Tuesday 10 December 2013

Film School Los Angeles

Film School
Video Symphony is a professional institute located in Burbank, California that specializes in all forms of production and post-production training in both the television and film industries. Their instructors are industry pros with proven experience and impressive resumes, and the school offers the latest in software, equipment and studio space. Video Symphony is the best film school los angeles offers for those seeking practical training in the cutting-edge fields of today's industry.

Video Symphony offers certificate programs in film and television editing, digital editing, pro tools audio engineering and graphics animation. Its reputation for excellence in the field of production and post production is unparalleled. Moreover, the assistance they give is not simply educational. Their Career Counseling and Placement Center has a team of skilled officers committed to helping students find work after graduation, and because the institute has placed literally thousands of its graduates in Hollywood jobs, there is a strong network of graduates already predisposed to hire graduates with the same proven skill set.

Whether you are seeking to enter the field of film or television production for the first time, or if you are just looking for training in new tools and technologies, Video Symphony is a nationally credited institution (ACCET) with the reputation and stellar instruction capable of launching your career in the Hollywood film and television industries.

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