Wednesday 3 July 2013

Facebook is soon with private chat rooms!

Facebook is testing private chat rooms. According to information from TechCrunch, the new function is currently in the testing phase, which will decide whether they will be introduced for all users of the social network or not. According to the information, you could start out from the status line chat rooms in the future. The new chat feature is called "host chat". It is about personal chat areas, as TechCrunch reports: A user launches an open chat, which his friends can join if they want. They learn about their timeline of the open chat room. The initiator may exclude friends he does not want to invite into his chat room. According to TechCrunch host chats started from the field for Facebook status updates out. The options "Status" and "Photos / Videos" then came as the opportunity for "Start chat" list. The user can enter the chat topic or a name and make privacy settings. Then, a reference to the open chat room in the timeline of his friends to join him by clicking appears. The conversation then takes place in a normal chat window. Currently testing is going on for Facebook chat rooms in a small circle. It is not yet decided whether the function is available for all visitors in the future or not. The advantage of chat rooms for Facebook would be that users would spend on the website so even more time.

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