Saturday 20 July 2013

Oracle launches 89 patches

On the occasion of its Critical Patch Update, the editor corrects mass, including pourFusion, MySQL and Solaris. As usual, Oracle does not do things by half during its quarterly security. This time, it is not less than 89 patches that are available to address a multitude of flaws in its various products. Nearly half of these patches are considered critical, they fix vulnerabilities that can allow a takeover by a remote attacker. Oracle therefore recommends immediate updates. MySQL products particularly Solaris operating system are particularly spoiled with 33 patches. For the first, the most critical vulnerabilities affect the XML parser and the Outside In particular component used by Microsoft Exchange Server. For the second, they patched the holes in the TCP / IP and iSCSI protocol management. They also retain 21 patches (including 16 critical) for Fusion Middleware. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database families, Hyperion, E-Business and PeopleSoft are also concerned. Recall that the editor said earlier this year that the updates for Java will now be monthly from October. Meanwhile, the general public must now juggle; updates are available almost daily to protect their Web browsers zero-day vulnerabilities.

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