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Sunday 1 May 2022

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse

If you usually work late-night shifts or have to share a workspace with others, you must look for a silent mouse. Logitech Signature M650 Mouse is a perfect model that you can use for a distraction-free and productive environment. It comes in a contoured & symmetrical shape and contains two buttons on the left side. The Logitech Options+ software allows you to reprogram these buttons to function as media controls, hotkeys, or even gesture controls.

Generally, it can make you feel comfortable while operating. But people with large or extra-large hands can find it small while using. However, don't worry as the company offers a larger version for people with large and extra-large hands. The model comes in a left-handed variant with the buttons on the right-hand side, making it unique to its users.

Although the product doesn't have a dedicated thumbwheel or L/R scroll wheel tilts, it allows you to scroll horizontally. You only have to tap on a side button and move the wheel together. The scroll wheel enables you to unlock to scroll freely during fast flicking. However, it isn't a dedicated mode as the company's other version, MX Master 3. If you are looking for a wireless model, it is a must-pick. Let's have a look at the review of the product.

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse Description:

This mouse offers line-by-line precision using its adaptive scroll SmartWheel feature. Besides, it can automatically switch to superfast free spin mode with the flick of a finger. The model is for everyone as it comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

In addition, the model has excellent features like customizable side buttons and seamless wireless connectivity. Its SilentTouch technology lets you click silently to keep you focused.

Moreover, the product can offer long battery life. However, you should know that battery life can vary depending on your computing conditions. If you are willing to have a smooth computing experience, Logitech Signature M650 Mouse is something necessary for you.

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse Dimensions:

The medium-sized model comes in 4.26 in (108.2 mm) height, 2.4 in (61 mm) width, and 1.52 in (38.8 mm) depth. Besides, it weighs 3.58 oz (101.4 g).

On the other hand, the large-sized model comes in 4.67 in (118.7 mm) height, 2.61 in (66.2 mm) width, and 1.65 in (42 mm) depth. It weighs 4.07 oz (115.4 g).

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse System requirements:

The product comes with a Logi Bolt USB Receiver that requires USB Port. If you are willing to use the model, you must have Windows 10,11 or later; macOS 10.10 or later; Linux 11; Chrome OS 12 version.

Features of Logitech Signature M650 Mouse:

Advanced optical tracking:

It comes with advanced optical tracking that can provide a nominal value of 400 dpi. Besides, the feature can deliver smooth navigation by offering a maximum of up to 4000 dpi resolution.

Great experience:

The model is easy to set up and can offer precision scrolling. Its excellent design allows you to use for all day long with great comfort. The functionality of the product helps it to make up a workforce tool that users want.

Versatile support:

You can use the mouse with famous enterprise OSs and business apps on PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Logi Options+ app:

The gadget features an app enabling you to customize it for Business. It helps to streamline repetitive tasks and boost output with greater efficiency.

Logi Bolt Wireless Technology:

It allows you to connect a maximum of up to 10 meters or 33 feet, even in congested wireless environments. The wireless range relies on the OS environment and computer setup.


It comes in different sizes. Besides, you can see rubber side rails and soft thumb areas offering additional comfort here.


While the model comes with SmartWheel switches, there are five buttons also — Left/Right-click, Back/Forward, & Middle click.

Silent Touch Technology:

With the help of this technology, the noise gets decreased by over 90% compared to the M185 version. It comes with an independent 3 feet lab helping you to measure left click and your dBA level.

Battery Life:

You can get up to 24 months of Battery life, but the feature varies on computing conditions. It has an AA battery included.


This model consists of recycled plastic used to decrease carbon footprints. Its USB receiver can offer a wireless range of 10m. As a result, surfing is possible through websites at a convenient distance. In addition, it can provide superfast scrolling for long web pages.

Suitable for hand:

It is available for small, medium, & large-sized hands. As a result, all users can use it with ease.

Connect as you prefer:

You can instantly connect the wireless model through Bluetooth Low Energy or Logi Bolt USB receiver. It can offer you hassle-free connectivity every time.

Support many platforms:

The gadget enables you to use it in Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPad OS, and Android OSs. Thus, you can have a seamless compatibility experience.

Customizable side buttons:

What makes it unique is its side buttons. You can customize the buttons for favorite shortcuts to work quickly and efficiently, such as back/forward or copy/paste.

Price and availability:

The product comes in regular & large, left- and right-handed, and a Business variant. It is available on Logitech's website and retailers like Amazon & Best Buy at $39.99.


  • Hassle-free connectivity always 
  • 24 months Battery life 
  • Silent Touch Technology 
  • Customizable side buttons for fast working 
  • Compatible with different platforms like windows, Chrome OS, Linux, etc. 


  • Unable to connect multiple devices at a time

The bottom line:

The Logitech Signature M650 mouse is effective for office uses. Although there are not multiple programmable inputs, you can perform a few productivity-related tasks like copying and pasting or media controls using those buttons. Besides, it is also possible to program gesture controls.

If you hold down any of these side buttons, it can work as a toggle between horizontal and vertical scrolling modes. Besides, you have to take the help of Bluetooth or its USB receiver to connect it wirelessly. But it doesn't allow you to pair with more than one device at a time. We hope you have got enough details from this gadget reviewed article.

Thursday 11 December 2014

Mycestro - 3D Mouse, Thumb Activated Wireless Mouse

Mycestro - 3D Mouse
The latest in the tech world is now the Mycestro 3D mouse, a thumb activated wireless mouse which can be attached to the index finger. A computer mouse which wraps round the finger could be good for a while though it could get a bit awkward. `Mycestro’, as the device is named is like a bulky futuristic ring which is around 4.5 cm long and appears like a sort of an arrowhead placed on the index finger, presently for now, only the right one.

The side closest to the thumb comprises of touchpad with three small buttons for scrolling, selecting and clicking and to use the Mycestro, one needs to plug a small Bluetooth dongle which comes with it in a USB port on the computer. Thereafter one can slide the ring on and touch the thumb anywhere on the side touchpad and begin waving the hand to see the movement of the cursor.

Though this mouse weighs only half an ounce, it tends to feel heavy really quickly and wearing it for more than half an hour while typing is a challenge. When it comes to human computer interface scenarios,we face these days; the traditional mouse has its limitations, which led to the original inspiration for this design.

Prototype Utilises 3D Space Recognition 

Nick Mastandrea, Founder of Ohio based Innovative Developments LLC, worked on the design for about two years. The present prototype utilises 3D space recognition in order to control the computer without the need for dedicated mouse space or a touchpad on the device.

Mycestro, which is the size of a Bluetooth earpiece is designed to be worn on the index finger and uses a combination of sensors as well as algorithms to collect finger movement information with a touch sensitive panel which is located at the side of the finger closest to the thumb.If the hand is removed from the mouse, the it remains inactive till it is touched and held anywhere on its side panel indicating that one can type or make a coffee without having to remove it. When the cursor gets active, finger movements together with the active thumb press directs it to the desired location while further thumb motions on the touch panel button provides a full range of mouse clicks as well as scroll functions.

Compatible with Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices 

The 3D mouse helps users to personalize programmable gesture commands along with the usual mouse functions like a flick or swipe movements. This device started at Kickstarter project in 2013 and presently being sold online for $149. The Kickstarter campaign is on to raise funds for tooling as well as preproduction prototype run. This mouse uses BLE – Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Protocol in order to provide a range of 30 ft. and is compatible with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices which include iPads, MacBooks as well as any PC with a compatible BLE dongle. Android devices should probably be online by the end of the year according to its creators. The present version has two interchangeable clip sizes for different digits and can be charged through USB where a single charge is believed to provide eight hours of battery life based on its usage.

Thursday 22 November 2012

Gila a mouse for gamers with 12 buttons

    Genius has just lifted the veil on a new mouse namely Gila. This model has been designed for gamers and has twelve buttons, as well as a sensor that can reach a resolution of 8200 DPI. Typical wired mouse Gila has a USB cable with a length of 1.8 meters. Her measurements are 114 x 72 x 44 mm and weighs 197 grams which is heavier than the old Logitech MX 1000.

     This mouse has a slightly rounded hull so as to match the best shape of the hand. The presence of depression on both sides allows better support to the fingers. Over clocking Core SG II offers a resolution of 200 DPI and 8200 DPI which can be changed on the fly via two buttons and the default levels are yet to be provided by the manufacturer. It supports a maximum acceleration of 30 G. Apart from the usual click buttons left, right and dial there or two more buttons on the left and seven on the top of the mouse. The sniper button helps us to apply a very low resolution to be more precise in certain game and purposes. Apart from those the mouse has an internal memory of 34 KB.

Monday 24 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 4

Another creation of the studio Nendo for the Japanese manufacturer Elecom, mouse IMRO. As the name suggests, it is inspired by origami or the art of folding. Unlike most mice, it offers no curved surface but only a succession of facets. Despite this the design studio ensures that it offers seamless comfort.

Sunday 23 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 3

Airmouse, imagined and created by the Canadian company DeanMark, is expected to increase the accuracy and timeliness of work performed while preserving the integrity of the ligaments of the hand. It consists of a "skin" neoprene which are fixed on a 2D sensor, at the palm and the left and right click buttons at the end of the index and middle fingers. It is also a mouse that knows how to forget because it turns off when no longer needed her and that is used...

Friday 21 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 2

This is not a sculpture out of a contemporary art museum, but an ergonomic mouse designed by Ryo Yoshimiavec with researchers and physicians surgeons. Adapta baptized, it is supposed to take advantage of the natural tendencies of positioning of the hand and avoid fatigue and muscular disorders during prolonged use. She participated in the 2011 James Dyson Award, an international competition created by the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 1

The young American designer Joey Roth seems to appreciate most of all natural materials and minimalism. In 2010 after designing a pair of mini speakers ceramic, which had already caused a stir, this time he designed a prototype mouse that looks like out of another time. The Felt Mouse is made of wool felt, teak and aluminum. And fit in perfectly with your MacBook Pro, casually resting on an old wooden table campaign.

Monday 5 September 2011

MENDO Kandenchi, mouse shaped like a AA battery

Japanese manufacturer Elecom has developed a unique mouse called: MENDO Kandenchi Mouse. This mouse unconventional is cut like a stack. 32.5 mm x 32.5 mm x 53 mm, that is the size of the computer mouse-like 32 grams of a AA battery. Contrary to what one might imagine, MENDO Kandenchi is held vertically, which makes its use even more original. This is an optical mouse and wireless.