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Best ways to convert a YouTube video to MP3 files

Everyone is familiar with YouTube. We all are eager to download streaming videos from all websites. YouTube is one of the famous video streaming sites. It is provided by Google. YouTube provides a collection of almost all kinds of videos. Users can also upload videos it. But those videos present in YouTube are allowed to stream alone and can’t be downloaded. User needs a separate downloader or a plugin to download these videos. Even though they download those videos, some of us are always eager to have the mp3 file of the YouTube video. After downloading a video one needs to convert that video to an mp3 file using converter software to get the audio format of that video file. To simply get an mp3 format of the YouTube videos one has to undergo many difficulties. But there are many simple and easy ways available to get mp3 format of the YouTube files.

Want a YouTube video to convert into MP3 format in a simple way? There are many softwares and online services available for it. Even some Web browsers like Torch perform these actions automatically.

YouTube mp3: 

YouTube mp3 is an online service that allows us to convert video files to mp3. You don’t need to download this software. Just visit its website to convert YouTube videos into mp3 files. The following link points to the site:

www.youtube-mp3.org (Vidtomp3.com)

Also another link is available for it.


Supported by all operating system,the above links are provided to convert video files into audio files in online. If you like to download mp3 file of any YouTube video then copy the urllink of that video file and paste it. As soon as the link is pasted in this site, it starts to convert that video file to mp3. It takes maximum of 5 minutes to convert.


Web browsers such as Torch have the ability to download the YouTube videos and download videos and audios from almost all the streaming sites. The latest updated versions have the ability to extract the mp3 files from the video.

If you don’t have this browser then just clicks on the following link. The below link is provided you to download the Torch browser.


Install it and go to “YouTube” website and download the song that you need by clicking a blue arrow mark that lies on the top of the browser tab. Be sure to click the arrow mark while playing the video.


After the video is downloaded the audio file is automatically created by extracting it from the downloaded video. This is the most simple method and can be easily done.


This method allows you to use both online conversion and software conversion. You can download the converter from the following link. The link is,



This link is also another online website where you can get the mp3 from YouTube video.


Now the file is ready to play in your windows media player.

The above methods are the easiest and most efficient ways to convert YouTube videos into mp3 files. Among the entire methods Torch browser is one of the efficient ways. So choose wise and enjoy listening to your favorite music

How To Flash Nokia Lumia (Windows Mobile)

Nokia Lumia
In the nokia lumia 10 series have an limited function like a iPhone it doesn’t’ t offers to sharing files with another platform mobile phones so these limitation becomes an abstracals to lumia so that It might not get famous as compared to android mobiles because android mobiles provide wide flexibility to users which doesn’t offer by windows mobile. In this article we will discuss about the hoe to flash the lumia, the term flash is meant by jailbreaking the windows which break limitation of devices and provide full control over a device.
Steps involves in flashing nokia lumia

To flash lumia first we have to downgrade downloader of a mobile

• First download NOKIA_CARE SUIT
• Download Dot net 4.5
• Also download vc++ 2010 from Microsoft website.
• Download custom rom RM-809 from www.xda-developers.com or some other websites .
• Install the nokia care suit.
• Go to c:\program data\nokia\packages\product\.
• And extract the content of RM-XXX (xxx denotes the series).
• Launch the nokia care suit.
• Open product support tool store 5.0.
• Click file -> open product  -> select RM-(XXX).
• On the left side bottom click programing  -> Recovery.
• And click start button wait until you get a window with retry option.
• Copy or extract content into RM-xxx into product directory (c:\program data\nokia\packages\product\.)
• Put your mobile at download mode by press power button + volume up button.
• Connect your mobile to pc after getting an vibration
• And flash your mobile with another standard ROM
• And after flash mobile will vibrate.
• Remove data cable from the socket.
• Restart your mobile phone, now your mobile is flashed and ready to install any customs available for your mobile model.

*(XXX denote an RM-version like RM-802, RM-803, and so on)

Let we see about how to install custom

The term custom rom means that the os is going to provide extra function beyond its limitation if we want to say in the windows means jail-breaking, once the mobile had jail-breaked it can able to install 3rd party apps and windows supports xap files, also exe and that custom rom include some spicy features like themes, ringtones and wallpaper. This article explain about how to jail break a nokia lumia 710 because lumia 710 comes with windows 7.5, we can able to install windows 7.8 which is similar to the windows 8.
Steps involves to install custom rom

• Download custom rom from the internet size around < 108mb.
• And also download the downloader from the xda-developer.com.
• Now downgrade your lumia 710 if it is not already done
• To downgrade follow above steps to flash.
• After flash switch off your mobile.
• Hold power button + volume up button the mobile will vibrate.
• And connect to pc via data cable.
• Run downloader in administrator mode.
• It will show the caution to format click cancel option.
• Browse the custom rom file os-new.nb
• It will take few minutes to install.
• After installation your get vibrate and restart your mobile.
• Select the language and region, and then finish basic settings.

Now windows 7.8 were successfully on nokia lumia 710.

What Trends Will Shape the Cloud Computing Industry in 2014?

Although cloud computing is still a fairly new concept, it has come a long way in a short period of time. When this term first started gaining attention, people were very skeptical of it. From security to accessibility, people had so many concerns that it seemed like there were too many to overcome. However, because cloud computing was much more than just a buzzword, it was able to stand up to all the criticism. And as more people started getting on board with this idea, it was able to spread throughout larger and larger organizations.

 photo cloud_computing_zps04e10e41.jpg
While cloud computing isn't perfect for every single application in existence, it's a great fit for the majority. Because this industry is growing so quickly, there's still a lot of ground to be covered in terms of bringing on users to utilize cloud computing in one way or another. Since there is so much growth within this industry, it's worth looking at which trends are most likely to shape the path that this industry follows:

Businesses Pivoting Into Software Companies

The concept of the cloud has made it possible for just about anyone to connect with almost any type of data. Because that simple but powerful reality provides nearly endless opportunities for unique product offerings, the already increasing number of companies who choose to put software at the core of what they offer will only continue to grow.

Stiff Competition for Talented Developers

Not surprisingly, developers who are very good at what they do are already in high demand. And due to the fact that this industry's growth doesn't show any signs of slowing, that demand isn't going away. On the contrary, many companies are exploring a variety of recruiting and training programs to help secure the talent they need to make their cloud offerings a success.

Pressure on Private Clouds

Plenty of IT departments within companies have acknowledged cloud computing, but made it clear that they still believe this approach has too many security risks. A common solution has been the proposal of private clouds within organizations. While that may sound good in theory, the problem has been actually bringing them to fruition. Because plenty of companies have hit obstacles ranging from internal politics to budgeting, this is likely to be the year when many organizations decide if they instead want to make the transition to an existing cloud solution.

AWS Will Remain a Leader

In order for new technologies to gain real momentum and be taken seriously, it often takes the backing of a well-known company. In the case of cloud computing, that was exactly the role that Amazon played. When they launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006, many people didn't even understand what this offering was all about. And even for those who did understand, plenty thought that Amazon would shutter this project within a matter of years.

However, not only did Amazon continue moving forward with AWS, but they have been successful at establishing it as a leader within the cloud industry. As of 2012, industry analysts estimate that AWS generates over one and a half billion dollars in annual revenue for Amazon.

 photo man_on_computer_zps1b542d2e.jpg

Battles Between Several Big Tech Companies

Since Amazon has shown that there is definitely a demand for this type of cloud service, it shouldn't come as a surprise that other big tech companies are expected to get serious about their cloud efforts. Specifically, most analysts agree that both Google and Microsoft will get aggressive with incorporating cloud technology into both new and existing offerings. Google has already taken steps in this direction with launches like Compute Engine.

Price will pay a major role in this battle as well. Moore's Law means that technology like system on module will continue to get faster and cheaper. Large companies can take advantage of increased performance and reduced costs by offering better cloud technologies to customers at even more attractive prices.
Only time will tell exactly what happens within the cloud computing industry. But, thanks to the rapid expansion and acceptance of this industry, it's safe to say that it's going to be around for a long time. And during that time, it's going to be very interesting to watch the type of innovation and other developments that take place.

Richard Smith is a technology blogger. What he loves most about having the opportunity to write about technology is being able to explain to people how new pieces of technology are going to make their lives even better.

How to Use One Email Address with Multiple Twitter Account

People usually wonder how to use one email Id with multiple twitter account. On sign up with twitter account it ask for a conformation Email, if they exist already then it demands for a different Email to sign up. Have you ever tried once again to make up with same email address? As you have come to this page you will surely gain some knowledge on regarding how to create a multiple Twitter account with same email address. Try out the methods given further to get implement.

Link Multiple Twitter with One Email

A simple go through will let you use the same Email address with many Twitter accounts, the only specification is that you have to use a Gmail or Google App’s Email address.

Have you ever tried Gmail Address with dot(.) . Gmail address can be middle up with dots(.) to email address anywhere. For illustration take your mail techinfo@gmail.com, you can rename the same as tech.info@gmail.com . This is possible for the reason that doesn’t consider periods in middle and makes reach of your mail.

And you have already noticed how to use multiple twitter account with same Email address. Twitter will consider a techinfo@gmail.com and tech.info@gmail.com as two separate email address and accepts the account as valid.

Also an important note associated with this is to enable catch-all option in Domain settings to use email assumed name intimated Google Apps. So in order to up with these many restrictions you can use free Gmail address for Twitter.

Let’s go in for Another Workaround. 

Have you ever noticed that on logging into Gmail account you usually get another valid email address that uses googlemail.com domain. This isn’t a good idea for creating multiple Twitter account with same email address. For one Twitter account use gmail.com address and for anther Twitter you can use googlemail.com. Twitter consider this as a different address and grant you to access for creating an new account.

Nature of Twitter Account

So now you will have a clear idea to create a multiple twitter account with same address. Twitter initially on entering an email address checks out whether email address is valid or not. If it is confirmed that email address is valid, next step to that is checks whether the email is already exist or not. If so then it will warn you enter a different address. Advantage of Gmail is that it won’t consider periods while creating email and twitter will consider them as different email address. So you can deal with periods such as mentioned earlier dots(.), plus(+) and a little more. Now you have use this email as hello@gmail.com as he.ll.o@gmail.com and hel+lo@gmail.com and many different ways as you wish which will result a notification to hello@gmail.com. Hence as mentioned earlier you would have surely got a better idea to create multiple Twitter accounts with same email address. Try it out and make as many followers as you can in your account.

How to Lock Whatsapp with Password in Android and iPhone

Lock Whatsapp
In this world of technology, everything has made easy for us. For example, mobile phones made us to feel very comfortable. There are lots of technologies has been evolved in this days. In this post, I have shared a bit of information about how to lock our whatsapp application with a password protection so that no one can open our inbox without our knowledge. Providing locks to your whatsapp account will provide a security to your chat account and all of its personal data. No one can open your account and changes its content or message to your friends without your permission.

Even your phone might have a PIN lock or pattern lock features, but providing Lock to your whatsapp will provide you more advantage rather than allowing others to read your messages. There are so many applications that can provide security for your Whatsapp account. But there are only few applications that will provide best performance to the Whatsapp Account.
Whatsapp Lock for your Android Mobile:
  • Whatsapp Lock for Android is a simple application for your android mobile which provides you a perfect security for your Whatsapp account. This application can easily solve your problem and they provide you an ultimate security and privacy for your messages on the Whatsapp account.
  •   The advantage of the Whatsapp Lock for Android is that the Whatsapp Lock for Android takes the photo of the person who tries to access your whatsapp account. Suppose if you were login with a correct pin, then it won’t the picture of the person. If you were login with a wrong pin, then it will snap the picture of the person who is accessing the whatsapp with a wrong pin. 
  • Whatsapp Lock for Android provides you a awesome and fantastic user interface for the android users. 
  •  Whatsapp Lock for Android is available for absolute free for you on the Google Play. This app is a free version for the android users. 
  • You can download Whatsapp Lock for Android from HERE(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatsapplock) 
  • Whatsapp Lock for Android Supports from Android 2.2 version and higher.
Whatsapp Lock for iPhone: 

Do you need Whatsapp Lock for iPhone, and then you must know that there is no such an application for locking your Whatsapp account in the iPhone. There are several fake applications that are available over the internet. Before that you should know that there is no security is more powerful that the screen locks in iPhone. You can use that for providing security for your account. Stay tuned here. If any powerful application is there for locking whatsapp account, then we will update that here for you.

If you want to lock your whatsapp, you can use a home lock screen for protect it.

Whatsapp Lock for BlackBerry: 

This is a simple application for your Whatsapp account in your BlackBerry mobile. You can download that application from here.


Four Hound Solutions One of The Best Value Added Engineering Services

Four Hound Solutions

A basic fact about manufacturing is that, if you are manufacturing, you are also testing. Testing throughout the process of manufacturing is a vital component of every product or process.

Four Hound Solutions is experienced at producing technical test systems that respond to their customer's requirements while taking into consideration the ultimate costs of those testing systems. Once they deliver a design for testing, technical personnel provide support for the design and train your staff to maintain, operate, and apply the testing solutions.

Many testing companies perform the design of testing solutions by using proprietary software. They use open source software. This allows you to receive a complete documentation package with your design to allow the system to become an extension of your own engineering. You can choose any major software platform along with any test executive, language, database program, and software vendor. This allows your test and production staff to work in familiar programs, languages, and software environments. It is not necessary for your IT departments to adjust to unfamiliar material, nor is it necessary to redo your entire software environment to fit the testing environment.

A wide variety of services is offered to customers:

Test systems

Engineering and test program set design

Software application programming

Development of instrument drivers

Design and fabrication of test fixtures

Testability review design

Plan preparation for product test strategy

Expert engineering teams use leading edge CAD development software, using 2-D, 3-D, IGES, DWG, and DXF formats. The individuals hired by Four Hound have experience in the testing field to bring to your solutions. Each of them has a variety of experiences in testing that they bring to Four Hounds.

Be sure to collaborate with Four Hound early in the development cycle to allow them to determine critical issues such as how the product will be tested during production. This collaboration considers cost, volume production rates, both electrical and optical interfaces, thermal analysis, RF performance, interactions with operators, as well as reliability and repeatability of connections. Being available at the beginning of the process facilitates the interaction of the process. You will be pleased with the interactions of their staff in achieving the desired results for your testing goals. They are innovative and imaginative, enjoying the challenge of new testing and environments.

How to Recover those Deleted Files in Windows

How to Recover those Deleted Files in Windows
If you were using the computers for a longer period of time, you would have experienced the deletion of important files. Suppose if you were deleting the files unwantedly, then you will suffer very badly for deleting the files. If you were doing like that, then you can easily restore those files by using the following list of software packages. When you were deleting a file from your hard drive, it is not actually deleted from your personal computer. The personal computer only changes the file and marks it invisible from the hard drive. And the hard drive system marks it as an empty space. When that file space is written by other files, then only the file is deleted from your personal computer. In this post, I have shared some ways to recover those deleted files from your hard drive and here they are; By using some free programs, we can easily recover those deleted files from our personal computer.

Recuva: Recuva is one of the best tools which are available for recovering the files which are get deleted by you. It has a best feature which allows you to preview your recovered files before saving those files in your hard drive. By using these services, you can even change the name of the files before saving the files. Recuva allows you to recover various kinds of files which are deleted by you. But keep in mind that once you have deleted any files and that place is replaces by any other files, and then you cannot recover those files. Be sure that the personal computer should not overwrite the space that is available. You can even install the Recuva software in any other partition, which allows you to prevent overwriting of the files. Once you have deleted the files, close all kinds of application which will consume more memory and also stop that application which will rewrite the free space.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery: MiniTool Power Data Recovery is another tool which enables you to recover different deleted files from your hard drive and even you can save data from the damaged partitions. MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows you to recover files form the memory cards, pen drives and from cd’s too. MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps you to find out the exact files in the hard drive and once the file has been found out by drilling various informations, you can save the exact files which are wanted by you. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a very awesome program for recovering files from your damaged media storage.

Glary Undelete: Similar to above list of programs, Glary Undelete is also an another program which allows you to recover the files which are deleted by you. Glary Undelete in one of the slowest application but it is more powerful than other application. While recovering itself, you can get the full name of the files which is to be recovered. Glary Undelete enables you to search and find various files very easily.

How to compare, select and buy best e-Readers

Tired of searching for the best journals online? Wanna know how to compare, select and buy best e-Readers? Let me give you some hints for it.

First things first: 

There’s a thing called “Rating” where people who’ve already bought the product and used it. There might be many companies that offer with good e-Readers but this rating gives awareness to the people before buying the best among them. So concentrate on the rating of the products. Here’s the link for finding the best ones. http://e-readers.findthebest.com/ and regarding the review the following link is preferable. http://ebook-reader-review.toptenreviews.com/


Let us see what should a good e-Reader possess? If you’re going to buy this for the first time then this will be pretty useful to you. Else you can skip to the next step.

Connection: Some e-Readers depend upon computers for connectivity purpose whereas recently developed ones have the facility to support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth which are lot more convenient than the former ones. So latter’s preferable.

Price: About the price??? Well it depends upon you. If you want a stylish touch screen e-Reader then you’ve to buy the better ones that cost more. If you’re a simple-go-guy then there are good e-Readers suited to your very own budget.

Screen size: Most of them do not see this as a major factor. Screen size is really important. If this e-Reader is for your business purpose then big screen would be more opt. If it’s for your personal use make it simple and portable. Based on the screen size of the e-readers, you can view and read various levels of files in those e-readers. If the size of the screen goes high, then you can experience more readability; suppose if the size of the screen gets too low, then you will feel discomfort while reading the files in the e-readers

Files that can be supported: Basically TXT and PDF files are generally supported by all e-Readers. Current readers have been developed to support a large range of graphics and audio files too. Based on the various levels of files that are supported by the e-readers, you can buy the best e-readers for your use. The files types support plays a crucial role in placing in usage of that e-readers.

Now you might have an idea on what basis you should buy a reader.


Browse about the companies. There are a variety of e-book manufacturers. Some of the famous ones are Amazon, Kobo, and Sony etc. The following link provides you about the basics of the companies that manufacture e-books.



Compare each e-books based on the features offered by the companies. For e.g. the following link gives you the features as well as the cons of Kobo Aura reader.

http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2417920,00.asp. Compare them with the other products based on price, ratings etc. Here’s the link for Amazon kindle e-books.


There. Now you might be clear how to compare, buy and select the best e-Readers. Good Luck.

How to Save Money by Renting the Weird and Unusual

You always hear people say that you can check online for that odd or unusual thing. Shopping online brings us so many things that we could never normally get in the past. From young to old, people are taking advantage of online shopping but did you ever think about the things that you can rent online? Right now when times are tough, people are trying to save money all over the place, and shopping online is one way to do it. Today there are things that you can rent that are strange and odd, and can even save you money.

Wheel chairs, hospital beds, oxygen tanks, text books, handbags, jewelry and tools are all pretty common things and not that unusual to think about renting, but did you know you could rent a casket? A casket rental is a very smart option for someone that wants to have their loved one cremated but wants to have a viewing first. Renting a casket is not that difficult and is an approved method by the National Funeral Directors Association Executive Board. Very elegant caskets can cost thousands of dollars so renting one for a viewing before a cremation, really is a very smart plan.

Another very odd rental choice is family members. Depending on where you live, you can rent bridesmaids, friends, grandparents, husbands and wives. Renting a loved-one for an event or to do chores is not a bad option and depending on what you need them for is a nice, quick fix for loneliness or an event where you might need a family member. Along the same lines is pet rental. A pet rental can be a great option if you want to try out a breed, just want to see if a pet is right for you and your family, or you need to make sure that you are not allergic to a particular pet.

Gadget rental is something that you don’t often think about. Iphones, smartphones, Ipads can even be rented, too. These can be important in your business interactions but maybe you don’t want the expense of buying one outright. An Ipad or smartphone rental might be a great option if you are traveling overseas or if you are in need of a tablet on a trip and don’t want to lug a laptop around with you. The film industry, news media or someone that is unexpectedly laid up for a medical reason might all take advantage of renting a gadget.

Camping gear and sports equipment can be rented and it might be a very smart rental for you and your family to try out gear before investing lots of money in buying stuff. Experiencing a new sport or outdoor living might be something that looks great on paper, but once you try it you might think differently. Renting gear is a very inexpensive way to try out something you have always wanted to do. Take a look around your garage or storage shed and see the money in outdoor equipment that is brand new and only used once.

Other weird and odd things that can be rented rather than bought are car parts, solar panels, and designer underwear. You can rent someone’s baby bump for advertising or a message; celebrities will rent themselves out, for a handsome price, as well as designer dresses and wedding dresses. We all know you rent a tux for an event, especially if you don’t own one, but did you know you can rent your wedding dress? Going out to a fancy party or a once in a lifetime event can mean a big expense when you think about buying a designer dress but you can find any dress for any event at a great rental price.

Overall, if you can buy something, chances are you can find it to rent someplace. A rental option might just what you are looking for to save money, especially if you are only going to need something short term. Think outside the box the next time you are in need for something big and costly and really don’t want to buy it.

Monday 30 December 2013

Release of the first transparent touch pad Grippity

The Grippity; the first transparent touch pad has been unveiled. It is a new innovation in the market for touch pads. It also has a touch panel on both sides. Basically Grippity is basically a Keyboard that served as Media Center.

It is in prototype stage and it is getting a beautiful shape out of the imagination of the designer. They are planning to start the production in the forthcoming months once the project gets the proper fund from the Crowdfunding.

According to the designers it have multi touch screen on both sides and this will solve many hurdles faced in usual touch screen tablets. The tablet is transparent, due to its transparency it can be kept in neutral position on hand to fight against the problems related to carpal tunnel.

According to the designers the transparency allows the user to see the TV programmes with the tablet facing your eyes. Its internal storage is of 4GB and chip ARM Cortex A8 based on a battery life of 3 hours with continuous use. Its screen may well be semi- transparent, the 7 inch 800x480 LCD display and the Grippity could run on Android KitKat. It costs around 235 dollars.

What is Rooting a Android Phone!

Rooting  Android Phone

What is Rooting? Advantages of Rooting and its Disadvantages: 

Android technology has been increasing grown in the last few years; many of you have been seen the advantages in the android technology. Likewise, there are so many of us wants to improve their mobile usability and they want to customize their mobile interface. But due to few security concerns, the android has limited the features of the android mobiles. This has been increasing discussed in the internet, how to improve the performance of the mobile. The answer for this has been termed as a term, ”Rooting”.

Basically “What is Rooting”? 

Rooting is a sort of unlocking your mobile phone from the system lock, rooting will provide access to various level of accessing your core files. The unrooted phone is like accessing the mobile in Guest User Mode. If you root your mobiles, it will allow you to access and modify the core files which are present in your mobile.

How to Root your Mobile?

Rooting allows you to access the internal files of the mobile and provides you a full access or a privilege to access the mobile. This is like using a mobile with admin mode, so that you can do as you need with your mobile. In order to root, you need install the custom ROM in your mobile. Each of the models has separate CUSTOM ROM, which is to be installed over the mobile. Suppose if you want to root your Sony XperiaTipo, then it has one ROM. Suppose if you want to root Micromax Doodle, it has another separate ROM. Each of them varies from one another. If you install wrong custom ROM in the mobile, it will definitely turns you’re mobile into a solid brick. Please make sure that you were correct with the CUSTOM ROM. If you don’t know how to root your mobile, then don’t ever try that.

Advantage of Rooting A Mobile

Run Special Application: If you root your mobile, then you can run several special applications in the mobile. In some special cases, you can install applications which can show several informations about your mobile.

Install Applications over the SD Card: If you root your mobile, then you can easily install the applications in the External storage. Few applications cannot be installed on the external storage, but the rooting will allows you to install the applications in the External storage of the mobile.

Overclock your processor: By rooting, you can easily overclock the clock frequency of the mobile. This will allows you to increase the performance of the mobile.

Disadvantage of Rooting A Mobile: 

Incase of wrong rooting, you will experience following things: 

Rooting turns your good mobile into a Solid Brick: By rooting your mobile, you will turn your mobile into a solid brick stone. In case of installing a wrong custom ROM, your mobile will become a solid brick. Warranty Turns Void: If you were doing rooting the mobile, it will make the warranty to be no more longer exist.

How to Know if Your Gmail Account has been Hacked

Gmail hacked
Security and privacy are one of the main thing which has been rolling in everyone’s mind if they want to do any sort of things; especially various online queries has made them to think about the privacy of their personal data. In this post, I have shared an interesting bit of information about the way to know whether your Gmail account has been hacked or not. In order to know that, no need to install any additional features in the Gmail account. Thankfully, Gmail account has many in-built features that assist you to find whether your account has been accessed by other persons or by any suspicious login attempts. By verifying the following information, you can find whether the account has been hacked or not.

1. Last Account Activity: Last Account Activity gives you the last activity of your Gmail account. By accessing the Last Account Activity, you can easily found out whether your account has been accessed by the others or not. Last Account Activity gives you the list of IP addresses along with the time in which your account has been accessed. So that you can easily found out the login details of your account.

2. Go for your Login Sessions: Login Sessions provides you various levels of activities of your Gmail account. You can find the Link to the Login session which is present next to the Last Account activity and named as Details. The Details tab shows you various activities of your Gmail sessions and it displays a page which shows you information about the recent activities of your mail account. It gives you various detailed information about the Browser type from which the account has been accessed and also where the IP addresses are from.

3. IP addresses from various countries: Don’t get afraid if you’re noticing any IP addresses from various countries. Suppose if you’re seeing any sort of third party tools which are accessing your Gmail account, then they will mostly show in the activity log. This helps you to trace those IP address and you can easily start your own investigations. There are lots of tools which are available in the Cyberspace from which you can trace the IP address information very easily.

4. Unwanted Login activities and Suspicious-activity monitoring by Google: Suppose if your account has been accessed by any suspicious login; Google will automatically provide you information regarding those sessions. You will be getting alerted if any one accessed your account from unknown locations.

5. Log out from all Sessions: Make sure you have been signed out your session when you’re using any public computers. If you’re not sure that you haven’t signed out your account, you can easily sign out the various sessions by using SIGN OUT ALL OTHER SESSIONS option found in your Account activity area. This will help you to resolve any careless mistakes that have been made by you.

If your account has been hacked, then immediately change your password for better security and privacy.

How to Send personalized Mail using Mail Merge in Gmail

Mail merge
Are you going to celebrate birthday party at hotel and need to invite all your colleague and friends through email?

Wish to send mail in a personalized way to recipients, at this scenario Mail merge can be handy. To know start up with Mail merge, no installation of new software required, it is just in build feature of Microsoft outlook and Word. If you aren’t using Office, that is not going to be a great deal. You can perform mail merge using Gmail and Gmail Docs in your browser.

Mail Merge with Gmail – Procedures

• Login in to your Gmail and compose a new mail. Don’t wonder that it is like the same, some exceptions occur while marking the text that varies from other messages. If Dear First –Name is going to e your text, then you have to convey Gmail that First name is variable field.

• This is not going to be a great deal, you just need to replace First-name in the message by $%First-Name%. As you performed now replace the remaining variable field in body or else replace in subject line of your Gmail.

• Now finishing all these steps save the mail in draft message in Gmail. Now make a copy of this draft message to spreadsheet in your Google Docs account. Your expected magic happens here.

• Open up with Mail Merge HD, spreadsheet you copied just appears. You’ll find some dummy data t get started with it. You have to do some editing works like replacing column names so that the replacement variable field matches with Gmail draft message.

• You can also either add or remove number of column as per the requirement, but at default one mandatory column must be present. Important note that must be kept in mind is that column name in spread sheet and variable field name in Gmail draft message are same, so Gmail variable is mapped to column in Google Docs.

• As you created column likewise create a row to specify personalized recipient to whom you need to send.
On filling up with necessary data, you are prepared to send. Go to Mail Merge menu in Google Docs and click on to hit Mail Merge. Since this is the first time you are sending, it may conform for access you may grant to your Gmail to your won Google account. Hence on doing this you will have more secured nature to your data and no one will access to your data.

Start Mail Merge in Google Docs 

On gaining access Google Docs clack on Star Mail Merge, which shows Gmail template that you created before. Now enter Sender’s name, if Bcc option required tick and hit Start Mail Merge. It all over and your mail are sent in a secured way.

Make a note that Gmail offers this to a certain limit. Only a maximum of 100 messages in a day are allowed, exceeding this may lead to locking of your account by Google temporarily. If this methods seems to be little confusing use a simpler version of Gmail Mail Merge.

Direct Marketing Strategies for SaaS Vendors

The cloud industry is continuously growing and thriving that software companies find the market appealing and lucrative. With SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) still being one of the dominant cloud platforms there is, cloud adoption has increased in various industries. The IT industry creates and innovate products and services by leveraging on the cloud’s ability to scale and host an array of SaaS applications that are offered to consumers, start-ups and small businesses.
“The Future of Cloud Computing Survey Third Annual Survey 2013,” was recently published by North Bridge Venture Partners and GigaOM Research, which indicated that 63% of 855 respondents (comprising business in various industries, IT decision makers and cloud platform vendors) are using SaaS in their companies.
The growing deployment of SaaS applications provides endless opportunities for software companies to improve the services to meet the growing demands of the clients’ business operations. Moreover, this is an opportune time to strategically promote the products directly to get a share on market. Whether you’re a start-up SaaS vendor, a budding entrepreneur or an established SaaS provider, below are direct marketing strategies you can implement to increase your consumer’s base and clients worldwide:
  1. Publish white papers – A rule of thumb in publishing white papers are to provide new perspectives on the industry. Companies publish white papers to explain newly developed technologies as well as to educate people about their products. Generally, white papers should be short, concise and readable. Three to five pages maximum should cover the topic, with a clear synopsis of the paper.
  2. Educate through webinars – Webinars allows you to connect and engage current and possible clients. These seminars are conducted over the Internet, using social media, blogs and corporate websites to promote them. Educate your viewers regarding the industry and provide thought-provoking ideas to help them on making decisions in their IT needs. Invite them to register via newsletters, and use a reliable webinar solution such as GoToMeeting for videoconferencing and live chats. Allot a time for Q/A for your viewers and listeners.  
  3. Be visible on your blog and other blogs with guest posts – Work with someone, who is an expert in content marketing to help you create optimised and concise contents that can be posted on the corporate blog and to other blogs. Provide interesting topics and ‘how-to tips’ that add value to your product. Pitch in to high traffic blogs for guest posts, but make sure you don’t directly sell the product there. Provide rich, in-depth analysis of the industry and solutions for their IT infrastructure. Your goal must be to educate, share and inform readers, more than selling just a product.
  4. Write an e-book – Self-publishing an e-book will create a strong branding on your side. Popular SaaS vendor such as HubSpot is maximising this approach. You will see “Marketing Whitepapers & E-books” constantly on Twitter, which is always promoted as free, and it grabs people’s attention, which leads them to take an action even just by clicking the link.
The statistics prove true that SaaS deployments will experience growth in the coming years. However, whilst the resources to produce software are already available, from cloud servers, hybrid cloud platform to cloud app hosting, the biggest challenge is how to maintain product innovation as the SaaS market gains momentum.

Patrick Li is a tech addict who’s looking at ways to streamline business performance using cloud technology and other new services.

Sunday 29 December 2013

How to Host your Website on Google For Free

Google App Engine
Do you know that Royal family of UK has preferred Google as the Hosting contributor for Prince William’s official wedding Website. This site you can view it at officailroyalwedding2001.org which contains the news related to it, updates, photo gallery, videos and the whole thing is hosted to the Google App Engine.

Don’t you find something new in this? Actually Google App Engine has used to host web apps in the cloud that in sense says hosted to Google. And to give you info this is the first time ever that Google infrastructure is being used to host a ‘static Website’. This event will acquire bounty of Press attention and web traffic for the coming days.

Interested to Host Your Own Website at Google App Engine?

Google actually defines that it is a more secured site than any other site. The first and foremost advantage of hosting to your website to Google App Engine is that it provides the more reliable, because it is served by Google’s own data centers.

Next to that if it seems to have low traffic website, you need not have to spend a dollar for web hosting. On posting your image you are provided with 1GB of bandwidth per day. On exceeding that limit you will have to pay-per-use similar to Amazon S3 which charges you for what you use or how much memory space you occupied.

Are you ready to Host?

As usual you can web host to a particular company by rending some storage space on their server. This can let you send or transfer HTML and several files to their server using some link like FTP or cPanel. On completing this process your Website is ready to serve. Google App engine puts effort in similar manner except the file transfer mechanism, because it is bit similar from others a bit.

• Set out to appengine.googel.com and try to generate a new application. If you haven’t used App engine in prior you have to verify using your mobile number on trying to create a new app.

• Now on creating your application a name must be provided. It should be unique from other and you have to name through lowercase alphabets and digits. For instance your app can be identified as “thisismyawesomewebsite”.

• The next two sub-steps involved might be a little bit tougher, but that is not to tough. Just try to download and install two installers in sequence. First file to be installed: install phython form phython.org Next to that: Install App Engine SDK from code.google.com

• Once the downloading process is competed it will be in Zip format, unzip it the file name is wesite.zip in your computer. It will contain some HTML pages, images and CSS that will try to host Google App Engine.

• Now you have to open up app.yaml file with notepad and replace word with ‘labnol’ with the application that has been created.

• You have come to the final step and deploy your website to Google App Engine. Open the Google App engine from the launcher program from the Start Menu.

Hit the Deploy button and you site is ready to host. And deploy once again to insert the edited files.

How to Download Youtube Videos in their Original Format

Youtube videos can sometime be watched at offline mode by using intermediary software; by third party you can download videos form Youtube through a website. So they may not the original resolution. Is this a legal way for viewing a video. The Third Party usually breaks the terms and condition of Youtube. Till date there has been no way to download the Youtube videos in their original format that they have uploaded.

Youtube videos can also be watched offline with some third party software. Websites offers you to download many videos of Youtube, but these are not going to be as the original version of Youtube. But for those who are not willing about quality or resolution you can surely download from the intermediary. Surely this intermediary will crack the terms and conditions of Youtube.

So you may be feed up how to download Original resolution of Youtube. Earlier Youtube allows downloading that to the transformed version of video that you uploaded. That was also allowed only till September 26. That to with some terms and condition only they were allowed to download. They condition was only two videos can be downloaded from the Youtube Channel.

So from your own Youtube channel you can download video in a transformed way through edit button. That is Youtube Video manager will download as individual videos. The format you could download is MP4. MP4 is most easily download able format to get your own videos. Actually this MP4 format is only a legal way of downloading video. Here both offline and online video are available. The limitation given to this is that original 1080p HD version will not be given to download.

At last you have to make yourself happy here is a way to download original version of Youtube videos. This much time we have discussed about how to download in an illegal way, now it is time to go in for a legal way of download.

Download Youtube videos in Original Resolution:

• Do you have account in Google Takeout? If not so create with your present and valid Gmail ID. This is because you have sign in with the same email ID to create Youtube channel.

• Once you have created you will find a TakeOut screen, almost at the bottom of the screen. Thatwill be filled up with red Rectangular “Create Archive” button.

• Next to that Google will create a packed in (.zip). Archive with the videos that you have uploaded in Youtube channel. • On completion of the archive formation with 100%, next step is go to ‘download’ option and get all the files that you required.

• At this stage of downloading you have to make a note that your archived video doesn’t exceed 2GB of data. If so it will by design split up into compactable mode.

Your process is not completely over.This process is going to have a restriction. If you are interested in downloading your high resolution video it is not possible. You will have to download the full archive that is not completely possible. Since the service provided by Google is new, they have to fix this issue in the mere future so that user will able to download the high resolution video.

Hope so you have a clear idea to download Youtube videos in a legal manner.

How to Auto Forward Gmail in Bulk

Auto Forward Gmail
Have you ever managed email address that forwards incoming mail to other email address. This scenario may exist in office, college and lots more place where you need to share a information in common. Gmail offer you this facility to Auto- Forward your incoming messages to other email address. Initially you have to filter and any message that matches filter will automatically forward to another email address that you have specified.

However there is some restriction involved in Gmail’s Auto Forwarding Facility: 

• You are not allowed to auto-forward old emails. For illustration, you have a cluster of emails and need to forward those to your Evernote account for archiving. You’ll have to manually forward those one by one. This is so because auto forward works only with new incoming emails. So you cannot try it out with older once.

• You are also restricted to auto-forward email other than the filtered once or unverified email address. When you opt for auto-forward facility it initially sends an verification to all the emails you have specified and upon acceptance it will send. You cannot expect to send email to unspecified address.

Gmail’s Auto-forward with Google Docs

Initially we have discusses came to a conclusion that Gmail will forward only to the new email and older emails are hard to perform so. Gmail along with Google Docs provides you services of auto-forwarding in bulk with old emails. Google Docs implements a simple Google Script to overcome this situation.

The method is very simple. Initially you have to set up Google Script that will monitor one or more label in your Gmail in Inbox and when it finds email of this type it will automatically forwards to the specified recipients. You just have to set the script once and it will automatically send it form the next time automatically.

How to set up Email Forwarding in Gmail

• Initially make a copy of Google Sheet in your Google Docs. You will find two columns A and B, fill them with appropriate data. You have to enter a valid Gmail names in A and in B corresponding auto-forward email message to designed email address. This will decide to forward the message. If the enter email Id is not valid then problem going to arise.

• In order to process of message forwarding you have to go in Gmail Forward menu and in Googel Sheet choose the initialize and allowance the script access to your Gmail account.

• Final process has come up and Go to Gmail Forward start genuine launch of Auto-Forward script. Now on closing the Google Docs you may find that it automatically forwards your Gmail message to the particular you have specified.

You may have slight confusion regarding forwarded message was completely processed or not. For that a new label called Forwarded will be indicated to Gmail threat. It describes that the message has been auto forwarded. When you find that this is not necessary you move to Google Sheet and uninstall from the Gmail forward menu.

Everything Just Got Easier With Register.Com Now!

When you're in the process of building your website, chances are all you can think about is launching your site and promoting it. But before you get that far, you need to make sure that your site is ready to be unveiled. You'll want to choose a domain registrar who makes it easy for you to find the domains you want, find similar domains with similar keywords, get them registered and your WHOIS info entered into the database, and then set the nameservers so that your registered domain points to your hosting account (hint: select a hosting company that can handle domain registration for you in order to make this process more efficient). Once your domain is registered and live on your hosting plan, you can utilize these five tips to help you along as you are preparing your website to go live:

Ingrain optimization.

Your website should be optimized for search engines as well as social media networks, and the easiest way to do this is to make optimization an integral part of your website. As you're creating images in your favorite image editor, save them with relevant titles - and then when you embed them within your website, use relevant keywords. All of your code-generated content -- including CSS, HTML, and XHTML -- should be compliant, or as compliant as possible. The more compliant your code, the less likely it is that you'll have an error somewhere within your website - and the more likely it is that search engine bots will have an easier time of navigating your website.

Be consistent with names, logos, and keywords.

Consistency is key to establishing yourself to both your customers and the internet at large. Be consistent with spelling, capitalization, and with the usage of any slogans or logos. 2+ word companies need to be especially meticulous with this, as "Jane's Flower Shop" and "Jane's flower shop" are different, and both customers and search engine bots will pick up on that.

Use an elegant, minimal logo.

When deciding what type of logo to use for your website, keep in mind that less is truly more. Your logo should be smooth and polished, never rough around the edges, and it should be eye-catching. Use smaller versions of this logo for social media profile avatars, so that your look is the same no matter where on the internet you're at.

Streamline your design.

Minimal is key for making the focus of your website be on its content. Similar to how the majority of magazines keep clutter away from content and margins, you'll want to keep to a simple header, navigation area, and sidebar, and leave the rest of the page free for your content.

Outsource when necessary.

If there's something you'd really like to have done to your website, but you don't have the time or the technical knowledge to get it done yourself, then outsource. Don't settle for an alternative design or a bandaged repair on poor code. Outsource your needs so that the job gets done correctly and professionally.

Saturday 28 December 2013

HTC One [Verizon] Review

It has been reviewed once,again we have reviewed it again and it’s twice –and HTC One is finally available on Verizon. After waiting for months, the flagship of HTC for 2013 is available for purchase on their huge network and what a time to launch, so many people who had purchased Galaxy Nexus two years ago are due for an upgrade in the coming few months.

This is not the full review, we have did that twice already. These are just simply some thoughts that stood on Verizon.

Is it worth with for your upgrade?

The Good


The hardware and feel of it is the main part which has been set it in a different category from among variousflagships 2013. The feel of body which is aluminum, whenyou pick it up is just awesome. Tothe back of the device there is a slight curve, the edges of the phone are in an inwards angle so holding it feels solid. You can just get an idea how it feels to use it. It boastsa 4.7 inch 1080p display, a powerful Snapdragon 600 processor which is clocked at 1.7GHz, 2GB of RAM, Sense 5 user interface and Android 4.2.2, a unique 4MP Ultra Pixel camera, 2300mAh battery and weighs about 143 grams.

Battery Life

The battery will easily last for 12+ hours every day. At first I did monitor my use to try and reduce the power drain, but by the end of my test, I had worked hard to use it enough and tried drain the battery. It is a good news for anyone who worries about the phone’s battery.

Boom Sound

It is not a marketing trick, people. Its dual front speakers on this device is a natural wonder of the technology world that you have to experience it for yourself. Viewing any media on it is better than any Android devices present. The sound is not only loud, it is clear as well. They have used the Beats Audio speakers which makes the story here. The phone with half volume made it feel louder whenever I received a text message (well that is a good thing).


Most of the people have given creditsto Motorola to end the war by the launch of the Moto X this fall, but the HTC’s Ultra Pixelcamera deserves a nod too. It is not the best present out there, but it gets the job done with day to day situations and you will find it for yourself,could had a better dedicated camera. If you try to look close enough, you can find that sometimes it brings in too much light or noise. The camera is not that bad.

Blink Feed

It is the best part of Sense which I actually enjoyed using. Once you add social networks to it, the page can be pretty useful to get updates that you can see through. If HTC makesBlink Feed your permanent home screen I would be pretty upset, but the fact is that you can switch it to a secondary home page which is less annoying.

The Not So Good

Power Button

Everything is pretty much good about this phone, but the power button that has been chosen by HTC drives me crazy. At first when I had the phone, I could not figure how to turn the screen off. The small black button at the top left is so barely visible. Having the power button just a bit more visible would have been great idea.
Capacitive Button Layout

I already knew about the HTC’s weird design having a back button and a home button. I never thought that it would cause much pain. Don’t take it for granted the 3-button layout that theAndroid has grown into the past few years unless someone takes it. By double tapping the screen never took me to home screen but it always showed the recent apps screen. I even also tried switching the layouts, but whenever I pulled the notification drawer present at the bottom of the screen, I would activate Google Now which has the same gesture.

Connection Issues

From the G-Nex which takes about half a day to turn off the 4G and 3G radios, the One was likea dream. For some reason when I switched from 4G to Wi-Fi and vice versa, I would be left with no data for a solid of 5 to 10 minutes. It is not the biggest problem in the world, but it is still noticeable.


If you are up to upgrade from the aging Galaxy Nexus or other older device, the HTC One is an awesome choice. The sales numbers of HTC might not reflect it, but they have put out one of the best smartphones of 2013. The HTC One’s camera is one of the few weak points.

Friday 27 December 2013

Soon Can Taste The Dishes You See On TV! Thanks To This Amazing Technology!!

What if you could enjoy live food that chefs cook at the cooking shows on TV? It is precisely the purpose of a team of researchers based in Singapore who invented electrodes capable of recreating not less than four tastes on your tongue!

More interesting isn’t it? The Scientist based in Singapore namely Nimesha Ranasinghe and his team have developed a new kind of electrodes which can recreate the taste of virtual foods on the taste buds of the tongue. These electrodes are able to recreate the four main flavors taste (salty, sweet, acidity and bitterness) stimulating the taste buds when placed on the tongue.

The electrodes made with silver residues send signals reproducing these 4 different flavors on the tip of the tongue. The buds are then deceived by alternating currents and temperature changes controlled by semiconductor elements which can produce heat and cold very quickly. Ranasinghe told that they found that non-invasive electrical and thermal stimulation on the tip of the tongue can successfully generated the primary taste sensations.

The device is quite impressive but scientists are working for minimizing its bigger size to fit into the closed mouth. For the team, this tool could be used in particular in the field of virtual reality and video games, where players could thus "taste" the fictional food of their games. Nimesha Renasinghe also thinks it could be introduced as a way to reward the player.

Of course, culinary television programs are not left out either! The researchers also explain that their tool could be used at the medical level, in particular to enable people with cancer to regain taste sensations. In any case, this is a really great invention.

Thus, we can taste the dishes prepared by cooking TV shows candidates and compare our views with those of the jury. And soon you, would you buy a television that allows you to taste the food that goes on the screen?

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Toshiba brings Android 4.3 Update for Excite Pro and Excite Write!

Excite Pro
Toshiba has released an update to Android 4.3 for the Android tablet Excite Pro and Excite Write. In addition to the new Android functions are improvements of the camera, and the ability to transmit screen content wirelessly. For Android Tablets Excite Pro and Excite write updates have been released. As the manufacturer Toshiba has announced that they bring the next Android version 4.3 with some other improvements.

So far, the two tablets were shipped with Android 4.2. The manufacturer brings up new features like video stabilization mode and many others. These determined by a sensor and eliminate unintentional movements during recording, via a comparison of the following successive frames are then compensated for. So also rolling shutter effects which are to be avoided.

With the update, users of the two tablets can also transfer screen contents via wireless display on other screens in the network. These include films, videos and photos. With two tablets users are thanks to wireless display also can play on an external display against each other together. In addition, can also be used in Landscape mode Toshiba notebook tool Trunote and the camera scanning software Trucapture now.

Toshiba has unveiled the Excite Pro and Excite Write in June 2013. Both tablets have 10 -inch displays with a high resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. Inside Tegra 4 processors operate at clock speeds of 1.8 GHz. The models Excite Pro and Excite Write differ in that the Excite Write additionally comes with a digitizer pen for handwritten input.

Moreover, the optional Bluetooth keyboard of Excite Pro comes at Excite Write for delivery. The Excite Pro is available currently from 360 Euros in the best Wi-Fi version with 16 GB. The Excite write cost in the cheapest version with Wi-Fi and 32 GB of memory just above 530 EUR.

Choosing best server OS: Windows server Vs Linux server

Is Windows or Linux server the best? Decades ago both OS were leveling each other. Later everyone moved on to Windows as their stable OS. Novell’s version of Linux proved to be the best competitor’s for Windows 8.

Choosing a sever always depends upon the type of usage a computer is used be it personal or business. However each server OS has its own pros and cons. Let me list out to you.
Versions of OS

Windows OS: 

The commonly used windows server OS versions are shown in the following.

(i) Windows Server 2012 R2 (2013)

(ii)Windows Multipoint Server (2012)

(iii) Windows Server 2012

(iv)Windows Multipoint Server (2011)

(v) Windows Home Server 2011

(vi) Windows Multipoint Server (2010)
(vii) Windows Server 2008 R2

(viii) Windows Home server (2007)

(ix) Windows Server 2008

(x) Windows Server 2003

(xi) Windows 2000

(xii) Windows NT 4.0

(xiii) Windows NT 3.5.1

(xiv) Windows NT 3.5

(xv) Windows NT 3.1

Most of this windows server OS comes out with different versions such as Service pack 1, Service pack 2 and Service pack 3. Those versions are also called as Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Data center Edition.

Linux OS: 

The Top 10 Linux server OS that is easy to use are shown below.

(i) Ubuntu

(ii) Red Hat

(iii) SUSE

(iv) Mandriva
(v) Xandros

(vi) Slackware

(vii) Debian

(viii) Vyatta

(ix) CentOS

(x) Unbreakable Linux

Now moving on to Linux, Linux OS has less disadvantages compared to windows.

Linux OS’s are the best suited for business organizations. Even organizations such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft organizations use the open source Linux for their purpose as they can venture freely with that type of environment.

Hope you got a clear idea about choosing a server OS.

Why PC games are more popular than Consoles?

PC games
There may be loads of consoles to play with. But everyone feels comfortable with PC as their bet gaming partner than that of consoles. This generation is the generation of computers. Reasons for the still existing fame of PC’s in the field of gaming compared to consoles are listed as follows.


PC’s are comfortable to play with and the screen size of the computer gives you the perfect compactness. Many may argue that PC’s do not support good graphics compared to consoles. But PC’s also gives you with a satisfactory graphics experience that is just needed for the game. Observe the graphic comparison for yourself.


Consoles are pretty expensive. You can a buy a PC instead of consoles since they can be used for multiple purposes. What would you choose? A product that supports only gaming facility else a product that supports many in addition to games? Well most of them prefers and finds comfortable with the second one.
Gives you a variety of options:

A PC gives you multiple options while playing. For instance you can use cheat codes.;) You can attach remove any kind of additional hardware controllers to your PC whereas you can use a rumple-pad alone in case of Gaming consoles. You have lot of online free games to download and play. No need of mods to play with a different manner.


Upgrades are available for each and every game. Is it better to download the versions online or upgrading your entire Xbox or whatever console you have. Moreover the components replacements are pretty expensive in consoles. In case of PC’s you just need to upgrade your graphic cards once in 4 years.


You can store a variety of games in computer whereas you’re not provided with such features in consoles however some of the console can store the amount like data stored in a DVD. In case of personal computer, the storage is practically unlimited. You can store as many as games until your storage space gets full. We can even install and store games in the external hard drive in case of personal computer games. People will go for personal computer instead of buying new hardware for the Gaming consoles.

Lack of the most popular games: 

Games such a Dota 2, Warcraft3, Civilization series, Starcraft 2 are the most popular games in the field of gaming and consoles lack such game which makes PC’s best compared to consoles. PC games are more in number while compared to the other console games; you can download thousands of games online from various websites for your personal computer. But in case of consoles, you need to buy the games from the markets. People love to play games in their personal computers rather than playing games in their consoles.
This reason might explain you why PC games are still popular compared to consoles. If you find any more reasons, then you can mention it in the comment box which is given below.

Having Trouble Finding a Holiday Gift? You Can't Go Wrong with an Awesome Tech Gadget

Everyone has at least a few people in their life who seem to make it impossible to find the right gift. Although you may feel like you've racked your brain over and over again in search of the right choice, you'll be relieved to know that there are still some options that are almost guaranteed to work. Thanks to their perfect balance of coolness and practicality, these gadgets will make even the toughest recipient happy when they open their gift from you:

Orb Audio Mini-T Amplifier V-2 ($69.99)
While these speakers can work quite well with a TV, that's not the only way people consume video. Whether it's regularly or every now and then, just about everyone watches videos on their computer, tablet or phone. What's awesome about this gift is it can take the sound of any speakers and greatly improve them. So instead of a smaller screen automatically meaning smaller sound, this sleek but highly effective amplifier can bring top notch sound to any viewing experience.

Hammerhead Bike Navigation ($75)
Shopping for someone who likes riding their bike or is planning on picking up this hobby in the near future? Then they will definitely like this really cool device. What sets this GPS apart from other options is instead of a small screen that forces users to squint, it has simple but effective LED lights that guide riders exactly where they want to go. And if that wasn't cool enough, the Hammerhead also has community and social features built around it that allow riders to share new routes with each other. Best of all, it's easy to manage this device from any iPhone or Android.

Leap Motion Controller ($79.99)
This device is a great fit for anyone who's into gaming. However, playing games is just one example of what the Leap Motion can be used to do. Even though it's quite small, this device is capable of tracking the motion of both hands. What's even more impressive is it can keep up with what each of someone's ten fingers are doing. Because it offers such precision, painting, drawing, sketching, drumming and strumming on a computer are just a few examples of what the Leap Motion can bring to life. And because it creates such an immersive experience, it's just as entertaining for kids as it is senior citizens.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit ($29.99)
If you're shopping for someone who still smokes traditional cigarettes, it's time to bring them into the future. With a starter kit from ZEMOcigs.com, smokers can enjoy a revolutionary experience that doesn't involve tobacco smoke or unpleasant vapors. Instead, the only thing that's produced is vapor. In addition to the obvious freedom that provides, e-cigs also cost less and last far longer than traditional cigarettes. In terms of the amount of nicotine provided, a single e-cig cartridge is equal to approximately two packs of standard cigarettes.

Kensington iPad SafeGrip ($54.99)
This iPad case was specifically designed for K-6 graders. The reason is while an iPad can really add a lot of the learning environment, that age group can also put these devices through a lot of abuse. This accessory ensures that even through that abuse, the iPad remains in pristine shape. Because of the great design of this case, it's also ideal for adults in plenty of different professions. For anyone who wants a simple way to carry their iPad without worrying about damaging it, this is the case to accomplish that goal. An added benefit is it can easily be secured thanks to the case's ClickSafe Security Anchor.

Eton BoostTurbine 4000 ($79.99)
Whether it happens halfway across the globe or just across town, everyone hates to suddenly realize that their phone is going to die before they're able to make an important phone call or send a crucial text. The good news is you can help anyone on your list avoid this dilemma by giving them the BoostTurbine 4000. What sets this backup device apart from others is even if someone is stuck somewhere without access to an electrical outlet, the hand crank functionality of this gadget means it can still provide power to keep a cellphone going.

Jordan Odell is a technology blogger. After graduating college five years ago and realizing that most "real" jobs are quite boring, he decided he would prefer to get paid for playing with and writing about all the types of awesome gadgets that he absolutely loves.

Sony updating Android 4.3 for Xperia devices

Sony Xperia
Sony starts distributing Android 4.3 for two of the first Z- devices. In addition to the Xperia Tablet Z and the Xperia Z there are additional updates to the ZR and ZL models.

The updates are, however, gradually spread. Sony distributes Android 4.3 for several older Z Smartphones and a tablet in the Z series, as the company announced earlier. The updates are as usual not all users are going to get it immediately.

The Xperia Tablet Z and the Xperia Z tested each with Android 4.1. With the update, Sony eliminates errors and brings the in-house software to a current status. In particular, the Xperia Tablet Z offers now have a better partitioning of different users according to Sony.

At the same time the update for the models Sony Xperia ZR and ZL is still pending in few countries. The distribution of Android 4.3 for Smartphones Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra was already launched last week. As usual this update is still pending for users of few countries.

Canonical launches Ubuntu and Android dual boot

Ubuntu dual boot
Canonical has released the developer preview of a dual-boot option for Ubuntu and Android. For both operating systems running on a Smartphone, and users can switch between the two.

Ubuntu on mobile can be in the current developer preview parallel to install Android on an Android Smartphone. On Android side various Android versions are supported by the open source variant AOSP. However, only Android 4.2 currently supported.

About an app that exists for both Ubuntu and Android, you can switch between operating systems. The Smartphone will boot after a restart in the most recently selected system. However Canonical advises inexperienced users explicitly from the installation from, because it may well it might be necessary to flash the phone again if something goes wrong.

The actual installation of Ubuntu on mobile with the dual-boot option is quite simple: given only the dual-boot app for Android has to be installed. This will take care of installing Ubuntu and starts the new Smartphone, so Ubuntu instead of Android will be charged. In this case, the whole thing officially runs only on Google's Nexus 4, because other devices are not currently being tested.