Tuesday, 14 January 2020

CES 2020: A thing of Fake meat, Security and Fake people

CES 2020
The buzz is abound CES 2020, much of that has do with fake meat, hypes over security and fake people. With CES spanning over 2.9 million square feet, the area is hopping with new and emerging gadgets. People walk miles and miles to take a look at what new and often weird gadgets have taken places at this year’s CES. However the more top players in the game such as Google, Amazon and Samsung have reserved their top offerings for their own shows to be held later in the year. So without further ado let’s see what CES 2020 has in store for us.

Laptops, TVs getting interesting at CES 2020? 

Laptops have just gotten a lot more interesting with their new foldable tech that allows OLED screens to bend.

Tvs are getting their own ability to fix their own picture settings and fake meat is becoming a thing. Have you ever heard of ‘fake meat’? Well now you have. All curtesy of CES 2020. Leave aside fake meat for just a second and look at this- Artificial people. These virtual avatars interact with us as if they are the real deal.

How are we Getting There at CES 2020? 

CES 2020 has long been a place to catch up on new trends that haven’t really made it to the factory floor as yet. These include the self- driving car phenomenon, augmented reality glasses and artificial intelligence. Yeah yeah we known artificial intelligence is a broad topic, but there is a lot that can be done with it that we’re still looking out for.

Get this: If you should have any single reason to get a TV upgrade it should be for this- To get 8K instead of the now common 4K (This is the ad plug by the TV industry at CES 2020). 8K as the name suggests will have 4 times as many pixels as 4K, DUH!

Gadgets we rather not look at: 

Every so often at CES we see gadgets that we hope don’t make it to the market place. This time around is no different too. There are companies that use people’s security fears and transform it into something tangible, there are those health centric companies that make people even more aware of health concerns over their already over health conscious lifestyles and then there are those who like you to think that you need to keep an eye on everything- we’re talking deep level surveillance paranoia.

There’s also the case of privacy washing whereby you are given additional security under the pretext of having all your data transferred to the company. Air quotes begin: “To help in learning the environment for an enhanced user experience”, air quotes end.

Now to Conclude with the weirdest at CES 2020: 

Neon Avatars: Neon is a computer generated artificial person. Neon has Alexa like conversational abilities and the company also says that the person will even be able to sympathize like a normal person would. I don’t know if that is cool or just creepy?

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