Wednesday 12 October 2011

Google + already in distress?

Google's social network, continues to experience disappointing results, despite its entry into public beta in late September. Opening the site to a wider audience, not just a handful of owners has hand-picked Google, however, has had a positive effect on the number of visitors, which jumped 1200% according to Google. This has unfortunately been only temporary, because a few days, the basis of unique visitors has fallen back to levels it has seen just before Sept. 20, the date of opening to the public.

It is what the research firm Chitika, who oversaw the hearing during the period around the passage in public beta.

In practice this means shows that the majority of users of Google +, which were mainly attracted by the new aspect that he represented, but do not seem to have remained the same.


  1. ya.i do agree with u. u have a nice space in ur blog

  2. I think the strategy behind G+ is going to see some changes going forward. Positioning it as another FB was probably a mistake. FB has defined social networking to an extent where it is difficult to think of anything else taking that space. however, with G+, you have a integration of all of google services in a way that can be leveraged going forward. i don't know if you have noticed, but any blogger post that is shared on G+ gets a permalink as a G+ page, with the full text of the post in it. The same with the photos feature on G+ with all of picasa utilities available. All that is needed tomorrow is to discontinue all these independent services and offer them as part of the G+ features. Can you imagine what that would do to the user base of G+. Think of all the users of google reader, picasa, youtube, blogger, orkut, and other non-search, non-mail services of google all having to access their services through a G+ interface!!

    Good idea for a scary blog post, eh?


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