Monday 10 October 2011

The Visionary

Steve Jobs has always shown a real talent to feel the trends. In the late 70's, when Steve Wozniak is passionate about the technical side of its prototype personal computer, Steve Jobs immediately see the benefits for the user. He also urged the public interest for computers and design. In 1977, the new Apple II breaks with all that exists at the time, combining technical performance and sleek plastic case.

The draft mouse acquired from Xerox
Another good shot of Steve Jobs: the acquisition of the patent in 1983 for computer mouse to Xerox. The brand of photocopiers do not see the need so that Steve Jobs has in mind Lisa, the first graphical computer equipped with a mouse. In 2000, Steve Jobs sees the culmination of a very personal project, the iPod, a new type of digital music player that will create a wide range of different versions. While the phone market takes off, Steve Jobs sees further by presenting, in 2007, the iPhone and iPad in 2010. Two products that will take each time the competition by default and will give Apple a step ahead.

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