Monday 26 December 2022

Client-Side Encryption for Gmail

Google announced that the client-side encryption is in beta for Workspace and education customers. The purpose of this is to keep the emails secured, those emails which are sent with the help of the platform's web version. When people are very much concerned about data security and online privacy, Google released the update. If you want to secure your private data, then it will be a welcome gift.

The Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Education Standard customers are able to sign up for this until January 20, 2023. Hence, you need to know that the update is unavailable for personal Google Accounts.

How to Set Up Client-Side Encryption for Gmail (beta):

The client-side encryption beta allows the users to send and receive encrypted emails both within & outside of the domain. You should know that Gmail bodies and attachments encrypt inline images, whereas email headers along with the subject, timestamps, and recipients lists are not encrypted in Gmail.

If you have Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, or Education Standard, it is possible to apply for the Gmail CSE beta. Before applying, you should follow these steps to generate the account.

Set up Gmail CSE beta:

1. Prepare your account:

Ensure that your company uses Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, or Education Standard.

Step 1) Set up your environment:

Make a new GCP project enabling the Gmail API in Google cloud console:

  • Your first job is to generate a new GCP project. Make sure that you have noted down the Project ID. 
  • Now, Google makes the project accessible to non-public, pre-release Gmail API endpoints.
  • Head towards the Google API Console. Next, you should enable the API for a new project.
  • After that, move to the Service accounts page to generate a service account.
  • Finally, you should save your private file key to the local system for the service account. 

Grant your service account domain-wide access:

  • You should sign in to the Admin console of Google workspace using your super administrator account. 
  • After that, you need to move to Security. Then, you should go to Access and data control, API controls. After that you need to go to a Domain-wide delegation. 
  • You have to use the service account's client ID ( made at the time of setup) so that you can add a new API client. 
  • Finally, you needed to use the account for the OAuth scopes: gmail.settings.basic, gmail.settings.sharing, gmail.readonly.

Create the test group of users for Gmail CSE:

  • You need to first sign in to the Admin console of Google workspace. Then, you need to move to Directory and Groups. 
  • Next, you should tap on the Create group. 
  • Now, your task now is to add users separately to the test group to let them use the CSE beta of Gmail. Ensure that you are not adding groups. 
  • Note down the email address of the test group.

Step 2) Prepare your certificates:

Create S/MIME certificates: Ensure that there is a S/MIME certificate for every user who is in the group and who is going to test Gmail CSE. You should know that senders & recipients need certificates. Therefore, for S/MIME, you need to move to Gmail-trusted CA certificates. If you are willing to use the test certificate authority, you should indicate that uploading the certificate to the Admin console of Google workspace trusts the root CA.

You need to use the key service to wrap S/MIME private keys. Hence, you should read the steps which can be found in the documentation of the service provider and follow them.

Step 3) Configure your key service and IdP:

  • First, you should set up the external key service— only the primary key service, not the secondary one. 
  • After that, you need to link the workspace to the key service. 
  • Then, you should connect Workspace to IdP or Identify Provider.

2. Apply for the Gmail CSE beta:

Submit the Test Application of the CSE Beta once you are ready. Ensure that you add the essential email address, Project ID, and test group domain.

As soon as the application is received, you will get an email in your account when it is ready.

Now, you should try setting up the CSE beta for the users.

3. Set up Gmail CSE beta:

Once there is a notification saying that the account is ready, you should go through the steps so that you can set up the CSE beta.

1. Turn on Gmail CSE:

Use the super administrator account to sign in to your Admin console of Google.

Head towards Security thereafter and move to Client-side encryption.

Now, you should tap on Gmail.

Go to the left panel, and choose the group which you have submitted in the enrollment form of your Gmail CSE.

You have to manage the User access so that you can set this to On. Hence, up to twenty-four hours may be required to take effect. However, it happens very quickly.

In case you remove a user from the group or turn Gmail CSE off for the group, all previous client-side encrypted content will remain accessible.

2. Upload users' certificates and wrapped private keys to Google:

You may use the Gmail API to upload the S/MIME certificate of a user and wrap the private key with the service account private key file. All users need to make a key pair and an Identity with the help of the key pair.

The process needs up to 24 hours to make the certificates available in Gmail. Finally, you can use Gmail CSE.

4. Send and receive Gmail CSE Emails:

Ensure that the sender and recipients turn on CSE, and have valid certificates. If any recipient forgets to carry a valid certificate, the sender is unable to send the email.

Send an encrypted email:

  • Your first task is to tap on Compose in Gmail. 
  • After that, you must tap on Message security in the message's right corner. 
  • Now, you should tap on Turn on in Additional encryption. 
  • Next, your task is to add the subject, recipients, and message content. 
  • Tap on Send. Then, you should sign into the identity provider when prompted.

Receive encrypted email:

  • As soon as you get the CSE encrypted message, you can see "Encrypted message" under the name of the sender. 
  • Your first job is to open your encrypted message in your inbox. When prompted, your job is to sign in to the identity provider. 
  • Then, you may see the message decrypted automatically in the Gmail browser window.

Try out Gmail CSE features:

There are a few features that you should try in the account.

  • Send and receive encrypted messages within the organization 
  • Send emails to external recipients 
  • Share digital signatures with external recipients 
  • Include quoted emails in a thread 
  • Receive emails from other mail clients like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. 
  • Attach a file 
  • Paste an image 
  • Forward messages 
  • Save encrypted drafts 
  • Undo send


Google Drive apps which are for iOS, Android, and desktop, compatible with client-side encryption. According to Google, the specification will be integrated into mobile apps for Meet and Calendar later. Google also said that the Client-side encryption secures the data and addresses a huge range of data sovereignty and compliance needs.

Thursday 22 December 2022

Google Voice: Best Call Performance with Intelligent Network Switching

Google Voice: Best Call Performance with Intelligent Network Switching

Google is currently offering a new update to the Voice app which is known as "Intelligent Network Switching." This feature enables you to switch intelligently from Wi-Fi to cellular connections, as its primary purpose is improving call performance. The app is able to detect the poor connection between wiFi Or cellular and switches automatically. It can offer an improved calling experience without disturbances. Hence, as a user, you need to enable the feature in the app. Then, it will switch the network.

What does it actually mean?

Suppose you are placing a call and the app has a single ideal network for choosing from, which indicates if you switch to WiFi when you are on the call, it will still remain connected with the cellular connection. However, people can now experience a huge and enhanced difference with improved call quality performance. In addition, you should remember that this new update from Google lets you generate a few rules for incoming calls.

Hence, you need to know that calls can be routed in various ways. Besides, what is unique in this case is that the app can bring smart replies to the platform. As a result, you can respond to incoming messages easily. Remember that the app can determine which connection has the ability of providing improved call quality. As a result, it switches automatically when the call is in progress. Earlier, the app had the ability of choosing the ideal network when the call was placed initially. It means that in case, in the middle of a call, the user went from cellular to WiFi. Then it may stick with the cellular connection. But now, Google is launching essential updates to the platform. As a result, people can get improved call performance.

Impact of Smart Suggestions:

The service got a new update at the end of the year's end, and this update states that calls can be routed from different callers. Smart Reply suggestions are available throughout Google's portfolio of the products. As a result, users can give an easy path for responding to incoming messages. Hence, it will be a great addition to Google Voice. If you want to use the app, head toward the Play Store. You can use the application to contact friends, family, and coworkers. Moreover, it can offer a new digital phone number without any additional cost. But people who belong from outside of the US can not take benefits of this perk.

You should know due to the new update Google Voice, it can offer improved call quality to the users. Now, the service can switch to another network, indicating that if the current network fails when you are on a call, the app will choose the best network.

What did Google say about it?

Google said that before launching this new update, the service was able to identify only the ideal network when you placed a call. At that time, the service wasn't able to make any changes in network performance. Therefore, in the middle of a call, the users needed to remain with a cellular network even though they switched to a Wi-Fi connection. The company has not specified for which platform the enhancement is done. But it is expected that the app will be likely available on phone apps.

In this regard, you should know that this one is a simple addition to a service that has not got enough love from Google. According to the reports, the company has done the last update in October. This new feature allows the people to use mobile numbers from local carriers on the platform. The company released some shortcuts in the previous year. 

These shortcuts allow the user to call or text someone directly. Hence, you need to long-press the app's icon on the home screen. Moreover, you can quickly access the currently used contacts using the shortcuts. The company closed the Voice website already for personal accounts earlier this year. Along with this, a few web features, like carrier-forwarded calls from linked numbers, can be removed.

Friday 9 December 2022

What is the New YouTube Emotes Feature?

What is the New YouTube Emotes Feature?

As a YouTube user, we all have noticed a dramatic transformation in recent years because of the user engagement level. As it is essential to carry on the user-centric approach, the website has rolled out a new feature named 'YoutTube Emotes.' With the help of this feature, you can express your thoughts through fun images at the time of live streaming. You can use these images also while commenting on any post or video.

People already have used emojis on YouTube videos and streams while commenting. Now, the app has included a massive collection of custom emojis which you can send through comments. Like the stickers in Emoji Kitchen stickers, you can paste the static images into the conversation. But you should know that it will not appear like the animated stickers that you can find in Telegram.

This feature also has a little bit of similarities to the specification that Twitch offers for livestreams. When it comes to Twitch, you will get custom-created emoji from the streamers. But if it comes to talk about YouTube, you should know that the emotes are available sitewide.

But according to YouTube, the emotes are generated mainly for gaming. However, a lot of designs will be added to the platform. You should know that this feature is currently unavailable for mobiles. It seems that there will be approximately 60 emotes available for a chat.

What is the new YouTube Emotes feature?

Sometimes, it happens that we are unable to express our feelings through words. Then, we need emojis to add interest to the chat. So, to make the chats more interesting, YouTube has introduced this new 'YoutTube Emotes' feature.

Using this specification, you will be able to see a few fun images that you can use while live streaming or commenting. YouTube Emotes is actually a collection of several fun images which can be used to create a community on the app. This new feature lets you see all the emojis and emotes located under any channel membership custom emojis. Like emotes on Twitch, YouTube has introduced its own emotes. In this regard, you should know that Twitch is a famous platform for interactions of live-streaming content.

The main intention of launching this feature is to provide several emojis which you can use to communicate or comment to express your thoughts properly. Another fact that you should know is that Abelle Hayford, Guy Field, and Yujin Won made gaming Emotes. YouTube is expected to add more categories and themes. But YouTube didn't indicate whether the platform is testing this new feature in selected regions Or with small groups. Therefore, it seems that the platform will offer this new feature to all the users.

How to use YouTube Emotes:

If you want to use emotes, your first task is to hit the icon in comments or live chat. Therefore, you get to see all emojis and emotes. Whereas the YouTube emotes can be found under any channel membership custom emojis. You can insert emotes in live chat using particular names. For example, you need to type ":smile:'' to autocomplete the smile emoji. In chat, you have to type the name of emote while watching a stream. According to YouTube, Emotes are especially for gaming, but the platform will bring more emote themes.


The company YouTube introduced the "Live Q&A" feature in November. With the help of this feature, it is possible to create Q&A sessions and manage them in the live chat when the streaming continues. People are able to access the feature via the "Live Control Room".

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to use or access YouTube Emotes?

You should hit the icon only during the live chat or comments. Then, it will display all emojis and emotes.

Q. What was the new feature for the Live Q&A YouTube feature introduced last month?

It will allow you to create Q&A sessions and manage them too during streaming, and live chat.

Thursday 1 December 2022

Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker

Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker

TPV Technology recently introduced the Philips TAS2505 Portable Bluetooth speaker. It comes with an IPX7 rating. Besides, it is equipped with the 800mAh battery that can provide ten hours of playtime. The 6W max output power of this device makes it unique.

This model is equipped with mono loudspeakers and a passive radiator for a punchy base. Besides, it comes with a multi-color LED strip. The strap can flash in sync with the music. In addition, the speaker is very lightweight and comes in a compact design. As it has a carry-on strap, you can carry the speaker easily while trekking and hiking.

You can enjoy hands-free calling with the default microphone. According to the company, the play time of the model is more than ten hours on a full charge. The company says users, the speaker gets fully charged within just 2.5 hours through a USB-C port.

Features of Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker:

Robust and IPX7 waterproof:

The model is IPX7-rated, indicating that it can withstand entire immersion in water up to 1m deep for up to half an hour. It is the perfect model if you want to party in the shower, by the pool, or in the pool. 20 m is the wireless range of the model.

10 hours of playtime and 2.5 hours of charging time:

What makes the model unique is that it can offer clear sound even when you are playing the music at a loud base. There is a passive radiator for boosting the bass. With a playtime of ten hours, the model takes 2.5 hours to get fully charged. It comes with a built-in mic. The music will pause automatically when a call comes.

Multi-color LED lights:

The speaker grille comes with LEDs that can flash several colors when music is played. The LEDS will get dimmed once you turn down the volume. With the help of the carry strap, you can tote the speaker easily. Besides, you can hang this from your bike's handlebars.

Pick your favorite color:

The device comes in different color options. So, you can pick your favorite color to show your style. In addition, the model features automatic pairing and a digital volume control system.

The lanyard of the product allows the users to carry the speaker easily. With the help of a 1.75-inch broadband driver, the product can deliver a clear sound and strong bass.


The model comes with a default microphone, LED lights, type-C USB charging cable, warranty card, worldwide warranty card, fast start guide, and so on.

Dimensions and weight: 

If it comes to measure the dimension of this model, then you should know that the depth is 9.1cm, whereas 4.1cm is its height and 9.15 cm is the width. Weight of this model is 0.19kg.

Specifications of Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Speaker drivers: 1.75″ full range 
  • 6W maximum output power 
  • Mono sound system 
  • Power LED indicator: RGB 
  • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP and AVRCP 
  • Bluetooth range: Line of sight, 20m


  • 2.5 hr charging time and 10 hours playtime 
  • Built-in microphone 
  • Type-C USB charging cable 
  • IPX7 water resistance 
  • 5.0 Bluetooth version 
  • 800mAh battery capacity


  • Unable to connect to android devices sometimes.


Philips TAS2505 Bluetooth Speaker can provide a wireless range of up to 20 m. According to the company, this model can run up to 10 hours on a single charge. Besides, it comes with a built-in mic for calls. Moreover, it is IPX7 rated.

Monday 28 November 2022

Jabra Evolve2 65 UC

Jabra Evolve2 65 UC

If you are one of those people who want to keep themselves updated with the technology and don't prefer to miss any details, then the Jabra Evolve2 65 UCheadphone is a great option. Its unbeatable cost will definitely impress you. The headset comes with wireless connectivity, and the cable length is 1.2 m, whereas the depth is 60.5 mm. To design it Leatherette ear pad material is used.

This attractive piece of wearable technology is available in a fresh modern look. This model comes in a matt black finish. The overall design and look of this headset is impressive.

Features of Jabra Evolve2 65 UC:

Modern Standard: 

If you want excellent performance, go for this model. For fantastic call performance professional audio is needed. This headset comes with three professional microphones which are powerful and placed strategically. In addition, it is equipped with an advanced digital chipset and the latest signal-processing technology. Due to these exceptional features, the call quality has become incredible. Overall, we can say that it is a modern Standard of great calls.


UC-certified indicates UC-satisfaction. You should know that satisfaction guarantee is not one of the features which you can see these days. But the model brings it back. For seamless collaboration, the headset is compatible with almost all renowned Unified Communications (UC) platforms. Regarding the Microsoft Teams UC platform, the Teams-certified variant is optimized to offer a mind-blowing experience.


You can feel the music after wearing this headset. The headset comes with robust leak-tolerant speakers of 40mm size. Besides, this device is powered with an advanced digital chipset. This professional headset is able to bring the audio quality to another level.

Noise Isolation: 

Suppose you are working in your office or travelling somewhere. In such cases, background noise may irritate the flow. Thanks to the isolating foam oval ear cushions and pioneering new angled ear cup design due to which the headset is able to block the noise around you completely. By blocking out the surroundings, this model can deliver passive noise cancellation. This model works as a portable, quiet room for the head. Besides, it is equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone consisting of a three-mic array. It can pick up the user's voice outstandingly and remove unnecessary sounds like barking, doorbell ringing, office sounds, road noise, etc., from the background.


The manufacturer has brought the busylight to another level as it becomes visible from any direction. The red light will be turned on automatically if you are on a call or in a meeting. Besides, if you want, you can activate this manually by touching a button. Therefore, if you are in the middle of everything, the busy light keeps you protected from all angles and interruptions.


The headset can handle the pace when you are walking corridors, in or out of meetings, or working remotely. With the help of advanced battery efficiency technology, the model can run up to thirty-seven hours on a single time charge of ninety minutes. When it comes to quick charge, it only takes 15 minutes to get fully charged and can last eight hours. Moreover, this product comes with a charging stand.


The wireless headset is so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing this. The exact shape is given to the model using biometric measurements, and later soft memory foam cushions are added, molding to the ear's natural contours.


When it comes to talk about the technology, you should know that value packs and firmware upgrades are a few exceptional features that are increasing the technology.


You can accomplish these two methods for computer connectivity—

  • USB dongle (included) 
  • Bluetooth ( computer should be Bluetooth enabled )

You may make computer connectivity through Bluetooth. But it is not advised because the sound quality will be less compared to using a dongle. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity does not allow the users to answer remote calls. In this case, you can not answer calls when you are away from the desk. So, you should go back to the desk to receive the call.

Wireless range: 

This headphone uses Bluetooth version 5.0. It is designed to offer up to 100 feet of wireless range.


6.22 ounces is the weight of the model.

Fully padded headband: 

Nowadays, most headsets do not come with this feature. However, this model includes silicone padding where the head top meets the band. In addition, the padding continues down and alongside the head. The motive of designing the model was to offer better comfort.

Oversize memory foam earpads: This model comes with ear pads consisting of memory foam. Due to the pads' large size, the memory foam can be shared with the entire ear.

Technical Specifications of Jabra Evolve2 65 UC:


  • Music mode: 20Hz – 20,000Hz 
  • Speak mode: 100Hz-8,000Hz 
  • Microphone frequency range: 100Hz-14kHz 
  • User hearing protection: Jabra SafeTone 
  • Industrial Certifications: Leading UC vendors, Microsoft Teams Open Office


Warranty: 2 years

UC Versions:

  • SKU: Jabra Evolve2 65 – USB-A UC Stereo | 26599-989-989 
  • SKU: Jabra Evolve2 65 – USB-C UC Stereo | 26599-989-889 
  • UPC: 0706487020158 (USB-A) | 0706487020196 (USB-C)

Microsoft Teams Versions:

  • SKU/Teams: Jabra Evolve2 65 – USB-A MS Teams Stereo with Charging Stand – Black | 26599-999-989 
  • SKU/Teams: Jabra Evolve2 65 – USB-C MS Teams Stereo with Charging stand – Black | 26599-999-889 
  • UPC: 0706487020073 (Teams USB-A) | 0706487020110 (USB-C)


  • Soft Pouch 
  • Evolve2 65 Stereo headset 
  • Desk stand 
  • Jabra Link 380 BT adapter 
  • 3.9ft USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Warranty leaflets


  •  Noise-isolating design for improving your hearing experience 
  • Supports smart devices using USB-A or USB-C 
  • 3-microphone call technology 
  • Visible Busy light from all angles 
  • Call control buttons are available 
  • Use of advanced digital chipset 
  • Soft memory foam cushions for comfort


High Bluetooth latency on computers


Finally, we can say that this headset comes with excellent design and can let you feel aesthetically pleasing. It has excellent microphones, and users can wear them for long periods. In addition, it can remove unwanted background noise. When you mute your headphone, the USB dongle will change from green to red. Moreover, it comes with a leather travel case.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does it work with Mac and PC?

It supports both systems.

Q. Can you use the Jabra Evolve2 65 with your smartphone and tablet?

With the Jabra Link 380 Bluetooth adapter, it is possible to connect the headset to a tablet and smartphone.

Q. Does it work with Microsoft Teams?

It is available in two variants, including UC-certified and Microsoft Teams-certified.

Tuesday 1 November 2022

What is OneNote?

What is OneNote?

Do you know what is OneNote? It is a Microsoft Office app that is similar to the Evernote or Dropbox Paper. This app helps to take notes, store information, etc. Besides, you can make notebooks for different topics where each one has plenty of sections and pages. In addition, it is possible to take notes, store links, type or write with a stylus, add images and drawings, etc.

What is OneNote used for? This app is specially designed to take notes. Besides, its main purposes are research and information storage. Like Dropbox Paper, you can store texts & pictures using the app in free-form documents. Hence, you should know that it is possible to keep this private or share it with others. It is a part of Microsoft Office, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

What is OneNote notebook?

It is a program to take notes and gather information. This app can collect notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries. Besides, you can share notes with another person using OneNote over the Internet. This stand-alone app is free on Windows 10, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android. Remember that Microsoft can offer its web-based version as a part of OneDrive and Office for the web.

How OneNote organizes your material?

The app uses a notebook's metaphor full of books, sections, and pages. Its copy might contain many notebooks where every notebook is based on a different topic.

Suppose you have a notebook for work or personal information. Again, let's assume that you can generate various notebooks for each major project.

Users can make sections to organize their notes within the notebook. Suppose you work in sales. Hence, you can make another section for every customer. At last, you will have many pages within any section. Thus, it becomes simple to monitor information over long periods.

What you can do in OneNote:

What is OneNote and why should I use it? Let's know what is possible to do.

  • As soon as you set up a notebook and make a section, you will see a blank page appearing. After that, it is possible to begin typing like other word processors. 
  • The app can provide tools similar to Word in the ribbon atop the display. For example, it offers font selection, text style, bullets and numbering, highlighting, etc. 
  • In addition, users can make tables to organize notes. They can insert different pictures, audio, and videos. 
  • It enables you to make links or paste URLs from web browsers. 
  • Do you use the app on a tablet or a PC with a stylus? Then, it is possible to draw, sketch, and write notes.


What is OneNote used for and what are its features? These are the essential features of the app.

1. Organize Data in Notebook:

Regarding the best features of the app, this one is discussed the most. With the help of the feature, you can gather data in the form of a Notebook. Remember that every notebook contains one or more sections. Besides, every section has individual pages or subpages. You can gather information such as text, images, audio, and video in Notebook.

2. Web Clipper:

Using this feature, you can extract information from a web page to the app. In addition, the feature allows you to access different clipped web pages on tablets, PCs, or mobiles.

3. Templates:

It is a pre-designed layout of the app. Remember that OneNote 2016 has a few default templates like decorative page backgrounds, uniform appearance, or a consistent layout.

4. Text Search:

The app allows you to search for specific text. In this case, you should hit the Ctrl+E key. It helps you to enable the search panel. In addition, you can write what you wish to find.

5. Recording:

This one is one of the vital features of the app. It allows you to record audio or video. You only need to tap on Insert and Record Audio or video. In addition, you can record any interview. If you want to take on any vital notes yourself, you can do so.

6. Protect Sections with Password:

The app can offer password security for every section in every notebook. If you are willing to protect your section password, you need to tap on the section. Thereafter, you need to choose Password-Protect in this section.

7. Tags: 

This feature lets you organize content. Besides, you can remember tasks easily. It enables you to find content, but it depends on the tags attached to it.

8. Translate Notes:

It lets you translate the notes from one language to another that you can understand.

9. Ink to Text:

The feature helps you to convert handwritten notes into typed text. Besides, you can write formal documents, resumes, and reports.

10. Ink to Math:

It can convert the equation to formatted equations.

Alternatives of OneNote:


It is a perfect alternative that you can use for both free and paid versions. This alternative enables you to sync recorded notes, written notes, etc., and save them in a convenient location. Evernote supports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Browser, and Unix.


This one is a protective editor to store the notes. Besides, it can offer end-to-end encryption. Remember that a password secures everything. It allows you to integrate the notes with dropbox or RemoteStorage.


This one is a flexible writing app. You should know that it is suitable for Apple devices. Its tagging system lets you organize notes with the help of a series of tags. The Bear app acts as a folder. It indicates that you can place the notes inside multiple folders.

Zoho Notebook:

It is an app used to take on notes. This app allows you to make notebooks like text, pictures, and voice notes. Its main benefit is having a web-clipping tool for grabbing articles.

The Bottom Line:

What is OneNote? This app is a versatile tool you can share with others or use privately. Besides, it allows you to share with yourself on various devices. Whether you want to store your notebooks in the cloud on OneDrive, open the app on any device attached to the Microsoft Office account. If you use a phone, tablet, PC, or laptop, you will be in sync with all notes across devices.

With the help of the Share button, it is possible to share whole notebooks with others in the ribbon. However, you can share the entire notebook, not a section or a page. Replay is one of the features which enables you to make a page of notes. Then, you should play this back as an animation. You can use the tool to deliver a presentation or in the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Should you use OneNote?

Whether you have a meeting where you need to take notes, ensure that you are opt for using the app. Besides, the app enables you to record many things. For example, adding text, doodles, images, and videos to the page is possible.

  • Q. What is OneNote used for?

It is a digital notebook that can save and sync your notes while working. You only need to write information in the notebook or insert it from other apps & web pages. You may draw a few ideas or take handwritten notes. Ensure that you should use tags and highlighting features for the simple follow-up.

  • Q. Is OneNote completely free?

It is free to download. However, it is possible to unlock premium features with a Microsoft Office 2019 or Microsoft 365 subscription. For example, users can unlock stickers and advanced sharing options. Hence, you should know that the Microsoft 365 account begins at $6.99 per month.

Friday 28 October 2022

Google Family Link

Google Family Link

Want to know what is Google Family Link for parents? It is getting a redesign to deliver a streamlined experience for guardians (parents). In this case, it helps to bring control to the forefront, Material You, and a web app.

It begins with a profile carousel at the top, which enables you to switch between accounts. You can see it available in "Highlights" and "Controls." Hence, the first tab can offer an overview of app usage.

In addition, a grid of cards shows various stats. For instance, it displays apps you have used recently, average screen time, and other recommendations. The company will provide more valuable insights soon. They are adding resources from Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, and the Family Online Safety Institute. Thus, you can navigate conversations at your home around online safety.

Regarding the Controls tab, it is possible to set up screen time limits. In addition, you can view all logged-in devices and a Bedtime schedule. Moreover, it is possible to adjust content restrictions and application data permissions.

What is Google Family Link?

Google Family Link is a Google service for family parental control. It enables parents to manage parameters for the devices of their kids. Besides, if you are a parent, you can restrict content, approve or disapprove apps, and set screen times using the app.


It supports Android 10 and above. Besides, it is available in thirty-eight languages. In March 2017, it was released first to the public. Later, the company announced at I/O 2019 that it would add the feature to Android 10. It has recently been available in 38 nations, including the United States, Australia, and Japan.

An updated "Today only" feature allows you to set temporary screen time limits. Sometimes, you might need to change screen time settings temporarily. It happens when your kid requires some more time. Suppose you are traveling somewhere on a trip. In such cases, your child may need some additional time.

There is a Material You bottom bar rounding it out represents a Location with a map. For instance, we experienced sharing of Google Maps Locations in June. Thus, you can get notifications when your kid arrives at school or leaves there.

In its last part, you can see the company placing access to the bell icon in the top right corner. Thus, you can view requests that your kid makes. For instance, your child may want to download an app, access any blocked websites, etc. Hence, the top tabs help you to view alerts by your account in one view. The company introduces a Family Link web app for both parents and kids. Parents can access controls, whereas kids can realize their settings and access levels. We expect that the redesign of this service will be available soon.

Google Family Link Features:

Set Screen Time Limits:

You can view suitable screen time for your kid. Besides, it allows you to set downtime for their device. In addition, you can limit the time for apps. Thus, you can easily let your kid have a healthy balance.

Guide to Age-Appropriate Content:

You can approve any app which your kid is willing to download. In addition, if you want to block any app, you can do so. Besides, it lets you select the proper YouTube experience for your kid. For instance, you may choose a supervised experience on YouTube or YouTube Kids.

Protect Privacy:

You can choose wisely about the data for your kid using Permissions management. Besides, it is possible to see and adjust permissions for websites & extensions. You can access these via Chrome. Moreover, you can access apps downloaded on your kid's device.

Secure Account:

You can access your kid's account by managing it and data settings. Besides, you can help your kid to reset their password or change it when they forget. In addition, you can edit personal information or delete your kid's account when required.

See Where They Are:

You must want that you can easily find your family members while traveling. The Family Link app helps you to find your kid's location on the map. However, remember that you can locate them till they carry their device.

Get Notifications and Alerts:

The Google Family Link for children and teens can offer important alerts like when your kid arrives or leaves a location. It is possible to ring devices and see the remaining battery life of your device.


The company has announced recent updates to the app. It can provide several options and keep your family members safer online. These current features have been rolled out and will be available very soon. Regarding a new update to the "Location tab," you can monitor your kid on a similar map using the device location. Besides, you can enable notifications. It will alert you at the time of arrival or departure from a location. The company said this in the blog post.

In addition, the "Highlights tab" enables you to monitor the use of your kid's device. Hence, it displays a snapshot where you can see the screen time, usage of the kid's app, and current apps. It will be available for parents and kids on the internet. Thus, you can access online features while your kids are away from their mobiles or don't have the app. With the help of the Family Link web experience, kids can understand the parental control settings more precisely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. What does it do?

It enables parents to remain in the loop because their kids explore on their mobiles. In addition, you, as a parent, can set specific digital ground rules for your family.

  • Q. Can a child disable it?

Whether you have added supervision to the Google Account that your child is using, your kid can disable it. Once they disable this without your permission, you will get alerts. After that, the supervised mobiles will lock temporarily.

  • Q. Can you see your child's text messages on Family Link?

It lets you view your child's text messages, SMS text, and social media texts. In addition, if you are willing, you can block a few activities.

Friday 7 October 2022

Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV

Google has recently released its most updated streaming device, the Chromecast with Google TV, on 23rd September, 2022. This device can provide HD streaming. Now, it is expected that the company might update its older Chromecast with Google TV unit.

Although the company did not give any Chromecast with Google TV update officially, it stated that it would update the two-year-old used Chromecast With Google TV to provide new life with Android 12. This device can bring you the entertainment you prefer, even in up to 4K HDR.

Besides, it supports the Dongle feature and comes in Black, Charcoal, Sky, Snow, Sunrise, and White colors. It's capacity includes 4 GB, 8 GB, 64 GB, 2 TB. Let's dive into the article to learn about Chromecast with Google TV review.

What is Chromecast with Google TV?

It is a device which can bring you entertainment in up to 4k HDR.

Price and Availability:

It usually costs $49.99. But you can buy it for $39.99 at the Google Store. In addition, major retailers are selling it.

Design Like other streaming devices, it is a dongle that connects to your television's HDMI port. In addition, you can control it using a small remote control. The dongle can easily fit in your palm due to its oval shape, making it ideal for skipping across a lake.

While HDMI output is on one end, a USB-C port is on the other. Besides, there exists a USB cable and plug. Remember that the device requires additional power than the power delivered by your television's HDMI port.

This included Chromecast With Google TV Remote is somewhere between the Apple TV and the Roku remote. Like Roku, this remote is curved at the top and bottom. Besides, it has a rounded rear. The remote is available in a single color, except for the Google Assistant button.

You can see a circular d-pad at the top. Besides, eight buttons beneath include Back, Google Assistant, Home, Mute, YouTube, Netflix, Power, and Input.

In addition, there are two small volume control buttons on the right hand. Like the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, it is possible to plug the Chromecast into Ethernet. The company will offer a power/Ethernet adapter soon after launch.


Nothing is radical about the interface, but it works. While there are tabs for Search, Movies, Shows, Apps, and Library at the top, beneath are thumbnails of content relevant to that menu.

Suppose you have subscribed to YouTube TV. Then, you can see a Live tab in the top menu displaying shows airing through that service. In the Sub-categories section, you will get Top Picks depending on your viewing history from the streaming services connected. In addition, it lets you see Trending on Google and Recommended Videos depending on what you have seen on YouTube.

You can see the content bought from the company on the Library tab and DVR content from YouTube TV.

Once you tap on a thumbnail, you can view the services on which it is streaming. In addition, you can see a trailer, save to a Watchlist, rate it, and watch additional details.

Streaming Services:

The device supports YouTube, YouTube TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN, Sling, HBO Max, CBS All Access, Starz, Peacock, Peloton, Tubi, PBS, and many other streaming services. In early 2021, the device added the Apple TV app. Now, Google TV might get fifty free live television channels.

It is possible to install Apps and services directly from the device. Instead, you may head toward Google Play on your mobile and send new software to it remotely.

It can stream content at resolutions up to 4K/60 fps. Besides, it can support HDR, HDR10, and HDR10+. In addition, it is compatible with Dolby Vision. Regarding audio, it can support Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby Atmos.


Users said that it is quick and responsive. In addition, it can offer excellent video quality. While streaming your content, you must be impressed with the details and colors.


With the help of a Google Assistant button on the remote, you can search for movies and TV shows by name, genre, actor, etc. In addition, it can leverage this search engine for more general inquiries.

Remember that it is impossible to see the menu, look up directions, etc. In addition, you can not choose the mobile number to call the establishment. Whether you ask the Assistant to get you directions, it will provide an overview on the television. Thereafter, it will send directions to the mobile. This search engine is better than Alexa too.

Smart Home Features:

Do you have a Nest Hello video doorbell, a Nest Cam, or another supported home security camera? If yes, it is possible to ask the Assistant to display a feed from that device on the television. This feature is similar to what Amazon provides with its Fire TV devices. In this regard, you should know that Ring and Blink are incompatible with the device.

With the help of this Assistant, you can control other smart home devices on it. For example, you can control smart lights and smart thermostats. It is helpful to turn on and off things on command.


  • Sensible layout 
  • Many streaming services 
  • Remote is available 
  • Smart home features


  • Continue Watching list is buggy


We appreciate the Android 12 update, but it will not provide much for the Chromecast with Google TV. You can expect it will support a higher resolution menu UI and added privacy features with some other minor changes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does it do?

It can be cast from multiple supported Android and iOS apps directly from a mobile, laptop, or tablet. Besides, it can mirror your Chrome browser tab to your television. If you are a new user, you will get up to 3 months of YouTube Premium. Therefore, enjoying your favorite videos and music ad-free with your voice is possible.

Q. How does it connect to TV?

You should connect your Chromecast to an HDMI input on television or any display device you have. Thereafter, you should switch the television to the HDMI input. Next, wait till the remote is not paired. Usually, it pairs automatically.

Q. Is there a monthly fee for it?

No, you don't need to pay monthly fees for these devices.

Thursday 22 September 2022

Google Pixel 7 Pro Pre Order

Google Pixel 7 Pro Pre Order

Google is almost ready to release its Pixel 7 series during the 'Made by Google' event on October 6th, Google pixel 7 pro release date. The company has also announced ahead of the event that Google Pixel 7 Pro Pre order will start on October 6th.

What's from the official site of Google Pixel 7 Pro?

The official 'Made by Google' YouTube channel posted an ad where the company teases the mobile to some "Pixel owners." People from anywhere can check out the ad. Besides, you can see the first impressions of the people who hold the brand-new device in their hands. But you can't see the mobile correctly in the video. The reason is that it remains blurred in people's hands. But later, it is revealed.

The Made by Google launch event will take place within a few weeks as it is set to take place on October 6, Google pixel 7 Pro launch date. Before this event, the company teased a few devices, such as its 7th generation, 7 Pro, and Watch.

The video comes with members from the Team Pixel community. They check the model for the first time, or at least somehow, the company has framed it. Hence, the video appears a bit strange as the device remains blurred. But the company displayed the handset already during Google I/O in May. Besides, pictures of the device are available on the official site. So, keeping the phone secret doesn't make sense. However, nowadays, leaking data on mobiles has become common. Therefore, people know about it for Google pixel 7 pro leaks.

Information about Google Pixel 7 Pro specifications:

We don't know the Google pixel 7 pro full specification of the devices. But we know that Google’s new Tensor G2 processor will power the Pixel 7 handsets. In addition, we expect the company to announce its new Watch.

It is the first proper Wear OS watch of the company. We don't know the price of the model still now. But according to the new leak, the retail Google pixel 7 pro price will start at $349.99 (Google pixel 7 pro price in USA). If you find it exciting, then you must wait for the announcement on October 6.

This device comes in a Pixel 6-like design with a camera visor on the back. Some lucky members of #TeamPixel got these devices each from the company, and their responses were recorded. Most interesting is that you can get all devices to buy on the same day at Whether you stay in New York City, you should go to the physical Google Stores.

The event will take place in Williamsburg in New York City. It comes with limited in-person attendees. But if you want, you can follow the event to watch live. In this regard, you should know that these models will support Android 13. Besides, the device comes with the next generation of Tensor. Its custom mobile chip brings personalized pictures, videos, security, and speech recognition features.

Once the device is displayed in someone's hand, it will pop up at the screen bottom. However, people have seen it on the Pixel 7 Pro, so they still don't confirm on the other devices. The company unveiled the version first during its I/O developers' conference in May.

The device will come with a 6.7-inch screen. In addition, the model has a triple-lens camera (50-megapixel, 48-megapixel, 12-megapixel).

You can get the model available in Obsidian, Snow and Hazel. Besides, it has up to 12GB of RAM. It will use a Cheetah processor also.

The bottom line: 

The company doesn't usually launch its premium Pixel mobiles in India. But it comes with the A-series mid-range devices of this brand. Although there are rumours of the return to the Indian market, people still have not heard any confirmations yet.

Sunday 18 September 2022

Parabolic Microphone

Parabolic Microphone

A parabolic microphone is mounted inside a sound-reflecting dish. The reflecting dish of a parabolic microphone focuses on the sound waves passing straight into the reflector. Besides, the reflecting dish of a parabolic microphone has a cross-section on the device. In addition, sounds entering from other angles impinge directly on the device. But these are not focused on by the reflector.

Thus, the device has become highly directional. In addition, it becomes more sensitive to sound sources. It makes the device worthwhile to record localized sources of relatively faint sounds like bird calls, conversations, etc.

What is a parabolic microphone?

A parabolic microphone is an electronic element that converts sound pressure into an electric signal. As we mount the device inside a parabolic dish, it is called a "parabolic microphone."

The dish collects the incoming pressure due to its shape. After that, it will focus the pressure on a single point. Then, the device converts this into an electrical signal. In this case, you can find the sound amplified. The reason is that the sound energy from a large area is focused on a single point. Besides, you can amplify the electrical signal from the mic.

What do you know about its history?

In 1888, Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist, made the world's first parabolic reflector antenna. However, people have known its principle since classical antiquity. You can find detailed knowledge in the famed mathematician Dicoles's book On Burning Mirrors. This physicist proved that parabolas focus a parallel beam in a specific direction.

People have been following the same principle through the ages. Even, Acoustic Mirrors used this principle to identify enemy aircraft before the advent of radar.

Why Use a Parabolic Mic?

It can give a mechanical amplification of about six times for the collector dish. As this dish comes in a unique shape, it can collect the incoming pressures of sound waves. After that, it helps to focus these onto a point: a mic. Generally, the mic has an omnidirectional pattern. Besides, sometimes, it has a cardioid pickup pattern placed within the dish. But remember that it relies on the dish size.

The amplification level is consistent over the whole area of the parabolic dish. In addition, this device can pick up ambient noise from the mic's rear side. But you can hear non-amplified sounds from the dish's amplification. It comes from the back side of the mic. In this regard, you should know that the peripheral sounds are not amplified. Therefore, the dish blocks it. As a result, the device gets a direction.

In addition, this mic can offer only directional sound. Besides, it can pick up the sound at great distances, like hundreds of feet. Moreover, these can amplify low sound pressure levels from a distance and reduce ambient sounds simultaneously.

How to use the parabolic microphone?

The device uses a reflector for the unique geometrical properties of the parabola. Hence, you must know about a parabola, an open curve appearing as a V with a rounded point. It represents the two arms of the curve which go on forever ( according to the mathematical definition). In this case, the axis is a straight line that passes it through when a vertical line is drawn through the center of a V.

In the specific position, you can see the mic placed. Sound waves which enter the parabolic microphone dish are parallel to the axis. Thus, these are focused on the mic and are amplified.


There are different applications of the device. We have given here a few of them.

  • You can use it for nature sound recording, like recording bird calls, and field audio for sports broadcasting. 
  • Besides, it is suitable for eavesdropping on espionage and law enforcement conversations. 
  • People used these devices in World War II and other wars worldwide. Japanese mainly use it.
  • It is perfect for sporting events, surveillance, sound library collections, search & rescue, wedding shoots, and videography.

How does parabolic microphone work?

The collector comes in a unique design shape. Therefore, if something comes towards the dish parallel to the dish's center line, it will make it focus on a point. Understanding a parabola's mathematical formula helps you learn this specific shape concept. It is the reason behind the naming of the dish.

In this case, the energy you want to focus on within the dish does not matter. The reason is that the dish can focus light, sound energy, or electromagnetic energy. Besides, the dish works same as a satellite dish that collects electromagnetic signals from satellites in space.

How important is the shape of the dish?

Remember that the dish shape is cruial. You won't get the best performance if manufacturers don't make the dish in the exact shape. In this case, try to match the perfect geometric shape of the parabola.

A few brands can withstand only a few thousandths of an inch. However, it is possible to pick up the sound from a dish. It doesn't matter if the dish is made poorly. Hence, you can find the sound garbled and distorted.

Moreover, the sound energy ends up scattered when the shape is not perfect. As a result, it cannot focus on a point reducing the amplification.


These dishes are available in several parks, museums, and science centers. Besides, you find any dish enabling a whisper to be heard across a long distance while standing at the focus point. We know them as "Whisper Dishes." These are all you come to learn from our article. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are able to amplify the audio signal by concentrating all sonic energy. It first collects the large dish at a focal point. The unique geometry of the paraboloid shape has made the concentration.

  • Q. What is it used for?

People use them on the sidelines of televised football games. Besides, ornithologists use them to record bird calls.

  • Q. Can it hear through walls?

Glass and walls block sound waves. So, it is impossible to hear sound for parabolic microphone through walls.

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

Motorola has recently announced the release of its Edge 30 Ultra model to join the two from earlier this year. It joins with the earlier versions of vanilla and the Pro. Besides, this model packs some important hardware.

It has a 200 MP primary camera and a 50MP ultrawide shooter with AF. In addition, it comes with a 12MP 2x telephoto unit. Moreover, there exists a 60MP selfie unit that can complete the picture on the front.

The product comes with a 144Hz OLED panel. Its shape is curved. Besides, the modern Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 indicates that the performance department hasn't been ignored. In addition, its 125W charging capability is an outstanding specification. It is of 161.7 x 73.5 x 8.4 mm size and weighs 199 gm.

The product has the model number XT2241-2 on the BIS certification. It ensures that this new version will be available in India. Flipkart has started teasing this model. Therefore, people in India can have it soon.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra price & availability:

The cost of the model is EUR 899 for only 12GB RAM + 256GB storage option. It was already available in Interstellar Black and Starlight White colour options in Argentina, Brazil, and Europe. This model will be available in a few markets in Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia very soon. The expected date to launch is 13th September 2022.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra specifications:


This dual-SIM (nano) model can run the Android 12-based My UX skin model. It has a 6.67-inch full-HD+ (1,080x2,400 pixels) pOLED curved display, which can provide a 144Hz refresh rate. In addition, it is compatible with HDR10+, DCI-P3 colour space, and a peak brightness of 1250 nits. Its operating system is Android v12. The display features 1080x2400 px (395 PPI) and 144 Hz Refresh Rate.


 It comes in Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both front and back. Besides, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC which you can pair with 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM. In addition, it comes with Snapdragon Elite Gaming features.


This device has a 1/1.22-inch 200-megapixel main sensor available in 0.64 µm pixel size for images & videos. It is paired with an f/1.9 aperture lens. In addition, the model's camera features Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). Besides, it can combine 16 pixels into one 2.56μm Ultra Pixel to capture more light.

You can find a 50-megapixel sensor paired with an ultra-wide angle f/2.2 aperture lens. Besides, the camera adopts Quad Pixel Technology and provides a 114-degree field-of-view. Moreover, there exists a Macro Vision to capture macro shots. In addition, it features a third 12-megapixel sensor connected to an f/1.6 aperture telephoto lens providing 2x zoom and capturing portrait shots.

Regarding the rear camera, you can enjoy 4K/30fps videos. Different camera modes exist, including dual capture, Ultra-Res shooting mode, and Pro (w/ Long Exposure) mode. Besides, you can find a 60-megapixel sensor on the front side. It gets connected with an f/2.2 aperture lens. This sensor takes the help of Quad Pixel Technology.

Connectivity & sensors:

It has 256GB of internal storage. Regarding connectivity options, it comes with 5G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth v5.2, GPS/AGPS, NFC, DisplayPort 1.4, and USB Type-C port. Furthermore, the product has several sensors onboard, for example, proximity, ambient light, accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. In addition, it has an under-display fingerprint sensor, Face Unlock, and ThinkShield for mobile security purposes.


This product is powered by a 4,610mAh battery with 125W TurboPower wired charging. In addition, it can provide up to 50W wireless charging and 10W wireless power sharing. Other features:

It includes an IP52 rating for dust and water resistance, dual stereo speakers tuned by Dolby Atmos, Linear x-axis vibration, and Edge Lights. These features allow the device to illuminate in different ways to inform about notifications and calls.


  • 125W TurboPower adapter 
  • Pre-applied screen protector 
  • Clear protective case 
  • Plastic-free packaging 
  • 6.67-inch full-HD+ curved display 
  • IP52 rating water resistant 
  • 50W wireless charging 
  • Dual stereo speakers are available 
  • 10W wireless power-sharing 
  • Under display fingerprint sensor 
  • Several connectivity options. 
  • Adopts Quad Pixel Technology 
  • 114 degrees field-of-view and optical image stabilization


  • No FM Radio
  • No 3.5mm Headphone


Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is available in its newly adopted packaging. The unique thing about the packaging is that it is entirely plastic-free. Besides, it has a sturdy two-piece recycled cardboard box that works as a fancier enclosure. But it contains a lower carbon footprint.

However, the model comes with a 125W TurboPower adapter, a USB-C cable, and a clear protective case. Moreover, it contains a pre-applied screen protector. You can find both available in chosen countries. However, a few countries can get a USB-C headset also.

Friday 9 September 2022

Mica Alt

Mica Alt

Windows 11 features multiple tiny touches designed to make the OS better. Microsoft's signature design material is known as "Mica." If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft's marketing terms, you should know that it is a design material in Windows 11. It can bring small elements from the Windows theme and the desktop wallpaper into the app's title bar. You can see it, especially with the light theme, but it supports mainly dark modes. The new Mica Alt theme is the same, but only with a tweak.

What is Mica?

It is an opaque, dynamic material incorporating the theme and desktop wallpaper. Thus, Mica can help you paint the windows' background, like apps and settings. It is possible to apply to your application backdrop to delight users. In addition, it can create a visual hierarchy, aid productivity, etc.

It is designed for app performance. The reason is that it can sample the desktop wallpaper after making its visualization. In addition, you can use it for UWP apps using WinUI 2. Besides, it allows you to use apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher, running on Windows 11 version 22000 or later.

What Is Mica Alt?

Mica Alt is one of the variants of Mica. It has a powerful tining of your desktop background color. Besides, you can apply it to the app's backdrop to offer a deeper visual hierarchy than Mica while making an app with a tabbed title bar. It can support apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher. These are compatible with Windows 11 version 22000 or later.

When to Use Mica or Mica Alt:

Usually, these are available in the backdrop of your application. Every material is opaque. Besides, it can incorporate your theme and desktop wallpaper to make a highly personalized appearance.

When you move the window across the display, the Mica material will adapt to make a rich visualization using the wallpaper below the app. Besides, the material helps you to focus on the recent task. Therefore, we advise you to apply Mica or Mica Alt as the app's base layer. Besides, it helps to prioritize visibility in the title bar area.

Usability and Adaptability:

These materials adapt the appearance for a variety of devices and contexts. Besides, these are designed for performance because they capture the background wallpaper to make visualizations. You keep viewing the familiar background color in High Contrast mode instead of Mica or Mica Alt. Hence, the materials appear as a solid fallback color.

Hence, you should disable transparency in Settings. 

Then, go to Personalization and navigate to the Color.

  • Ensure to activate the Battery Saver mode. 
  • The application supports low-end hardware. 
  • The Windows app supports Xbox or HoloLens.

App Layering with Mica Alt:

It is a foundation layer in the app's hierarchy with features including inactive and active states and subtle Personalization. You can apply it as the app's base player while needing contrast between title bar elements and the commanding areas of your app.

You must use this while making an app with a tabbed title bar. In this case, you can try it as a base layer of your app. Besides, you can add a commanding layer that sits on the base layer's top portion. Next, you must add an extra content layer sitting on top of the commanding layer. Hence, the commanding layer needs to pick up the material behind it using LayerOnMicaAltFillColorDefaultBrush. It is actually a low-opacity solid color. We have given here the names of the layer systems.

  • Mica Alt 
  • Commanding layer: It needs distinct hierarchical differentiation from the base layer. You must apply the LayerOnMicaAltFillColorDefaultBrush to the commanding areas of WinUI app surfaces. 
  • Content layer: It is a contiguous background for large areas. This layer needs a distinct hierarchical differentiation from the commanding layer. In this case, you should apply LayerFillColorDefaultBrush to the container backgrounds of WinUI app surfaces. For example, you can apply it on Grids, StackPanels, Frames, etc.

If you want to offer a seamless appearance to your app's window, ensure Mica Alt must is visible in the title bar if you are willing to apply the material to your app. You may view it in the title bar while extending the app into the non-client area and making a transparent custom title bar.


We have given here a few recommendations.

  • You should apply backdrop material to the back-most layer. Hence, you need to exchange the ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush if available. 
  • You must set all background layers you want to view Mica to transparent. 
  • Never apply backdrop material more than one time in an app. 
  • You must not apply backdrop material to a UI element. In this case, it appears only if all layers between the UI element and the window become transparent.

How to Use Mica:

It is possible to use in UWP apps that use WinUI 2 or in apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher. Besides, you might use it in apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher.

Use Mica with the Windows App SDK:

If you want to use backdrop materials in a XAML app using the Windows App SDK and WinUI 3, you can find Apply Mica or Acrylic materials in desktop apps for Windows 11.

Use Mica with WinUI 2 for UWP:

It is possible to apply in a UWP app with the BackdropMaterial class. We advise you to set the BackdropMaterial attached property on a XAML element. This element is the root of the XAML content because it might apply to the entire content region. Whether the application comes with a Frame that goes many pages, you must set the property on the Frame. Otherwise, it is essential to set the property on the Page of your app.



Hello world


If you speak causally, it is not something you see in each app. Hence, it depends on developers to allow it at the base layer of the apps. It is compatible with UWP apps using WinUI 2 or in apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Google's Soda Fetching Robot

Google's Soda Fetching Robot

Have you ever used a smart voice assistant like Alexa, Siri, or something else? If yes, you must have noticed that the tech is improving daily. Siri speaks in a gender-neutral voice while Alexa reads bedtime stories in your dead grandmother's voice. People have been continuously exploring robotics events. However, there is a huge gap between voice commands and autonomous robotics. It is never easy to teach robots what to do or what not. You can see the uses of industrial robotics in different places.

General-purpose robots can fix many problems related to voice commands in spaces where humans also exist. However, people like Robo-vacuum are mainly programmed to avoid touching things except for the floor. Table tennis is one of the games where it can determine itself to know if a task was successful. Besides, it can learn from its mistakes.

The major change in robotics is quick, precise and adaptive. Sometimes, people are quick but not adaptive. However, it isn't an issue because it is quite common in an industrial setting. But you should remember that it is hard to be fast, adaptive, and precise. In this regard, you need to know about Ping-pong, a nice microcosm of the problem requiring precision and speed.

What did Vincent Vanhoucke say about Google's soda fetching robot?

Vincent Vanhoucke said that people develop this skill by practicing. He is a Distinguished Scientist and head of robotics at Google Research. Besides, he added that you could not read the skills' rules to be a champion overnight. Ensure that one must practice it. While speed and precision are one thing, Google wants to crack into its robotic labs. It serves as the intersection between human language and robotics. In addition, it has made a few interesting leaps in the level of robotic understanding of the natural language used by us.

Several problems exist, which are tackled by Google with its natural language processing system, the Pathways Language Model or PaLM. It processes and absorbs what a person wants to say. Another challenge is recognizing what it can do. It can understand if you ask it to grab a bottle from the fridge top. But the issue is it can not reach high. Affordances mean what they can do with a few reasonable degrees of success.

For example, it can do simple jobs like moving a meter forward. Regarding a more advanced job, you can ask to find s Coke can go in the kitchen. But if you want it to perform a complex job, you can ask your Coke can to mop up after spilling it and bring a healthy drink.

Google's approach uses the information in language models to identify and score actions beneficial for high-level instructions. In addition, it uses a function "Can," allowing real-world-grounding. Besides, it determines what actions you can execute in a given environment. Google is calling it PaLM-SayCan with the PaLM language model. The robotics lab uses many robots from Everyday Robots.

These chaps get an R&R (rest and recharge) helping to know how to connect themselves to recharge. If you want it to understand a more advanced command, it needs to follow these steps. 

We have given a simple example following:

  • Come to the speaker. 
  • Look at the floor, find the spill. 
  • Find a mop or paper towel in the drawers, cabinets and kitchen counters. 
  • Pick up the cleaning tool after finding it. 
  • Shut down the drawer. 
  • Move to the spill. 
  • Wash the spill, and monitor if the sponge can absorb all the liquid. If not, go wring it out in the sink and return. 
  • As soon as it is washed, wring the sponge one more time. 
  • Turn on the tap, wash the sponge, turn it off, and wring the sponge again. 
  • Open the drawer and put it away. Close the drawer. 
  • Recognize which drinks are in the kitchen and which are "healthier" than a Coke. 
  • Look for a water bottle in the fridge, choose it, and bring it to the person asking for it.

It is essential to teach robots what they can do and what is not possible for them. In addition, it must know what it should do in different situations. An exciting challenge robotics faces is that language model can't ground in the physical world. These got training on extensive text libraries, but the libraries do not interact with their environments. While asking Google to direct you to the nearest coffee shop, you will find it funny, but Maps give you details of a 45-day hike and a three-day swim across a lake. Silly mistakes have become consequences in the real world.

Suppose you told it, "I spilled my drink, can you help?" In this case, you will get a response from the language model GPT-3 with "You could try using a vacuum cleaner." Sometimes, you can go with a vacuum cleaner. However, you can understand at least that a language model can connect a vacuum cleaner with cleaning. But if google's soda fetching robot does, it would probably fail. Vacuums are not recommended for spilled drinks. Ensure that water and electronics should not mixed. Therefore, you can get a broken vacuum at best.

You can place PaLM-SayCan-enabled robots in a kitchen setting. In addition, you can give training to them to improve them in different aspects of the kitchen. While you instruct them, they will start trying to create a determination. These have become smarter day by day in between those two considerations.


Affordances are not binary. It is difficult to balance three golf balls on top of each. But we can't say that it is impossible. A robot can not open a drawer easily. But if you train them how to do it, they will get high confidence in doing that. According to the company, an untrained robot can not grab a bag of potato chips from a drawer. But if you give some instructions to google's soda fetching robot and ask it to practice, the chance will increase significantly. The motive of all training is to enable it to find out things.

Saturday 13 August 2022

Google Fiber News: What is next?

Google Fiber News: What is next?

Have you been following Google fiber news? If yes, then you must know how busy they are. It has generated the network in all towns and surrounding regions, from North Carolina to Utah. Its motive is to connect clients in West Des Moines to turn lowa into the first ever state in five years. In addition, it will begin construction in neighboring Des Moines. Moreover, it recently announced not creating a network in Mesa, Arizona. They have been focusing on delivering the most effective gigabit internet service for the last several years to their clients through relentless refinements.

What is Google Fiber?

It is a top-speed broadband internet service using fiber optic wires to provide gigabit speeds to homes and businesses. These help to share information via light. Thus, it can offer much quicker speeds than traditional cable, DSL, or dial-up connections.

The high-speed network at gigabit speeds is no more a bold idea. Communities from various nations are willing to expand access to gigabit internet. Their team has spent several months traveling across the country. Besides, they have made plenty of conversations with cities that want the ultimate network speed to provide their residents and business owners.

They will be even busier than before. It is because these talks to city leaders in these states have a motive to bring fiber-to-the-home service to their communities.

  •  Arizona ( it will begin in Mesa as announced in July) 
  • Colorado 
  • Nebraska 
  • Nevada 
  • Idaho

Their growth depends on these states for a few upcoming years with continued expansion in recent metro areas. Besides, they prefer to talk to communities willing to create their fiber networks. You can see the model work in Huntsville and West Des Moines effectively.

They are excited to expand the geographic reach once again by offering a better network to more people in more places. In addition, they will provide more information about new towns, quicker speeds, and redefined customer service.

It will be its first major expansion after it spun out as an independent Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) unit. Dinni Jain, the chief executive of the company (February 2018), said in his first interview that they were ready to add a bit more speed after over four years of sharpening operations.

Expanded from seventeen to twenty-two metro areas across the US, it can provide projects to launch in Mesa, Arizona, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. These rely on the company's findings of where speeds lag.

What Did Jain Say About Google Fiber News?

He said that it has been trying to produce the whole nation. But according to them, they don't have any motive not to build the entire nation. Therefore, it did not comment on Fiber's financial results or fundraising plans.

A few Alphabet subsidiaries are raising funds outside to independently last the value, being shut down or subsumed by other entities. It can face the same choices because the expansion can materialize over the next three to five years.

Its plan is available as Alphabet. In addition, several companies reduce the speed of hiring. Besides, these can shutter a few fringe projects for a global recession rise.

Jain said that their objective is to create businesses that will get success in their right, and it is when you should know that Google fiber news. In addition, the company will not depend on dipping into "a rich parent's wallet. Google started to take on network service stalwarts, including Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O) and AT&T Inc (T.N) in 2010, while Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-founders said about the tiredness of waiting on Congress.

In this regard, you need to know about the competitor's scenario to fit into its gigabit per second offerings. Names of some launch sites are Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, and areas under consideration.

He also said in his prior role as Time Warner Cable's chief operating officer that they were paranoid. Google separated the core business, delivery drones, and anti-aging solutions. It needs to invest a huge amount of money in annual losses on construction. They spend thousands of dollars to experiment with new ways to ground these optic cables and subsidize some services.

The Bottom Line:

It has decreased expansion for the last few years to West Des Moines, Iowa, and within metropolitan areas. Wall Street cheered about transparency and cost control. Besides, he honed methods and dumped failed techno to save time, such as taping cables to sidewalks. In addition, it built more the previous year compared to the earlier few years.

He also said that they must go from the spirit and culture of uniqueness to one of operational excellence. Burying fewer deep trenches than others must save time, whereas streamlining prices and setting up to limit customer help calls must hold down costs. He also said that people contacted it a third less than he saw at the same companies. In addition, he also described sign-ups as more than his expectation before joining. It is all about Google fiber news which our article describes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Is Google Fiber coming back?

According to the announcement from Google, it might expand into South Salt Lake, Utah. On July 26, 2021, the company announced that construction was underway. It is expected to be finished by the first half of 2022. The company published a blog on December 28th, 2021, reflecting back on 2021.

  • Q. Why did Google Fiber fail?

Its installers laid Fiber with the help of "shallow trenching" in Louisville. This team cited the experimental construction processes which are used in Louisville. People believe that it was the reason behind this. We know the deployment technique as "nano trenching," allowing it to deploy Fiber at enhanced speed and lower cost.

  • Q. Is it shut down?

If you are one of the customers who are not willing to upgrade will lose your Fiber TV service in April 2022. But your network service will continue. The Chromecast devices enable customers to see the network on the PC and attach to television sets through an HDMI port.