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Friday, 9 September 2022

Mica Alt

Mica Alt

Windows 11 features multiple tiny touches designed to make the OS better. Microsoft's signature design material is known as "Mica." If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft's marketing terms, you should know that it is a design material in Windows 11. It can bring small elements from the Windows theme and the desktop wallpaper into the app's title bar. You can see it, especially with the light theme, but it supports mainly dark modes. The new Mica Alt theme is the same, but only with a tweak.

What is Mica?

It is an opaque, dynamic material incorporating the theme and desktop wallpaper. Thus, Mica can help you paint the windows' background, like apps and settings. It is possible to apply to your application backdrop to delight users. In addition, it can create a visual hierarchy, aid productivity, etc.

It is designed for app performance. The reason is that it can sample the desktop wallpaper after making its visualization. In addition, you can use it for UWP apps using WinUI 2. Besides, it allows you to use apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher, running on Windows 11 version 22000 or later.

What Is Mica Alt?

Mica Alt is one of the variants of Mica. It has a powerful tining of your desktop background color. Besides, you can apply it to the app's backdrop to offer a deeper visual hierarchy than Mica while making an app with a tabbed title bar. It can support apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher. These are compatible with Windows 11 version 22000 or later.

When to Use Mica or Mica Alt:

Usually, these are available in the backdrop of your application. Every material is opaque. Besides, it can incorporate your theme and desktop wallpaper to make a highly personalized appearance.

When you move the window across the display, the Mica material will adapt to make a rich visualization using the wallpaper below the app. Besides, the material helps you to focus on the recent task. Therefore, we advise you to apply Mica or Mica Alt as the app's base layer. Besides, it helps to prioritize visibility in the title bar area.

Usability and Adaptability:

These materials adapt the appearance for a variety of devices and contexts. Besides, these are designed for performance because they capture the background wallpaper to make visualizations. You keep viewing the familiar background color in High Contrast mode instead of Mica or Mica Alt. Hence, the materials appear as a solid fallback color.

Hence, you should disable transparency in Settings. 

Then, go to Personalization and navigate to the Color.

  • Ensure to activate the Battery Saver mode. 
  • The application supports low-end hardware. 
  • The Windows app supports Xbox or HoloLens.

App Layering with Mica Alt:

It is a foundation layer in the app's hierarchy with features including inactive and active states and subtle Personalization. You can apply it as the app's base player while needing contrast between title bar elements and the commanding areas of your app.

You must use this while making an app with a tabbed title bar. In this case, you can try it as a base layer of your app. Besides, you can add a commanding layer that sits on the base layer's top portion. Next, you must add an extra content layer sitting on top of the commanding layer. Hence, the commanding layer needs to pick up the material behind it using LayerOnMicaAltFillColorDefaultBrush. It is actually a low-opacity solid color. We have given here the names of the layer systems.

  • Mica Alt 
  • Commanding layer: It needs distinct hierarchical differentiation from the base layer. You must apply the LayerOnMicaAltFillColorDefaultBrush to the commanding areas of WinUI app surfaces. 
  • Content layer: It is a contiguous background for large areas. This layer needs a distinct hierarchical differentiation from the commanding layer. In this case, you should apply LayerFillColorDefaultBrush to the container backgrounds of WinUI app surfaces. For example, you can apply it on Grids, StackPanels, Frames, etc.

If you want to offer a seamless appearance to your app's window, ensure Mica Alt must is visible in the title bar if you are willing to apply the material to your app. You may view it in the title bar while extending the app into the non-client area and making a transparent custom title bar.


We have given here a few recommendations.

  • You should apply backdrop material to the back-most layer. Hence, you need to exchange the ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush if available. 
  • You must set all background layers you want to view Mica to transparent. 
  • Never apply backdrop material more than one time in an app. 
  • You must not apply backdrop material to a UI element. In this case, it appears only if all layers between the UI element and the window become transparent.

How to Use Mica:

It is possible to use in UWP apps that use WinUI 2 or in apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher. Besides, you might use it in apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher.

Use Mica with the Windows App SDK:

If you want to use backdrop materials in a XAML app using the Windows App SDK and WinUI 3, you can find Apply Mica or Acrylic materials in desktop apps for Windows 11.

Use Mica with WinUI 2 for UWP:

It is possible to apply in a UWP app with the BackdropMaterial class. We advise you to set the BackdropMaterial attached property on a XAML element. This element is the root of the XAML content because it might apply to the entire content region. Whether the application comes with a Frame that goes many pages, you must set the property on the Frame. Otherwise, it is essential to set the property on the Page of your app.



Hello world


If you speak causally, it is not something you see in each app. Hence, it depends on developers to allow it at the base layer of the apps. It is compatible with UWP apps using WinUI 2 or in apps using Windows App SDK 1.1 or higher.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Microsoft Issues Urgent Windows XP Updates to Block US Spy Tools


The recent attacks- ransomware has created a great chaos among the netizens. So, Microsoft has done a U turn when it as time to provide the most important updates of security for the Windows XP. They were supposed to provide an important patch in order to protect the computers from cyber-attacks.

The Tech giant company has asked the users who were still using the software version of 2001 to get the update and the patch for the security purposes. Those who have not opted for it have to bear the brunt and face a huge issue. Some were asked to pay huge amount of bucks and the worst part of the ransomware was that even after paying the amount they were unable to get the info or their precious data back from the hackers. The Wannacry attack has realty shaken the world.


The Windows operating system has been idle for more than three years as they were not providing any kind of support from 2014. There are still computers or machines which use the Windows XP version even though it has become outdated. Well, some people have the habit of using the old versions and things and this has cost them a lot recently.

The reports state that more than 5 percent still use the same old version of the Windows XP. The attacks don’t guarantee that they would get the updates of Windows XP even after the attacks of ransomware. So, the people are at a big mess.

The recent report is a bit confusing from the windows team as they have revealed that they are not going to provide any kind of support. The current attack is more threatening and so they would look into this very carefully. The engineers have decided to post the updates more efficiently in a broader spectrum.


The initiative has been taken as the Wannacry have already damaged a great number of computers over the world in a span of two days. The global attack has created a fear among the common multitude to use the internet or do any kind to transactions online.

The attack was mainly done with the help of Eternal Blue tool which was formed by the security Agency. But unfortunately, it got leaked and went into the hands of one of the famous hackers round the world who are known as the Shadow Brokers. The attack has hit very badly even the top organisations in like the Airports of England, Health departments and many more.


The tech giant released a patch which has solved more than 94 problems but there are few issues which needs to be solved. Else the hackers may take advantage again. The users should update their systems in order to be safe. However, it has released a patch as an exception for the Windows XP in order to completely bring an end to support the old version of Windows XP.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Checking for the Latest Windows 10 Update

Windows 10

Microsoft’s Creators Update for Windows 10

Recently released Creators Update for Windows 10 by Microsoft is also called Version 1703. The user can view what version number tends to be running on the PC on pressing the Windows and I keys to open the Settings app or choosing the Settings app from the Start menu and selecting the System icon. You can opt for `About’ towards the bottom of the list on the left side of the System Settings box.

 Here you can view the edition of Windows 10 connected on the computer (like Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro) together with the version number as well as the other technical details. If 1703 tends to be listed as the version number, your computer has been updated to the Creators Update.

 The upgrade to Windows 10 last month was the most recent revision of Microsoft of its Windows 10 operating system, which came in less than a year after the Anniversary Update (Version 1607) in August 2016. The Creators Update comprises of many new features such as a 3-D renovation of the paint program. Another option of viewing if one has the latest variety of Windows 10 is to check your Apps list for the new Paint 3D program.

Enhancement to Microsoft Edge Browser

The Creators Update also seems to bring about enhancement to the Microsoft Edge browser as well as improved designs for video game lovers. But as in the case with any main system update, there are bugs which tend to come up. On the online forums of Microsoft, some of the users had reported issues with Bluetooth and internet connectivity, computer-memory problems, Dolby sound disaster, crashing apps besides other anguishes.

Hopefully these problems can be fixed in the near future with system patches and workarounds. If one’s computer has already upgraded itself to the latest version, then the user would prefer to need to explore the Settings app a little more to ensure that you have the new operating system organized the way one would desire. For instance on opening the Privacy icon on the main Settings screen in order to settle the quantity of personal data one would prefer to share with Microsoft.

Automatically Install App Updates

Windows 10 tend to automatically install the app updates whenever they seem to be available. However the user could also check for updates manually. Some users are inclined to check manually so that they can see if there are any variations stated in the update. To enable automatic app updates you could –

  • Open the Store 
  • Tap or click the user icon towards the top near the search form 
  • Tap or click Settings 
  • Toggle on Update apps automatically 

To manually check for app updates

  • Open the Store 
  • Tap or click the user icon towards the top near the search form 
  • Tap or click Downloads 
  • Tap or click Check for updates 

The user could also check particular app for update by going to the Store page where you can utilise the search forms in locating the app. Another option is to check My Library for a list of all your apps.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

How Should I Protect My Windows PC from Malware and Viruses?

Protect windows pc

Bitcoin – Secured Way of Collecting Cash

Several anti-virus programs is said to be a vital element of Windows setup but Windows has been transformed and the threat scenario has been changed. Some may be more prone to threats while other may be less sensitive to them. Some may tend to take the risk while other may require protection of their important information and all this needs to be considered.

Maximum of the main AV products began when several viruses had been written by amateurs who were keen on being noticed. Presently the malware have been written by experts who are on a money making spree and are not interested in viruses which duplicate themselves, their delivery mechanisms are websites and emails.

 They are not keen on showing off but would prefer to have their malware hidden. Their interest lies in the collection of financial information together with passwords and much more though there are also some in ransomware. They are aware that they can threaten people in making payment for something of great value, such as their personal files, financial information family photos, etc. With the development of Bitcoin a secure way of collecting the cash has been implemented.

Security Against Ransomware – Offline Backup

The best security against ransomware is an offline backup of all the important data. Several of the main AV products began when Windows together with its major browsers had been uncertain which is not the same now. Bill Gates, Microsoft cofounder had launched the Trustworthy Computing Initiative in 2002 making security the uppermost priority of the company.

TCI methodologies and training had transformed the way Microsoft had designed and created software where the results had shown a dramatic reduction in infection rates in Windows PC. Windows 10 presently comprises of a huge display of security and threat mitigation technologies wherein the main threats to Windows user is from the third party programs like Oracle Java together with some Adobe software.

Besides this there has also been a great boost in the security of web browsers especially Google’s Chrome as well as Edge of Microsoft. Chrome is said to be strongly sandboxed that tends in assisting in protecting the underlying operating system from web-based threats. `Bug bounty’ program run by Google pays researchers around $100,000 for every exploitable hole they find in Chrome or Android and has paid last year, over $3 million thus making Chrome much more secure.

Safe Browsing Structures

Additional security developments are from `safe browsing’ structures that tend to blacklist websites hosting malware. Google Safe Browsing has now been part of Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and Apple’s Safari while on the other hand Windows 10 is said to have its own built-in SafeScreen filter.

In case of any doubt regarding a website the same can be manually checked at Google’s website. The outcome is that the users of Windows 10 are not like users of Windows XP as long as they have their software updated.

It comprises of updating browsers together with third-party software utilising a free tool like Flexera’s Personal Software Inspector – PSI, Patch My PC or Kaspersky software Updater. Anti-virus companies have begun protecting susceptible operating system together with browser code though we may have reached a stage where the weak anti-virus software tends to do more harm than good.

Problems in Back Rooms – Became Public

Last November, problems which had been debated in back rooms had become public when Justin Schuh, Google Chrome security expert had launched a tweet storm against well-known Bulgarian AV expert, Vesselin Bontchev. Schuh had tweeted that `you misunderstand your own ignorance. AV is my single biggest impediment to shipping a secure browser’.

The essence of the several complaints of Schuh was that AV programs messed the security of the other programs despite the fact that they had been written apprehensively. He had tweeted that `you ignore all security best practice, piling dodgy format parsing and other unsafe code in the kernel and expects it’s possible to make an AV that is not more harm than good, but none of you are even trying’. Robert O’Callahan, the former Firefox developer had sounded in with a positive blog post – Disable Your Antivirus Software (Except Microsoft’s).

Programmers usually don’t talk regarding these issues since they require the cooperation of the AV supplier when the AV tends to cripple or crashes the software. Users are informed to turn off their AV since they would be at fault should something corrupt should take place which leaves only one option.
 As Schuh tweeted later that `browser makers do not complain about Microsoft Defender since there is a huge amount of empirical data display which is the only well behaved AV’.For the purpose of security:

First Windows 10 with Windows Defender, the SmartScreen filter, cloud based heuristics as well as basic telemetry all of which are related to security, in turned position. With that you could possibly be secure.

Second  Windows as standard user and not as an administrator wherein running as a standard user could eliminate around 90% of threats.

Third  ensure that Windows together with all the software of the PCs are updated. Several of the malware tend to exploit security holes which have been patched already, sometimes many years ahead. For the purpose of extreme security purpose, you could run Google Chrome or a Chromium-based browser like Vivaldi.

Fourth ensure that you have good backup of all the important data. Besides this in addition to normal PC backups you could use FreeFileSync to copy main data folders to an external hard drive daily which get backed up later to a second EHD. Blu-rays are also another choice since they cannot be encrypted to ransomware.

Fifth, you could run periodic scan in ensuring that your anti-virus program has not overlooked anything. Microsoft tends to do this with its MSRT – Malicious Software Removal Tool, before the installing of main updates while Kaspersky provides a good substitute. Free online scanners are also available from several AV companies inclusive of Bitdefender, Trend Micro, ESET and F-Secure.

Sixth, one should be aware that Windows 10 offers good refresh, reset and recovery choices and if these don’t do as needed then it may wipe your hard drive and you may have to reinstall Windows 10 from the start from a DVD or a thumb drive.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Here's Why Universal Windows Platform Matters

You can now view on Microsoft’s Channel 9 a four hour webcast that to on demand that has been launched on the 8th of February. This was developed with an intention to bring to the foreground all the developer-focused feature by the Creator’s Update, which also includes other Microsoft platforms, like Cortana and its Microsoft Bot Framework. For the developers the UWP is the most convenient way to reach up to all the 400 million users who have access to Windows 10.

Sources have said that this feature was far developed in September and has not been updated since then. Kevin Gallo, who is the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Platform have confirmed that for all the PC’s UWP will be the best platform where all the users will be able to stay connected directly with the developers and will be well informed about their system.

Recent researches have confirmed that UWP applications which are available from the common store Windows 10, are any time more trustworthy than the applications found on other stores. Gallo further said that UWP applications can be both installed and uninstalled without any difficulty or confusing steps that you need to follow. You can easily install or install the application via the updates that are provided with the help of different packages.

Microsoft is also about to establish a Windows Platform Roadmap on the Developer site of Microsoft which will be especially designed to make the task of the developers much easier by rendering them support to keep track of and request Windows feature to function properly by providing benefits like development and consideration clubbed with submission and tracking bugs.

Microsoft assured its developers that they will be able to consolidate all documentation for the products of all the companies on The company will give active support to allow the users and developers to avail the facility of edit that will ultimately contribute to the documentation. The Software Development Kit for the users of Windows 10 Creators Update, which was a previous version of officially complete feature. Officials have confirmed that Microsoft’s Cortana Skill development kit, about which the company had talked about in December will soon be out as a preview version on February 27. To get reviews from the public.

Officials are working on the Desktop Bridge, so that developers will be enabled to easily bring their apps of Windows 7 to UWP by increasing the available programming interface surface of the application. Further the writing applications for the Windows Holographic Platform will be able to see that their apps and games are working both on the HoloLens and on the upcoming generation of headsets with mixed reality that will support the platform.

This kind of development will be of great value both to the users and to the developers. This is a very effective step that will help the developers to stay in touch with all its users and will also be able to update them in terms of all the recent developments.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

Screenshots have turned out to be the most innovative and smartest way to have a record of some important thing or to share information with others. This enables you to get a prove of anything or substantiate your point in no time. There are different methods of taking screenshots on different devices. The different devices include:
Windows Computer – You can easily take a screenshot of the existing screen without having to download any extra tools or software for it. All you need to have is a regular keyboard used in Windows and from that keyboard you just need to tap the print screen button.

This button is generally found on the top right corner of your keyboard and in some cases you also have to press the shift button to bring this function into the active mode. As you tap this button the computer will automatically go for a screenshot of the whole existing screen and will save it to clip board. If you wish to take extra screenshots then you will have to utilize an added program which is known as the Snipping Tool.

After downloading this program, you will have to search and locate your computer for the apt tool and then open the program. Press new and crosshair that enables you to choose the desired area that you intend to capture, as soon as you release the button you will then have to save the file. It is best if you include the Snipping Tool to your Start bar.

Mac – The best known device to feature finest screenshot ability is Mac. In this device you are provided with a short cut that easily selects the portion that you want to take image of. All you need to do is hold the shift and command keys simultaneously and also the number 4 button that will transform your mouse or trackpad into a crosshair. By using crosshair you are required to draw around the area that you want to take a snap of. After this step, your desired image will be protected as a .png file on your desktop.

iOS Devices – Inorder to go for a screenshot on an iOS device, like an iPad or an iPhone all you are required to do is hold on to the home button and the power button that appears on top right side corner of iPhone 6 and on the top of other iPhones issued before this. In this way the snap of your existing screenshot will be taken and will automatically get saved to Photos.

Android Devices – Taking screenshots on most of the Android devices is almost similar to the one’s we take on iOS devices. With the developed version of androids, the way to take screenshots have become even more easier, as you just need to hold on to the volume down and power button simultaneously. After the screenshot have been taken a quick options of animation will appear and your captured image will be saved to the Photos app in the screenshot section.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Why Windows 10 Users Have Better Anti Virus Protection?

Anti Virus Protection
Ever wondered why PC users using various versions of windows never trust its operating system with anti-virus issues? Well, the reason dates back a long way and is really insignificant in this case. The significant fact is that as per reports of the Microsoft Security Intelligence, the use of anti-virus software has increased manifold with the introduction of Microsoft Defender. It also goes to show that Windows 10 has improved a lot on the security advancements and can now be trusted wholeheartedly for anti-virus protection.

A bit of History

The scenario now shows rapid development in the security department for Windows 10. In fact, almost all its users are having anti-virus software thanks to the in-built Windows Defender which turns on automatically in the absence of any alternative program. Among all the PCs that Microsoft updates only a meager volume of 3 percent PCs are termed “unprotected” with all of them having up-to-date Windows 10 versions. But such was not the case a few years ago.

As per the history books Microsoft has a reluctance to protect its users partly owing to the anti-trust threats that various anti-virus software providers have issued. Companies like McAfee and Symantec threatened anti-trust lawsuits in 2006 on Microsoft over their impeccable plan which included Kernel PatchGuard in Windows Vista. Its aftermath is quite visible in most of today’s PCs where about 20 percent users of Windows 7 and 28 percent of that of Vista have an unprotected PC.

Why are they unprotected? 

Firstly, above 60 percent users do not have any anti-virus installed in their PCs. Secondly, an added 20 percent have it installed but are reluctant to turn it on. Thirdly, in few cases the anti-virus is turned on yet the signatures and definitions are not updated due to expired subscriptions. In case of Windows 10 most users fail to update the PCs and many turnoff their anti-virus.

What has improved in Windows 10? 

With the huge burden of protecting PCs falling on its shoulders Microsoft has been trying to increase the capability of Microsoft Defender. Better scores in all the group anti-virus tests confirm the positive outcome. Apart from Defender, many other approaches have been used by Microsoft such as Windows 10 SmartScreen which is the filter for “safe browsing” blocks much of the malware.

Added features included from Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit or EMET brings in the following standard features:-

  • Data Execution Prevention or DEP 
  • Address Space Layout Randomization or ASLR 
  • Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection or SEHOP 

Enterprise users have the additional access to Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) providing them feedback after any breach.

Moreover, cloud-based protection included in Windows 10 is automatically turned on in the Anniversary updated version and it works in a fascinating manner. If a unrecognized file carrying suspicion is noticed by the Defender it is referred to the cloud service which takes a decision on whether or not to block it based on automated file analysis, heuristics and machine learning. This process is reported to save the response time to a great extent.

All these improvements have resulted in lesser infection rates in case of Windows 10 users.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Windows Update Knocks Out Internet Connections

Windows Update
Just a few years back, users used to eagerly wait for the updates which will help them in unlocking the new features on their existing devices or software or programs. However things have changed drastically in the past year because a number of updates and upgrades have resulted in driving people nuts with making some serious affects on the devices as a whole. This has resulted in poor user experience and this ugly trend creeps into Microsoft’s popular operating system called Windows with the latest update.

ISP reports internet connectivity difficulties in European region

A recent update to the Windows OS has brought painful and unwanted internet connectivity issues on a number of devices. This has been widely reported by innumerable internet service providers in European region who has stated that they customers were unable to connect to the internet. This isn’t affecting any particular kind of router box rather its is rampant. On other hand Virgin Media has come with a detailed solution which allows users to connect with the internet and it has been provided to the customers. Microsoft also came into action after this and it issued a guidance to the users in effectively connecting to the internet.

Microsoft comes into action

Microsoft has well noted this development and brought some crucial guidance at dealing with it though it has only affected a certain number of users with Windows 10 OS. At first users are required to restart their system and if it doesn’t help then they can get more detailed alternatives by visiting Microsoft’s website from other device. Microsoft has zeroed out the problem in the system’s inability to connect with the network by automatically picking up addressing system in the broadband routers.

Steps compiled by Virgin Media to get connected with Internet

Here is complete set of guidelines issued by the Virgin Media which will help all the affected users in connecting with the internet in a swift fashion. At first users are requested to restart their system by going to the Start followed by Power and Restart. Once the system is booted up again then try to connect to the internet, if it doesn’t work then you will be required to reset the IP address and here are the necessary steps.

  1.  Click on Start button. 
  2.  Click on Run or press Windows Key along with letter ‘R’ 
  3.  Type ‘CMD’ and press enter 
  4.  A command prompt will appear on the screen. Now type in ‘ipconfig/release’ and press enter. 
  5.  Now users can try to connect with the internet and hopefully this set get them connected.
In case this trick doesn’t work for you then the below mentioned steps which will help in clearing up the DNS settings.

  1.  Click on the Start button 
  2.  Click on the Run or press Windows key along with letter ‘R’ 
  3.  Once again command prompt on the screen. Now type in ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and press enter. 
  4.  Now hopefully your connection will start working and you will be able to connect with the internet.
Later KB3206632 update was released to fix the fault.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Microsoft Attacks Google's Windows Hack Alert


Google leaves Microsoft red faced by revealing a potent security flaw found right in its popular Windows operating system. Google has published a report which gives insight and remarkable details into the security flaw which has yet to be fixed by the Microsoft. It should be noted that Google has already given a deadline of seven days to Microsoft for fixing up the flaw but Microsoft simply failed to play by the rules. Google has stated that it was necessary to reveal the flaw to public as it was being actively abused. Microsoft reiterated by stating that alert which only ends up in causing more harm because it will still need more time come with a suitable security patch.

The flaw revealed by Google

Google has revealed a major flaw in the file named Win32k.sys which is utilized by the Microsoft’s Windows operating system to display graphics. Any kind of alteration or moderation to this file can create havoc for the users which leaves the display system is jeopardy. Deleting or altering this file results in system errors with the notorious blue screen of death. This has been known by all the major security experts and operating system users as well as technicians but the flaw revealed by Google brings showcase a vulnerability which can utilized by the hackers for their own personal gains.

Google has quite frankly laid down the roadmap for any hacker to exploit this vulnerability through using a ‘security sandbox escape. This simply means that if a hackers gets acess of any Windows operating system the he will get the ability to alter other computer function sin order to cause more problems for the end users.

Why Google chose to reveal the vulnerability? 

Google has a policy which has been active since 2013 and it states that Google will offer 60 days to the developers to fix up the flaw identified by it, only in the case if no one making active use of the flaw. But if it’s found that the vulnerability is being utilized by hackers or other then Google will offer just 7 days before making the flaw public.

Similarly Google has given seven days to the Microsoft to come up with a fix for this vulnerability but they failed to do so. Microsoft has stated in its defense that it isn’t feasible to come with right solution and fixing parameter with an imposing aggressive timeline. It has also been stated by Google that users can safeguard themselves from this flaw through limiting the exposure by the using the Chrome which is not effectively exposed to the vulnerability.

Tech community is divided in this debacle

Cyber security experts are left scratching their whether the decision taken by Google is right or wrong given the fact that revealing the flaw will still require a security patch from Microsoft and Microsoft requires time to develop it. A security expert has stated that bringing flaw public without knowing who are the attackers and targets can aggravate the situation further.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Get Sharper Text on Your Windows Screen


ClearType – Text Sharper/Easier to Read on Screen

We tend to spend long hours of our time in reading on the computer each day though our computers are probably not enhanced for reading and the text on the monitors may not be adequately sharp or could be too small, particularly in the case of high-resolution monitors.

Generally, websites are not augmented for reading long-form articles and are mixed-up with several navigation components, with advertisements popping up and tends to use texts which are too small. Windows 7 comprises of a built-in service for configuring `ClearType’ that tends to make text easier to be read on LCD monitors. Since the days of Windows XP, Microsoft used a system wide technology – ClearType which made the text sharper and easier to be read on the screen.

ClearType has been designed to improve LCD display. It may be likely to appear a bit hazyon standard desktop monitors as well as on some of the LCD displays. In some cases, seeing haziness could be due to manufacturing irregularity on LCD displays wherein the normal striping of red-green-blue tends to get reversed with blue-green-red.

No Support in Windows XP ClearType

Presently there seems to be no support in Windows XP ClearType to reimburse for this irregularity which could be the problem in cases wherein no ClearType contrast setting inclines to look good on a specific LCD display.In this type of situation, the best thing to be done is to turn off `ClearType’.Windows 10 also has the ClearType support which by default, is generally turned on.

 If the user tends to find the text on a screen hazy, you could ensure that the ClearType setting is turned on and fine tune the same. To get it organized one could go to Windows 10 search box towards the bottom left area of the screen and type `ClearType’. Then you select `Adjust ClearType text’ in the result list’, to open the control panel.

 When the ClearType Text Tuner control panel is opened, you could ensure that the box near the `turn on ClearType’ is checked and thereafter you could click the Next button. Windows 10 thereafter tends to check the monitor resolution ensure that it is set properly Then you could click the Next button once again.

Advanced Sizing of Text & Other Items

The next five screens present you with many text blocks prompting the user to select the one which seems best to their choices and once the choice of click the Finish button is done, your ClearType setting gets consequently tuned in.

If the user desires additional adjustments, you could go to the Start menu and select `Settings and open System’. On selecting `Display’ from the list of system settings from the left side of the box you could adjust the size of the text seen on the screen which can be changed to brightness level. Opt for `Advanced Display Setting’ link towards the bottom of the box and select `Colour Calibration’ for fine-tuning the colours on the display.

The choice of `Advanced sizing of text and other items’ could also be considered as an alternative choice, to bump the size of the text in window title bars, other screen elements as well as menus.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Insider preview build could be RTM

Windows 10
Microsoft is likely to sign off on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update code very soon and the recent test build No. 14393 for PCs and phone could be the one which may end up as release to manufacturing - RTM.Several Microsoft viewers for the past week have been wondering on which of the latest Window 10 Anniversary Update test builds could be the right choice.

Microsoft executives are not in favouring of using release to manufacturing – RTM or RTW – release to Web, anymore since Windows 10 is a constantly updated service though several of the users still tend to use the RTM convention in referring to the build which eventually will go to `normal’ who are not in the Windows Insider program. Few have been wondering that the present Windows 10 Anniversary Update test build for PCs and mobile could be the RTM release.

The officials of Microsoft would no longer be calling any of these test builds `RTM’ nor would they likely let anyone know which of these near-final test builds are `soup’. In the case of the update of Windows 10 of November, Microsoft had released the RTM build on November 5 and that release, the first major update to Windows 10 had been commonly available on November 12.

RTM On Windows 10 PCs

Sources have informed that the internal goal of Microsoft is to sign off on an Insider preview test build by July 20to have the second main update to Windows 10, the Anniversary Update and ready to be made available on August 2 on PCs, phones, tablets together with other device as intended. The 14393 preview build has no new features though has some remaining resolutions for both phones and PCs.

Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar, in the notes regarding the new build, states that those having problems with their cameras on Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book while running the new Insider builds need to see a driver update in order to fix this soon through Windows Update.

Being part of the Windows Insider program provides the user with early access to Windows 10 updates through its different phases of its growth much after its release. Most of this analysis is based on the build 10240 which had been available on July 15 and is a Release to Manufacturing – RTM version. RTM would also be on Windows 10 PCs and could be purchased online or in-store.

RTM – No `Windows 10 Insider Preview’ Text on Desktop

RTM does not seem to have the typical `Windows 10 Insider Preview’ text on the desktop and also tends to have been released to all in the Windows Insider program even those who did not want the new updates. Even when Windows 10 is released, the Windows Insider program tends to continue and Microsoft will release Windows 10 updates, first to the members of the program.

Though it seems natural that Windows 10 is well-thought-out as `finished’ by reviewers and consumers. Microsoft does not subscribe to this point of view and states that it would carry on developing the OS with additional tweaks.

Monday, 24 August 2015

5 Urgent Questions about Windows 10 Answered


It’s been a month since the launch of Windows 10 with early reviews being positive. However on a particular site readers have reported everything from smooth sailing to minor issues to serious problems that have made them go back to Windows 7 or 8. These types of issues are probable with major new software. Some of the questions answered are:

1. Does Windows 10 really share Wi-Fi automatically? 

Windows 10 has features known as Wi-Fi Sense which tends to make it easy for friends and family to get on your encrypted Wi-Fi networks and they do not have to type in a password, where Microsoft tends to log them in automatically.

2. How can one tell if there are potential compatibility problems Before installing Windows 10? 

Some users are apprehensive about upgrading to Windows 10 and then find out that a critical program or piece of hardware does not work. However one can get the revelation on the potential issue prior to hitting the upgrade button. To start with one could get Windows 10 app icon in the notification tray at the bottom right corner of the screen and then right click on it and select `click the upgrade status’. On the screen that appears, click the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper left area and from the menu which drops down, you could click on`check your PC’. The app brings up either `yea’ or `nay’ on installing Windows 10 and list some of the items on the computer which may not be totally compatible and could miss out on things, though it should give a general idea on whether an upgrade would be smooth for you or not.

3. Are there any critical features in older versions of Windows that Windows 10 does not have? 

The same is based on the definition of `critical’. Windows 10 has dropped some features which some people tend to rely on. The one which most of the people find it upsetting is Windows Media Centre. Media Centre is Windows program enabling you to watch as well as record TV using third party TV tuner cards in the computer. It is also a good way of managing and interacting with your videos, music and the other media. This can be replaced with a free program known as Kodi though it is advisable to test it prior to upgrading. There are six more features which Windows 10 has dropped.

4. Is it true one can’t refuse updates? 

Microsoft has decided that with Windows 10, all security as well as program updates would install automatically the day they are released. This is logical for security since most of the Windows users all across the globe do not install updates and thus their computer tends to get vulnerable to attack.

5. If one upgrade and does not like Windows 10 can one undo it? 

Thirty days after upgrade, one can go back to the version of Windows one has upgraded from. By going to Start>>Setting, opt for the Update & Security icon. Thereafter go to Recovery section and under `Go back to Windows 8.1 or `Go back to Windows 7’, you could click `Get Started’.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How To Check If Your PC Is Windows 10 Compatible

If you are still thinking that your PC or Laptop will run Windows 10 or not, so here is step by step guideline to check the compatibility of your system with upcoming Windows 10.

To get the genuine Windows 10 first you need to register for free upgrade through Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, but you need to understand that there is a list for potential upgrade issues and you need to deal with those issues. You also need to have Microsoft account and faster internet access to complete the installation process. There are more chances that if you are using Widows 8 or higher version on your machine, so it will also run Windows 10, but still if you are confused, so check for the following details;

Hardware requirements: 

Still there is no official information available about the hardware requirements of Windows 10, however; after witnessing the technical preview it’s clear that if your system can run Windows 8.1, so you are good to go. For Windows 10 TP (Technical Preview), the hardware requirements are following;

  1.  RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit). 
  2.  Processor: 1 GHz or more 
  3.  Graphics Card: WDDM driver with Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device 
  4.  Free Space in Hard Disk: 16 GB or more 
  5.  Display Resolution: 1024×768
Re-check for new Divers or upgrade the Drivers: 

If you are thinking about the hardware, which are connected with your PC such as; scanners, printers and other interface devices, so it is recommended to check the official website of hardware manufacturer for upgrade and new drivers, which are compatible with upcoming Windows 10.

Try to use Windows Compatibility Center: 

If still you are not finding yourself comfortable while checking the compatibility of your machine with Windows 10 and above list is making no sense for you so best option is to visit the Microsoft’s Windows Compatibility Center to get the clarity as Upgrade Assistant will provide the info to check whether users system is suitable for Windows 10 or not. Presently, Upgrade Assistant is only helping those users who are interested in an upgrade process of Windows 8.1. Before proceeding with check in Windows Compatibility Center make sure that your all hardware’s such as; mouse, USB devices, drives, printers, hard disk and other interface devices are connected with your computer because compatibility with all devices need to get verified.

Upgrade paths for Windows 10: 

  1.   If you are currently using Windows 7 or 8.1 on your machine, so you will be able to access the free   upgrade of Windows 10 by using Windows Update. 
  2.  You should make the update within the 12 months, after the release of Windows 10. 
  3.  If you are using the retail version of Windows then you will not face any problem in upgrade process. Users who are using OEM version of the Windows they will not face any problem after assuming that they are still using the Windows on same machine. 
  4.  If users have transferred the OEM version of Windows 8 or 8.1 or 7 on different computer, then still there is question for you that how you will upgrade your system as still you have to wait until Microsoft releases latest information.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Windows 10 Preview Users to Get Genuine Final Release Build for Free

According to the blog post by Microsoft on Friday, there are lot of changes to be expected in the near future before the release of Windows 10 for tablets as well as PCs on the 29th of July. This blog highlighted that there is a hitherto undetailed way for the consumers to get the genuine windows 10 copy and that too absolutely free of cost.

They will be able to stay activated, all they will have to do will be to join the Windows 10 Insider Program. Then they need to install the build 10130 preview and proceed with connecting with their Microsoft Account. On the day of the release f the software, the users will be sent out the final build which will come in the form of regular update. But on Saturday the company has once again updated that they are confirming their stance and the same was confirmed in the blog post.

It details indicated that all the Windows Insiders will be receiving the final release of the Windows 10 build and the good news is that this build will be activated. According to Microsoft's General Manager for Operating System Group's Data and Fundamentals Team, Gabriel Aul, and also the author of the blog, this build will be absolutely genuine.

This change is importance as the users will be able to freshly install the Windows 10 Insider Preview build through an ISO file and they would not be requiring any licensed windows copy. This will allow the new users to get the genuine Windows 10 for free of cost and they do not need to spend a dime also.

Once the users have installed the build, they will be able to clean out the install with the installation of the final media release by the company. So finally it is confirmed that once the user has been running an insider build of the preview and also connected with the registered MSA, they will be sent the final build of the Windows 10 and it will remain activated. However on the flip side we can also understand that one day or another the users will have to pay to be able to remain activated and be able to enjoy all the ranges of the services.

According to the blog even after the release of the final build, the Windows Insider Program for Windows 10 will function and it will continue to receive update. There are no details if any activation is requiring being able to receive updates.

More clarification was given by Aul pertaining to the upgrade being free. It was indicated that people who are running the Genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will be able to run the Windows 10 upgrade as part of the free upgrade. As far as non-genuine Windows copies are concerned, no free upgrade will be provided to these users, they will have to pay to get an upgrade path.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Ten Things to Know About Windows 10

Windows 10
At last we have the official look of the new windows version from Microsoft. Many speculations and unofficial leaks have raised the curiosity among the people. The biggest surprise came in the form of the name as Windows 10. After drawing lots of criticism for their Windows 8 version. The company has gone back to provide some predictable features and some surprises. The new version is being considered to have the best combination of both strategy as well as redesign.

1. New version to be designed to be appealing to office workers: 

Microsoft has been dealing with many complaints about the Windows 8 version for being too complicated to be implemented in larger corporation as well as the retraining requirement for the users needing huge resources. Microsoft has now taken action to appeal to the office workers by using familiar features and removing the features which might not be required. The prime example of this is the Start Menu

2. Appealing to Corporate and IT managers: 

With the increasing security issues, Microsoft has promised an increased level of security, easy manageability and enhanced capabilities on the management side. Upgrade process also has been made easier with improvement in installing and dealing process. Customer app stores will enable the organizations to deal with software deployment as well as permissions.

3. The New version is expected to scale from small smartphones to huge data centers: 

The new version is expected to be available on the latest version of windows phone and tablets, desktop PCs, and even portable devices as well. The same is feature is expected in Xbox one too.

4. The new start menu will be combination of Windows 8's tiles with Windows 7's usability: 

While changes can be expected in the final version after release, but the current preview has indicated a 2 column start menu with old styled icon.

5. Modern apps will be running on desktop through windows: 

Desktop users will now be able to download modern apps and use it like any other apps from the windows store. These will be resizable and can be pinned to the taskbar.

6. Virtual desktops reaching the windows: 

A new task view will let the windows users to have an overview of all the running apps and the user will be able to arrange them between the desktops.

7. Snaps improved: 

This feature will be rejoicing for users with large monitors. They will be able to tile four apps just by dragging on the corner of the screen.

8. Search and power feature expected to be improved: 

The new feature is organized to combine the web and local results. The user can just start by typing in the start menu similar to that of Windows 8. Power users will be able to use Ctrl+V feature to copy-paste into the command prompt.

9. Charms bar to still exist: 

This feature will still be present and visible to users with touch-first devices. This feature is expected to be improved.

10. More expectation: 

With Microsoft indicating many reasons for completely skipping the Windows 9 version, users should be expecting many improvement and refinements in the concept as well as the features.

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 to Emphasize On Improvements

Windows 10
On September 30, Microsoft announced their latest operating system “Windows 10”, after they received negative feedbacks from their previous version Windows 8. They have completely skipped in the next version after 8 to unite the thinking of people on phone, tablets and traditional desktop PCs. This new version aims at capturing the profitable business market, which was basically missed by the previous version.

According to Microsoft's head of operating systems, Terry Myerson, this new version will be their greatest enterprise platform. As much as the traditional PC users dislike the previous version, only 20% of the organization migrated to the windows 8 for operation and management. Most of the dislike was attributed to the loss of the traditional start menu.

According to Terry, the new operating system was secretly named as “Threshold” based on the leap the company was taking. This is a new system aimed at uniting the computer with mobile devices. He stated that the new operating system will be able to adapt to the customer’s device they are using, like tablet, Xbox, tablets to even more small gadgets.

With the increase in the number of options in the market in the form of Android devices from Google, iPhone and iPads from Apple, the company has a huge struggle if they want to reignite the excitement in people of their new OS. People are no longer depending on windows operating system anymore.

As per the reports published by Gartner, a research firm, currently windows is running on only 14% of the devices. This is a huge change when compared to the monopoly they used to enjoy 10 years ago. The news of the new version, created a mixed response in the market and the company saw a 8 cents decrease in the share value on Nasdaq.

During the demonstration, the windows version indicated usage in two modes. One mode is for touch-controlled tablets and the other one for PCs still using a mouse and keyboard. The users of the new OS will be able to switch between these two.

Although an accurate release data has not been mentioned during the initial announcement and demonstration, insiders are indicating that the company is aiming for a release during spring 2015. Microsoft has provided a downloadable technical preview of the new operating system, which a user will be able to download and give feedback to the company as well.

According to Gartner analyst Steve Kleynhans, the company wanted to relay the message that they don’t need to abandon their learning over the past 15 years as they can present what is about the future without much confusion.

According to Terry, the company and their team were playing around with different names for this version, they initially thought of calling it as “Windows One”, which will indicate the merger of all their operating systems and products but since the name was already used, they had to agree on Windows 10. This new version will be focusing on advances and improvements hence skip Windows 9 operating system completely.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Windows 10 – Launching Window Insider Program

Windows 10
The latest report is that Microsoft has officially announced the next version of its computer operating system called `Windows 10’ and will be launching a Window Insider Program enabling users to comfortably run the early beta software access to Window 10.

Its first preview would be made available for desktops and laptops and a build for server would be following later on. The company provided details stating that its new operating system will have a tailored user experience with various screen sizes, for instance if the user has a smaller device, then you will see different form of user interface and the code would run across all device categories - `One product family, One platform, One store’.

The amazing news is that Windows 10 has been designed to run across all the devices including, tablets, phablets and smartphones besides, laptops and desktops.Microsoft has stated that they are opening this beta process in order to get feedback from users early on and that this would also be a learning experience for the company as well as user would get some experiments in new builds thoughprobably would not make it to the final version.

Enterprise Value/Device Management/Customize….

Microsoft is presently focusing on Enterprise value, device management, the ability to customize the store to the device the user is on and an option to protect data, to be more precise, the ability of the enterprise to manage their devise and customize their application store, etc.

According to Terry Myerson, Microsoft Executive VP of Operating Systems, he states that `Windows 10 will be running on the broadest amount of devices with a tailored experience for each device. There would also be one way to write a universal application, one store, and one way for apps to be discovered, purchased and updated across all of these devices’.

The company, as expected is striving to bring back some of the features of Windows 7 which includes a redesigned start menu combining the basic Windows 7 menu with the resizable tiles of the Windows 8 start screen. Windows 8 Metro app also can be opened in a windowed mode on the desktop to save from being taken into the full screen mode through default and can use `modern’ Windows 8 alongside with a standard Windows desktop app.

Swiping from Left – Task View

With its focus mainly on the keyboard and regular mouse combo for functions with the operating system, the company has emphasized that it is not doing away with `touch’ and Windows 10 will continue to have a similar Windows 8 Start Screen for touch enabled machines.

Some changes in the gestures will alter a bit in Windows 10 where swiping in from the left now tends to give a task view, though the overall features will be same to Windows 8 and the Windows 8 Charms bar would be still available.

The release of Microsoft’s OS is expected to be sometime in 2015 after the company’s Build Developer Conference to be held in April. If users intend to get their hand on an early version of Windows 10, they could sign up for the Windows Insider Program on October 1 to get the early preview build on laptops and desktops.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Run Windows on Your Mac smoothly

Steve Jobs in the year 2005 gave the most unbelievable piece of information that was a jaw dropping situation for everyone. He stated that the company who has been using the IBM or Motorola chips in their Mac computers from past 21 years will now switch over to Intel processors.

Even though many were shocked over this decision but; this switchover turned Mac into a completely new computer. All the Mac programs were expected to be rewritten or atleast they would have to start working on the classic windows. The OS X, Mac operating system would also require to be rewritten, but sources claimed that the rewriting of the operating system has already been done by Apple secretly.

But many techies were thinking that if the Mac comes with an Intel chip inside then it will become easy for hackers to run windows through it. There are four categories of people who will be willing to do this:
  • Fans of computers programs like Microsoft, QuickBooks and Quicken, who are more advanced and rich in terms of their windows version.
  • People, who rely on programs which are currently unavailable in Mac computers, like IE, AutoCAD, SAP- corporate social planning, and other custom apps of corporations.
  • This can be done by people who like to write software and WebPages. Through this they will be able to test their work in different operating systems, while still working on a single computer or laptop.
  • People who are looking for safety can switch from windows to Mac and then switch back to Mac whenever they find a need to do that.
For some time there were instructions circulated all over the internet on how to switch from windows to Mac and vice versa. The later on Bootcamp was introduced by Apple, which was the most authorized way for installing windows on Mac computers. But the drawback of Bootcamp was that one can either run windows or Mac operating system at one time. The system will need to be restarted every time you are looking to change operating system.

Another option that was put forth was virtualization programs which include VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop. These virtual programs will allow the users to run windows in window even though you are in Mac computer. You will be able to run both the operating system at the same time and can even copy data from one operating system to another.

According to reports parallel operating system will allow the users to run the Microsoft office application 50 times faster than before and also save upto 30% of the battery life. So now Mac has become one of the most prominent choice for millions of users around the world.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Microsoft Distributed First Prerelease Versions of Windows 9

Windows 9
Microsoft will announce the new Operating System code named “Threshold” on a special press conference on 30th September according to the sources. But the close partners of the company already received the preliminary version of the OS and it is well protected against leaks and the preliminary version is yet to have more features according to the sources.

Until now Microsoft never communicated the official name for OS Threshold but the terminology Windows 9 seems more logical and it was accidently disclosed by the Microsoft’s counterpart in China. Windows 9 will have the start menu again which was originally indented to return with the update of the previous version; hence the user may expect substantial changes in the OS.

According to the experts; the tool bar or the Charms bar may vanish and the features of the menu will be built directly into the windows application of Modern UI interface. Another novelty expected is the introduction of virtual desktops that allow users to run their applications in different areas while maintaining a unified view. Windows 9; The Microsoft’s next generation of Windows is on a strict separation of modern user interface (UI Modern) and classic desktop interface hence the PC users who feared for windows 9 with tile screen may breathe freely.

The desktop and Note book users who operate mostly with Mouse and Key board will be more benefited and they can operate freely without tiles and where as the Tablet users has to satisfy with the Modern UI interface. According to Neowin, the developers have the updated the feature of Windows 9 and vigorously revised so that the existing Windows can be upgrade to a new version with only one button click is possible.

What features going to happen into the account of the update is unclear. It is conceivable that Microsoft so retrofit the language assistant Cortana. Apparently, Microsoft is currently testing a pre-release version, in which the voice assistant Cortana is integrated, according to Neowin. Cortana is Microsoft's answer to the voice controls which is the competition to Google Now and Siri from Apple.

However, Cortana is probably not an integral part of Windows 9, but an additional application. According to Neowin, the trial version is named "Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise". The final version of the much spoken OS under the code name "Threshold" Windows 9 will follow in early 2015. According to insiders Windows-7 and -8 users will get the free switch over to the new system.

Accordingly, it is expected that Windows 9 under the hood again brings more changes, which unifies the use of the operating system on different device classes. Windows 9 is going to be activated via the Internet and then on the one hand to the Microsoft account of the user and on the other hand bound to the PC.

The coupling with the PC can be overridden, so you can move the system to other computers also. As part of the reports to the Windows 8 successor even see some information appeared to Windows 10. As the successor to Microsoft Windows 9 plane, therefore the first operating system that runs entirely in the cloud. Instead, the operating system to be installed on the local hard disk, the user then grab on "to be" system from any computer with an Internet connection to. As the earliest release date applies 2017.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Microsoft would offer a free version of Windows 8.1 with Bing

Windows 8.1 with Bing
Windows 8.1 is currently the latest version of Microsoft's operating system Windows 8. Microsoft currently experimenting with a free version of its operating system for PCs. According to unconfirmed sources, Microsoft could offer a free version or low cost of its OS called "Windows 8.1 with Bing", and integrating key services and applications.

It would be an update designed to attract users of Windows 7. Exactly one year before the Wall Street Journal quoted that Microsoft has decided to lower the price of Windows 8 and Office for OEMs licenses. The Verge now evokes an experimental project of Redmond called " Windows 8.1 with Bing " which would be a free or low-cost version of the update for users of Windows 7 operating system.

The Verge indicates the exact intentions of Microsoft are not yet finalized and that experimentation is part of a series of initiatives to monetize cloud services and applications of the publisher. According to The Verge, the free version called "Windows 8.1 with Bing” and is currently in development. Hence, they also contain the most important Microsoft apps and services and put an emphasis on the search engine Bing. In addition, Microsoft is targeting apparently from it, to win by no or low price more users for Windows 8. Early versions of Windows 8.1 with Bing are leaked on the internet and the familiar Windows Leaks website already published screenshots of the software installed .

The Verge goes on to write that Windows 7 users might get the upgrade to Windows 8.1 with Bing free or very cheap. Another possibility is that the operating system is also available to PC manufacturers on favorable terms. The focus is to get as many new Windows 8 users. This information last week via Bloomberg that Microsoft would charge more for Windows 8.1 license of $ 15 on devices sold in more than 250 dollars. Service Pack 1 for Windows 8.1 is expected in early April.

 Now Windows 8.1 download costs currently around 120 Euros for individuals. It is therefore questionable how Microsoft makes money when it offers (nearly) the operating system and key applications for free. The Verge suspected that the company wants to move to new customers to use its fee-based additional services, such as major cloud storage. Details of these plans of Microsoft may known public at developer conference which will be held in San Francisco on of 2 up to 4 April.