Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Third Party Keyboards Give Mobile Users More Options


Third Party Keyboard App from Apple’s Opponent

Before the arrival of the iPhone in 2007, no one believed that typing on touch-screen keyboards would be a good notion and thereafter users have become proficient at tapping on the glass of phones and tablets. Whereas the built-in keyboards from Apple are concerned, Google together with the other device makers seems to be much better than they used to be and are not the only choices available. One of the third party keyboard apps comes from Apple’s opponent, Google for Apple devices.

 The latest Gboard app functions just like any type of touch-screen keyboard and have a fresh and simple design which does not cause any distraction while you tap away. Moreover it also provides all the normal punctuation and emoji through evident controls and also seems decent appearing lightly identical to Apple’s keyboard. However, Gboard tends to have some good additions.

The space bar tends to double as a track pad enabling the user to scroll the cursor around in the text which has been already typed. Besides this, Google has also incorporated direct search features in the keyboard.

Gboard–Choice of Glide-Type/Swipe between Successive Letters

When you hit the Google button while typing a message, you tend to type in a search box. All the search results of Google then become accessible ready to be copied and pasted in the text which tends to get useful while checking up a word definition, checking street address or locating a GIF or a YouTube video. One could also search for emoji which tends to save the trouble in locating them manually.

Gboard also provides the choice to glide-type, swiping between successive letters rather than tapping on the screen and several of the features of the apps are customizable through settings. If the user tends to get anxious that Google would log what you type, Google states that it will not record the messages, whether a love letter or reveries on the latest news or gossip. Gboard is said to be open to all.While Gboard seems to be good, SwiftKey, a third party keyboard app deals with one of the greatest issue with typing on a touch screen. SwiftKey tends to auto corrects the mistakes.

SwiftKey Utilises Artificial Intelligence – Writing Style

SwiftKey utilises artificial intelligence to learn the writing style over a period of time, building an understanding of the words you seem to use. Hence while typing a long message, the app generally does a good job of correcting errors made since it can guess the word intended to be used. SwiftKey also recommends the words one may prefer to type next so they can be entered with a single keystroke. It could also learn your slang as well as emoji habits.

The app also tends to do a good job in detecting the language used, automatically switching its correction of error even if you have switched languages midway of the message. If SwiftKey does not tend to polish your typing skills, then there is Fleksy a same third-party keyboard app which is free for iOS as well as Androidthat has several of the same features. The keyboard layout of Fleksy is customizable with regards to size and colour and the app is said to be good at auto correcting errors.

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