Saturday 13 July 2013

Google Maps available for the first time on Android tablets and the iPad !

The major update of Google Maps comes with another novelty, since for the first time, the mapping application is available in a version for Android tablets and the iPad. In announcing a new version of Google Maps for Android and iOS, the U.S. giant has also filled a long history with the introduction of specific versions for tablets. It is already available for Android models and will soon available to the iPad. Google says that all the new features of the update for Maps are available in the edition for tablets. So the menu, a more fluid navigation, the ability to discover useful places (restaurants, shops, hotels) in terms of its geographical position as well as more detailed information on the real-time traffic information, and the ability to reroute if a better route appears along the way. Another important change for Maps is removal from service on August 9 Latitude to share its location with other users. This function is replaced by something equivalent in Google+ for Android and will "soon" available in the iOS version.

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