Sunday 7 July 2013

Google Smartphone Moto X comes soon!

With the Moto X, Motorola is working on the first Smartphone that was developed in close conjunction with Google. The mobile phone is to score by a "Made in the U.S." stamp and be individualized bar. On the tech conference D11, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside was sitting on the podium. In an interview with journalists, he confirmed rumors that they are working on a Smartphone called Moto X. It will be released in October along with other mobile phones by the manufacturer. The CEO flirted with having the phone in your pocket, but not to be able to get it out. He also did not provide any details on the technical equipment, so here the speculation can go on. After all, Woodside announced that the Moto X is assembled in a factory in Texas. The items would not completely come from the U.S. The processor, for example, comes from Taiwan and the OLED screens from Korea. In addition, the Smartphone should have numerous sensors and remember, for example, when it is pulled out of a pocket by force in the car at around 100 kilometers per hour even then the driver can use it. It is the first Smartphone that allows you to design and personalize it. Because you should now have the freedom to make the things in your life so that they are as unique as you are "These sentences applying the new Motorola Moto X. According to Sources, there are no major breakthroughs in terms of personalization: Buyer can choose the color of the Smartphone and rear of the frame at the Moto X.

Moreover, it should be possible to engrave the shell individually and installed special wallpapers to have. Other than that few suspected that the Moto X will not be available on the Google developer conference I / O in May. So remains uncertain whether it will be the first device to the next version of Android (codenamed "Key Lime Pie" lime pie). The mobile phone with at least a 4.5-inch touch screen according to the report would not belong to the Nexus devices, but mark the beginning of a new sub-brand of Google. However, the graphical user interface should be designed similar to the Nexus models. In addition, the Moto X would have new features that occur, for example in competition with S-Beam and S Voice of Siri from Apple or Samsung. The ranks of the top Smartphones currently run Apple with the iPhone, Samsung with the Galaxy S4 and HTC with the HTC one.

 A report by the World Street Journal to the Google subsidiary Motorola is working to change that. The new super phone started with the working title "X Phone" and will represent the first rumors that the competition in terms of technical equipment in the shade. The project gets backing from like Google CEO Larry Page, who called the Motorola team to "think big". A significant step forward is for example to make the camera. Also is experimenting with new materials. The developers are trying among other things to a flexible display and a ceramic housing. The challenge is to find ideas that are not yet implemented by Samsung, Apple and others or in planning - and to integrate technology that sucks not empty the battery even faster.

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