Monday 2 November 2020

Zerologon Bug – Know the Unknown | Mono-Live

Zerologon Bug

We have recently got warnings from Microsoft about a critical vulnerability about which they told in August. We know it as the "Zerologon bug,'' CVE-2020-1472. Now, it has spread in a wide range. Due to which the attackers can hack the database of a company. And they can also remotely control a company's domain.

The bug has affected Windows 2008 and other new updated versions of windows. According to Microsoft, the attackers take the help of the Netlogon Remote Protocol for setting up a secure channel connection with a domain of a company. CISA, known as Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, assumes that it can help the attackers to access a network with a domain controller. Zerologon flaw enables hackers to know about the whole network and all Active Directory identity services connected with them.

Recently, CISA has issued an emergency directive in which they have ordered all federal civilian agencies. The identifier of the bug is CVE-2020-1472. Researchers have found a nasty bug in Windows Server which they gave the name 'Zerologon'.

The Active Directory domain controller code has earned a complete ten rating on the CVSS scale. It stands for Common Vulnerability Scoring System. But the details of the controller can never be revealed. It means that users and I.T. administrators are unable to know how dangerous the problem is.

Importance of the Zerologon Bug for the attackers:

The attackers always have a foothold inside the network using which they can target the specific domain with ease. Now, the attackers get help from the post-compromise exploits also. The exploits have become very valuable to the attackers in recent times. 

When they have got some of the previous data, they can easily hack the domains of any company. As soon as the employees click on any links or attachments in the email, the attackers will hack their domains and steal important data.

Using the Zerologon bug, the hackers can quickly get control of the Active Directory. Moreover, you can get free rein to control it.

How Zerologon Bug works:

The Zerologon exploits uses a string of zeros. The attackers send it via the email of any targeted company. When any employee of that company clicks on it, the attackers using the Netlogon protocol to hack the servers of the company's domain. 

But it depends on various tasks like they allow the users to log in. That's why the Administrators need to be concerned about their installing updates. The network components are susceptible. So, you need to be concerned about the updates always.

It is reported that this bug is the most hazardous one comparing to the previous ones. The worth value of it is a 10/10 CVSSv3 severity score. For Microsoft, patching the bug is not so easy a job. It is scheduled in such a way so that it can be run over in two phases. For the first one, Microsoft will help you to let you know about how to fix the first phase. 


Microsoft has done this and made the Netlogon security features mandatory. However, if you want to get a more effective patch, then you need to wait till February. The attack made by the hackers was so quick that it only took nearly three seconds or less than that for hacking the domain of the targeted company.

Take over a domain controller with a number of zeros:

People can get in-depth knowledge about the bug from the team at Secura B.V. that is a Dutch security firm. They have published a technical report from where you can know about the CVE-2020-1472. According to this report, we come to know that the bug is precious for its 10/10 CVSSv3 severity score.

It was the Secura experts who named this bug as Zerologon. According to these professionals, it has taken the benefit of a cryptographic algorithm. The attackers used this algorithm in the Netlogon authentication process. 

They use the bug to follow the Netlogon authentication method. It can hide the identity of any computer with ease on a network. Therefore, it will become easier for them to hide their real identity against the domain controller.

By following the Netlogon authentication process, they can disable security features with ease. With the help of the Netlogon authentication process, one can change the password of a computer on the domain controller's Active Directory. Usually, a database of a computer is connected with a domain and their passwords.

The reason why it is named Zerologon is that the hackers attack the database only by adding zero characters in specific Netlogon authentication parameters.

Take over a corporate network within three seconds:

For the beginners, they must need a foothold inside a network to hack the domain. They can't hack the Windows Servers that are not included in the arena of that specific company's network Or belong to the outside of the company's network. It just takes a few seconds to hack all the databases.

The bug can quickly attack anyone's computer of the targeted company and then spread the malware to all computers.

Patches available; more to come

Nowadays, big companies like Microsoft, need to modify their devices that are connected to corporate networks. Now the Netlogon security features become mandatory for this temporary patch in which process the Zerologon got disabled. It is also vital for all Netlogon authentications.

Recently, it has been decided to reschedule the bug for February 2021. People use this name Zerologon for its broad impact, severity, and benefits for attackers. Secura did not release any proof-of-concept code for a weaponized Zerologon attack. In addition to this, the company has also released a Python script instead of the previous script that you have got earlier.

Protecting devices against Zerologon Bug

Microsoft is trying to fix this bug problem in two-phase. During this time, Microsoft has updated the FAQs in its original documentation. This documentation can help you to identify further clarity. It is because a few users are there who found the documentation very confusing.

That's why Microsoft told its users to find out those devices that make vulnerable connections. For this, they said to their employees to monitor event logs, address non-compliant devices, etc. They also said to enable enforcement mode for managing CVE-2020-1472 in their environment.

Companies use Microsoft Defender for Identity, or Microsoft 365 Defender to detect the attackers who try to use the bug against their domain controllers. Microsoft Defender for Identity was known as Azure Advanced Threat Protection. Whereas Microsoft 365 Defender was known earlier as Microsoft Threat Protection. 

Moreover, the Microsoft company is the one that has taken the help of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA). They issued some local agencies to look into this matter step by step. Any company that has the Windows Server device needs to patch it for running the server smoothly. This process helps to avoid potential attacks that can steal your database also.


Microsoft has recently informed its employees to update the domain controllers. And they also told them to find out those devices that are making vulnerable connections. The main focus of the attackers was to get a connection to the domain controller so that they become the domain admin with only one click.

Thursday 15 October 2020

HomePod mini: A powerful smart speaker with amazing sound

HomePod mini

HomePod mini is the new version of Apple's full-size HomePod. It is smaller and cheaper than the previous one. It is a high-quality speaker system. You can get this HomePod in White and Space Grey colour. It allows you to use it on the iPhone as a speakerphone to get more clear audio quality. But it has a drawback that you can't use it as a Bluetooth speaker. And it also doesn't allow you to work with iTunes home-sharing.

HomePod mini Features:

360-degree audio: HomePod mini offers a clear sound for a speaker of its size. The height of the hompor is more than eight cm, which is enough to make the room noisy from every angle. It can even hear your command while the speaker is at its massive sound. The wonderful design of the homepod allows it to be easily fitted anywhere in your room. It has an elegant shape covered in a seamless mesh fabric. When you use the HomePod mini, you can get a backlit touch surface on the top of the device. The easy user manual allows you to operate and control the device easily.

A connected sound system:

As soon as you place multiple HomePod mini speakers around your room, you can get an interconnected sound system. You need to ask Siri to play music. Or thou can also ask it to play different songs in each room. For the multi-room audio purposes, you can use the HomePod mini.

Stereo pair:

Want to experience the high density sound quality of Homepod mini? If Yes, then the Stereo pair can be helpful in this case. When you have paired two HomePod mini speakers in the same room, it will create the left and right channels. It is compatible with your Apple devices. You can use the HomePod mini with any Apple devices easily. Using this device, you can easily pick up an incoming call on the iPhone, hear any song on your Mac or upgrade your TV experience. It can take the sound quality of Apple TV to the next level.

Now, thou don't need to worry too much as Siri can work as a Homepod Mini. If you want a device that can make your daily job done easily or control your smart home accessories, then Siri can be a good option for you. You only need to ask Siri to do it. As soon as you ask Siri, it will make your job done. You can hear Bollywood music and track songs, playlists, or lyrics with the help of it.

Intercom is the one that can help you to communicate with your friends by voice. But you can use it when more than two Homepod exist in the room. It also allows you to use it with other Apple devices. As a result, you can send and receive messages via it while driving. It is easy to control. Homepod Mini will add the Homepod app automatically when you set-up it. Using your voice, you can control the HomeKit items easily.


In this article, you can get brief details of HomePod Mini. We hope that it will help you to boost your knowledge about HomePod Mini.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any other feature of the Homepod mini other than Audio or Music?

Yes, Homepod mini uses Siri to give answers to all sorts of questions. And it doesn't involve any audio or music. It allows the users to use it as a HomeKit hub. By using it, you can control multiple HomeKit smart home accessories. You can also get here a new "Intercom" feature. It helps you to communicate with friends and family members by voice. And you can again hear other's responses with the help of their HomePod or other Apple devices.

  • Does the HomePod Mini support messaging or third party apps?

The HomePod mini supports messaging and third-party apps. For this, you need to use Siri. With the help of this, you can message anyone, friends, colleagues, and so on. WhatsApp is an app that can help you to do so. A few apps, such as Things and Evernote, are examples of Reminders note-taking and to-do list apps. Using Siri, you can set reminders, make a new list, make new notes, and modify those.

  • What are the things that you require to use a HomePod mini?

802.11n Wi-Fi Internet access is the one you need to use a HomePod mini. Besides, the iOS or iPadOS 14 users should have any one of these following:

  • iPod touch (7th generation) ● 
  • iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation) or later
  • iPhone 6s / SE (1st generation) or later iPad Air 2 or later, 
  • iPad mini four or later 
  • What is the European launch date of the HomePod mini?

The date of the announcement of the Homepod mini is 13th October 2020. People living in United Kingdom can order it from 6th November. And they can get it on 16th November.

  • Does the HomePod mini need an Apple Music subscription?

Usually, HomePod mini doesn't need an Apple Music subscription. But according to Apple, you need to subscribe to it to get full music functionality.

Monday 5 October 2020

How to Leave a Group Text on Android

How to Leave a Group Text on Android

Do you want to communicate with all of your friends at a time? Then, you can choose the group texts. It is because this is an excellent way to communicate with friends and family at the same time. With the help of this, you can easily decide any event or party with your friends. But the main issue is that you can't keep it under your control as there exist many people. The more people present in a group, the more you receive messages from the group participants in your Smartphone. Therefore, it may seem to you irritating. So, if you want to know how to remove a group text from Android, go through this article appropriately. With the help of this process, you can easily remove yourself from the group chat to prevent that annoyance from happening.

If you are an android user, you can only mute or delete a group chat. But you can't leave it. In case you have an iPhone, you can quickly leave any group chat as this facility is only available for iPhone users. However, if thou want, you can use the mute option for stopping the annoyance. Besides, you can also delete the message thread.

We know that group text is beneficial for us. But it cannot be enjoyable for you when people of that group use it excessively. Unfortunately, the android users can't leave a group text in the same way that iPhone users do. But you can mute the notifications of a group text. 


 How to Leave a Group Text on Android

Don't know how to remove a group text from Android? Let's have a look at these steps to know how to remove a group text from Android.

The process of removing yourself from a group text

Compared to the iOS users, one cannot remove himself from group text if they have Android phones. So, what will you do now? In that case, you need to ask to be removed from the group text. This is the only choice thou have. Therefore, the creator needs to begin a new group text. In this new group chat, you will be unavailable. However, you can mute the notifications also. It is a less complicated way compared to other methods.

So, let's look at the steps to know how to remove a group text from Android.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to go to the default stock messaging app.

Step 2:

After opening the stock Android messaging application, you have to navigate the group text. Then, what you need to do is to click on it to see all the messages.

Step 3:

Now, your job is to click on the three vertical dot menu. You will be able to see it at the top right of the screen.

Step 4:

After tapping on the three vertical dot menu, you can see an overlay. Then, you need to scroll it.

Step 5:

When you will scroll it, you can see a bell icon that is available at the bottom of the overlay.

Step 6:

As soon as you will see the bottom at the end of the overlay, you need to click on the mute option. And then thou are required to unmute the conversation.

Step 7:

When you have tapped the bell icon, you can make sure that you will be free from receiving all the annoying messages from the group conversation. If you want to unmute the notification and get all the messages, you can repeat it. Step 8:

You will receive text messages when you mute the conversation. Then, a tiny bubble will arise in front of your screen. You get to see it because it is attached to the messaging application that you are using. Besides, you can also get to see all the notifications that you won't get. And, you can see whether you have read the messages or not. You can only prevent unwanted messages from the group, and the notification sounds.

Thus, you get to know how to leave a group text from Android.

How to Leave a Group Text on Android Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How you can make a contact list on your Android device?

When you make a list that contains many contacts, it is known as a group. But for this, you need to go to the Contacts application first. After going to the app, you have to choose the contacts that you want to send. It becomes more advantageous when you want to make a text message to the same group of people. The group may be a group of business colleagues or friends. When you use the Android contact groups, you can make sure that you send messages to the right people.

Q. How can you name group chats on iOS?

You can name only the group iMessages. You are unable to name any MMS messages. It implies that people who are in the group must have an iPhone. Or they have to log in to the group iMessages on an Apple device like a Mac or iPad.

Q. What is the process of sharing a mass chat except allowing everyone to see anyone's responses?

If you want to share a mass chat except allowing everyone to see anyone's responses, you need to follow these steps. At first, you need to toggle off iMessage, then toggle off "Group Messaging." You can get these in the settings of the message icon.


In this article, you can see that it is impossible to remove yourself from a group chat. What you can only do is to mute the group text. And thus you can get relief from the annoying messages. However, if you block someone, then you also get this benefit. If thou are using a messaging app like an instant Facebook Messenger, then you can easily remove yourself. So, it is our entire elaborated details that we have given here to let you know how to leave a group text from Android. We hope our article will be beneficial to you.

Thursday 20 August 2020

Apple Music Radio: Apple Launches New Radio Stations

Apple Music Radio

Apple Music fans just want to hear great music, and the Apple Music radio is all about. Apple announced two live global radio offerings on Apple Music Radio. Now it is available to music fans in 165 countries across the world. Now the global radio station Beats one is rechristened as Apple Music one. Apple Music Hits delivers your favorite from the 80s, to till date. The Apple Music Country spotlights all the country music.

Apple Music Country provides exclusive shows from famous artists like Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, and Jimmie Allen. The listeners can easily access all the stations, where ever they listened to Apple Music previously. Your voice assistant Siri can help you to access the Apple Music radio automatically with the following commands "Apple Music 1," "Apple Music Hits," or "Apple Music Country,"

Apple Music Radio 1

Apple Music 1 will function as a center for pop culture conversation, and artists let programming. It works as a global radio station exclusively for artists to release their live programs, release new music, and break the news to connect with their music lovers. Besides, Apple Music 1 delivers some shows dedicated to celebrating Latin music's vibrancy around the world. J Balvin is going to show his all-time listener favorites "¡Dale Play! with Sandra Peña" and "La Fórmula Radio with El Guru." Apple Music 1 is also going to showcase very best local African music and artists with the show named Africa Now Radio with Cuppy.

Apple Music Country: 

Apple Music Country Radio is part of the fabric of country music culture, and it amplifies the music experience of contemporary fans. Apple Music Country broadcasts a mix of the unsurpassed music of today and introduces the stars of the future to today's music lovers. And it also helps the music fans remind the legendary artists and tracks that have created and updated the country music along the way.

Thursday 30 July 2020

Google One App Offer Free Phone Backup and Storage Manager

Google One App
Google One was launched two years before. Now they have expended the storage plans with more freebies, including the ability to share the storage with more members. Offer live support with more benefits like Google play credits and Google store member rewards.

Previous year, Google launched automatic backup for the android devices with Google one. Yes, Google One automatic backup saves your important stuffs like your messages, images, apps, and contacts list.

These phone backup and storage manager tool for free to the all Google one users. With the help of this feature you can clean up your data across Google Drive, Calendar, Gmail and Google photos in the new Google One App. Now this new features are extended from Android to iOS.

Back up your Android or iOS phone with Google One Apps: 

Now Google one Apps is now extended to iPhone also. It is now available as new iOS app in App Store.

Google one App helps the Apple users to store the videos, photos and contacts. You can backup all your phone data with Google one app’s 15GB free storage comes with your Google account for free. Even if you lost your phone your data is safe in the Google Drive.

The new storage manage helps to free up space by easily clean and manage your files easily across the Google Drive, others. If you need more storage, you can upgrade to Google membership starting from 1.99$ per month, straight from the app. In addition, you can share the plan with 5 more family members and avail the premium support from Google.

Try Google One App now.

Friday 24 July 2020

How Technology is Changing the Delivery Industry

How Technology is Changing the Delivery Industry

If you look at the evolution of delivery as compared to what it was a decade or two ago, you'll notice how much is changing. While there are plenty of things that have not changed, there are also many areas of technology that have grown and changed the way we get goods to our customers. Here are a few areas of the delivery industry that have really seen quite a bit of change.

The delivery service. 

When you think of the delivery industry, what comes to mind? Think of a long line of cars, trucks, delivery vans and so on. Nowadays, you have a fleet of vehicles and trucks carrying your goods in and around town.

These delivery vehicles are powered by trucks, cars and so on. As the technology progresses, more vehicles are getting smarter. Some vehicles will be able to communicate with the rest of the fleet and allow for a more fluid ride for everyone involved. This means that you'll have fewer cars blocking the way, but also less time for the vehicles to get to the delivery location.

This means that you'll have to spend less time driving to and from a delivery location. The trucks will be able to pick up and drop more people at a time. This is especially good news if you have a lot of orders to deliver. With fewer vehicles, you'll save money and you'll also spend less time in traffic.

The technology that is in the delivery service. 

This includes the GPS technology, as well as real time information regarding the weather and road conditions. There is also a new technology that allows trucks to communicate with other vehicles in the same lane. This means that there are less congestion and less time to stop and wait.

Many delivery trucks now have what is called a tow-behind device that can tow trailers behind them. This means that a truck can pick up all of the trailers that are being delivered without having to stop to load them. These are also now able to communicate with the rest of the fleet so that the same trailer can be picked up quickly and without delay.

In fact, all of these features allow the truck driver's hands to be more efficient and make their job easier. so that you can spend more time on the road, and less time in the cab.

How technology is changing the delivery industry isn't a new concept. It's been around for a while. However, technology has advanced and changed it so that it's now becoming more efficient and user friendly. There are a number of areas of the delivery industry that are seeing a lot of growth and change, so keep an eye on the developments.

The technology that is currently in the delivery industry has been around for a long time, but it wasn't until recently that it really started to become popular. This includes the GPS and the use of real time data and information, online load boards and now the GPS systems and the information on the weather have become a standard in all delivery trucks.

How technology is also changing the delivery industry is also because of the fact that it has become more reliable. The old system was based on analog signals and radio signals. This means that signals were often interrupted. broken and they took a long time to communicate with other vehicles.

This is no longer the case. Now the systems are using the latest digital signals and information. This means that your information is accurate and you can communicate with trucks at a faster pace, saving time and money.

Of course, technology is also changing the way that drivers are trained and licensed. In the past, drivers were only certified when they had been in the trade for a number of years. Now drivers are licensed and trained based on the experience that they have, so that the system can quickly adapt to any driver's skills.
  •  Enhanced Performance 

Distribution and logistics have become a part of advertising and are now directly linked to earnings. Inventory is always moving and customer satisfaction is dependent upon the real-time information concerning the movement of their bundles. Distribution software allows just this sort of tracking, providing you with real time information regarding a variety of parameters of your choice, according to a spokesperson for logistics solution provider Key Software Systems. It permits you to track your shipment and upgrade the customer continuously.

  • Flexibility and Productivity 

Technology has reduced the demand for manual labour and human intervention. Supply chains utilize supply networks to anticipate demand and order volumes, while vendors have the ability to make decision regarding their services, by being able to predict timing and amount. This gives them more flexibility and increases productivity, while also reducing operating expenses.

  • Better Warehouse Management 

Technology has resulted in better utilization of space in warehouses, in addition to enhanced space and accuracy of shipping. It gives the chance to produce terrific results from small warehouses. All of the information and tasks can be easily managed from a central computer, while computer controlled conveyors can also be used for loading goods on to the perfect delivery vehicle.

  • Traffic Management and Delivery 

GPS tracking and fleet management applications provide supervisors data regarding vehicle status, traffic status, driver performance, etc., which can be used to decide on the very best routes resulting in fuel efficiency and reduced delivery time.

Technology has changed and will continue to alter the way delivery is handled and implemented. Declining human intervention, improved streamlining and the wringing of prices from the supply shift would continue to function as tendencies. There remains a lot to be explored in the supply business and both logistics managers and software developers will want to make the best use of technology to unlock the potential of this business.

Thursday 16 July 2020

How to Merge PDF Files Windows 10

How to Merge PDF Files Windows 10
Have you ever had multiple PDF files that you need to combine into one single document? If this is you then you’re in the right place. In this post we’ll be teaching you how to merge PDF files Windows 10. It’s not hard to do too. Plus the main clincher is that you don’t need to buy a designated PDF file editor to merge files either.

When it comes to using a mac all you need is a tool that is built in the macOS itself. This is not so with Windows 10. When it comes to using Windows you need to use another app. This can be the free online open source ones, which we don’t recommend by the way, or they can be other designated apps. Open source PDF file editors use the invisible metadata stored in your PDF files to gain access to your computer. How they may use it afterwards is anyone’s guess.

So without detracting too much let’s begin…

How to merge PDF files Windows 10? 

When it comes to merging PDF files on Windows 10, you have two options- a free limited third party app or a well designed one.

If your PDF file editing needs are minimal then downloading the free version of PDF file editors is the best option. A great option when it comes to downloading a free PDF editor is PDFsam. You can do so from If you happen to take the free option remember to uncheck the enhanced version before you download it. This is only free to preview. To keep, it’s going to cost you around $49.

Using PDFsam in learning how to merge PDF files Windows 10: 

It is a great free option when it comes to meeting your PDF editing needs. It takes you to a spacious interface which allows you to not only merge two or more PDF files but also split them if that’s your intention. Besides simply taking two PDFs and putting them together back to back you can also combine them to have the pages of one mixed with the other. In other words you can place the pages of one PDF wherever you’d like in the other.

The catch with it is that going through the interface isn’t an easy task. You definitely won’t be able to compare it with what you have with commercial apps like Adobe. To merge files you have to drag and drop them in the PDFsam it window. You can also specify the pages you want in each document, but to view what those pages are, you’ll have to open up the PDF document in another application. You can preview the PDF file in Microsoft Edge or Adobe reader.

Finally when you want to actually merge the document all you have to do is to click on the run button and the merge takes place, for a lack of a better phrase.

There are many third party apps that you can try out. Simply go on to Google and look for pdf merge options. Another cheap and effective pdf merge tool is perfect PDF combine. With this tool in place you can edit a number of files and merge them too. So this how you can merge PDF files Windows 10.

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Facebook Avatar: How to create it on Android and iOS ?

Facebook Avatar
By now you must have heard of a Facebook avatar- a cartoony version of yourself. If not what are you waiting for? Facebook has recently added a feature where you can make an animated version of yourself. In making this avatar you can create it with a variety of hairstyles, outfits and faces. Once made, these avatars can be used on Facebook messenger, Facebook comments, stories and even your profile picture. Taking cue form Apple’s Memoji and Bitmoji avatars, Facebook has made it’s own- Facebook avatars, or well you have to rather.

Besides all this you can even use your avatar as stickers in apps such as Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. So by now if you’re hooked on getting your own Facebook avatar, we’ll show you how…

Making your own Facebook Avatar: 

To make your own Facebook avatar follow the given steps: 

  • First of all open your Facebook app on your phone. From there click on the hamburger menu depicted with three lines. This will be found at the bottom right of the screen in iOS or the top right in case of Android. 
  • Once opened scroll down till you see the “See More” option, click on it. 
  • Choose Avatars form there. 
  • Tap next to get started 
  • Choose your skin tone- there are 27 shades by the way. Once this is done click next 
  • You’ll then be routed to choose your hairstyle. There are long, medium and short hairstyles. Tap on your selection and go to the next page 
  • From here you will go to your Avatar’s face. In this section you can choose your complexion, lines and face shape. 
  • After you’re done customizing your face you then get to choose your eye shape, color as well as lash length. At this stage you can also add glasses too. 
  • After this it’s onto nose and mouth shape. When choosing your mouth you can also add a lip color and facial hair as well. Just not together maybe? 
  • From here you get to choose your body shape and also pick an outfit. At this stage you can also add a hat, scarf or two or even cat ears to complete your Facebook avatar. 
  • Once this is done click on next to complete making your very own Facebook Avatar in your own image and likeness.
Whenever you feel the need to use your Facebook avatar, simply click on the smiley face icon in “write a comment section” in Facebook. That’s all there is to it, you now have an avatar that you can share with your friends and use wherever you want to as well.

When it comes to these Facebook avatars there are a million of customization options available. So you can play around with various configurations till you get one that is just you, only in cartoon form. Plus the best thing about it is that it takes only 10 minutes to do. So what are you waiting for?

Truck Gadgets: Cameras for Fleet Vehicle Security

Running a fleet of trucks is a daunting task especially if they travel several days on different routes picking up and delivering cargo. The fleet management center should have a consistent flow of data related to all trucks so that fact-based reports can be made at any time. Surveillance plays a crucial role in the management of such a company.

Fortunately, the advancement of technology now gives fleet companies an opportunity to use high-tech cameras to watch every move of the trucks. If you are new to truck fleet management, this article will be invaluable to you.

Choosing the Best Cameras for Your Trucks

Fleet surveillance cameras come in different technologies and, hence, capabilities. When choosing one for your trucks, start by visiting to see the solutions they have and then make the following considerations.

  • Resolution – When monitoring truck activities, you definitely want to see every detail clearly. Therefore, choosing a 1080p camera is the best idea. The latest technology offers high resolution while saving space at the same time. On the same note, also consider fleet cameras that record clear footage at night.
  • Tracking technology – Truck tracking is essential in any company. The latest technology in cameras integrates them with GPS capability so that fleet managers can see the locations of their trucks. GPS-enabled cameras might be costly, but they can eliminate the need for a separate GPS system.
  • Real-time data transmission – Internet-enabled truck cameras fitted on dashboards transmit recorded footage in real time to a remote location. As such, managers and the owners of the fleet can monitor the movement of trucks whenever they need to.
  • Other features – There are so many other features you might want to look for in a truck surveillance camera. Event-triggered sensors are a great feature because the cameras only record when needed. Choose a camera with interactive and user-friendly features that make it valuable.


Types of Fleet Truck Cameras

  • Dashboard cameras – These are the most basic and common cameras that are used in truck fleet vehicles. As the main camera, it should have all the features that we have mentioned above. The aim is to record the front side of the truck to detect and observe locations, traffic, accidents, or any other events.
  • Cabin cameras – Although there are controversies on the use of cabin cameras with the claim that they breach privacy, these cameras help in monitoring driver behavior and theft cases from the cabin. Today, they have become very essential.
  • Reverse cameras – Trucks are tricky to drive, and drivers need every assistance possible. Reverse cameras are part of the parking assistance package that also consists of object sensors and automatic braking systems.
  • Blind spot cameras – In the past, truck drivers have caused numerous accidents through blind spots. But today, this issue has been solved by the use of blind spot cameras located on the sides of trucks.



It is highly beneficial to take advantage of cameras in your trucking business. Cameras have numerous benefits, which include better decision making, accident prevention, improvement of driving behavior, and more sales among others. For these reasons, you should use cameras for your trucks.

Saturday 27 June 2020

Apple silicon: Apple Announces Mac Transition

Apple silicon
At WWDC 2020 Apple announced that it would transition to silicon. What this means is that within the next two years Apple will move its Mac product line from their current processor architecture to a new one. The new one being the one from Apple. More on Apple silicon in a minute...

So what is Apple Silicon by the way? 

No Apple does not plan on making it’s latest gadget out of silicon. Not yet anyways. Apple Silicon is the name given to a processor architecture that will now sit in Macs. This shift will take place within the next two years. Apple is bringing manufacture of the new processor architecture home. Basically the new Apple Silicon happens to be the old Ax chips that sit inside of many of our iPhones and iPads already.

The Ax chips have been designed by ARM but have since been adapted to sit inside an iPhone or iPad as the case maybe. The same chip going by different name now, Apple silicon, will now be placed in the mac. This will be done with improvements and other specifications to ensure that the Mac based on Apple silicon will not lag behind that of Macs with Intel chips inside them.

To illustrate the speediness of the mac based silicon, Apple ran Final Cut Pro and Adobe Lightroom on the computer without any hick ups. In fact the Mac based silicon worked impressively well. However in the midst of all the furor Apple did not release any benchmark standard for performance.

Will Switching to Apple Silicon be Good? With Apple silicon introduced, Apple will now have all hardware pertaining to all of its gadgets within their own control. This means that all production of all hardware is brought indoors. Apple will now have control over not only their hardware but can also ensure that any hardware they use is tailor made to the product that it sits inside.

So what happens to Intel’s Thunderbolt 3? That for now my friends is unclear. It’s not likely that Apple will license Thunderbolt 3 from Intel. They may in fact use USB 3 or come up with their own tech to replace it.

Will all Apps Work with Apple Silicon? 

The operating system as well as all Apple programs will run on Apple Silicon from day 1 onwards. There is also talk that Adobe is already working on converting its creative cloud and Microsoft Office’s shift to silicon is also in the works. With all this happening, it shows that Apple is dead serious about moving to silicon and Apple silicon is not just a new product for WWDC 2020.

What about Developers then? 

Developers will have to recompile existing programs based on a source code. What this means is that they will have to rewrite programs based on the new architecture. Once this is done the new version of the apps will have to be placed back in the app store. According to Apple this should make apps portable within a few days.

Sunday 14 June 2020

Android 11 Beta Update- Mono-Live

Android 11 Beta Update
Google recently released the 11th edition to its Android software for Pixel users. The OS may not add any new features to the existing OS 10. But the Android 11 Beta update does polish a few things off leaving you with a better user experience. But more on all this later.

What does Android 11 update hold in store for users? 

As mentioned earlier the new OS does not add anything new. But rather makes the already existing features just a little better. Some of the areas in which Android 11 has focused on are conversations, priority conversations, notifications and bubbles. The other areas that it focuses on are do not disturb, media controls, besides others.

Which Phones will get the Android 11 Beta update? 

At present only Pixel 2 users and above have got the update. Other phones will get the update in the coming days.

But a word of caution- you might want to wait till you get the final version of an update rather than install the beta version which may have a lot of bugs in it.

How to get the Android 11 Beta update? 

If you still want to go ahead with the 11th edition of Android, then all you have to do is visit the Android Beta site. Once there you’ll have to enter all your Google credentials and then enroll your device. This you can do so from the list of eligible devices.

A people Centric Android 11? 

According to a report from Google, the tech giant plans on making Android 11 more people oriented. To aid in this agenda, they are focusing on conversations and prioritizing the people in your life. So in tune with this new motto here are some of the features to look out for:

  • Conversations- this will appear in a designated section in the notification bar. Besides this we will also see conversations appear in a bubble formats, have the opportunity to set reminders for not – so – important- convos and even have the ability to set shortcuts for conversations on the home screen.
  • Bubbles- this will help you in multitasking. While browsing the latest on your apps you will also be able to stay in touch with people without missing a beat.
  • Voice Access- this feature is meant for people who use the Google Assistant. With this feature on board your phone will now be able to understand screen content, generate labels and access points for better accessibility.
  • Device Control- this feature is all about improving your control over connected devices. It makes it much more easier to control and use connected devices. By long pressing the power button you will be able to get to this feature.
  • Media Control- with this in tow you will be able to seamlessly change your media outputs.
Besides all this Android 11 Beta update also brings in new Privacy Features:

They are One time permissions and Permissions auto set.

Sunday 7 June 2020

Best Handheld Game console- Mono-Live

Best Handheld Game console
Most of us use our phones be it Android or iOS to play games. Well good enough right? Wrong, why stick with good enough when you could go well and these handheld game consoles do just that- they take you a step further. Just think about this- a handheld game console has actual buttons for starters and a ton of games to keep you busy for hours. So what say you put down your phone for a minute to look at some of the best handheld game consoles out there (that is if you’re not reading this post on your phone by the way).

Nintendo Switch a Handheld game console you need to check out: 

This one is a hybrid sort of gaming console- in that you can use it as a handheld game console as well as put it in a dock and play it on the big screen. By that I mean a TV. With the switch in your hands you can kill the time by its endless array of games. Plus there’s always it’s versatility that you get with it- play it on the TV or carry it around with you.

The console is not just a gaming console also; you can watch Hulu on it as well. With the console you also get a number of accessories to go along with it and it comes in a variety of color configurations too. Besides all this it is a great travel companion as well.

Things to look out for: 

  • Number of gaming options 
  • Can be played on the TV by inserting into a dock 
  • Number of color options 
  • A variety of gaming accessories to go along with it 
  • Can also watch Hulu on it Nintendo 

Switch Lite a Lighter Option: 

The lightweight design coupled with the 5.5 inch screen all makes this a better travel buddy than the one above. Plus if you don’t won’t to spend that much on a Nintendo switch then this one being the lite model comes in at just $200. Besides all this, the switch lite comes in three colors- Turquoise, gray and yellow. Some color choice if you’ve ever seen one right?

The Joy-Cons cannot detach with the lite. But this is a good thing as it makes the lite even more sturdier and robust to play with. The only downside with the switch is that it cannot be played on the big screen. So if you’re more of an outdoors person then this one is for you.


Things to look out for: 

  • Thinner design with a smaller screen 
  • Cannot be played on the big screen 
  • Joy cons do not detach 

GPD XD Plus a Great Handheld game console to use: 

An emulator is basically a hardware or software that makes one device behave like the other. Well enough with the tech lesson. Getting more to the point this handheld game console does just that. It allows you to play old games, the ones usually found on SNES or Game Boy or PS1. However it’s not as simple as downloading and installing a simple app.

If your tech savvy and know how to use a computer then this handheld game console is just the one for you. This gaming emulator is one of the best on the market. Besides this, it is also powerful and more to our need that is it’s portable.

But if you’re one of those people who can’t get around following tutorials to get your games playing on it, then you might want to give this gaming console a skip.

Things to check out: 

  • It’s an emulator 
  • Can play old games on it 
  • Takes time getting old games playing on it 

Nintendo 2DS Handheld Game console: 

The 2DS is the same as the 3DS but with the exception of the hinges. It’s in a hedge shape rather than a clamshell shape. But all in all it’s still comfortable to hold and get to gaming. This handheld game console comes with two backlit screens which are bright enough and all, don’t get me wrong, but they are exposed. This makes them prone to breaks and cracks.

You get the full array of Nintendo’s games of the DS and 3DS variety. The downside with this gaming console is that it does not play stereo quality sound. If you want the shebang then earphones are your best option. The color options on this thing make it more a kids playing device rather than a serious gamesters one.

Things to check out: 

  • No hinges, in a hedge shape design 
  • Full array of Nintendo DS as well as 3DS games 
  • Looks more like a kid’s gaming console 

New Nintendo 2DS XL Mario Kart 7 Bundle: 

A lot of Nintendo’s on this list huh?

With this handheld game console in tow you get two screens to play on, a comfortable clamshell design and a built in NFC reader. If you’re wondering why the NFC, it is used for amiibo which is Nintendo’s action figures that add a little something extra to your game.

The console also comes in a fun array of colors such as orange and white, black and turquoise as well as purple and silver. You may not get 3D games on it or games like 3DS XL. But you can still play 3DS games on it at a much cheaper price. You even get a free pre- installed game of Mario Kart 7.

Things to check out: 

  • Two screens  
  • Comes with NFC 
  • Cannot play 3D games or 3DS XL games 
  • Comes with Mario Kart 7 pre- installed 

These are some of the best handheld game consoles to get. I know that there are a lot of Nintendo gaming consoles on this list but what can I say? They’re the best when it comes to handheld game console. Other than that there is also an emulator on this list, if you just happen to love old games and miss them. But all in all with these handheld game consoles you’re sure to never use your phone again for gaming, which is unless those games aren’t compatible with your console.

Monday 1 June 2020

Android Volume Booster that works!

Android Volume Booster that works
When it comes to Android, there’s a lot that it can do. You can browse the internet, listen to music, watch movies and more. But what it does not do so well, is in the volume department. Somehow the volume in Android isn’t good enough. But all is not lost. There are apps out there that can help increase the volume as well as it make it more crisper sounding. In this post we’ll be showing you android volume booster that works!

Few Android Volume Booster that works Available in PlayStores

The first place to look when it comes to any app is the PlayStore and rightly so too. You get all kinds of apps under one roof, so to speak. The same goes for volume boosters too. The PlayStore has a huge collection of volume booster apps with different names, ratings and different downloads. The only problem is that they often do not work. Besides not working, these apps are loaded down with ad after ad, making them absolutely useless. So without wasting further time concentrating on apps that do not work and are laden down with spammy ads, lets’ take a look at some android volume booster that works.

Equalizer as an android volume booster that works:

Equalizers are the best when it comes to boosting the volume. They do just that and they do it well. There’s also an option where you can slide frequencies in case of any discrepancies in sound. The app named equalizer is good enough as well as it is simple to use too. With the app you can choose over 11 presets with the paid option offering even more. Another thing with the paid option is that you can add your own presets as well. In a nutshell:
  • Great android volume booster that works
  • Comes with 11 presets
  • Paid option has a make your own feature too

Equalizer FX:

This app is similar to the equalizer app mentioned above with the one difference it works with Google Play Music. That’s saying something. Many third party apps do not work with streaming services, or they do so at an extra cost. This one is the exception. Equalizer FX plays Google Play Music as a matter of course or in other words as standard. The effects tab in this app also comes with an enhance booster and bass boost, making the Equalizer really worth your while. In a nutshell:
  • Similar to Equalizer
  • Plays Google Play Music
  • Comes with a bass booster too

Precise volume as one of the android volume booster that works!

This app takes volume control to a whole new level. Precise volume is as comprehensive as it comes. Besides volume enhancement, it has various presets, the ability to set presets for different apps as well as presets for when you insert your earphones in. What’s more is that this app takes what another Android app can do with 15 presets and turns that into 100 presets. You get the most precise volume control ever with this app in tow. In a nutshell:
  • Precise volume control
  • Over 100 presets
  • Custom presets for various apps

VLC for Android:

If you happen to have problems when it comes to watching movies or videos then the VLC app will be the best for you. It can boost the volume to up to 200%. But it’s a little tricky to do so. You need to first go in to preferences> Video> Audio boost to get that to work. After this once you play a movie or video you have to first go into settings and then equalizer. Then start enjoying your movie! In a nutshell:
  • Great for movies and videos
  • Increases volume up to 200%

MX Player as an android volume booster that works:

MX player does much what VLC does. It increases your movie playing volume to 200% above what your phone can do. Plus it’s easy to use too. The gesture controls on the app help in that department. When playing a movie or video on your phone simply keep increasing the volume button. Don’t be daunted that the volume does not go higher than 15. Keep pressing the increase button and it will go further even though it shows otherwise. Once you leave the app, the volume goes back to normal.   In a nutshell:
  • Same like VLC
  • Volume increase in spite of what is shown
  • Goes back to normal once you exit the app

Podcast Addict:

When listening to a podcast you might have realized the volume being worse than usual. This is because many podcasts aren’t professionally recorded. Even on a phone with good speakers the sound isn’t that great. Here’s where podcast addict comes to the rescue. There are many podcast – volume – boosting – apps out there, but the best android volume booster that works for podcasts is this. It not only has your standard volume boosting abilities but also an equalizer to boot too. This helps you in selecting voices and increasing the volume while reducing audience and background sounds. In a nutshell:
  • Great for listening to podcasts
  • Comes with a volume booster as well as equalizer

Viper4Android as an android volume booster that works!

This is one of the best audio enhancing tools that you’ll ever come across. Once you’ve installed the app you can activate the eXtra loud feature which takes you from normal sound to something eXtra. There is even a speaker optimization feature which gives you the best bang for your own speakers. You can even adjust the volume for different apps as well. In a nutshell:
  • Comes with an eXtra Volume enhancing tool
  • Has speaker optimization as well
  • Can adjust the volume for different apps too
These are some of the best android volume booster that works. Some come with only volume enhancing tools while others come with other features that will make using those apps worth your while. The VLC app an MX player app are good to use for watching movies and videos while the others are good for any volume boosting activity.

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Mono-Live

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies
With smart phones we can do a lot of things. We can look up information in a jiffy, shop online, listen to music, watch a movie and now more commonly- take a selfie with it too. The ability to take selfies also brought photo editing apps to go along with it. With everyone taking selfies and posting it to social media, people want to put their best foot forward or in this case post their best photo. That’s where photo editing apps comes into play. It’s not sufficient that we have some of the best cameras on phones today, we also need some excellent looking edited pictures as well. In this post we’ll take you through some of the best photo editing apps for selfies.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies 


This app, courtesy of Google, allows you to do a lot with your pictures, there are over 29 editing tools to choose from, with each tool having its own set of options. With this app at your fingertips you can edit not only raw files but also JPGs as well.

VSCO- This one will make you obsessed: 

By this point every one and their grandma must be using VSCO. If you happen to be the exception, let me warn you in advance you will become shortly obsessed with this app. This app not only allows you edit pictures but also take pictures on the app itself, edit them, take videos and edit them and also comes with a host of presets.

There is even a paid membership of $19.99 a year which gives you even more features to play around with.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Retrica: 

Need more filters? Look no further Retrica has them for you. This app comes with 100 filters. That’s not all either, you can even check these filters in real life before taking a selfie too. The app also allows you take live video, great for those vloggers out there and you can also create GIFs with it as well. Besides this, the free app also comes with stickers and collage options to try out.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Photo Wonder: 

This app takes the cake. It does everything from allows you to edit with tools such as blemish fix, slimify to allows you to use collages to give you a host of frames to use. It’s used by over 100 million users across 218 countries. Plus it does not hurt that it’s got excellent reviews on iTunes. This is a definite recommend.

Facetune to the rescue: 

This app comes to the rescue on those days that you just don’t feel good. It covers everything from wrinkles to blemishes to zits, creating a more perfect looking skin tone. There is even a reshape feature which makes you look thinner and taller, that’s taking it a bit too far if you ask me.
These are some of the best photo editing apps for selfies to try out.

Thursday 7 May 2020

How to Speed up My MacBook pro?

How to Speed up My MacBook pro
If you’ve had your MacBook Pro for some time now, you may be longing for a new one. But you can’t seem to justify the new expense. If this is you and you’re looking out for a new MacBook Pro merely because the old one has become slow, then we’ll show you how you can boost the performance of your old macBook pro in a jiffy. In this post of how to speed up my MacBook pro, we’ll show you some easy and simple ways in which you can speed up your MacBook pro all without breaking the bank.

Close not need apps in How to Speed up my MacBook pro: 

This one might sound like a no brainer but, many of us neglect to do this. The “this” in question is closing down apps that we don’t require. Many a times apps that we are not using will be running in the background taking up space and memory. Most times than not, this takes up processing and makes your mac slower.

One way to see which apps that you don’t require are running in the background is to open Dock. You’ll see all active apps with a dot below them. If you happen to not see any dot then make sure, to head on to system preferences to make sure that a symbol is shown for all active applications. Once you’ve identified which apps you don’t require, you simple right click on them and press quit.

Use an Activity Monitor: 

In some instances you get some apps taking up more than their fair share of juice. Sometimes that’s just what they do and in others it’s a sign that something is wrong with the app. Whatever the case maybe, there is a way to check which apps are a power drain. In this post of How to Speed up my MacBook pro, you can use the activity monitor to see just which apps need to take a nap. You can get to the activity monitor by going into the utilities folder.

Once there you can click onto the CPU% tab to bring up all the apps that are currently running. You will also see in this section the amount of juice each app is taking. Once you know which apps need to go off simply click on the app in the activity monitor and press on the “x” symbol at the side.

Stop programs from booting up in this post of How to Speed up my MacBook pro: 

When you start up your mac there will be a host of applications that start up along with it. While some maybe important others start up for no apparent reason. The latter you can get rid of to boost performance.

All you have to do is to go to system preferences and users and group. From there head onto the login items. Check the items on this list to see what opens up as soon as you startup. Get rid of those apps that aren’t really needed when you login.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Benefits of Online Video Interview Software

Benefits of Online Video Interview Software
Hiring the right person at the right time at the right place is a very challenging work for the HR managers. As we all know that human resources are the most vital resources of the organization that can lead the organization towards success. So hiring the employees in the company is a very difficult task as it can affect the organization positively or negatively. The hiring process in the organization is called recruitment. This process starts by inviting the applicants for the vacancy to shortlisting them, according to the preliminary test, and after that, taking the interview. Interviewing a person is a very important step as it is one to one talk between the candidate and employer. Here both of them can know more about each other. The decision made here should be done correctly. Even the advancement of technology has led to the development of the software that helps in taking online interviews. This online video interview software is highly used in the organization and has changed the scenarios of taking the interview system.

Earlier the interviews were being conducted for the shortlisted candidates. The candidates used to come to the office, and they used to appear for the interview there. The candidates need to wait for a long time for their turn for the interview. It was a very time consuming and costly process on behalf of both the organization and the candidate. The candidates from the far places need to travel for just giving an interview. Even there was no guarantee that he might be selected for the job or not. The candidates need to come one day before the interview and need to take accommodation. So, all this process for a candidate becomes very costly.

On the other hand, the organization has to set the infrastructure where they can conduct the interviews. Other things like sitting arrangements, refreshments for the proctors, and candidates are to be made. They have to decide one day according to the availability of all the managers of the organization that have to be the art of the panel who is going to take the information. Even rating a lot of candidates back to back in a day can lead to the inconsistency in the work of the panel. So, there was a requirement of the system that can solve all the issues that organizations and candidates come across to.

The online video interview software is the platform that helps the organization to take the interview of any candidate from any place that can be across the globe. Both the candidate and interviewer panel is sitting in front of each other virtually. This is the video conferencing with the candidate who has been shortlisted by the company and one to one interview is conducted. If the candidate is selected for the vacancy, he is sent the offer letter on his mail id.

So, it is seen that this software is very helpful in many ways. Let’s discuss the benefits of this process:

  • Speed up the recruitment process: This is one of the points because of which it is becoming very successful in every organization. The process of recruitment is very long when it comes to calling the candidates to the office, the organization has to decide a day on which all the arrangements are to make. But using this software as soon as the candidate is shortlisted for the vacancy, he can be called for online video conferencing where one to one interview can be taken. This way it saves the time of both candidates and the organization.
  • Improves the quality of hiring: sometimes there are chances that some candidates make an attractive resume but actually, they don’t have the qualities that they have written in it. So this software helps you to understand the candidate from the starting of the recruitment process. When the panel can see and hear the candidates from the starting. This helps in recruiting the best out of the lot.
  • Improves candidate engagement with the brand: it is for sure that candidates are selective about their place of work. By using such advanced software in the organization will put more light on the working of the organization. This way more candidates will get attracted to the organization. This software includes these things before starting the online interview video instruction, recorded questions, and videos by the existing employees sharing their experiences. This way the candidates will get motivated and will feel strong gut for working in such a workplace.
  • Reducing the number of candidate’s no-shows: inviting candidates for interviews is a long and time-consuming process. But by using the online interview software the candidates can give an interview according to the best suited time to them. this way they can also perform well and also the judgment becomes easier. By looking at it how many candidates are interested in giving the interview.
  • No wastage of time by interviewing the unsuitable candidates: the experts can evaluate the candidate in the first 30 seconds as he walks in the interview. Though they come to know that the candidate is not capable they still have to take their interview, this wastes a lot of time. So by using this software, the experts can watch the candidate for 30 seconds if they don’t like that they can switch on to the next candidate.
  • No more scheduling headaches: this is one of the manor advantages of using this software. For conducting interviews earlier, the dates were being fixed according to the panel experts and the date was given to the candidates. But no more scheduling headache as the interview can be given by the candidate at the best suited time.
So, this software not only helps in online interviews but also gives an advantage in proctoring services as well. With the help of this technology, the work of experts has become more easy, quick, and efficient. They can make the right decisions in finding the right person for the job in less time.

Tuesday 5 May 2020

OLED Technology: Introduction and Basics

OLED Technology
We’ve heard a lot of OLED displays this and that. OLED display phones and OLED display gadgets, but what is OLED actually. OLED actually stands for organic light emitting diode. OLED as it is commonly called is present in many monitors, lighting and much more. OLED in other terms is the next level when it comes to LEDs and LCDs. In this post we’ll be seeing what OLED technology is all about and how it is different to the previous LEDs and LCDs.

First of all what are LED displays? 

Ok this is an easy one you might say light emitting diode and you wouldn’t be wrong either. LED was first introduced to the world back in 2009. LED displays marked the shift away from their predecessors, or as we commonly know them as those big TVs. Yes remember those days when the TV was a humongous box!

Those big TVs had cathode ray tubes by the way. With OLED coming a year after LED displays, you got even thinner and crisper images. Not only thinner TVs but people even came up with flexible screens. Screens that either could be rolled up or that could be folded.

OLED Technology and lighting: 

OLED displays are mainly large panels of light. These large areas diffuse light in different colors, giving us our vibrant images as we know them today. Not only that this technology also could change shape, transparency and colors giving us that never – before – seen –images. More than this OLED technology is known for its absence of poisonous mercury and energy efficiency.

The First OLED technology Product: 

Back in 2009 Philips developed the first OLED technology product- The Lumiblade. This thin and flat device gave off little heat and could be embedded into most materials with little or no trouble. This flat and thin device, therefore gave product developers a field day. It could be embedded into clothes, table tops, walls and what have you. The possibilities were endless.

Come a few years forward to 2013 and Philips and BASF came up with a lighted transparent car roof. This roof will apparently be solar powered. The whole transparent business means that it would turn transparent when switched off. This is just one of the examples of OLED technology.

OLED Technology and its functioning: 

OLED technology in the most basic of terms are organic semi- conductor materials that emit light when an electric current is passed through it. OLED displays work by passing current through thin layers of organic semiconductors. These semi-conductors are sandwiched between two charged electrodes which are positive and negative charged respectively. This sandwich is then placed on a transparent surface such as glass. The transparent surface is called a substrate. When current is passed through the sandwich it causes a high energy state called excitation. As this excitation layer subsides into normalcy it causes energy to flow evenly and thus emit light.

History of OLED technology: 

OLED technology was first invented by researchers at Eastman Kodak company back in 1987. Yes we are talking of that Kodak company here.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Which Business Intelligence Tool is best for you?

Business Intelligence Tool
First of all what is a business intelligence tool? We need to understand what this is in the first place before we look at which is the best one for you. So getting back to the question…

What is a Business Intelligence Tool? 

Business intelligence tools are basically a software package that collects, transforms and presents data from a business for decision making. Much like what accounts do. The software takes data from a variety of sources, whether it is from structured or unstructured sources, and transforms according to the needs of the business.

Now since we know what business intelligence tools are, we can take a look at some of the best ones that will help your business grow.

Grow- as in grow your business: 

Grow is a cloud based business intelligence tool. It allows you, whether you’re a data analyst or a normal business user, to take control of your business’ data and take appropriate decisions based on them.

Here is a list of some of its features:

  • It has 115+ readymade data connectors for systems such as Saleforce, Bronto, Marketo and others 
  • You can create custom dashboards from their 20 different data visualizations options 
  • Make as many user accounts as you need 
  • Simple user interface for both managing SQL as well as readymade transformations 
  • From the app to emails to slack integration, all make it easier for you to share your insights with the team 
  • Hosted on Grow’s own cloud and is constantly supported by their team of experts 

Datapine as a business intelligence tool you might find useful:

Datapine is one of the most powerful and user friendly business intelligence tools out there. If you’re a data analyst or a non- technical user, this app has got you covered. It consolidates data from a variety of sources and compiles them in a form suitable for your understanding.

Here is a list of some of its features:

  • Integration of data in seconds with fast and easy to use data connectors 
  • Drag and drop features allow you to create data visualizations in seconds 
  • Ability to create intuitive dashboards with their advanced data tools 
  • Contains 80 different pre- defined dashboard templates 
  • Communicate via email reports, secure and customizable viewer areas as well as embedded dashboards 

Zoho Analytics: 

Zoho is your self- service kind of business intelligence tool. It allows you to create collect and present information in dashboards in a matter of minutes. It even has a cool AI feature which allows you to ask questions of an AI assistant and get answers in the form of reports.

Here are some of its features:

  • It has over a 100 ready made connectors that can be used for business apps as well as cloud drives and databases 
  • You can view your data in the form of pivot tables, charts, KPI widgets and custom themed dashboards 
  • It has a unified business analytics tool that analyzes data from a wide variety of sources and across departments as well 
  • You get augmented analytics with AI, ML and NLP 
  • You also get embedded analytical solutions and BI portals to work with. 

Yellowfin business intelligence tool: 

Yellowfin is your one stop business intelligence tool. With this in tow do you don’t need much else. It is applicable across a range of industries as well. With this tool in your business you can access data and compile it in a form most suitable to your particular business.

Here are some of its features:

  • Dashboards can be accessed from a webpage, company’s intranet or a mobile device in the form of an app 
  • It also has mapping mobile business intelligence features that make it easier to access and monitor business related data 
  • With the way it presents data, it makes it easier to take decisions and also faster 
  • Ability to create data rich presentations and interactive reports 
  • It also supports the decision making process 

Clear Analytics as a BI tool you need to try out: 

Clear Analytics condenses data so as to enable timely decision making. With this tool in your business arsenal you have all your business needs met at one place. With this business intelligence tool you can take large amounts of data from a variety of sources and present it in professional reports.

Here are some of its features:

  • Less interaction of humans required 
  • Ability to create your own dashboards 
  • You can present data in a variety of graphical formats 
  • It also gives you KPIs for easier comparison of performances 
  • Clear indication of fundamental issues 
  • It also offers the ability of predictive analysis 
  • Aids in strategic planning 

SAP business intelligence tool: 

SAP is an integrated business intelligence tool. It is basically an enterprise level software either for open client systems or server systems. It has developed new standards for a more effective presentation of information.

Here are some of its features:

  • It provides flexible and transparent business solutions 
  • The software is easily integrated with any system or application 
  • Its set up is done using modern methods and it makes the most efficient utilization of space 
  • It’s database systems combine both data analytics as well as data for a modern approach to storing data 
  • It has a simplified data container 
  • You can easily integrate it with both SAP as well as non- SAP applications 

MicroStrategy –best business intelligence tool to use: 

This business intelligence tool is mainly analytical software. With this tool in tow you can make better and speedier decisions. Using this tool you can transform the way you do business. You get a lot of predictive and advanced analytical tools to work with.

Here are some of its features:

  • Ease of use 
  • Advanced and predictive business data tools 
  • Self- services business analytical tools 
  • Large data solutions 
  • It even has Software as a Service or as it is most commonly called SaaS 
  • You get real time WYSIWYG report designs 
  • Dashboards and score cards for performance monitoring 

These are some of the best business intelligence tools that are out there.

Friday 6 March 2020

Google Chrome Security Extensions You Need to Install

Google Chrome Security Extensions
Yes, Chrome is a safe browser and provides ample security as it is. But in today’s world you can never be too sure. With these Google Chrome security extensions you can boost up your security and with that increase your peace of mind as well. But which one to use? In this post we have compiled a list of some of some of the best Google Chrome security extensions that you can use.

 10 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions You Need to Install

  • ZenMate VPN:

This VPN integrates directly onto your browser. Besides this it has over 30 servers across the globe.
  • Click&Clean:

This is one of the Google Chrome security extensions on this list that scans for malware. It also does you the added caution of deleting all your browsing data with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Blur as one of the Google Chrome security extensions to use:

Blur is a password manager that also sets up a secure method for all your online payments. There is also the added advantage of preventing you from being tracked by deleting all your browsing data.
  • Ghostery a Simple and easy to use Google Chrome security extension:

This extension not only blocks ads but also speeds up your internet browsing. Plus there’s always the privacy it affords you.
  • HTTPS Everywhere:

This extension is a joint collaboration with EFF and Tor Project. It automatically shifts your insecure “http” to a more secure “http”.
  • Avast Online Security:

This extension aims at helping you avoid those phishing sites. Thus helping you avoid spoofing.
  • uMatrix as one of the Google Chrome security extensions on this list:

This extension is a point click matrix based firewall. It contains several privacy enhancing tools to ensure your security. With this extension you’re given full control of which browser your internet connects to. Not only that you’re also given the choice of what data is downloaded and what actions are executed.
  • Windows Defender Browser protection:

This Windows extension protects your PC, Mac and what have you from online threats such as phishing emails and their ilk. Besides this, it also protects you from entering into websites that are known carriers of viruses and malware.
  • AdBlock:

This extension is the Father of all ad blockers and the most popular too with over 200 million downloads. This extension too starts as soon as you have it installed. You can choose to avoid seeing ads when on certain sites or choose to have all ads blocked by default.
  • LastPass- Free password manager

This is the all- time favorite extension to use. Not only does it have the all encompassing security features but you can also use it on all devices too. Plus the great part about it is you don’t even need a premium account to uses it.

These are some of the best Google Chrome security extensions that you can use. While some block ads other do more than that and take care of security. Some of them prevent you from entering sites that are known to have malware.