Sunday, 26 January 2020

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode has reached phones!

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode
This cool new feature, courtesy Google, allows you to translate languages in real time. How Cool is that! No more trying to learn a couple words here and there to get by in a new place. As with some language translators, they initially work with only a few languages, but not with Google Assistant Interpreter mode. This new feature comes with 44 languages to help you get along in translating a new language. That is definitely quite a bit to start of the bat.

To simply launch the new feature all you have to say is “Hey Google, help me speak so and so language…” or instead “Hey Google be my so and so language translator…”

More on the New Google Assistant Interpreter mode: 

You may be thinking, so it translates languages but what about speaking it and pronunciation? That is all been taken care of by Google. The tool not only translates the language but also reads it out aloud.
Why not add a little AI into the mix too? This too has been taken care of by the tech giant. The Google Assistant Interpreter mode can also give smart replies thereby lessening the hassle of you typing out a very obvious reply. Plus you don’t have to speak into the translator for it to begin to translate things.

Google Assistant Interpreter mode in Phones now too: 

Previously, Google Assistant Interpreter mode was found only in Google Smart Home and displays. But has now found a home in Android as well as iOS devices as well. The translator mode was initially launched to Google smart home and its displays in Feb 2019. Since then it has been added to phones in Dec of 2019.

This tool is great when you’re headed abroad for a nice and relaxing holiday. Especially if you’re going to a place having a different language than yours, this tool can definitely come in handy. No longer do you have to brush up on a language or try to avoid the local crowd just because you don’t know the local dialect.

How to use Google Assistant Interpreter mode? 

To start translating all you have to do is start with “Hey Google translate so and so language..” as soon as your counterpart speaks, the tool will automatically translate words onto the screen. When you need to speak in turn you will have to hold down on the microphone while the tool translates what you’ve just said. The tool will then play what you’ve just said in the local dialect.

After a translation you will also get a variety of smart replies to choose form. You simply select the best one and have Google Assistant Interpreter mode translate it for you.

If you happen to be in a quiet environment where talking is not really allowed, then you could also input things by typing out what you want said. Translations too will appear in the local language on screen just as if it was spoken out aloud.

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