Tuesday 27 November 2012

iPad Retina mini and Apple TV in 2013?

    According to Gene Munster, analyst at Piper Jaffray, the Roadmap of Apple for 2013 will be punctuated by four major product announcements in March, June, September and November which will include the arrival of a mini iPad Retina of 7 iOS, iPhone 5S and especially the famous Apple TV set at 2000 dollars. This prediction was delivered by him very recently. According to him the coming year will be probably be less dense product announcements from apple. But Apple will lay a strong ground work for forth coming years. He guess iPhone will be available for 200$ in the recent years.

       He hopes Apple will eventually need to accelerate the schedule of updating iPhone because of the frequency of launching Android handsets, Eventually Apple need to accelerate the cycle of updating its product twice the year. Munster predicts in March 2013 mini iPad Retina will be launched and after the June month Worldwide Developers Conference you may expect iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9. 7. In September you may expect 2013 iPhone 5S with swifter processor, best camera sensor and enough memory back up. A real big announcement can be heard in the month of November 2013, The launch of Apple TV with sizes 42 to 55 inches for the price ranging from 1500 to 2000$ in elegant design with the a facility to use the TV as the main interface on multiple devices which will integrate Siri and Face time.

Monday 26 November 2012


      There are plenty of quotes to emphasize the importance and joy of traveling, life itself a journey where you go places and meet people of different kind. Still, there cannot be a joyous activity like traveling and especially traveling to places other than your country brings you a pleasure of enjoying something so different and so new.

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Saturday 24 November 2012


Penetration and influence of Apple products are increasing everyday and fan base for Apple is drastically climbing, however the solutions and software available for MAC platform are quite limited.  studio offers a helping hand for those who are in need of a exclusive multimedia software for Macintosh platform. offers a wide range of products especially made for Apple products like iPhone and iPod. Their software services includes- 1) Video Converter series 2) dvd ripper for mac 3) YouTube video downloader 4) DVD copy series Forget not,  is not confined to MAC platform alone and it has got software products for Windows users as well.


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 1) Burn any video format to DVD disc and enjoy them on the move with DVD creator software. 2) Creating slideshows for your photo along with your favorite music can be done with this software. 3) To cherish your memorable videos, you can make a DVD of your own with different clips and it would be a great gift for remembering our lovely moments.


 1) VIDEO CONVERTER 2) iMedia CONVERTER 3) DVD RIPPER 4) DVD CREATOR 5) VIDEO EDITOR 6) PDF COPNVERTOR and apart from them, products like YouTube downloader, Ringtone maker, Syncpod, Slideshow maker will help MAC users a great time. iSkysoft offers a wide range of products for MAC users and now none can say that solutions for MAC users are limited, with such wide range of products which are exclusively launched for MAC users, People who uses Mac can be at ease. More such information on every exclusive MAC product are available  and the website itself a friendly one which helps customers to navigate and browse through their required product without any trouble. With hundred thousand people following them on Facebook and still counting, no other proof is required to prove their standard and public reach. It’s an Undeniable fact that “comes as a handy for MAC users.”

Thursday 22 November 2012

Gila a mouse for gamers with 12 buttons

    Genius has just lifted the veil on a new mouse namely Gila. This model has been designed for gamers and has twelve buttons, as well as a sensor that can reach a resolution of 8200 DPI. Typical wired mouse Gila has a USB cable with a length of 1.8 meters. Her measurements are 114 x 72 x 44 mm and weighs 197 grams which is heavier than the old Logitech MX 1000.

     This mouse has a slightly rounded hull so as to match the best shape of the hand. The presence of depression on both sides allows better support to the fingers. Over clocking Core SG II offers a resolution of 200 DPI and 8200 DPI which can be changed on the fly via two buttons and the default levels are yet to be provided by the manufacturer. It supports a maximum acceleration of 30 G. Apart from the usual click buttons left, right and dial there or two more buttons on the left and seven on the top of the mouse. The sniper button helps us to apply a very low resolution to be more precise in certain game and purposes. Apart from those the mouse has an internal memory of 34 KB.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Zalman Reserator 3 for CPU cooling

Though CES 2013 is not going to open its doors until next January 8, Zalman has already released their two new cooling systems for CPUs namely The FX100 and Reserator Cube 3. For the former, it is a heat sink that is fan less, while the second is simply a water-cooling kit all-in-one that should somewhat innovate in CPU cooling. On the one hand, FX100 Cube ensures that the cooling of the processor, as it will be fan less. It is of Fan less Tech and its dimensions are 150 x 150 x 157.5 mm, a weight of 880 grams. Know that it is compatible with processors with "TDP" (Thermal Design Power) does not exceed 77 W, and can cool a Core i7 3770k from Intel. Its sink consists of a massive block of aluminum fins and heat pipes ten a thickness of 6 mm. As we can see below, the four edges of the sink are plastic. In addition, we point out the presence of a grid plate mesh on top which suggests a light blue or red LED.

 The Reserator 3 Zalman water cooling is an all-in-one quite original and equally innovative. Unlike the previous two models Reserator which took place outside of the box, it is fixed within a slot fan. Although its composition is classical since the waterblock and pump, pipes, sink and fan all are together. However, this design is unusual and gives some surprises. Indeed, unlike kits from Corsair, Antec, Enermax or those were from CoolIT and Asetek.

 Unfortunately, we note that the pipes seem particularly short, forcing probably install the heat sink fan on a location to the rear of the housing, or on the top where the distance to the socket is not too large which is the main disadvantage. Speaking of the sink, its shape changes completely what we have seen so far, since it is circular. Thus, the fan (blue LED) takes place at the center of the fins in a recess. To discover all the technical characteristics of these two innovations which are very interesting we have to wait another two months for CES2013.