Monday, 4 July 2016

5 Things You Might Not Know About 6th Generation Intel Core Processors

Intel Core Processors

Skylake 6th Generation Intel Core Processor Officially Announced

The Skylake 6th Generation Intel Core processors have been officially announced by Intel at the IFA 2015 event in Berlin. Enhanced for Windows 10, the new 14nm chip has the potential of waking in around half a second and compared to PC from five years ago, they tend to deliver two and a half times the performance² and triple the battery life³. However there is more to the latest 6th Gen Intel Core processors than the iterative speed improvement.

1. They can power more than just laptops

The Skylake 6th Generation Intel Core processors can be utilised in diversity of designs inclusive of compact tablets, versatile 2-in-1 devices, hulking gaming towers, ultra-thin laptops sleek All in One systems together with mini PCs. The architecture of the chip tends to be adequately flexible to gauge up in power for mobile workstations as well as down for smaller, plug-and play gadgets such as the Compute Stick.

2. Support USB-C/Thunderbolt

The latest 6th Gen Intel Core processor also tends to support Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C, enhancing bandwidth as well as connectivity speeds of around 40 Gbps, eight times faster than the prevailing USB 3.04standard. Moreover a do-it-all USB Type C connector tends to integrate DisplayPort, HDMI, USB, power and VGA functions.

3. Enables to unlock a PC with your face

Security is a big concern presently which is the reason why the 6thGen Intel Core processors are designed to function with RealSense camera technology of Intel. Utilising a RealSense camera with Windows Hello, one would be capable of using facial recognition in order to log in to one’s PC. Using RealSense with Intel’s True Key Technology would also remember passwords for the user.

4. Can handle 4K

In comparison to a 5 year old PC, a system upgrade established on the latest 6th Gen Intel Core processors could deliver around 2.6 times improved productivity performance5, 6and around 30 times enhanced graphics6, 7. Moreover, the 6th Gen Intel Coreprocessors can export 4K video for sharing up to 18 times quicker with dedicated hardware support for 4K playback. At the latest IDF 2015 event in San Francisco, Intel demonstrated this function with an immersive triple screen gaming rig running a VRX enhanced type of iRacing video game.

5. They enable you to go completely wireless

If your laptop seems to be running on battery power and connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi but one would prefer to plug the laptop powered by 5th Gen Intel Core processors into a TV, monitor or projector, then a cable would be needed. A device powered by the 6th Gen Intel Core processors would not require one since it is well-suited with Intel’s Wireless Display – WiDi technology from the start.

Skylake H processors have been trademarked as Core i3, i5 and i7 though they are designed for workstation or gaming-rig class presentation with 35- or 45- watt TDPs together with four cores. With one CPU, the Core i7-6830HK would power a new generation of overclockable laptops and for those wanting added mobile performance than a Core i7 could gather, Intel will be introducing the first set of mobile Xeon CPUs for the workstations.

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