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DisplayPort 2.0: Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables

DisplayPort 2.0: Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables

VESA or Video Electronics Standards Association has recently announced a new certification program. It is especially for the video source, display, and cable things that are compatible with DisplayPort UHBR. The term stands for Ultra-high Bit Rate. It is a higher data link rate endorsed by the DisplayPort standard version 2.0. 

 DisplayPort 2.0:

The higher bandwidths are compatible with an assortment of use like uncompressed 8K 60Hz HDR, 4K 240Hz HDR, two 4K 120Hz HDR, or four 4K 60Hz HDR displays. The wire manufacturers can ship new items to DisplayPort ATCs or authorized test centers via the DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program for testing and certification. 

 DisplayPort 2.0: Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables

The UHBR products can sustain the higher bit rates you can advocate by DisplayPort version 2.0 standards. Video Electronics Standards Association has introduced DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables. It ensures that you will have display connectivity. The DP40 cables have to endow up to the UHBR10 link rate. It indicates that the rate is 10 Gigabits per second or Gbps. You can determine this by DisplayPort 2.0. It is compatible with the complete four-lane operation that can offer a total throughput of 40 Gbps.

Then DP80 cables certified by VESA are compatible with the UHBR20 link rate, which is 20 Gbps, specified by DisplayPort 2.0. It supports four lanes that can supply a maximum throughput of 80 Gbps. These wires are compatible with the UHBR13.5 link rate of 13.5 Gbps (single line speed), represented by DisplayPort 2.0.

There are many video source and display devices under testing in the DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program.

It is expected that the program will end the early certification very soon. Multiple DisplayPort 2.0:Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables have passed the certification program. These use the full-sized DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort connectors. Vendors provide VESA-certified DP40 and DP80 cables, including Accell, BizLink, and WIZEN. There are also extra cables that experience certification and anticipate reaching the market.

DisplayPort 2.0:Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables come in the market with full-size and Mini DisplayPort cable configurations. These support the products that sponsor DisplayPort link rates. In recent times, these are in use like RBR (Reduced Bit Rate), HBR (High Bit Rate), HBR2, and HBR3. The passive USB-C wires endorse the UHBR bit rate speeds, and it is for the DisplayPort over the USB Type-C connector. However, the USB Type-C to DisplayPort converter wires certified by VESA can be available in the market very soon. These cables can meet all UHBR speed requirements.

These higher bandwidths will unleash recent capabilities such as uncompressed 8K 60Hz HDR, 4K (up to 240Hz with HDR), 2 x 4K 120Hz with HDR, or a bonker 4 x 4K 60Hz with HDR. The Video Electronics Standards Association has used authorized centers to begin compliance testing of UHBR devices and wires.

What James Choate said?

James Choate said that the ultra-high bit rates are compatible with the DisplayPort 2.0 specification. As a result, it can bring a new display performance level. The set-up of the UHBR Certification Program helps to increase the speed of adoption of video and display products. It is expected to get results from the program similarly to other VESA certification programs. The feature includes those with enabled widespread ecosystem adoption of products. These are compatible with DisplayPort HBR3 bit rates, DisplayPort Alt Mode, DisplayHDR specifications.

He also said that it didn't matter if you had a graphics card and monitor of high performance. However, the wire's resulting image quality was available within limitations to connect the devices.

Due to the improvements in both DisplayPort connector and cable design, both types of cables offer high performance from the VESA-certified devices. The UHBR Certification Program ensures that if the DP40 or DP80 logo is available on the cable, it will definitely fulfill the highest data rates.

The latest labels seem as the USB Implementers Forum's (USB-IF) tries to clarify charging speeds and data transfer on USB-C cables previous year.


The type of cable you have got cannot be said until VESA does not have any plan to mandate the iconography from its mock-ups on every certified cable. However, the company indeed offers certified products, useful for avoiding confusion.

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