Friday 21 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 2

This is not a sculpture out of a contemporary art museum, but an ergonomic mouse designed by Ryo Yoshimiavec with researchers and physicians surgeons. Adapta baptized, it is supposed to take advantage of the natural tendencies of positioning of the hand and avoid fatigue and muscular disorders during prolonged use. She participated in the 2011 James Dyson Award, an international competition created by the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Why bother unnecessary equipment when you know that many laptop users sometimes prefer to use a mouse than the trackpad on their phone? Free Mouse is both a traditional trackpad when it is inserted into the slot of the laptop for this purpose, a mouse in its own right and, best of all, a remote control to remotely control various applications (email, music, video, etc.)..

Conceived the design studio NextOfKin Creatives, Hydra is the evolution of a mouse for gamers Luxury developed by the creative team of the agency. She is back this time dressed in a tuxedo "Tuxedo," a removable ballast to modify the weight (24K gold) and a system of fins for a perfect ventilation of the palm of your hand.


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