Wednesday 3 July 2013

Facebook Pipe to send large files easily!

Facebook fans! Now you can not only exchange messages and status messages with friends, but also can send files of any type. The Facebook app Pipe makes it possible. Usually you could communicate with your friends through chat messages, status messages, photos and even talk with your friends with the help of Facebook. Now you can send and receive all types of files of any size with the help of Facebook Pipe which an apps. Network users previously had to turn to other services such as Dropbox or the good old email. The new Facebook app Pipe wants to change that - and now allows the easy file sharing among Facebook friends. Now Facebook user can Piped to share large files with their friends up to one gigabyte each per user. This saves having to use cloud storage like Dropbox and high-resolution photos, videos or large PDFs future land quickly at the receiver end. Even if the pipeline app is not running, you can send up to 100 megabytes of large files even after all. The recipient then gets in his personal locker provided. To set up the file sharing, open the Pipe page on Facebook and sign up with your Facebook login data. According to application and clicks on OK the pipe window opens in the browser. In the future you will find pipe left in the app list or via Facebook search. If both exchange partners online, the transmission is encrypted using a direct and real-time connection between sender and receiver PC. Even if the Facebook friend is not listening and is just a cache in the box, the files will only run on the server, according to its own pipe. This means that Facebook has no access to the file. The app is added to your own Facebook account and quickly presented with a simple interface. Which of your Facebook friends are currently online, you can see at a glance. The file you want to send, you simply drag and drop transport in the green tube. Folders cannot be shared by Pipe: If you want to send multiple files in one go, they must first tackle as a ZIP archive. This is done by using a free program like Zip pack. So far Facebook pipe apps can be used via your desktop browser and the mobile version for Smartphones and tablets follows soon.

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