Wednesday 11 December 2013

Best Ways To Find An Affordable & Reliable Locksmith In Your Area

Are you currently dealing with an expensive locksmith or have you had an experience in the past where a locksmith has charged you top dollar? You should know that this doesn’t have to be the case and it is actually quite easy to find an affordable locksmith and in this post, we'll give you all of the tips you need to find one right here.
It is a common mentality in people that the more they pay for something the better it is but this is not the case with locksmithing. When it comes to locksmiths, it's a fairly "cut and dry" type service, they unlock your door, they replace a lock and to be honest, there isn't much else to it that may increase the price. It is true that quality locks will cost more than poor quality ones but this is about the only variable that may come into play.
Below are the tips and tricks you need to find an expert locksmith that's both affordable and reliable.

1. Find Them Now

Most people wait until it is too late before they look for a locksmith. They look when they are locked out of their house, car or when they have been burgled to start looking for a locksmith, which is too-little too-late. They end up settling on the first one that they find which is a bad idea. The risk of landing an expensive one is very high if you take this approach. Instead of waiting for disaster to dictate who your locksmith will be, look now. Compare companies and see who offers the best services for the least prices. Keep their contact information in your wallet in case you need them in an emergency.

2. Hire During Business Hours (if possible)

Typically, you will pay more for a locksmith if you hire them to do jobs in the middle of the night. As much as possible, have your lock work done in the day. They usually charge you for calling them out in the middle of the night. If you find that you have locked yourself out of your car, for instance, you can have your insurance company tow it and then contact the locksmith in the morning. For your home, you can have a copy of your key with a trusted neighbour in case you lock yourself out. If you are robbed in the middle of the night however, you will have to call locksmiths in right away so that you can be able to lock your doors for the night.

3. Get References

The best way to get a locksmith is to ask around. Your friends, family and neighbours may have dealt with an affordable locksmith whom they like. Find two or three and compare them and then pick the one who is best. Avoid choosing the cheapest. Instead choose affordable. A cheap locksmith may have such low prices because they use substandard locks.

4. Look Online For Variety

The good thing about the internet is that it gives a lot of information about various types of businesses. You will get not just a variety of locksmiths but you will also get reviews telling you whether a locksmith is good or bad. When you find positive reviews, make sure that they are not affiliated with the locksmith, make sure they are not affiliated in any way. The best are usually recommended by websites such as the Better Business Bureau or BBB. A simple search in Google for local locksmiths around your area such as "Locksmith Melbourne" or "Locksmiths in Brisbane" will help you to narrow down the list of potential locksmiths for you to choose.

5. Look For Credibility

Locksmiths can be expensive in a different way – they can come back and rob you. Always check that a locksmith has a clean record. You can do a quick check online. If you are dealing with a company and not an individual, make sure to confirm that they have done background checks of the locksmith they send to your home or place of business.

6. Always Ask For ID

Don’t just open the door because you are expecting them. You must always ask to see an ID. They will usually have a card with their name and picture but you should look to see if the card indicates which associations he belongs to. Good locksmiths make sure that they join the relevant bodies that regulate their trade. These will change depending on where you are. You can find the necessary information online.

7. Check How Long They Have Been Around

You want to deal with a locksmith who has been at the job in your area for a while. This is because the kind who rob people don’t stay in one location for long; they have to keep moving to avoid arrest. If a locksmith has been around less than 6 months, you may want to keep looking. It also means that you will get someone with experience.

8. Check The Average Prices In Your Area

If you don’t know what people are paying for locksmith services in your area, you might be paying more than you should be. It is quite easy to find out; go online and randomly pick between 3 and 5 locksmiths and then call them and ask them what they charge for different services. You can ask them, for instance, how much they charge to copy keys and to rekey locks. You will start to get a fair idea of how much you should pay for services.

9. Get Someone Who Is Well Known In The Community

If you live in a small community, get the locksmith that is used by most of the people around you. It reduces the chances of you hiring a locksmith who does substandard work and also that they cannot come back and rob you.
These are excellent tips for hiring an affordable and reliable locksmith however, nothing beats your gut feeling and if it doesn't feel right, send him / her packing. It doesn’t matter how good a locksmith looks on paper; if you meet them and you don’t get a positive vibe, let them go and keep looking.
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