Thursday, 7 May 2020

How to Speed up My MacBook pro?

How to Speed up My MacBook pro
If you’ve had your MacBook Pro for some time now, you may be longing for a new one. But you can’t seem to justify the new expense. If this is you and you’re looking out for a new MacBook Pro merely because the old one has become slow, then we’ll show you how you can boost the performance of your old macBook pro in a jiffy. In this post of how to speed up my MacBook pro, we’ll show you some easy and simple ways in which you can speed up your MacBook pro all without breaking the bank.

Close not need apps in How to Speed up my MacBook pro: 

This one might sound like a no brainer but, many of us neglect to do this. The “this” in question is closing down apps that we don’t require. Many a times apps that we are not using will be running in the background taking up space and memory. Most times than not, this takes up processing and makes your mac slower.

One way to see which apps that you don’t require are running in the background is to open Dock. You’ll see all active apps with a dot below them. If you happen to not see any dot then make sure, to head on to system preferences to make sure that a symbol is shown for all active applications. Once you’ve identified which apps you don’t require, you simple right click on them and press quit.

Use an Activity Monitor: 

In some instances you get some apps taking up more than their fair share of juice. Sometimes that’s just what they do and in others it’s a sign that something is wrong with the app. Whatever the case maybe, there is a way to check which apps are a power drain. In this post of How to Speed up my MacBook pro, you can use the activity monitor to see just which apps need to take a nap. You can get to the activity monitor by going into the utilities folder.

Once there you can click onto the CPU% tab to bring up all the apps that are currently running. You will also see in this section the amount of juice each app is taking. Once you know which apps need to go off simply click on the app in the activity monitor and press on the “x” symbol at the side.

Stop programs from booting up in this post of How to Speed up my MacBook pro: 

When you start up your mac there will be a host of applications that start up along with it. While some maybe important others start up for no apparent reason. The latter you can get rid of to boost performance.

All you have to do is to go to system preferences and users and group. From there head onto the login items. Check the items on this list to see what opens up as soon as you startup. Get rid of those apps that aren’t really needed when you login.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Benefits of Online Video Interview Software

Benefits of Online Video Interview Software
Hiring the right person at the right time at the right place is a very challenging work for the HR managers. As we all know that human resources are the most vital resources of the organization that can lead the organization towards success. So hiring the employees in the company is a very difficult task as it can affect the organization positively or negatively. The hiring process in the organization is called recruitment. This process starts by inviting the applicants for the vacancy to shortlisting them, according to the preliminary test, and after that, taking the interview. Interviewing a person is a very important step as it is one to one talk between the candidate and employer. Here both of them can know more about each other. The decision made here should be done correctly. Even the advancement of technology has led to the development of the software that helps in taking online interviews. This online video interview software is highly used in the organization and has changed the scenarios of taking the interview system.

Earlier the interviews were being conducted for the shortlisted candidates. The candidates used to come to the office, and they used to appear for the interview there. The candidates need to wait for a long time for their turn for the interview. It was a very time consuming and costly process on behalf of both the organization and the candidate. The candidates from the far places need to travel for just giving an interview. Even there was no guarantee that he might be selected for the job or not. The candidates need to come one day before the interview and need to take accommodation. So, all this process for a candidate becomes very costly.

On the other hand, the organization has to set the infrastructure where they can conduct the interviews. Other things like sitting arrangements, refreshments for the proctors, and candidates are to be made. They have to decide one day according to the availability of all the managers of the organization that have to be the art of the panel who is going to take the information. Even rating a lot of candidates back to back in a day can lead to the inconsistency in the work of the panel. So, there was a requirement of the system that can solve all the issues that organizations and candidates come across to.

The online video interview software is the platform that helps the organization to take the interview of any candidate from any place that can be across the globe. Both the candidate and interviewer panel is sitting in front of each other virtually. This is the video conferencing with the candidate who has been shortlisted by the company and one to one interview is conducted. If the candidate is selected for the vacancy, he is sent the offer letter on his mail id.

So, it is seen that this software is very helpful in many ways. Let’s discuss the benefits of this process:

  • Speed up the recruitment process: This is one of the points because of which it is becoming very successful in every organization. The process of recruitment is very long when it comes to calling the candidates to the office, the organization has to decide a day on which all the arrangements are to make. But using this software as soon as the candidate is shortlisted for the vacancy, he can be called for online video conferencing where one to one interview can be taken. This way it saves the time of both candidates and the organization.
  • Improves the quality of hiring: sometimes there are chances that some candidates make an attractive resume but actually, they don’t have the qualities that they have written in it. So this software helps you to understand the candidate from the starting of the recruitment process. When the panel can see and hear the candidates from the starting. This helps in recruiting the best out of the lot.
  • Improves candidate engagement with the brand: it is for sure that candidates are selective about their place of work. By using such advanced software in the organization will put more light on the working of the organization. This way more candidates will get attracted to the organization. This software includes these things before starting the online interview video instruction, recorded questions, and videos by the existing employees sharing their experiences. This way the candidates will get motivated and will feel strong gut for working in such a workplace.
  • Reducing the number of candidate’s no-shows: inviting candidates for interviews is a long and time-consuming process. But by using the online interview software the candidates can give an interview according to the best suited time to them. this way they can also perform well and also the judgment becomes easier. By looking at it how many candidates are interested in giving the interview.
  • No wastage of time by interviewing the unsuitable candidates: the experts can evaluate the candidate in the first 30 seconds as he walks in the interview. Though they come to know that the candidate is not capable they still have to take their interview, this wastes a lot of time. So by using this software, the experts can watch the candidate for 30 seconds if they don’t like that they can switch on to the next candidate.
  • No more scheduling headaches: this is one of the manor advantages of using this software. For conducting interviews earlier, the dates were being fixed according to the panel experts and the date was given to the candidates. But no more scheduling headache as the interview can be given by the candidate at the best suited time.
So, this software not only helps in online interviews but also gives an advantage in proctoring services as well. With the help of this technology, the work of experts has become more easy, quick, and efficient. They can make the right decisions in finding the right person for the job in less time.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

OLED Technology: Introduction and Basics

OLED Technology
We’ve heard a lot of OLED displays this and that. OLED display phones and OLED display gadgets, but what is OLED actually. OLED actually stands for organic light emitting diode. OLED as it is commonly called is present in many monitors, lighting and much more. OLED in other terms is the next level when it comes to LEDs and LCDs. In this post we’ll be seeing what OLED technology is all about and how it is different to the previous LEDs and LCDs.

First of all what are LED displays? 

Ok this is an easy one you might say light emitting diode and you wouldn’t be wrong either. LED was first introduced to the world back in 2009. LED displays marked the shift away from their predecessors, or as we commonly know them as those big TVs. Yes remember those days when the TV was a humongous box!

Those big TVs had cathode ray tubes by the way. With OLED coming a year after LED displays, you got even thinner and crisper images. Not only thinner TVs but people even came up with flexible screens. Screens that either could be rolled up or that could be folded.

OLED Technology and lighting: 

OLED displays are mainly large panels of light. These large areas diffuse light in different colors, giving us our vibrant images as we know them today. Not only that this technology also could change shape, transparency and colors giving us that never – before – seen –images. More than this OLED technology is known for its absence of poisonous mercury and energy efficiency.

The First OLED technology Product: 

Back in 2009 Philips developed the first OLED technology product- The Lumiblade. This thin and flat device gave off little heat and could be embedded into most materials with little or no trouble. This flat and thin device, therefore gave product developers a field day. It could be embedded into clothes, table tops, walls and what have you. The possibilities were endless.

Come a few years forward to 2013 and Philips and BASF came up with a lighted transparent car roof. This roof will apparently be solar powered. The whole transparent business means that it would turn transparent when switched off. This is just one of the examples of OLED technology.

OLED Technology and its functioning: 

OLED technology in the most basic of terms are organic semi- conductor materials that emit light when an electric current is passed through it. OLED displays work by passing current through thin layers of organic semiconductors. These semi-conductors are sandwiched between two charged electrodes which are positive and negative charged respectively. This sandwich is then placed on a transparent surface such as glass. The transparent surface is called a substrate. When current is passed through the sandwich it causes a high energy state called excitation. As this excitation layer subsides into normalcy it causes energy to flow evenly and thus emit light.

History of OLED technology: 

OLED technology was first invented by researchers at Eastman Kodak company back in 1987. Yes we are talking of that Kodak company here.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Which Business Intelligence Tool is best for you?

Business Intelligence Tool
First of all what is a business intelligence tool? We need to understand what this is in the first place before we look at which is the best one for you. So getting back to the question…

What is a Business Intelligence Tool? 

Business intelligence tools are basically a software package that collects, transforms and presents data from a business for decision making. Much like what accounts do. The software takes data from a variety of sources, whether it is from structured or unstructured sources, and transforms according to the needs of the business.

Now since we know what business intelligence tools are, we can take a look at some of the best ones that will help your business grow.

Grow- as in grow your business: 

Grow is a cloud based business intelligence tool. It allows you, whether you’re a data analyst or a normal business user, to take control of your business’ data and take appropriate decisions based on them.

Here is a list of some of its features:

  • It has 115+ readymade data connectors for systems such as Saleforce, Bronto, Marketo and others 
  • You can create custom dashboards from their 20 different data visualizations options 
  • Make as many user accounts as you need 
  • Simple user interface for both managing SQL as well as readymade transformations 
  • From the app to emails to slack integration, all make it easier for you to share your insights with the team 
  • Hosted on Grow’s own cloud and is constantly supported by their team of experts 

Datapine as a business intelligence tool you might find useful:

Datapine is one of the most powerful and user friendly business intelligence tools out there. If you’re a data analyst or a non- technical user, this app has got you covered. It consolidates data from a variety of sources and compiles them in a form suitable for your understanding.

Here is a list of some of its features:

  • Integration of data in seconds with fast and easy to use data connectors 
  • Drag and drop features allow you to create data visualizations in seconds 
  • Ability to create intuitive dashboards with their advanced data tools 
  • Contains 80 different pre- defined dashboard templates 
  • Communicate via email reports, secure and customizable viewer areas as well as embedded dashboards 

Zoho Analytics: 

Zoho is your self- service kind of business intelligence tool. It allows you to create collect and present information in dashboards in a matter of minutes. It even has a cool AI feature which allows you to ask questions of an AI assistant and get answers in the form of reports.

Here are some of its features:

  • It has over a 100 ready made connectors that can be used for business apps as well as cloud drives and databases 
  • You can view your data in the form of pivot tables, charts, KPI widgets and custom themed dashboards 
  • It has a unified business analytics tool that analyzes data from a wide variety of sources and across departments as well 
  • You get augmented analytics with AI, ML and NLP 
  • You also get embedded analytical solutions and BI portals to work with. 

Yellowfin business intelligence tool: 

Yellowfin is your one stop business intelligence tool. With this in tow do you don’t need much else. It is applicable across a range of industries as well. With this tool in your business you can access data and compile it in a form most suitable to your particular business.

Here are some of its features:

  • Dashboards can be accessed from a webpage, company’s intranet or a mobile device in the form of an app 
  • It also has mapping mobile business intelligence features that make it easier to access and monitor business related data 
  • With the way it presents data, it makes it easier to take decisions and also faster 
  • Ability to create data rich presentations and interactive reports 
  • It also supports the decision making process 

Clear Analytics as a BI tool you need to try out: 

Clear Analytics condenses data so as to enable timely decision making. With this tool in your business arsenal you have all your business needs met at one place. With this business intelligence tool you can take large amounts of data from a variety of sources and present it in professional reports.

Here are some of its features:

  • Less interaction of humans required 
  • Ability to create your own dashboards 
  • You can present data in a variety of graphical formats 
  • It also gives you KPIs for easier comparison of performances 
  • Clear indication of fundamental issues 
  • It also offers the ability of predictive analysis 
  • Aids in strategic planning 

SAP business intelligence tool: 

SAP is an integrated business intelligence tool. It is basically an enterprise level software either for open client systems or server systems. It has developed new standards for a more effective presentation of information.

Here are some of its features:

  • It provides flexible and transparent business solutions 
  • The software is easily integrated with any system or application 
  • Its set up is done using modern methods and it makes the most efficient utilization of space 
  • It’s database systems combine both data analytics as well as data for a modern approach to storing data 
  • It has a simplified data container 
  • You can easily integrate it with both SAP as well as non- SAP applications 

MicroStrategy –best business intelligence tool to use: 

This business intelligence tool is mainly analytical software. With this tool in tow you can make better and speedier decisions. Using this tool you can transform the way you do business. You get a lot of predictive and advanced analytical tools to work with.

Here are some of its features:

  • Ease of use 
  • Advanced and predictive business data tools 
  • Self- services business analytical tools 
  • Large data solutions 
  • It even has Software as a Service or as it is most commonly called SaaS 
  • You get real time WYSIWYG report designs 
  • Dashboards and score cards for performance monitoring 

These are some of the best business intelligence tools that are out there.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Google Chrome Security Extensions You Need to Install

Google Chrome Security Extensions
Yes, Chrome is a safe browser and provides ample security as it is. But in today’s world you can never be too sure. With these Google Chrome security extensions you can boost up your security and with that increase your peace of mind as well. But which one to use? In this post we have compiled a list of some of some of the best Google Chrome security extensions that you can use.

 10 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions You Need to Install

  • ZenMate VPN:

This VPN integrates directly onto your browser. Besides this it has over 30 servers across the globe.
  • Click&Clean:

This is one of the Google Chrome security extensions on this list that scans for malware. It also does you the added caution of deleting all your browsing data with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Blur as one of the Google Chrome security extensions to use:

Blur is a password manager that also sets up a secure method for all your online payments. There is also the added advantage of preventing you from being tracked by deleting all your browsing data.
  • Ghostery a Simple and easy to use Google Chrome security extension:

This extension not only blocks ads but also speeds up your internet browsing. Plus there’s always the privacy it affords you.
  • HTTPS Everywhere:

This extension is a joint collaboration with EFF and Tor Project. It automatically shifts your insecure “http” to a more secure “http”.
  • Avast Online Security:

This extension aims at helping you avoid those phishing sites. Thus helping you avoid spoofing.
  • uMatrix as one of the Google Chrome security extensions on this list:

This extension is a point click matrix based firewall. It contains several privacy enhancing tools to ensure your security. With this extension you’re given full control of which browser your internet connects to. Not only that you’re also given the choice of what data is downloaded and what actions are executed.
  • Windows Defender Browser protection:

This Windows extension protects your PC, Mac and what have you from online threats such as phishing emails and their ilk. Besides this, it also protects you from entering into websites that are known carriers of viruses and malware.
  • AdBlock:

This extension is the Father of all ad blockers and the most popular too with over 200 million downloads. This extension too starts as soon as you have it installed. You can choose to avoid seeing ads when on certain sites or choose to have all ads blocked by default.
  • LastPass- Free password manager

This is the all- time favorite extension to use. Not only does it have the all encompassing security features but you can also use it on all devices too. Plus the great part about it is you don’t even need a premium account to uses it.

These are some of the best Google Chrome security extensions that you can use. While some block ads other do more than that and take care of security. Some of them prevent you from entering sites that are known to have malware.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Android 11 Developer Preview: Best Features to Look Forward

Android 11 Developer Preview
As with all developer previews, features will come and features will go. You won’t really see anything concrete till Google I/O to be held in May of this year. At present the Android 11 developer preview is for developers only. But still there are some noteworthy features to talk about here. But before you get your hopes up, it’s worth to note that Google releases features that don’t actually make it to the final cut. Right now there are some new features to which will be added more features between now and Android 11’s final release. So without wasting any more time let’s take a look at what Android 11 has in store for use till now.

Built- in Screen Recorder to wait for in Android 11 Developer Preview: 

This has had a disappointing start back in Android 10 and had been pulled out too. Now the Built in screen recorder is back for a repeat performance. Now you’d find it in quick settings in the overflow panel.

For now it looks like a proper app, which may not be so in the coming months. Only time will tell. A tap on the icon starts recording while another tap stops recording. At present it does not record audio. We can only hope that the recorder stays till the final release of Android 11.

Pin your Favorite Apps: 

Another feature that didn’t make it to the official Android 10 was pinning your favorite apps to the Share Menu. This is to ensure easy access. Why exactly it didn’t make it to Android 10 only Google knows. But we hope these interesting features remains till the official release of Android 11.

The feature works when you share anything from an app you can tap and hold the app icon to pin it. This will make sure that it’s always at the top, good to go for future sharing.

Notification History in Android 11 Developer Preview: 

You’d need to tweak things a bit before you see this new feature. As shown by Developers with this feature you can get the notification history page. This something you can already see but it’s not easy to find. With this new feature you’ll be able to look at your notification history easily. Hope this one too makes it to Android 11.

Scheduled Dark Mode: 

At present Android does have dark mode but what it does not have is a scheduling system. With iOS you can schedule the mode so that it automatically turns on and off at predetermined times. This has been something that has been lacking for some time now in Android. But in the developer preview of Android 11 it does makes an appearance.

Bluetooth remains on: 

Another helpful feature found in Android 11 Developer Preview is that Bluetooth now remains on when you turn on airplane mode. This, however will work only if you are currently connected to a device when you switch on airplane mode.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Get Ready for Google Game Developers Conference

Google Game Developers Conference
Google is all set to have their annual Game Developers conference in March. Since the last several years Google’s game developer conference has centered around the mobile and cloud services. A recent blog from the tech giant has detailed what this year’s conference has in store. The company has various divisions offering a variety of services. Google game developers conference is all set to bring in these various divisions under one banner.

Activities lined up in Google Game Developers Conference: 

A series of innovations from each Google division team is all set to be a part of the keynote. These will include innovations from Google Play, Google Cloud as well as Stadia. Last year around there was no separate keynote for Stadia. Like all the keynotes, Stadia too will have a live stream for those who can’t attend the function this year. Speaking of the function, the Google game developers conference is all set to be held in San Francisco this time.

Starting from March 18 – 20, the tech giant will have a Games Booth which will have demos, 1:1 plus a few “surprises”.

Start of the Conference: 

The first day is normally devoted to the latest in Android games and cloud services. On Monday evening one session of Stadia is lined up. However the bulk of such talks are scheduled for the next day. Google Cloud will be conducting all these. There’s also a talk on Semantic ML tool which helps create realistic characters and in game AIs.

More of the itinerary will be given later. Attendance to any of these sessions will require a Google game developers conference pass.

Few of the many Topics Lined Up: 

These are some of the Topics that are in store for attendees-

  • Open Match- this is an open source matchmaking project. In this session, you will learn how game companies are incorporating this product in their various games. Next lined up is a talk on Google Cloud and Stadia. In this talk you will see how both these complement each other to give you the best experience while playing games as well as developing them.
  • Destiny2- in this talk a senior developer gives his account of how he built Destiny 2 for a brand new platform. From testing to graphics to tweaking and latency, you’ll be walked through the entire process.
  • Vulkan Graphics- in this session Google will be talking about their Vulkan graphics API development. They will also talk about what’s in store with the 1.2 release as well.
  • Cloud Gaming and all that it beholds- In this talk Stadia’s partners will take you through what it took to bring their games to a new platform. You will also be given a low down on the capabilities of Stadia in creating newer game playing experiences.
  • Google’s Machine Learning and Game Development- This talk is mainly geared at showing how various experts have used machine learning in a variety of ways to better their games.
Google has more sessions line up which they will release later.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Best Free Learning apps for Kids in 2020

Best Free Learning apps for Kids in 2020
Learning need not be a stressful activity to undertake. Plus learning need not always have to be in a class room setting. Learning can be made by other unconventional means like apps. Apps these days have content made to suit each individual learner. They take a child through their courses in a very interactive manner. The other benefit of using apps to teach your kids is that some of them are free too. So why not take advantage of the world of apps to imbibe in your child a love for learning. In this post we’ll take you through some of the best free learning apps for kids.

Best Free Learning apps for Kids to take a look at!

Best Free Learning Apps for kids Pepi Play: 

Learning does not always have to be courses they normally teach in school. There are a lot of skills that are not taught in school but are equally important. Certain of those skills come from playing games too. Yes that’s right, you read correctly- Games.

Pepi play helps develop your child’s skills in focus and helps in developing their imagination too. The app takes your kid through a world of fun characters, different worlds and objects. The app opens up your child’s imagination and helps them to be more creative.

This best free learning apps for kids is for free right now on the app store.

Pico Christmas Tree AR Continue the Christmas Cheer throughout the Year: 

Kids love anything creative and artsy. This is good too as they are able to develop their imagination and many more skills. This app hones in on this love and gives your child the chance to decorate Christmas trees the way they like.

The AR tech in this app also allows your child to place their carefully decorated tree in whichever room they please and wherever they please. More importantly they can continue decorating trees throughout the year too. Whether your child uses this app throughout the year or not, it’s surely a blockbuster during the season.

This best free learning apps for kids is available for free on the iPad and iPhone.

PBS Kids Games- Games with learning: 

This app combines games with education. PBS Kids Games is an app that is a collection of games based on popular kids characters. The games usually have some sort of learning activity through the use of shapes, colors, letters and more. This keeps your child entertained while they learn at the same time. Who says learning needn’t be fun?

The app is available for free on the iPad, iPhone as well as Android devices.

Deal kids to Teach English to your Child: 

This is a starter app into the English world. The app teaches your child the alphabet and how to place them in words. The app is an excellent way to begin a child’s foray into the English world. Plus it’s free. The app is meant for kids aged 3 to 7 years.

Get your child’s Fractions down with Slice Fraction: 

This is one of the best free learning apps for kids that teaches your kids fractions. Kids normally struggle with the concept of fractions. But with this app in your learning tool box, that won’t be a problem anymore. The app takes your child through a game where they have to slice ice into various fractions in order to clear the way for the main character to pass through.

Kids may not be able to use this knowledge in tests or in school in any tangible way but they will definitely get the concept cemented in their heads. Thus, making learning fractions easier.

3D Brain as one of the best free learning apps for kids that teaches Science: 

  • This app gives your child a course on the human brain. 
  • It also has a 3D feature showing you the brain from all angles. 
  • The app also takes your child through the various parts of the brain. 
  • This app is not only great for children but can also be used by adults who are interested in the brain and its functioning.

The app contains 29 interactive structures that can be rotated to get various glimpses of the parts of the brain. Each part of the brain shows the functioning of the brain, the various associated disorders, case studies and links where you can research the brain part further.

The user interface is easy to use too. There is a hamburger menu on the top that allows you to maneuver through the app with ease. This best free learning apps for kids is for free and is available for use on both Android as well as iOS devices.

ABCya Games as one of the best free learning apps for kids to use: 

  • This app is organized by grade and subject area. 
  • The app has a number of games that your child can choose from. 
  • The app also has content in the form of videos, worksheets, games and an interactive studio to get your child’s brain cells moving.

The content is engaging and the level of difficulty of the games too is just enough to keep your child interested. The free version of the app gives you a lot of content which is not something you see every day. The app is available on both Android phones as well as iOS devices.

Boost your Child’s Math with Basic Math Skill Addition: 

This app takes your child through a number of stages. When they are aged 4-5 they are taught the fundamentals of math such as counting numbers and the very basics of addition and subtraction. Later on as they grow the app takes them thorough a more serious workout with addition and subtraction at the center.

Still older, at ages 8-9 your child is taught mental math as well as addition and subtraction. They are introduced to multiplication and times tables. The higher they go the more intense is the training but all meant for their particular grade. This app is available on both Android and iOS devices.
These are some of the best free learning apps for kids that you can give a go!

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Google I/O 2020 starts May 12th

Google I/O 2020
Google is all set to have its next developer conference in May. The tech giants Google I/O 2020 is all set to take place between the 12th of May to the 14th of May. The latest news of the I/O conference came after users participated in an annual I/O teaser. This event had an online game in collaboration with other partners to restore a game version of a satellite network. 

The game that gave news of Google I/O 2020: 

The game was played as a prequel to Google’s I/O conference to be held later this year. In the game participants had to fix a satellite network connection. At the end of the game when all the participants had achieved the network, the constellation of satellites spelt out a date. This date happens to be the date of Google’s I/O conference- 12th May.

Location of Google I/O 2020: 

According to a tweet by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Google’s I/O conference 2020 is to be held at the Shoreline amphitheater, Mountain View. This is near Google’s HQ and is the same place where Google has held countless other conferences.

In Other News: 

Google I/O 2019 was the year when Google blessed the world with the budget friendly Pixel 3A and 3A XL. These phones were pretty decent and had a good camera to boot.

Rumors are astrife that this year’s I/O conference will see a new Pixel phone- the Pixel 4A. The latest in the Google Pixel line up is pegged to have a hole punch display, a square camera bump and a 3.5mm headphone jack- which is not something you see these days.

The look and feel of the Pixel 4A will be much like that of its predecessor, the only thing different will be a single camera set up at the back rather than the dual camera system that the Pixel 4 had.

9to5Google reported that the Pixel 4A may release at the same time the Pixel 3A released last year, which is a reasonable assumption. In that case, the Pixel 4A seems likely to grace Google I/O 2020.

2019 was the year that we got Nest Hub Max, so this year we may see the likes of more nest hardware at Google I/O 2020. Google I/O is also the place to be to get news of upcoming updates to Android and other updates to Google’s software and services.

New Android Version at Google I/O 2020: 

The tech giant may also release news of its latest Android version to be called Android 11. At present there is not much to tell about the new Android OS but if recent rumors are to go by then this times version may have support for dark mode scheduling. Another thing on the agenda will be talks on enhanced security and privacy on Android. Apart from all this the tech giant is also supposed to give updates to its Google assistant.

Well at present this is all we have on Google I/O 2020.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode has reached phones!

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode
This cool new feature, courtesy Google, allows you to translate languages in real time. How Cool is that! No more trying to learn a couple words here and there to get by in a new place. As with some language translators, they initially work with only a few languages, but not with Google Assistant Interpreter mode. This new feature comes with 44 languages to help you get along in translating a new language. That is definitely quite a bit to start of the bat.

To simply launch the new feature all you have to say is “Hey Google, help me speak so and so language…” or instead “Hey Google be my so and so language translator…”

More on the New Google Assistant Interpreter mode: 

You may be thinking, so it translates languages but what about speaking it and pronunciation? That is all been taken care of by Google. The tool not only translates the language but also reads it out aloud.
Why not add a little AI into the mix too? This too has been taken care of by the tech giant. The Google Assistant Interpreter mode can also give smart replies thereby lessening the hassle of you typing out a very obvious reply. Plus you don’t have to speak into the translator for it to begin to translate things.

Google Assistant Interpreter mode in Phones now too: 

Previously, Google Assistant Interpreter mode was found only in Google Smart Home and displays. But has now found a home in Android as well as iOS devices as well. The translator mode was initially launched to Google smart home and its displays in Feb 2019. Since then it has been added to phones in Dec of 2019.

This tool is great when you’re headed abroad for a nice and relaxing holiday. Especially if you’re going to a place having a different language than yours, this tool can definitely come in handy. No longer do you have to brush up on a language or try to avoid the local crowd just because you don’t know the local dialect.

How to use Google Assistant Interpreter mode? 

To start translating all you have to do is start with “Hey Google translate so and so language..” as soon as your counterpart speaks, the tool will automatically translate words onto the screen. When you need to speak in turn you will have to hold down on the microphone while the tool translates what you’ve just said. The tool will then play what you’ve just said in the local dialect.

After a translation you will also get a variety of smart replies to choose form. You simply select the best one and have Google Assistant Interpreter mode translate it for you.

If you happen to be in a quiet environment where talking is not really allowed, then you could also input things by typing out what you want said. Translations too will appear in the local language on screen just as if it was spoken out aloud.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

CES 2020: A thing of Fake meat, Security and Fake people

CES 2020
The buzz is abound CES 2020, much of that has do with fake meat, hypes over security and fake people. With CES spanning over 2.9 million square feet, the area is hopping with new and emerging gadgets. People walk miles and miles to take a look at what new and often weird gadgets have taken places at this year’s CES. However the more top players in the game such as Google, Amazon and Samsung have reserved their top offerings for their own shows to be held later in the year. So without further ado let’s see what CES 2020 has in store for us.

Laptops, TVs getting interesting at CES 2020? 

Laptops have just gotten a lot more interesting with their new foldable tech that allows OLED screens to bend.

Tvs are getting their own ability to fix their own picture settings and fake meat is becoming a thing. Have you ever heard of ‘fake meat’? Well now you have. All curtesy of CES 2020. Leave aside fake meat for just a second and look at this- Artificial people. These virtual avatars interact with us as if they are the real deal.

How are we Getting There at CES 2020? 

CES 2020 has long been a place to catch up on new trends that haven’t really made it to the factory floor as yet. These include the self- driving car phenomenon, augmented reality glasses and artificial intelligence. Yeah yeah we known artificial intelligence is a broad topic, but there is a lot that can be done with it that we’re still looking out for.

Get this: If you should have any single reason to get a TV upgrade it should be for this- To get 8K instead of the now common 4K (This is the ad plug by the TV industry at CES 2020). 8K as the name suggests will have 4 times as many pixels as 4K, DUH!

Gadgets we rather not look at: 

Every so often at CES we see gadgets that we hope don’t make it to the market place. This time around is no different too. There are companies that use people’s security fears and transform it into something tangible, there are those health centric companies that make people even more aware of health concerns over their already over health conscious lifestyles and then there are those who like you to think that you need to keep an eye on everything- we’re talking deep level surveillance paranoia.

There’s also the case of privacy washing whereby you are given additional security under the pretext of having all your data transferred to the company. Air quotes begin: “To help in learning the environment for an enhanced user experience”, air quotes end.

Now to Conclude with the weirdest at CES 2020: 

Neon Avatars: Neon is a computer generated artificial person. Neon has Alexa like conversational abilities and the company also says that the person will even be able to sympathize like a normal person would. I don’t know if that is cool or just creepy?

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

5 Best Color Splash Apps for Android to Try Out Now

Color Splash Apps for Android
One of the many popular ways to edit your photos is using something known as color splash. For the selfie takers out there this is a common term. For those uninitiated, color splash is where the whole photo is made black and white save for a certain area that is left with color. This effect makes the colored object pop up and hence the name ‘color pop’. In this post we’ll be seeing some of the best apps that give you this effect. So continue reading for some of the best color splash apps for Android.

Most of the apps on the list have ‘color splash’ in their names and give you automatic black and white save that one object. For others you’ll have to work a little harder to get the intended effect. Besides this there are also some more features that separate each app from the other. But we’ll get into that later. So without further ado let’s see what these Android apps have in store.

Color Splash Apps For Android- Paletta One of The Best to Try Out: 

This app has both features to cater to automatic as well as manual intervention. When you upload a picture to the app, the app extracts the colors from the image and shows them in a palette at the bottom of the screen. Once the picture is in grey scale you can simply choose the color of your choice from the given palette to make that particular object pop up. So in the end you can end up with multiple colors being selected.

Now for the manual option: if you want to remove certain colors from the object that pops up you can do so manually. You can do this by using the given brush and eraser option. These will be seen on the left side of the screen. To get to the smaller areas of the picture, the app also allows you to zoom in and out to make the more minute changes.

The best part of this app: it has no Ads besides that color extraction is excellent and compares well with the original picture. However a big negative when it comes to this app is that you cannot adjust the size of the brush or eraser. But in spite of this negative this is still one of the best color splash apps for Android to try out.

Color Splash Effect

This app is courtesy of Colorful Filter Studio which has produced some amazing photo editing apps. But for now we’ll be looking at this color splash app for Android. This app besides coming with the requisite color splash effects also comes with an editing tool as well. This tool you can use either before applying the color pop feature or after. You can access this tool by selecting the beauty option.

In this app there are two ways in which you can add the color pop- one is by using smart color the other is by using free color. In both of these features you will have to color the object of your choice manually. The smart option is smart in that the app helps you in keeping the color within the objects boundary itself. If that’s not really your thing, you can always try out the free option to see if that is more your jam.

The best of this color splash app is that it has this cool smart color feature. The negative is that you can’t control the brush size and also can’t compare the image with the original picture.

Color Touch Effects Color Splash apps for Android: 

This app weighs in a mere 4MB but still packs in a punch. Besides doing what we’re here for- color splash, it also has some more effects that you can play around with. There is even an option to add a caption to your photos from the convenience of the app itself.

To get the color splash effect you’ll have to do so manually there isn’t an automatic configuration feature given. There is however a ‘Mono’ button that allows you to erase any errant color that you might have added. The biggest plus in this app is that you can adjust brush size and opacity which is something the other color splash apps for Android do not have.

The biggest con with this app is that it does not come with an automatic mode.

Color splash Effect photo Editor

This is a three way app in that you can color splash in three different ways. Let’s begin with the more traditional way which is to brush on color on the required area. For this you’ll have to tap on the hand icon button given in the bottom panel. Then proceed to color the desired area.

The second way to color splash is to add color much like the Paletta app using the automatic mode. This you can do using the pallet given in the bottom.

The third method is kinda different. In this method you can add color by selecting a shape. The area inside the shape chosen will be colored. You can also reverse this and make the area outside colored instead of the one inside. The best thing of this app is that it comes with multiple modes, the not so great aspect is that you can’t adjust the brush size.

Partial Color Master Best Color Splash Apps for Android: 

With this app you can extract colors automatically by just tapping on the selected area. Once you’ve removed the colors you can add any color by simply applying it to the image. This app also allows you to adjust the intensity of the colors chosen as well. After the automatic color splash you can add any other desired color manually too.

These are some of the various color splash apps for Android that are available. Some will allow you to manually apply color while others are more automatic. However a common theme seems to be the lack of brush size in almost all of these apps.

Friday, 3 January 2020

How to Get Your Android Notifications on Windows 10

How to Get Your Android Notifications on Windows 10

One of the reasons why people pick Apple over Android is the inter connectivity Apple allows. iPhones, iPads and macOS can all be synced with one another, allowing you to see you’re notifications on any Apple device that you’re currently on. On the surface Android too lacks such a feature but Android’s open source feature allows third parties developers to add things that Google’s does not include with their stock version. One of these so called third party developers happens to be Windows. Windows is using such a feature to lure Android users into their web of customers. Apart from bringing in the much needed inter connectivity, you also get Android Notifications on Windows 10 as well.

Requirements to get Android Notifications on Windows 10: 

As the title suggests you’ll first need to be running Windows 10 on your PC. The version has to be the April 2018 one and later.

The next requirement is of you Android device. Your phone needs to have Android 7.0 Nougat or later for you to get notifications on your PC.

The First Step is to Install an app: 

The first step in getting Android notifications on windows 10 PC is to install the “Your Phone Companion”, which is an app onto your Android device. This app, courtesy of Windows, is available in the Play Store for download.

The next Step is to get your PC to know your Phone in other words install your Phone onto the PC:
As a small side note if you happen to have Windows 10 version October 2018 or later you can skip this step. The app already comes Pre- installed. If not, then continue with the above mentioned step as follows:

Once on your PC go on to the Microsoft Store app and search for “your Phone” app. Continue with installing it. If you don’t have a Microsoft account you’ll be prompted to make one if you already have one the go on and install the app.

Once you have the app installed and open it you’ll be prompted to give your phone number. This is to send text messages to your phone with details of the accompanying app to install. We mentioned this app in the first step.

Connect your Mobile Device to your PC to get Android Notifications on Windows 10: 

The next step is to open the app on your phone and once there you can click to get started. Press the continue button and follow the prompts given. These prompts are to ask you for all the necessary permissions and such.

If you happen to have problems with any of the prompts you can simply go on to the home screen and then onto the app drawer. From there you have to long press the “your phone companion” icon and then select the app info button or the small- I. On the next page you’ll be given a list of options select “Permissions”. You will then be allowed to go one by one to each section to enable permissions. Once this is done you can open the app again.

Once in the app press OK to get to the next step. After that you can switch to your PC to continue the next steps to get Android notifications on Windows 10.

On your PC open the app that you just installed- “Your Phone”. Once you have the app opened you’ll get a prompt asking you to allow so and so phone to connect to the PC, press allow. With this step your phone and PC will now be linked.

Now to Enable Notifications onto your PC: 

On your PC itself press on the Your Phone app. Choose notifications and get started. After this you will get an option to open the settings on the phone. Grant permission and move on to your phone where you should get be asked for permission to sync your phone’s notifications with so and so PC. Much like when you make a Bluetooth connection with a new device.

Once you’ve given permission you’ll be taken to the notification access menu. Once this is done scroll through till you reach the “Your Phone Companion app” toggle to allow permission. After this is done you can return back to the app on your phone by pressing the back button.

After this you’ll have to switch over to the PC for the next step in how to get Android notifications on Windows 10. On the PC you will have to press on “open settings on phone” in the app. The notification page will now show you the notifications you receive from your Android phone so long as the phone and PC remain synced.

Customize what you Receive: 

Everything is all set up now, but there are a few adjustments you can make to get a better experience. In the “You Phone” app on the PC scroll down to the bottom of the page to see some of the available options. For our post we’ll be concentrating on the option of allowing only certain apps to notify you. Once you click on this you’ll then see a list of apps you get notifications from.

Simply choose which apps you want to receive notifications and the others you can disregard. To not get notifications from certain apps toggle to the left. Others you can leave as is. This brings us to the end of how to get Android Notifications on Windows 10. But before you go there are some points you might want to take a look at first…

The Things to look out for: 

While getting notifications on your PC seems convenient there are just some things only your phone can do. One of which is accessing Smart Reply, at this stage this is a feature you can access from only your phone at present. There is also the case of the privacy feature. While you may have kept certain messages private on your phone these same messages won’t appear on your PC as well.