Tuesday 10 December 2013

12 alternatives for the MS outlook

Thunder bird
No people can say that they are not familiar with MS outlook every Microsoft user are well worse with this name every people are familiar only with the name no matters that you use it or not.

A proven fact says that many people feel uncomfortable while using this outlook, no reasons why but here a list of similar products in the market which tries to catch hold of the place of MS but they behave much more effective than outlook
*Thunder bird
*phoenix mall
*Zimbra desktop
*em client
*claus mail
*pegasu mail Apple mail tical
*novel evolution2
*MS encourage 2008

Thunder bird: 
 This is open source application software the act will in even in low configuration system. *It offers great feature with anti spamming and filter features.

*It supports multiple mail accounts.

Incredible mail 2: 

*Supports additional features.
*GUI that support numerous features for all types of people.
 *One of the best alternatives for outlook.


 *It is a open source that support mail accounts.
*Gives support features that includes anti spamming and RSS feeds. Every part could be customized individually.

Phoenix mall: 

*Platform independent open source application for all users.
*This allows multiple mail account.
*Highly user friendly user interface with good design.


 This is the only alternative that provide serve to connect with social network easily, which is not provided by any other alternative and that is not present in MS outlook too.


*A made in collaboration with Mozilla and thunderbird.
*Made especially for window and Linux.
*Looks like outlook but may be a perfect alternative.


*It run of XI Vista.
*connects with any application to make it much more effective

Claus mail: 
*People call this as perfect alternate to MS outlook, the main reason is that it exchange the information at a faster rate that help business people to be more reliable on this.

Pegarus mail: 

*oldest ever.
*best alternative
*atmost stability
*strict observance

 Apple mail tical:

*operates in Mac platform
*dragging events with mouse to the calendar
*platform dependent

 Novel evolution 2: 

*support task and memo
*platform independent
*specifically designed for LINUX
*offers many filtering capabilities
*completely configurable

MS encourage 200s

*completely similar to outlook
*it is a part of MsOffice
*slight change in working
*move changes in interface.

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