Sunday 21 July 2013, a anti-surveillance to counter the PRISM

One of the co-founders of The Pirate Bay has announced the arrival of an email application that would aim to avoid any type of communications surveillance. In response to PRISM, ultra secure is a program for your phone. Revealed in June by Edward Snowden, the case of espionage of the population by the U.S. intelligence services (NSA) has provoked many reactions and some solutions appear to thwart the NSA. Supported by two acolytes (Leif Hogberg and Linus Olsson), Peter Sunde launches it’s A program that was then still waiting for government funding, collected in the space of two days more than 100 000. ("secret" in Swedish) is a secure instant messaging that focuses on the protection of privacy with encryption. is a free downloadable application; contain no advertising and in-apps purchases to unlock features. In terms of funding, the application takes advantage of remuneration on the integrated procurement system (ability to send images, files .etc).

The program interface clearly follows the design rules of iOS 7. This interface can be explained by the choice of ambition, which is to compete with WhatsApp, iMessage and MessageMe by focusing on an important point: confidentiality. "Our goal is your privacy, as we build the entire software project in the structure of society to protect. Others are oriented towards profit maximization. We develop an application in which nobody can read your messages and we will close this service rather than being forced to let anyone enter, "it said in the FAQ. The application will be available on iOS and Android. The application is likely to be a success given the notoriety of The Pirate Bay and the debate on the PRISM continues to fuel fears of the population. What do you think of the birth of this new supposed to protect us from these monitoring communications made by governments application???

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