Wednesday 26 February 2020

Android 11 Developer Preview: Best Features to Look Forward

Android 11 Developer Preview
As with all developer previews, features will come and features will go. You won’t really see anything concrete till Google I/O to be held in May of this year. At present the Android 11 developer preview is for developers only. But still there are some noteworthy features to talk about here. But before you get your hopes up, it’s worth to note that Google releases features that don’t actually make it to the final cut. Right now there are some new features to which will be added more features between now and Android 11’s final release. So without wasting any more time let’s take a look at what Android 11 has in store for use till now.

Built- in Screen Recorder to wait for in Android 11 Developer Preview: 

This has had a disappointing start back in Android 10 and had been pulled out too. Now the Built in screen recorder is back for a repeat performance. Now you’d find it in quick settings in the overflow panel.

For now it looks like a proper app, which may not be so in the coming months. Only time will tell. A tap on the icon starts recording while another tap stops recording. At present it does not record audio. We can only hope that the recorder stays till the final release of Android 11.

Pin your Favorite Apps: 

Another feature that didn’t make it to the official Android 10 was pinning your favorite apps to the Share Menu. This is to ensure easy access. Why exactly it didn’t make it to Android 10 only Google knows. But we hope these interesting features remains till the official release of Android 11.

The feature works when you share anything from an app you can tap and hold the app icon to pin it. This will make sure that it’s always at the top, good to go for future sharing.

Notification History in Android 11 Developer Preview: 

You’d need to tweak things a bit before you see this new feature. As shown by Developers with this feature you can get the notification history page. This something you can already see but it’s not easy to find. With this new feature you’ll be able to look at your notification history easily. Hope this one too makes it to Android 11.

Scheduled Dark Mode: 

At present Android does have dark mode but what it does not have is a scheduling system. With iOS you can schedule the mode so that it automatically turns on and off at predetermined times. This has been something that has been lacking for some time now in Android. But in the developer preview of Android 11 it does makes an appearance.

Bluetooth remains on: 

Another helpful feature found in Android 11 Developer Preview is that Bluetooth now remains on when you turn on airplane mode. This, however will work only if you are currently connected to a device when you switch on airplane mode.

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