Friday 18 March 2022

Google I/O 2022 Happens on May

Google has recently released its puzzle for Google I/O 2022. The puzzle is one of the hardest so far, after solving which the company has revealed the date. People can see the event from May 11th-12th in the Shoreline Amphitheater at the Mountain View headquarters. The place has a limited in-person audience, but most people can experience the event virtually. #GoogleIo is the official event hashtag.

What is the Google I/O event?

Google I/O is the annual developer conference of the company. It happens online where developers meet each other in live sessions for interaction, and there doesn't exist on-site attendance for the general public.

People can view it on YouTube at io.Google, despite the event, is going to be streamed online. They can experience the interactive I/O Adventures world again for the year. People can register themselves for the event very shortly.

How can you register for the Google I/O 2022 event?

The registration process will start on March 22, and each person can register for free. You can watch multiple recorded sessions, but you have to register beforehand to access multiple interactive features. You can hear the puzzle's ultimate song, very "Googly," on its official site.

The event of last year was fully remote, so it is open for all virtually. However, it isn't clear still the number of people who can attend or for in-person attendance. There is no schedule available for the event yet. Now, the official site is like a Barbone.

Possible launches at this Google I/O 2022 event:

Nothing is official yet, but still, people expect that they can view Android 13's beta version's launch at the event as it has finished its one-month trial. They are eager to know if the company will stream its products live.

The company hosted the event virtually through Googleplex for a few company members the previous year. Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company, has allowed all the general public to participate in the event this year.

The event is more than a developer conference. People can experience d talks on various subjects for developers. Besides, the conference can also display feature announcements and reveal even new hardware. At the 2019 event, the company announced the Pixel 3a with plenty of services — the Assistant, Google Maps, and Chrome.

The bottom line:

The Google I/O 2022 event will let you experience the primary and developer keynotes as every year. The conference has become a big scale event in the last few years as multiple developers and journalists have signed up and attended the event. You must watch the event if you are willing to know about Google's plans for the upcoming year. However, you should note that the event will start Wednesday this year, instead of Tuesday, and will be one day shorter. You need to wait to see whether Made by Google will use live streaming to reveal its latest products or not.

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