Monday 16 December 2013

Vim can be used as Javascript and 3D modeler


The open-source text editor Vim can also embed a Javascript engine into web pages from now. Other developers use it to create 3D models. Vim or Vi Improved and it can not be killed now. Now developers have implemented the Text Editor as Javascript - module, it can thus be used in the web browser.

Other developers use it as a basis for 3D modeling software. Vim can be used not only for developing with Javascript. The developer Lu Wang rewrote it in javascript under the name Vim.js. or Vi Improved; this allows easy use and embed in a web page. Still if it does not work or for any issue the help can not be called. Apparently, there is also no interface to the local file system, text files can not open or save.

Vim.js knows most commands of the text editor now. Vim.js uses a modified version of Mozilla's Javascript engine Narcissus. The code is available on Github under several free licenses and can be forked. For a project; developer Dan Lynch and Barry Martin of Vim have made a 3D modeling software. More can be edited in Vim3D scenes and objects are created.

These serve the various Vim commands. Lynch has this already in 2010 a framework program that allows to interact with the 3D model and the Vim command set. Via so-called channels can import 3D objects from a library. It was created in GNUPlot or Matlab files are supported. For the rendering OpenGL 2.0 is required.

 Vim3D is primarily aimed at developers or engineers who want to easily visualize objects or data - and have a penchant for Vim. As an example, the developers perform on a project in which the movements of a robot can be represented visually from the corresponding code. Vim3D is under the BSD license and is also on Github as a code.

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