Monday 24 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 4

Another creation of the studio Nendo for the Japanese manufacturer Elecom, mouse IMRO. As the name suggests, it is inspired by origami or the art of folding. Unlike most mice, it offers no curved surface but only a succession of facets. Despite this the design studio ensures that it offers seamless comfort.

It was during the contest LG Cube Competition 2010 that the Indian designer Nitin Mane Mouse for Men proposed a mouse specifically tailored to men. Its fully customizable OLED touchscreen reacts to pressure. And to better help you plan your break time, it tells you the level of heat generated by your hand.

The Chameleon X-1 Shogun Bros. embarks on only 115 grams (without battery) a mouse that also hides a Gamepad. The transition from one mode to another is done by pressing a button. Available in several colors, Shogun Bros. offers the X1 for about $ 60.

We all know, take breaks when you're at a computer is essential. This helps prevent the development of disorders such as carpal tunnel, which particularly affects snags the mouse and causes pain throughout the arm. To remedy this problem Jung-eun Park designed the Run-chy mouse escaping from your hand at regular intervals (configurable or random), just to remind you to take a break.

Italian designer Patrick Staudt was inspired to design this stress ball mouse, PetPad. The plastic part allows the user to relieve his muscles during long work sessions. The buttons are located in the bottom of the mouse but can is activated by lateral pressure.

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