Tuesday 24 December 2013

Having Trouble Finding a Holiday Gift? You Can't Go Wrong with an Awesome Tech Gadget

Everyone has at least a few people in their life who seem to make it impossible to find the right gift. Although you may feel like you've racked your brain over and over again in search of the right choice, you'll be relieved to know that there are still some options that are almost guaranteed to work. Thanks to their perfect balance of coolness and practicality, these gadgets will make even the toughest recipient happy when they open their gift from you:

Orb Audio Mini-T Amplifier V-2 ($69.99)
While these speakers can work quite well with a TV, that's not the only way people consume video. Whether it's regularly or every now and then, just about everyone watches videos on their computer, tablet or phone. What's awesome about this gift is it can take the sound of any speakers and greatly improve them. So instead of a smaller screen automatically meaning smaller sound, this sleek but highly effective amplifier can bring top notch sound to any viewing experience.

Hammerhead Bike Navigation ($75)
Shopping for someone who likes riding their bike or is planning on picking up this hobby in the near future? Then they will definitely like this really cool device. What sets this GPS apart from other options is instead of a small screen that forces users to squint, it has simple but effective LED lights that guide riders exactly where they want to go. And if that wasn't cool enough, the Hammerhead also has community and social features built around it that allow riders to share new routes with each other. Best of all, it's easy to manage this device from any iPhone or Android.

Leap Motion Controller ($79.99)
This device is a great fit for anyone who's into gaming. However, playing games is just one example of what the Leap Motion can be used to do. Even though it's quite small, this device is capable of tracking the motion of both hands. What's even more impressive is it can keep up with what each of someone's ten fingers are doing. Because it offers such precision, painting, drawing, sketching, drumming and strumming on a computer are just a few examples of what the Leap Motion can bring to life. And because it creates such an immersive experience, it's just as entertaining for kids as it is senior citizens.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit ($29.99)
If you're shopping for someone who still smokes traditional cigarettes, it's time to bring them into the future. With a starter kit from ZEMOcigs.com, smokers can enjoy a revolutionary experience that doesn't involve tobacco smoke or unpleasant vapors. Instead, the only thing that's produced is vapor. In addition to the obvious freedom that provides, e-cigs also cost less and last far longer than traditional cigarettes. In terms of the amount of nicotine provided, a single e-cig cartridge is equal to approximately two packs of standard cigarettes.

Kensington iPad SafeGrip ($54.99)
This iPad case was specifically designed for K-6 graders. The reason is while an iPad can really add a lot of the learning environment, that age group can also put these devices through a lot of abuse. This accessory ensures that even through that abuse, the iPad remains in pristine shape. Because of the great design of this case, it's also ideal for adults in plenty of different professions. For anyone who wants a simple way to carry their iPad without worrying about damaging it, this is the case to accomplish that goal. An added benefit is it can easily be secured thanks to the case's ClickSafe Security Anchor.

Eton BoostTurbine 4000 ($79.99)
Whether it happens halfway across the globe or just across town, everyone hates to suddenly realize that their phone is going to die before they're able to make an important phone call or send a crucial text. The good news is you can help anyone on your list avoid this dilemma by giving them the BoostTurbine 4000. What sets this backup device apart from others is even if someone is stuck somewhere without access to an electrical outlet, the hand crank functionality of this gadget means it can still provide power to keep a cellphone going.

Jordan Odell is a technology blogger. After graduating college five years ago and realizing that most "real" jobs are quite boring, he decided he would prefer to get paid for playing with and writing about all the types of awesome gadgets that he absolutely loves.

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