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5 Best Color Splash Apps for Android to Try Out Now

Color Splash Apps for Android
One of the many popular ways to edit your photos is using something known as color splash. For the selfie takers out there this is a common term. For those uninitiated, color splash is where the whole photo is made black and white save for a certain area that is left with color. This effect makes the colored object pop up and hence the name ‘color pop’. In this post we’ll be seeing some of the best apps that give you this effect. So continue reading for some of the best color splash apps for Android.

Most of the apps on the list have ‘color splash’ in their names and give you automatic black and white save that one object. For others you’ll have to work a little harder to get the intended effect. Besides this there are also some more features that separate each app from the other. But we’ll get into that later. So without further ado let’s see what these Android apps have in store.

Color Splash Apps For Android- Paletta One of The Best to Try Out: 

This app has both features to cater to automatic as well as manual intervention. When you upload a picture to the app, the app extracts the colors from the image and shows them in a palette at the bottom of the screen. Once the picture is in grey scale you can simply choose the color of your choice from the given palette to make that particular object pop up. So in the end you can end up with multiple colors being selected.

Now for the manual option: if you want to remove certain colors from the object that pops up you can do so manually. You can do this by using the given brush and eraser option. These will be seen on the left side of the screen. To get to the smaller areas of the picture, the app also allows you to zoom in and out to make the more minute changes.

The best part of this app: it has no Ads besides that color extraction is excellent and compares well with the original picture. However a big negative when it comes to this app is that you cannot adjust the size of the brush or eraser. But in spite of this negative this is still one of the best color splash apps for Android to try out.

Color Splash Effect

This app is courtesy of Colorful Filter Studio which has produced some amazing photo editing apps. But for now we’ll be looking at this color splash app for Android. This app besides coming with the requisite color splash effects also comes with an editing tool as well. This tool you can use either before applying the color pop feature or after. You can access this tool by selecting the beauty option.

In this app there are two ways in which you can add the color pop- one is by using smart color the other is by using free color. In both of these features you will have to color the object of your choice manually. The smart option is smart in that the app helps you in keeping the color within the objects boundary itself. If that’s not really your thing, you can always try out the free option to see if that is more your jam.

The best of this color splash app is that it has this cool smart color feature. The negative is that you can’t control the brush size and also can’t compare the image with the original picture.

Color Touch Effects Color Splash apps for Android: 

This app weighs in a mere 4MB but still packs in a punch. Besides doing what we’re here for- color splash, it also has some more effects that you can play around with. There is even an option to add a caption to your photos from the convenience of the app itself.

To get the color splash effect you’ll have to do so manually there isn’t an automatic configuration feature given. There is however a ‘Mono’ button that allows you to erase any errant color that you might have added. The biggest plus in this app is that you can adjust brush size and opacity which is something the other color splash apps for Android do not have.

The biggest con with this app is that it does not come with an automatic mode.

Color splash Effect photo Editor

This is a three way app in that you can color splash in three different ways. Let’s begin with the more traditional way which is to brush on color on the required area. For this you’ll have to tap on the hand icon button given in the bottom panel. Then proceed to color the desired area.

The second way to color splash is to add color much like the Paletta app using the automatic mode. This you can do using the pallet given in the bottom.

The third method is kinda different. In this method you can add color by selecting a shape. The area inside the shape chosen will be colored. You can also reverse this and make the area outside colored instead of the one inside. The best thing of this app is that it comes with multiple modes, the not so great aspect is that you can’t adjust the brush size.

Partial Color Master Best Color Splash Apps for Android: 

With this app you can extract colors automatically by just tapping on the selected area. Once you’ve removed the colors you can add any color by simply applying it to the image. This app also allows you to adjust the intensity of the colors chosen as well. After the automatic color splash you can add any other desired color manually too.

These are some of the various color splash apps for Android that are available. Some will allow you to manually apply color while others are more automatic. However a common theme seems to be the lack of brush size in almost all of these apps.

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