station exclusively for artists to release their live programs, release new music, and break the news to connect with their music lovers. Besides, Apple Music 1 delivers some shows dedicated to celebrating Latin music's vibrancy around the world. J Balvin is going to show his all-time listener favorites "¡Dale Play! with Sandra Peña" and "La Fórmula Radio with El Guru." Apple Music 1 is also going to showcase very best local African music and artists with the show named Africa Now Radio with Cuppy.

Apple Music Country: 

Apple Music Country Radio is part of the fabric of country music culture, and it amplifies the music experience of contemporary fans. Apple Music Country broadcasts a mix of the unsurpassed music of today and introduces the stars of the future to today's music lovers. And it also helps the music fans remind the legendary artists and tracks that have created and updated the country music along the way.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Google One App Offer Free Phone Backup and Storage Manager

Google One App
Google One was launched two years before. Now they have expended the storage plans with more freebies, including the ability to share the storage with more members. Offer live support with more benefits like Google play credits and Google store member rewards.

Previous year, Google launched automatic backup for the android devices with Google one. Yes, Google One automatic backup saves your important stuffs like your messages, images, apps, and contacts list.

These phone backup and storage manager tool for free to the all Google one users. With the help of this feature you can clean up your data across Google Drive, Calendar, Gmail and Google photos in the new Google One App. Now this new features are extended from Android to iOS.

Back up your Android or iOS phone with Google One Apps: 

Now Google one Apps is now extended to iPhone also. It is now available as new iOS app in App Store.

Google one App helps the Apple users to store the videos, photos and contacts. You can backup all your phone data with Google one app’s 15GB free storage comes with your Google account for free. Even if you lost your phone your data is safe in the Google Drive.

The new storage manage helps to free up space by easily clean and manage your files easily across the Google Drive, others. If you need more storage, you can upgrade to Google membership starting from 1.99$ per month, straight from the app. In addition, you can share the plan with 5 more family members and avail the premium support from Google.

Try Google One App now.