Saturday 20 July 2013

Telescopic contact lenses magnify objects 2.8 times

You will not believe your eyes! Binoculars and other telescopes will be forgotten in a few years. Instead, it could be that we all have the ability to use telescopic lenses and thus significantly improve your vision, up to 2.8 times more than normal! A team of researchers from the Agency for advanced research projects of American Defense (DARPA) has published a study proposing the production of a new type of lens. Better than contact lenses to replace corrective lenses, these lenses no larger than 1 .17 mm can magnify the view up to 2.8 times more than normal. Passing on the outer edges of the lens, the light will "bounce" on a series of microscopic aluminum mirrors before being sent to the back of the retina, where the natural eye sensors receive the image to send to the brain. Tunnel vision may be possible by combining the use of such lenses of the 3D glasses to change the bias to the center of the lenses. These lenses are mainly thought to be used by older people whose eyesight fades quickly. If they seem very promising, they are still a bit far from ready. It should also address some issues such as image quality and especially the choice of materials that, under certain conditions, are not compatible with wearing over long periods. In any case, it makes us eager to see how these lenses can improve our vision and allow us to see beyond our eyes not currently allow. Have a view rivaling that of a raptor, a lynx or even Superman, it would be great!

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