Friday 5 July 2013

The Facebook app on Android is intrusive!

The publisher of Norton anti-virus reported about the Facebook application on Android. The up-to-date Norton Mobile Security comes with bad news for Facebook. Last Thursday the Norton raised this issue in one of a blog. The new technology offered by Facebook namely Mobile Suite which gives mobile insight is the root cause for this issue. This application makes the social network to index the mobile number you are using. The more interesting work of Mobile Insight is the automatic collection and analyst information about applications installed on the device. Technology Norton actually a summary combining data of the Android by applications such as phone number, email, contacts etc. It must simply answer the question "What does your camera with you?" Particularly it is more sensitive on Smartphones. Note in passing that Facebook is regularly pointed to her bulimia of personal data, in the heart of its business model. Late last week, we learned for example that the UFC-Queue Chooser has launched a legal battle against the social network and other giants in connection with the lack of respect for the privacy of users. Analysis by Norton Mobile Security could give grist to critics of Facebook. The application of social network on Android has been marked with a flag automatically. Reason: it will automatically send the phone number of the user to the Facebook servers.

 It does not look like much, and may even seem normal. Except, says Norton, that sending the telephone number is the first launch of the application, "even before you hook up" to your Facebook account. "You do not need to provide your number to identify you, or even have a Facebook account for this to happen." This therefore provides a good number of users, since the Facebook application has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times. In fact, most of these users have installed anyway to use Facebook, and had to provide a phone number to the social network, even without it. But is it to Facebook to allow the recovery of data, without the advice of the user? At each judge, but here Norton adopts a restrictive policy, which can be seen well from users a little heated by Facebook, competitors, and practices. Moreover, Facebook said that they did not use the numbers, and have removed from its servers.

If evidence was that the social network walking on eggshells on these issues, and is clearly not comfortable with the analysis of Norton Mobile Security. The new line of Facebook seems to be confirmed: it will be fixed in the next release - a way of saying that this is a bug? However, Norton concludes, "the Facebook application is not only to steel private data, or even worse." Mobile Insight has already analyzed over 4 million Android applications, and added "tens of thousands" per day. Norton Mobile Security and packed with information on the intrusive applications, says the editor, who warns. "You might be surprised by what your applications reveal about you"

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