Tuesday 31 December 2013

How to compare, select and buy best e-Readers

Tired of searching for the best journals online? Wanna know how to compare, select and buy best e-Readers? Let me give you some hints for it.

First things first: 

There’s a thing called “Rating” where people who’ve already bought the product and used it. There might be many companies that offer with good e-Readers but this rating gives awareness to the people before buying the best among them. So concentrate on the rating of the products. Here’s the link for finding the best ones. http://e-readers.findthebest.com/ and regarding the review the following link is preferable. http://ebook-reader-review.toptenreviews.com/


Let us see what should a good e-Reader possess? If you’re going to buy this for the first time then this will be pretty useful to you. Else you can skip to the next step.

Connection: Some e-Readers depend upon computers for connectivity purpose whereas recently developed ones have the facility to support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth which are lot more convenient than the former ones. So latter’s preferable.

Price: About the price??? Well it depends upon you. If you want a stylish touch screen e-Reader then you’ve to buy the better ones that cost more. If you’re a simple-go-guy then there are good e-Readers suited to your very own budget.

Screen size: Most of them do not see this as a major factor. Screen size is really important. If this e-Reader is for your business purpose then big screen would be more opt. If it’s for your personal use make it simple and portable. Based on the screen size of the e-readers, you can view and read various levels of files in those e-readers. If the size of the screen goes high, then you can experience more readability; suppose if the size of the screen gets too low, then you will feel discomfort while reading the files in the e-readers

Files that can be supported: Basically TXT and PDF files are generally supported by all e-Readers. Current readers have been developed to support a large range of graphics and audio files too. Based on the various levels of files that are supported by the e-readers, you can buy the best e-readers for your use. The files types support plays a crucial role in placing in usage of that e-readers.

Now you might have an idea on what basis you should buy a reader.


Browse about the companies. There are a variety of e-book manufacturers. Some of the famous ones are Amazon, Kobo, and Sony etc. The following link provides you about the basics of the companies that manufacture e-books.



Compare each e-books based on the features offered by the companies. For e.g. the following link gives you the features as well as the cons of Kobo Aura reader.

http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2417920,00.asp. Compare them with the other products based on price, ratings etc. Here’s the link for Amazon kindle e-books.


There. Now you might be clear how to compare, buy and select the best e-Readers. Good Luck.

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