Friday 27 December 2013

Soon Can Taste The Dishes You See On TV! Thanks To This Amazing Technology!!

What if you could enjoy live food that chefs cook at the cooking shows on TV? It is precisely the purpose of a team of researchers based in Singapore who invented electrodes capable of recreating not less than four tastes on your tongue!

More interesting isn’t it? The Scientist based in Singapore namely Nimesha Ranasinghe and his team have developed a new kind of electrodes which can recreate the taste of virtual foods on the taste buds of the tongue. These electrodes are able to recreate the four main flavors taste (salty, sweet, acidity and bitterness) stimulating the taste buds when placed on the tongue.

The electrodes made with silver residues send signals reproducing these 4 different flavors on the tip of the tongue. The buds are then deceived by alternating currents and temperature changes controlled by semiconductor elements which can produce heat and cold very quickly. Ranasinghe told that they found that non-invasive electrical and thermal stimulation on the tip of the tongue can successfully generated the primary taste sensations.

The device is quite impressive but scientists are working for minimizing its bigger size to fit into the closed mouth. For the team, this tool could be used in particular in the field of virtual reality and video games, where players could thus "taste" the fictional food of their games. Nimesha Renasinghe also thinks it could be introduced as a way to reward the player.

Of course, culinary television programs are not left out either! The researchers also explain that their tool could be used at the medical level, in particular to enable people with cancer to regain taste sensations. In any case, this is a really great invention.

Thus, we can taste the dishes prepared by cooking TV shows candidates and compare our views with those of the jury. And soon you, would you buy a television that allows you to taste the food that goes on the screen?

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