Wednesday 31 July 2013

Blu-ray disc successor announced by Sony and Panasonic

In a brief press release, the Japanese company Sony and Panasonic announced their mutual cooperation in the development of a new optical memory. This is to make the existing capacity of a Blu-ray disc in the shade. Sony and Panasonic are working together on an optical memory with 300 GB of storage. For this, both of the companies have signed a contract that combines its experience in the development in the future. The capacity of the new-generation storage discs to at least 300 gigabytes (GB) in size and the end of 2015 on the market. Conventional Blu-ray discs store up to 50 GB is worth mention. They planning to find a new storage device which is more advanced and sophisticated are probably on good roads. Than this is a replacement for video or Blu-ray discs as a storage medium for high-resolution UHD Movies Instead, it could allow the professional long-term storage of data in companies. Other features of the new optical storage from Sony and Panasonic are not yet known. For UHD content, there are basically already a storage medium, the so-called BDXL disc. It can hold 100 GB of data, recordable blanks are to be had online from 25 €. However, there is no living room player for those discs, other than PC drives which cost above 70 Euros.

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