Friday 18 March 2022

Google I/O 2022 Happens on May

Google has recently released its puzzle for Google I/O 2022. The puzzle is one of the hardest so far, after solving which the company has revealed the date. People can see the event from May 11th-12th in the Shoreline Amphitheater at the Mountain View headquarters. The place has a limited in-person audience, but most people can experience the event virtually. #GoogleIo is the official event hashtag.

What is the Google I/O event?

Google I/O is the annual developer conference of the company. It happens online where developers meet each other in live sessions for interaction, and there doesn't exist on-site attendance for the general public.

People can view it on YouTube at io.Google, despite the event, is going to be streamed online. They can experience the interactive I/O Adventures world again for the year. People can register themselves for the event very shortly.

How can you register for the Google I/O 2022 event?

The registration process will start on March 22, and each person can register for free. You can watch multiple recorded sessions, but you have to register beforehand to access multiple interactive features. You can hear the puzzle's ultimate song, very "Googly," on its official site.

The event of last year was fully remote, so it is open for all virtually. However, it isn't clear still the number of people who can attend or for in-person attendance. There is no schedule available for the event yet. Now, the official site is like a Barbone.

Possible launches at this Google I/O 2022 event:

Nothing is official yet, but still, people expect that they can view Android 13's beta version's launch at the event as it has finished its one-month trial. They are eager to know if the company will stream its products live.

The company hosted the event virtually through Googleplex for a few company members the previous year. Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company, has allowed all the general public to participate in the event this year.

The event is more than a developer conference. People can experience d talks on various subjects for developers. Besides, the conference can also display feature announcements and reveal even new hardware. At the 2019 event, the company announced the Pixel 3a with plenty of services — the Assistant, Google Maps, and Chrome.

The bottom line:

The Google I/O 2022 event will let you experience the primary and developer keynotes as every year. The conference has become a big scale event in the last few years as multiple developers and journalists have signed up and attended the event. You must watch the event if you are willing to know about Google's plans for the upcoming year. However, you should note that the event will start Wednesday this year, instead of Tuesday, and will be one day shorter. You need to wait to see whether Made by Google will use live streaming to reveal its latest products or not.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

New Mac Studio and Studio Display- Apple Unveils

New Mac Studio and Studio Display- Apple Unveils

Apple has released Mac Studio and Studio Display recently to meet all the needs of people so that they can create the studio of their dreams. M1 Max and the new M1 Ultra power Mac Studio power the Mac Studio. It is the strongest chip across the world for a private computer. This PC is the first one that offers an unprecedented level of performance. It comes with an extensive array of connectivity. The model is available in a compact design that can sit within arm's reach on the desk.

Mac studio allows you to do those things that you can't do on any other desktop-like rendering massive 3D environments and playing back 18 streams of ProRes video.

You will find the Studio Display a complete complement to Mac Studio, and it enables you to pair with any Mac. The model comes with a 27-inch 5K Retina display, a 12MP Ultra Wide camera, and a six-speaker sound system with spatial audio.

Mac Studio and Studio Display combined can transform any work position into a creative powerhouse. You can order them as they are available today. But, these will arrive at the people from Friday, March 18.

According to Greg Joswiak, they couldn't be excited too much to release a new Mac Studio and Studio Display. He is Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

Mac Studio:

People who are willing to push the limits of their creativity can use Mac studio as it offers more capability to customers. Mac Studio can deliver breakthrough performance, a high range of connectivity for peripherals, and a modular system.

Desktop Design by Apple Silicon:

It can reimagine its exceptional performance using the power and efficiency of Apple silicon. Each element inside the Mac Studio comes with a design to optimize the performance of M1 Max and M1 Ultra. Thus, it can offer huge power and capability in a form factor.

The desktop consists of single aluminum extrusion. Its footprint size is only 7.7 inches, whereas its height is only 3.7 inches. What makes Mac Studio unique is that it consumes tiny space, and as a result, it can fit under most displays perfectly.

It comes with an exceptional thermal design offering an extraordinary amount of performance. The model contains a unique system of double-sided blowers, airflow channels, and 4,000 perforations that help to make a path for air through the internal components to cool the high-performance chips. The efficiency of Apple silicon makes the Mac studio quiet even under massive workload conditions.

Gaming Performance with M1 Max and M1 Ultra:

The desktop can offer great CPU and GPU performance and more unified memory than other devices. You can find new features that other desktops don't have. M1 Max enables you to take creative workflows to new levels. If you need more computing power, choose M1 Ultra as it is the next giant leap for Apple silicon. It can offer excellent performance to Mac Studio.

Mac Studio Display:

This display comes with a gorgeous 27-inch 5K Retina screen. Besides, it has a sensational camera and audio to let you enjoy the integrated experience Mac users love.

Slim Aluminum design:

The display comes in a stunning aluminum design with narrow borders. It has an all-aluminum enclosure coming with almost all advanced features. Here, you can find a built-in stand enabling you to tilt the display up to 30 degrees.

It offers a stand option that can adjust the height using a counterbalancing arm. Thus, it can fit in any workspace. Its adjustable feature makes it weightless. The model features a VESA mount adapter supporting landscape or portrait orientation.

5K Retina Display:

It comes with a 27-inch 5K Retina display with more than 14.7 million pixels. Besides, the device offers 600 nits of brightness and a P3 wide color. It comes in more than one billion colors making the picture quality awesome. In addition, it has True Tone technology that can automatically manage the display's color temperature when the environment changes. Thus, users can have a more natural viewing experience. Studio Display can provide a unique nano-texture glass option for workspaces with bright light sources.

Sensational Camera and Audio System:

Its A13 Bionic chip offers a nice experience with its top-quality camera and audio system. The model comes with an ultimate video conferencing screen with a 12MP Ultra-Wide camera (Center Stage). It is a feature that can keep people centered in the frame. Both make studio Display an ultimate video conferencing display.

It features a studio-quality, three-microphone array and a low noise floor offering voice recordings and crystal-clear calls. Besides, there exists a high-fidelity six-speaker sound system that can provide an excellent listening experience.

In addition, it has four force-canceling woofers that decrease distortion and create bold and articulate bass. Two high-performance tweeters are making proper mids and crisp highs.

It has speakers compatible with spatial audio for music and video with Dolby Atmos. Thus, the product can offer an awesome viewing experience.

Pricing and Availability of New Mac Studio and Studio Display:

Customers can get Mac Studio and Studio Display available on and at the Apple Store app. They will also get them available in select Apple Store locations and Apple Authorized Resellers.

The cost of Mac Studio begins at $1,999 and $1,799 for education in the United States. You can find extra configure-to-order options at

The price of Studio Display is $1,599 (US) and $1,499 (US) for education. It has extra technical specifications like nano-texture glass.

If you want to buy Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad, it will cost $199 US. On the flip side, the cost of Magic Trackpad is $149 US, and Magic Mouse is $99 US. These are available in silver-and-black color options at apple   .


It has three USB-C ports coming with speeds up to 10Gb/s. These help to connect high-speed peripherals. A Thunderbolt port lets you connect Studio Display and other connected peripherals to their Mac using a single cable. The cable can offer 96W of power to a Mac notebook, enabling the display to charge a 14-inch MacBook Pro quickly. You can connect up to 3 Studio Displays to a MacBook Pro. Thus, it can offer a strong edit bay or animation workspace.

Friday 4 March 2022

DisplayPort 2.0: Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables

DisplayPort 2.0: Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables

VESA or Video Electronics Standards Association has recently announced a new certification program. It is especially for the video source, display, and cable things that are compatible with DisplayPort UHBR. The term stands for Ultra-high Bit Rate. It is a higher data link rate endorsed by the DisplayPort standard version 2.0. 

 DisplayPort 2.0:

The higher bandwidths are compatible with an assortment of use like uncompressed 8K 60Hz HDR, 4K 240Hz HDR, two 4K 120Hz HDR, or four 4K 60Hz HDR displays. The wire manufacturers can ship new items to DisplayPort ATCs or authorized test centers via the DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program for testing and certification. 

 DisplayPort 2.0: Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables

The UHBR products can sustain the higher bit rates you can advocate by DisplayPort version 2.0 standards. Video Electronics Standards Association has introduced DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables. It ensures that you will have display connectivity. The DP40 cables have to endow up to the UHBR10 link rate. It indicates that the rate is 10 Gigabits per second or Gbps. You can determine this by DisplayPort 2.0. It is compatible with the complete four-lane operation that can offer a total throughput of 40 Gbps.

Then DP80 cables certified by VESA are compatible with the UHBR20 link rate, which is 20 Gbps, specified by DisplayPort 2.0. It supports four lanes that can supply a maximum throughput of 80 Gbps. These wires are compatible with the UHBR13.5 link rate of 13.5 Gbps (single line speed), represented by DisplayPort 2.0.

There are many video source and display devices under testing in the DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program.

It is expected that the program will end the early certification very soon. Multiple DisplayPort 2.0:Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables have passed the certification program. These use the full-sized DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort connectors. Vendors provide VESA-certified DP40 and DP80 cables, including Accell, BizLink, and WIZEN. There are also extra cables that experience certification and anticipate reaching the market.

DisplayPort 2.0:Certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables come in the market with full-size and Mini DisplayPort cable configurations. These support the products that sponsor DisplayPort link rates. In recent times, these are in use like RBR (Reduced Bit Rate), HBR (High Bit Rate), HBR2, and HBR3. The passive USB-C wires endorse the UHBR bit rate speeds, and it is for the DisplayPort over the USB Type-C connector. However, the USB Type-C to DisplayPort converter wires certified by VESA can be available in the market very soon. These cables can meet all UHBR speed requirements.

These higher bandwidths will unleash recent capabilities such as uncompressed 8K 60Hz HDR, 4K (up to 240Hz with HDR), 2 x 4K 120Hz with HDR, or a bonker 4 x 4K 60Hz with HDR. The Video Electronics Standards Association has used authorized centers to begin compliance testing of UHBR devices and wires.

What James Choate said?

James Choate said that the ultra-high bit rates are compatible with the DisplayPort 2.0 specification. As a result, it can bring a new display performance level. The set-up of the UHBR Certification Program helps to increase the speed of adoption of video and display products. It is expected to get results from the program similarly to other VESA certification programs. The feature includes those with enabled widespread ecosystem adoption of products. These are compatible with DisplayPort HBR3 bit rates, DisplayPort Alt Mode, DisplayHDR specifications.

He also said that it didn't matter if you had a graphics card and monitor of high performance. However, the wire's resulting image quality was available within limitations to connect the devices.

Due to the improvements in both DisplayPort connector and cable design, both types of cables offer high performance from the VESA-certified devices. The UHBR Certification Program ensures that if the DP40 or DP80 logo is available on the cable, it will definitely fulfill the highest data rates.

The latest labels seem as the USB Implementers Forum's (USB-IF) tries to clarify charging speeds and data transfer on USB-C cables previous year.


The type of cable you have got cannot be said until VESA does not have any plan to mandate the iconography from its mock-ups on every certified cable. However, the company indeed offers certified products, useful for avoiding confusion.

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Sony HT-A7000 Review

Sony HT-A7000 Review

The Sony HT-A7000 is a new soundbar released by Sony. It comes with some latest features like up-firing speakers, side beam tweeters, and a built-in dual subwoofer. In addition, there are optional rear speakers, which are compatible with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. Thus, it allows you to find an entirely new level of immersion. It was launched on January 20, 2022 with a price tag of 1736$. We have given here some great features of the model.

Sony HT-A7000 Features:

360 Spatial Sound:

The combination of 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology and rear speakers can make many phantom speakers from a soundbar only. These phantom speakers in the optimal sound field make a new sensation of sound.

Supreme Surround Sound:

The soundbar comes with 7.1.2 channels. It has two up-firing speakers for overhead sound, two beam tweeters, and five front speakers used for the wider surround. Besides, it has a default dual subwoofer that you can use for deep bass. The model can generate virtual surround sound with the help of Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force PRO Front Surround. It can come from all around to experience the thrill of Dolby Atmos® and DTS: X.

Experience Sound From Above:

All credits go to Sony's virtual surround technology as it helps the soundbar locate sound in vertical space. It enables you to enjoy 3D audio without using the in-ceiling speakers. Besides, the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Vertical Surround Engine can make a multi-dimensional, more realistic sound.

Surround Made Simple:

With the help of the front speakers, the unique digital sound field processing technology can virtually create the surround sound field. It builds audio from both sides. So you don't need to clutter your living space to experience rich surround sound.

Sophisticated Speaker Technology:

This speaker technology helps to experience room-filling acoustics.

X-Balanced Speaker Unit:

You can find an X-Balanced Speaker Unit in the up-firing speakers, default subwoofer, and front speaker. The speakers come in a specific rectangular shape that increases the diaphragm area for a more punchy bass. It helps to decrease driver excursion while maintaining sound pressure. As a result, it causes more vocal clarity and less distortion.

Optional Rear Speakers:

It has a wide listening area to fill each part of the living space. As a result, your friends and family can get a similar sound experience. In addition, the area does not have any limitations to the front of the television but encompasses a much wider space.

360 Spatial Sound Mapping Video:

You can get a 360 Spatial Sound experience from a soundbar with optional rear speakers by slipping on the headphones.

Optimized for Speaker Position:

You don't have to place the optional speakers, and it is because the soundbar with default microphones can do it all for you. The Sony HT-A7000 soundbar helps measure every speaker's position and optimize the sound to the room. Besides, it enables you to experience Sound Field Optimization with or without optional speakers. You should turn on the simple calibration method during the initial setup.

Movies And Games:

Now, it allows you to see multiple beautiful scenes that are full of real depth. Furthermore, the original image quality is preserved while playing through the soundbar. Thus, it can make you immersed entirely in movies. In addition, you can use the soundbar for gaming as it is compatible with the recent formats.

Optimized Image Settings:

The feature allows you to experience immersive gaming and watch movies. In this case, the Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode help you enjoy the gaming & movie experience while attaching BRAVIA XR™ TVs and PlayStation®589 through the model.

Wireless Subwoofer And Rear Speakers:

An optional wireless subwoofer enables a default dual subwoofer in the soundbar to handle bass. However, it keeps its focus on the low-range sound. If you are willing to enjoy more cinematic thrills with sound, you can use the optional wireless rear speakers.

Perfect for Sony TVs:

The model supports BRAVIA™ TVs. It offers an immersive audio-visual experience with its audio quality and best picture. Those who have BRAVIA TVs must use the soundbar. Excellent Music Quality:

It offers High-Resolution crystal clear Audio. 360 Reality Audio can make you feel like a new way of listening. It is ideal for an immersive live concert or studio session experience, and you can feel the music like you haven't felt it before.

Real-Time Restoration Of All Compressed Files:

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine can increase the compressed digital music files with the help of Edge-AI (Artificial Intelligence) in real-time. The soundbar enables you to recognize instrumentation dynamically and musical genres. Besides, it helps you identify every music element, like vocals or interludes. Using this, you can restore the high-range sound to get a beautiful listening experience.

BRAVIA Acoustic Center Sync:

As soon as you connect your device to a BRAVIA TV with Acoustic Center Sync, both the television and soundbar work as center speakers in the home cinema system. Besides, the television speaker plays the role of a center channel with the soundbar as a part of the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping setup.

The feature allows you to listen to the dialogue from the exact point where the character is standing in the scene. As a result, you can find both sound and action aligned precisely. In addition, it makes the viewing experience much more immersive.

Omnidirectional Block Design:

The optional speakers of the model are designed under the common Omnidirectional Block concept. Its design is suitable for the optional speakers. The sophisticated rounded edges offer wide-spreading sound to represent a single solid block. Rich material textures combo can emphasize an affinity with the living room environment.

Enjoy With Family:

It is compatible with famous music services like Spotify. Besides, the soundbar enables you to stream all favorite albums and playlists with the help of Chromecast or Apple AirPlay 2. So enjoy your party with your family.

With the help of an intelligent algorithm, the soundbar enables you to convert conventional surround and stereo audio into immersive sound. You are required to tap on the Immersive AE button on the remote.

Voice Control:

It supports Google Assistant ( default Chromecast) and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Take the help of the Google Home app to add the soundbar to the speaker group. You need to use your voice to change the volume or other functions.

The Bottom Line:

You can set up the Sony HT-A7000 in a quick time. Just plug in the device, connect to the television using the HDMI eARC connection, and turn it on. The device is compatible with USB, optical and analog audio in, HDMI in and out (eARC), S-CENTER OUT, etc. All of these support BRAVIA models. Therefore, you have almost all the connections that are necessary.