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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Barrack Obama chooses Steve Jobs rather than Google

The race for the White House that engage Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the United States seems to imply some personalities of the high-tech, and especially the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. His name was indeed mentioned by both candidates as a model of success in the U.S., especially by Obama, who would have preferred to mention his name rather than Google in a speech.

"We believe that a girl who has the opportunity to escape poverty, or who has the opportunity to go to college could build the next Google," is the phrase that Barack Obama had before, on his teleprompter during his campaign speech Thursday. However, the sentence he gave is slightly different: "We believe that a girl who has the opportunity to escape poverty, or who has the opportunity to go to college, can become the new Steve Jobs. "

This small change sentence may seem trivial, but it has been noticed. The successful example given by Steve Jobs would it be speaking, as candidates for the U.S. presidential election, that Larry Page and Sergei Brin with Google? It should be noted that Mitt Romney, Obama's opponent in this campaign has also used the name of the founder of Apple in a speech last week, again suggesting a model of success: "Steve Jobs was Apple does return, then he came back and he changed the world. "

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Tops of 2011 - IV

Biography of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is not the personality of the year according to the Times, yet the story of his life will certainly be the best-selling book of the year, and what in the world. Amazon already announced the book as one who has the best selling in 2011 on the online platform, while it is out until October. Across the Atlantic, it sold no less than 380 000 copies.

In France, a few days before Christmas, the site of Fnac's biography class among its top 10 sales, less than two months after its release. According to Ipsos, the figure rises to 68,000 copies a few days before Christmas. A figure just huge for a biography. Besides its author Walter Isaacson said he was preparing an enhanced version, citing in particular the last weeks of life of the founder of Apple.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Apple complement its product range

Smartphone, Tablet, Apple TV (the box), computer, MP3 player ... In a world where all the facilities tend to communicate with each other, television is probably the missing link to Apple. So far, the Apple brand did not want to risk it. However, if a product is present in every home, this is it. Sony has fully understood and continues to be a reference in this field. In fact one of the constructor arguments to present his tablet (the Sony S) is its ability to become remote.

Monday, 10 October 2011

His illness

In full glory after his return to the head of Apple and the launch of the iPod and the very first Apple Stores, Steve Jobs knows a serious health first accident in 2004, the doctors discovered a cancerous tumor in the pancreas. In his speech to students at Stanford the following year, Steve Jobs said: "The doctors told me it was almost certainly terminal cancer, and that I should expect to live just three to six months.

The contractor

When Steve Jobs created Apple with Steve Wozniak and Gerald Wayne, he's only 21 years. A head for business and never leave! When he landed Apple in 1985, it will not take long to rebound. The following year, Steve Jobs introduces NeXT Computer, a company specializing in the manufacture of high-end computers, which also covered schools and universities. Commercial success is hardly dazzling: 50 000 units will be passed only in total. The creation of Pixar But NeXT was a nugget: NeXTSTEP operating system, which will be the heart of the acquisition by Apple in 1996 to $ 400 million. In 1986, Steve Jobs is also expanding into the movie: he bought at George Lucas's computer graphics division of Lucasfilm for $ 10 million, one-third of the amount requested, and created Pixar. Ten years later, Pixar created the event with Toy Story, the first fully animated film designed and produced by computer. The film generates more than $ 360 million in ad revenue and a host of other successes, in 1001 Ratatouille legs through Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc or The Incredibles.

The Visionary

Steve Jobs has always shown a real talent to feel the trends. In the late 70's, when Steve Wozniak is passionate about the technical side of its prototype personal computer, Steve Jobs immediately see the benefits for the user. He also urged the public interest for computers and design. In 1977, the new Apple II breaks with all that exists at the time, combining technical performance and sleek plastic case.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Jobs and media

Skillful manipulator, Steve Jobs immediately understood how to use the media to promote the best Apple. The secret to create the buzz: raising the expectations around a product. And to stir the interest of observers, Steve Jobs did not hesitate to drop a few leaks perfectly controlled. Latest episode: the iPhone 4 very strange "forgotten" in a bar near the Apple headquarters and quickly falls into the hands of a magazine ...

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Several versions exist about the meeting between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The most likely dates back to adolescence. On his return from Reed College in Portland, both Steve end up in the fall of 1974 at the Homebrew Computer Club, then at Atari, where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to work together. Steve Wozniak advance in parallel on a computer project. While it shows that computer Wozniak of its composition, Steve Jobs is immediately seen the potential of the machine.

Steve jobs - the real show man

Of all the business of Apple, Steve Jobs was by far the best! In these traditional press conferences, keynotes, art of the stage allowed him to get the audience in the pocket every time. The shows were carefully repeated: denim-basket, Steve Jobs was addressing the public in the manner of an evangelist. Away from the formal presentation, Steve Jobs featured his message with clips, demonstrations or videos.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs with Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were a perfect illustration of the enemy brothers, sometimes allies and sometimes rivals. Steve Jobs called on Microsoft in 1984: the young company of Bill Gates was given the realization of software for the Macintosh, including the Excel spreadsheet. A few years later, while Microsoft is working in parallel to IBM, the release of Windows will set fire to the powder. Apple shouts treason.

Steve Jobs: a life of genius

The creation of Apple Computers in April 1976 with the introduction of any new iPad 2 in March, Steve Jobs will remain one of the mythical figures of the computer. A visionary business coupled with a formidable, sensing trends and did not like him to create the need for consumers. A secretive man, too, which we know eventually that little. Back to a destiny like no other!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The iPhone 5

What could we put together the Cupertino company for its future smartphones. After the launch of the iPhone 4, inspired designers already share their vision of the iPhone 5. Demonstrated this concept signed Antoine Brieux.. The French designer NAK Studio, passionate smartphones, unveils its concept iPhone 5G. The smartphone has a smooth, shiny shell obtained by anodization of aluminum.