Sunday, 17 July 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leak Reveals Awesome New Look

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Doing Away with Fingerprint Sensor

According to new leaks, Samsung has been organizing the launch of its most influential mobile device. Some official looking extracts of the Galaxy Note 7 had been revealed overnight by notorious smartphone tipster,Evan Blass on Twitter displaying the device in more details. The image portrayed a seemingly polished looking device which has a strong similarity to the latest Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 that had been released in March last.

 But the rear panel seems to be imprinted with the words `Galaxy Note 7’ outwardly showing that it is a new device. The Note 7 is anticipated to get a curved OLED display measuring 5.8ins imitating the screen on the Galaxy S7 Edge and if the images leaked seemed to be right, Samsung’s flagship design sign would be standard on the next Note.

The Galaxy Note 7 would also be doing away with fingerprint scanner and replacing it with an iris scanner which tends to look into your eyes for unlocking the phone. This could be a courageous decision since most of the other flagship smartphone or phablet tend to use fingerprint scanner though could work on a super-sized device such as the Note 7.

Incredible New Translation Features

The scanner would also provide access to protected app, folders, files as well as documents. Other disclosure from the Indian tech site states that the Galaxy Note 7 would be coming with some incredible new translation features.

The new Dictionary and Speaking services enables user to translate words quickly form one language to another and eventually introduce consistent text to speech functionality. Android smartphones all over are set to receive a leading improvement due to the release of the next generation of software. Presently Google is working on the launch of Android Nougat, which is the latest edition of the mobile platform, set to be released later in the year.

Among the new features, we have an improved battery life together with power performance owing to the new Doze feature that enables to put the device in a low power mode when it senses that the phone is not moving.Android phones would now be supporting split-screen apps and hence two apps would now be capable of running side by side or one above the other like the prevailing iOS feature of Apple.

Improved Support for Virtual Reality Games/Apps

Moreover, included in the latest release is an improved support for virtual reality games and apps, connecting to new Daydream VR headset of Google, together with a new night mode that will reduce on harmful light while utilising the phone at night.Google has also been tweaked on how Android devices tend to manage notifications since the new Direct Reply feature enables users to respond swiftly to text messages or update task list right within the notification interface.

Developers could bundle in notification together so that all the text messages, calendar reminders, Facebook prompts can be taken together when one drags down the notification shade. App would also take less time in installing with the latest release and the predictive keyboard of Google would also get enhanced with a strip of new themes, the capability of adding or removing borders surrounding individual keys as well as setting a custom photo as a backdrop.

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