Monday 29 July 2013

Android 4.3; Permissions Manager and 4K Video Support in the future

At its conference announcing the new Nexus 7, Google took the opportunity to start talking about Android 4.3 which will be delivered by default with the tablet. There will thus be entitled to new small profiles, support for the "Bluetooth Smart" OpenGL ES 3.0 and DRM for the use of applications like Netflix. With the latest versions of Android, we got right to manage multi-user account, Android 4.3 will go a little further with the arrival of restricted accounts. These may be limited in their actions and will not have access to all applications. Furthermore an example is given in the interaction with in-app purchases. Thus, a father who has bought three levels may prevent his son to buy another while allowing him to play. That should reassure a lot of parents and put some pressure on Apple and iOS is still lacking largely such opportunities. It was also given a demonstration of support Bluetooth Smart and OpenGL ES 3.0, which will be managed easily and can be used by developers. Other options worth mention is advanced support DRM, which is a prerequisite for having rights on the possibility of offering 1080p streaming content, as we have known already. This new capability will be exploited first by Netflix.

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