Saturday 20 July 2013

Samsung unveils 20-megapixel WB110 bridge camera

Samsung's new bridge camera WB110 has a large zoom range and with an optical image stabilizer - for videos, it is sufficient. Samsung WB110: The bridge camera has a 26x zoom and optical image stabilizer. The lens Samsung WB110 features a 26x zoom. Converted into small format extends the focal length of 22.3 to 579.8 millimeters. These dimensions of the built optical image stabilizer are very important because such large focal lengths, no one can hold it in hand without aids such as a stand without shaking. Without stabilizer, the image section will always be in motion slightly. Samsung designed the WB110 from a CCD sensor to its size but the manufacturer makes no details yet. As information for now remains only the resolution of 20.2 megapixels. This would easily be enough for full HD video, but nevertheless, the Koreans have decided that the bridge camera captures only video in HD resolution. The screen on the back of the WB110 is three inches tall, and automatically adjusts its brightness to the lighting conditions of the environment. The light sensitivity of the camera ranges from ISO 80 to ISO 3200. In addition to "smart" recording programs, the bridge camera also holds a Live Panorama function. Samsung plans to release WB110 from July 2013 in market in two colours namely black and red. The suggested retail price is 229 Euros.

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