Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Redshift SM: Electric Motorcycle Designed For Everyone

Redshift SM

RedShift SM  – No Carbon Dioxide Discharge

Marc Fenigstein, Alta co-founder and the CEO, has indicated that the Alta Motors’ battery powered RedShift SM is a good bike which does not discharge carbon dioxide and the company opted for electric power for performance. He stated that the purpose was to build a bike which would be faster than the ones already owned. With the application of 40 horsepower to a bike which tends to weigh around 275 pounds seems good for an 85 mph top speed though it would not be adequate to stand out in a market where superbikes tends to lead on with 200 horses accelerating at a speed of 60 mph in two seconds.

The RedShift SM that seems to look and drives like a 400-cc off-road endure machine comprises of subtler upside which it exposes not on the track but at the time of a ride around midday traffic in Manhattan. Alta had spent about 10 years on designing the bike for urban riding wherein it would take on commuter bikers varying from the budget conscious Suzuki TU250 and Kawasaki KLR to high Enders such as the MBW R1200GS. The benefits of RedShift SM consist of a narrow chassis which tends to slip with ease in the midst of traffic as well as a high seat for a view of errant taxis, device-distracted pedestrians together with other dangers

Instant Acceleration

The 5.8-k Wh battery pack seems to be good for an average range of 50 miles if intended to ride aggressively which is not much for a car. The RedShift SM tends to have instant acceleration due to the torquey electric motor and while the horsepower seems to be the main power for a lightweight bike, it is the 34 pound feet of torque which tends to matter. This seems adequate to leave cars and several other motorcycles behind at least for the first few blocks.

The RedShift SM priced at $15,000, seems small and is not cheap wherein for that price one could take away any number of larger and more powerful machines such as the BMW K1300s and Yamaha Super Tenere together with various stylish entry-level models inclusive of Triumph Street Twin, Ducati Monster 821 and Moto Guzzi V7. If one is on the look-out for an urban runabout, it takes the lead. The RedShift SM validates its price with specialization.

No Direct Consumer Sales

Unlike the other bikes, the RedShift SM tends to deliver an amazing amount of mechanical feedback, an awareness that one is on a complex machine and not a two wheeled application.On twisting the throttle, the motor tends to respond with subdued, clicking, crunching vibration before the power seems to be kicked in totally. It gives a feeling like someone seems to be feathering the clutch after moving into the first gear. However, there does not seem to be any clutch for operation, and no gears to choose.

The bikes would be shipped to dealers next year and not direct to consumer sales, BMW Motorcycles of SFwould be one among the first dealers. It would begin in California during Q2 before extending to the rest of the US later this year.

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