Sunday, 17 July 2016

Best WordPress Food Themes to Share Recipes


Blog theme – Easy to Format/Transfer – Perfectly Designed

Any business presently without a website in the connected world does not stand a chance of developing or survival. Kale Pro, a free food blog theme, has been created to help individuals in the creation of superb food, lifestyle, recipe, or personal blog. It tends to be easy to format or transfer and is perfectly designed with accuracy providing the independence to write.

If one intends to undertake on a recipe or lifestyle blogging, the various blog themes could be quite daunting and one would be unable to know which one would be the correct choice. With the availability of so many options, it tends to get a bit complex in making the right choice. Something that would be arresting and appealing to the audience needs plenty of creativity together with unique content as well as images accompanied with the presentation in a visual as well as in an elegant manner.

Most of these blog themes centre on great image post, strong and beautiful typography together with a numerous features which could be beneficial in showcasing your content in the most appealing and stimulating manner. For a serious blogger, one cannot overlook the significance of a light weight, well coded and search engine optimized lifestyle blog theme.

WordPress Theme Professionally Designed & Developed

The highly customizable WordPress themes have been professionally designed and developed utilising the best coding practices. The themes tend to work precisely out of the box and takes less than 30 minutes to locate and setup whatever is needed and you could identify an appropriate theme as per your requirements.

The home page tends to have various areas for displaying and showcasing contents like high light post, highlighted posts, together with post from category of one’s choice and blog feed. The home page asserts a slider which is wonderful to setup by populating it from a designated category or specifying your images and caption.

An amazing feature of the theme is its mixed blog feed layout that tends to mix posts that are shown in grid and full formats in creating an engaging blog feed. Kale Pro also has some breath-taking features which enables in creating a complete functional and appealing person of style blog without having any knowledge on coding.

Several Built-in Premium Features

Moreover it also comes with many built-in premium features like advertisements, recipe shortcode, related posts which tends to be Google rich extract friendly, along with plugins like Jetpack Sharing, WP Instagram Widget, MailPoet Widget, Recent Post Widget with Thumbnails.

The theme provides thorough control over all colours and fonts, images logos and text and the background image. A special attractive recipe index template tends to create a selection of recipes from precise classifications. Some of the key features worth mentioning are –

  • Recipe Index template 
  • Special category template 
  • Super easy social media icons 
  • Integration with Jetpack Sharing 
  • MailPoet Newsletter 
  • WP Instagram Widget 
  • Recent Post Widget with Thumbnails 
  • Built-in related posts • Built-in ads 
  • Built-in recipe shortcode 
  • Google rich snippet friendly recipe cards 
  • Multiple blog feed layouts 
  • Custom colours and background 
  • Custom typography • Multiple slider options 
  • Fully responsive 
  • Awesome support
The themes come in affordable prices with a 14-day money back guarantee accompanied with great customer support.

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