Sunday 21 July 2013

A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Windows 8 Computer Free From Spyware

You've just bought a new computer that runs Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system. Everything's going great and smoothly: your new PC runs fast and doesn't overtly display any problems. Then, one day, all of that suddenly changes. Your PC is noticeably slower, and you abruptly notice that you have apparently installed some unwanted programs that you never remembered installing in the first place. What just happened? Simply, you were just victimized with some unwanted spyware intrusion on your computer. Here's how to keep your Windows 8 computer free from this scourge.

Use Some Anti-Spyware Software

The best and quickest remedy is the use of anti-spyware software. This is like using insecticide on bugs, only your problem is spyware on your computer. One of the more well known types of this software is Spybot. Spybot is cleaner software that removes extremely perilous spyware from your PC in a straightforward and easy manner. Another highly recommended software is Ad-aware, which also works to remove this scourge from your computer in a user-friendly way that's easy to get a handle on. When you're dealing with spyware, it's best to play it safe and not take chances.

Make Sure All Your Updates Are Working

One of the easiest ways you can keep your new Windows 8 computer free from spyware is by making sure that you update Windows immediately. Simply head to your computer's control panel and go to the Windows security center. There, just activate the automatic download and installation for updates option. In addition, you should also active your Windows firewall. This is only a possibility, though, if the new computer that you purchased did not come with either a third-party firewall or security suite. Making sure that you regularly update can mean the difference between your PC staying free of annoying spyware and having to deal with removing spyware from your computer when it's already too late.

Avoid Risky Internet Behavior In the First Place

You can really help yourself if you don't surf the Internet's riskiest websites in the first place. Some of the places that are known to distribute spyware and other unwanted things like viruses are those sites that possess explicit, illegal or illicit content. Examples would be porn sites and warez sites. Warez is basically free software. In other words, this is illegal because that "free" software is really pirated to begin with. So, if you exercise discipline and avoid these kinds of disreputable sites, you can do a lot to save yourself the trouble of being in a situation where you even have to think about removing spyware from your computer. This is really all that there is to making sure that you keep your Windows 8 computer free from spyware. It should be noted, though, that even the best anti-spyware software won't always catch all spyware on your computer. Thus, the best solution is to avoid risky Internet behavior, which involves abstaining from visiting disreputable sites full of spyware and viruses.

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