Saturday 8 October 2011

Jobs and media

Skillful manipulator, Steve Jobs immediately understood how to use the media to promote the best Apple. The secret to create the buzz: raising the expectations around a product. And to stir the interest of observers, Steve Jobs did not hesitate to drop a few leaks perfectly controlled. Latest episode: the iPhone 4 very strange "forgotten" in a bar near the Apple headquarters and quickly falls into the hands of a magazine ...

CEO of the decade

But the result is this: for years, Apple does not need to advertise, the media are responsible for creating the event in its place. Steve Jobs and the media is also hundreds of one and two honors: the "CEO of the Decade ', awarded in November 2009 by Fortune magazine, and that of" Man of the Year ", awarded in 2010 by the Financial Times. However, there is a regret for Steve Jobs: not having succeeded in being elected "Man of the Year" Time Magazine's prestigious.

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